Effective Employment Skills

Purpose of Case Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the ways to know employees competencies, skills and abilities and methods for their recruitment, selection and training program. This study is done to assist the store in appointing of employees and analyzing their duties and responsibilities required to perform the respective jobs. For this study, Timbacourt, a retail outlet in West London has been taken into consideration.

Timbacourt, as a retailer in clothing of superior, fashionable and trendy clothes for both men and women. Retail industry as a part of service industry, people are one of it's most crucial resources. It requires varied skills to employ both skilled and unskilled labor, HR here plays a pivotal role in recruitment, selection and training of these people (Armstrong, 2011).

Steps for recruitment and selection of job

Understand and conduct job analysis to determine the knowledge, skills and qualifications required for the job along with the identification of placement goals required to be achieved for tailoring the positions that are to be filled in for the new store (Wang, and Guo, 2012).

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Advertising in newspaper, magazines, internet and other media sources to attract the specific type of candidate required in different positions for the new flagship store in West London. Scrutinize and review the applicants resumes and select those candidates which are considered appropriate in connection with the job from all the available applications. Short list the selected candidates for interview which shall be less in number and give the short listed candidates are given an opportunity to appear before the panel of interviewer for their interview (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline 2003)

Further screening of employees and select the candidate based on per-determined selection criteria and and upon completion of recruitment process offer is made to the selected finalist.

Further screening of employees and select the candidate based on per-determined selection criteria and and upon completion of recruitment process offer is made to the selected finalist.
During selection the HR looks into various aspects of the job and checks whether it matches with the skill of candidate and thus the need for training of the candidate is identified.

The manager in an organization holds vital importance as he is responsible for determining the plan and he oversees the work of operational level.

Job description for a store manager are

  • Payroll status of the employee and term of contract for it's job.
  • It requires one who can prepare and manage the operational and financial budgetary as well as activities for the store.
  • One who will have to design and implement systems for allocation of resources effectively for staff and direct them for accomplishment of goals and targets of the store.
  • Undertake business decisions related to finance and develop procedures to enhance their capabilities and quality of work (Recruitment and selection, 2013).
  • Review the performance of lower level staff members and maintain relevant controls and feedback system for monitoring the operations of it's store.
  • Maintain the work schedules of staff and its training, absenteeism, overtime scheduling and the like.
  • Identify the mission and goals of the store and communicate the same to it's lower level and emphasize them to achieve them.

Personal qualities that a manager should exhibit to perform his job

  • Requires necessary educational qualification and specialized knowledge to undertake this job position (Chadwick, Doherty, and Anastasakis, 2007)
  • Requires earlier experience in the same field for a specified number of years.
  • Manager should have leadership qualities that can act as a coach and mentor for his staff and develop their abilities to achieve the targets of the store.
  • A manager must foster team spirit among his employees and enhance their capabilities to achieve group goals.
  • The manager should have good communication skills and have an empathetic approach towards the operational staff. He requires communication skills to also remain in touch with the other managers and supervisors to which they shall report.
  • Keep himself updated with the performances of employees and their recognition. Reward and take necessary disciplinary actions.
  • Consciously create workplace environment which is consistent with the other Retail stores.

Job description for operational staff are

  • Pay grade scale and salary for the particular job.
  • Job will be available for both full time and part time workers (The application process, 2009).
  • Whether it has the ability of producing strong sales and achieve targets for the organization.
  • Does the candidate have ability to deal with ambiguity or not.
  • Does it possess strong customer service orientation.
  • Ability to incorporate and operate within a team and does it possess inter personal skills.

Personal specification of the staff

  • Should possess good communication skill and have polite perception with customers.
  • Prompt awareness and fast reaction towards change taking place in fashion and trends of the store.
  • Possess good disciplinary character and follow the norms applicable within the organization.
  • Interact with their colleagues and contribute a significant role in team work for achievement of organizational goals.

productivity in context to jobs offered in the store. So that the employee qualifies in performing his duty and serve the best to the organization for accomplishment of goal and mission. There are two methods of providing training one is on the job training and the other is of the job training. Training work for junior staff will require on the job training for them. (Kot, and Leat, 2008)

On the job training consist of employees which are inexperienced and who learn by observing their managers and copying them. This method is cost effective and are less disruptive as they learn on the job and at the work place. The methods of on the job which are commonly used are:-

  • Coaching : It is training done on one to one basis. It helps in identifying the areas of weaknesses and early detection helps overcoming them at initial stages only (Branine, 2008)
  • Mentoring: focus is on building the attitude of employees. Mentoring is done by superior managers.
  • Job rotation: it is a process of training employees by rotating them across different series of similar jobs. It make the employee acquainted with all the related jobs and gives them a chance to develop good rapport with employees working in that (jobWang, and Guo, 2012)
  • Job instructional technique(JIT): it is structured form of on the job training where a trainer prepares its trainee by giving him an overview about the job, demonstrate the techniques and provide feedback and assistance.
  • Apprenticeship:Training for new generation of learners of a particular skill. The trainee here serve as apprentices to experts for long periods. Her they work under direct supervision of their masters (Bloom and Reenen, 2011)
  • Understudy: here the trainees is given training like an assistant to it's supervisor or manager where the subordinate learns through practice and experience by handling work from day to day.

Develop solutions occurring during the work

Ineffective communication- Where there is communication problem with the employee, it is important to overcome that barrier of communication. The barrier to communication may be psychological, personal or language barrier (Pattanayak, 2005) .

Decision making- it should have the ability to take decisions in time. The employee should not be completely dependent on it's supervisor for the work. The employee should take initiative to take decision at his level and not seek guidance for work not of relevancy.

Performance: the employee should be able to perform the task in stipulated time set by the manager of the store. The employee should be enthusiastic over performing their work in time and cope up with the set targets (Timming, 2011).

Allocation of resources: The worker should make the optimum utilization of resources allocated to him and not take them for granted. The employee should attempt to make minimal wastage of resources allotted to him.

Lack of skill: the employee should exhibit the skills required to perform the task given to him. He should be capable enough to perform the task allotted.

Motivational theory applied

The motivational theories are applied so that the employees feels satisfied towards the job for which he is appointed. (Meara and Petzall, 2005)

Methods of recruitment & selection

For the online business of Timbacourt it will require employees with specialized knowledge and technical skills to undertake the job. As it deals with software technicians the candidate should possess specific skills, education and qualification in that particular field to perform the job (Akhtar and Ding 2008). As it will cover broad range of customers within UK it will have to also appoint additional junior assistant workers dealing also to deal with delivery to customer's home if it is providing door to door selling facility (Armstrong, 2011). Company will use different types of tools and methods in order to recruit new members of staff.

Application form - The selection process for appointing IT technicians for online websites is to be very effective Candidates can be asked to fill application form as one of the primary requirement to know the basic information about the candidate (Arthur, and Boyles, 2007). The questions asked in application should not contain any inappropriate questions which are subject to be questionable. With the application form employees can also submit their resume on the official website of the organization (Bloom and Reenen 2011). This method is more suitable when company is not able to fill the required position from its existing employees because of the technicality and specialty of that job.

Interview method - The next method is to interview the candidate which is one of the most common methods for recruiting employees (Pattanayak, 2005). People who have filled the application forms or have submitted their resume can be called off for direct interview in a specific date. Through face to face interaction, employers will be able to judge the skills of all candidates (Prince, 2011). Advertisements for interview can be given in newspapers, journals, magazines, on television etc.

Placement agencies – Company can also take help from different placement agencies for selection of staff. It means these agencies will recruit employees on behalf of the organization (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline, 2003). This will make the recruitment function easier and smoother for them. However these agencies must offer quality services to the firm.

Employee referrals – Employee recommendations can also be used to recruit new people. It can be a effective source if existing employees have the potential to indentify the required talent for the business (Branine, 2008). These recommendations must be strong and effective.

Selection from inside the company – Company also select candidates from within the company it means employees can be shifted or transferred or promoted to other departments (Brink, Brouns, and Waslander, 2006). This saves lot of costs and time for the business.

Campus recruiting – College and Universities can b excellent sources of recruiting new candidates generally at entry-level positions. Campus selection can provide individuals that may have lack of experience but have formal training in a specific field (Chadwick Doherty and Anastasakis 2007). Company can use campus recruiting programs in order to develop new talent who will eventually develop into future managers.

Social Media –You Tube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc are great places to attract variety of potential workers for the job. It is the latest sensation around the corner, as whole world is into the clutch of social media (Dobson and Salt 2006). Company can post its job openings at its respective web pages which can be created on the above mentioned platforms.

Recruitment strategy

Timbacourt can adopt an appropriate recruitment strategy from the above mentioned approaches. It is suggested that they should adopt social media for the selection of staff. It can be very effective as management will be able to gain attention of large number of people at a single platform (Huemann, Keegan and Turner 2007). Use different networking sites will increase the internet traffic towards the Employability Skillscompany. The main purpose of using social media strategy is to create buzz about the Timbacourt. Through these platforms company can spread the work about its culture, share stories of successful employees etc. Further the strategy is inexpensive and has the potential to create awareness in very quick span of time. The thing is using social media is about engaging people and having conversation with them before even thinking about the employer (Meara and Petzall, 2005). Performing employment activities on social media also deals with creativity. It is also essential that company must properly work on features which enhance the experience of individuals while searching for a specific job. This strategy can prove to be very effective because it is evident that numbers of internet users are increasing in high numbers day by day (Tanova and Nadiri 2005). Internet provides connectivity with these social media platforms.

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Assessment of online business of Timbacourt

The impact of online business of the company can be measured by taking feedbacks from the people through performing online surveys. Online surveys can help in knowing the opinions of the people about the products and services of Timbacourt. Company also place a complain box on their respective business website (Recruitment and selection, 2013). People can register their issues and complains inside their box. Further company can send its representatives on field to take assessment of its business among the masses.


From the above study it can be concluded that Timbacourt is required to Effective Employment Skills in order to recruit best employees. Job descriptions and person specifications are to be written in careful manner. The role of a HR manager is very important in recruitment, selection and training of new staff. Organization can use social media strategy for recruiting individuals for its online business. The strategy is inexpensive and has the potential to create awareness in very quick span of time. Assessment of online business can be done by performing online surveys and by placing a complain register box on the website.


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