Industrial Management


The project report is about the fair work commission how they play important role in the decision making of the industrial management and the human resource planning related with the workers and union relation in the organisation which are dealing to achieve the individual and company goals with fair remuneration(Cooney, Biddulph and Zhu., 2013). The report is also highlight the employment system of Australia regarding the fair work and the current tribunal is playing as compare to earlier. It also contains various acts and laws related with the fair wages. All the aspects of the topic is explain with the full forced information and study.

Task 1

1.) Fair work commission does

It is famed as the fair work Australia. It is made by the work commission of industrial relation in Australia in 2009. It explain all the industrial relation which are prevail in the organisation between labour and labours,employees and employers, workers and the workmen(Bernstein., 2015). The relation in the industry is been shown through by providing fair remuneration and salary ,so that they are able to perform the job according to the individual and group goals. To make the worker feel motivate towards their work they need to understand the wants of them that they may not comfortable about the behaviour of the other employees to them because of the discrimination in the wage rate. The main reason of the establishing the commission is to solve all the grievances of the worker which are arises in the work place.

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Objectives of the fair work commission

The fair work commission is basic is government body which is established for the handling of the industrial relation of various business. They generally make decision making related with the type of grievances associated with the industry. Its objectives are :

a.) Maintain harmonious relation : For the smooth functioning of the business it is important to maintain harmonious relation among the worker and management(Roles and O'Donnell., 2013).

b.) Grievances handling : Another important role of the department is solve the issues of the group members.

c.) Fair decision making : The important aspect of the department is the proper decision making regarding problem arises in the industry.

d.) Proper communication : The main objective of the work department is to maintain proper communication between the labour and the management . So that the chance of dispute is control.
It was set up to look after the each and every aspects of the labour management problems and make a solution by paying them fair wages and salary. They can easily made there issues to the department and get the information regarding the time to overcome the situation.

Role of the department

It is a independent regulatory body with having the power and authority to control and make decision and make provision of the grievances related with minimum wages and working condition , bargain and to set up the industrial disputes and to hire and fire the decision making action . There are various role of the fair work commission :

a.) To provide fair wages : The fair commission is basically is to solve the issues of the industrial relation in Australia. The main role is to make the employee reward with the fair wages so that they can able to perform their task in efficient manner(Thornthwaite and Sheldon., 2011).

b.) To provide safety : The fair work Australia is also responsible to provide safe and health measures to their employee in the industry to protects them from damage of their life while working in the work place.

c.) To solve the grievances : The important part of the commission is to solve the grievance of the worker and the union labour which are arises in work place . The protect them from living the organisation because of the other member of the company .

d.) To give healthy environment : The another important role of the work commission is to provide a pleasant work environment to their worker ,so that they can feel motivated in their work in the organisation .

e.) Compliance rectification : According to the Australia work law the compliance can be the solved.

Members associated with the fair work commission. The structure of the department is Design in such always that it starts with :

  • The president
  • Deputy presidents and commissioners
  • General manager can contact directly to the president and the same time he is responsible for the administration

As the Australian department is focus to the future growth of the commission by taking certain initiatives of regular improvement through the justice,accountability, innovation and helping the workers in the work place to get involve in the increasing in the productivity of the industry in the future.

In the year 2014-15 they has stared a FUTURE DIRECTIONS- which is based on the continuing change in the program which is related to the worker management relation can be change on the regular basis in the industry in next following year. under the plan various programs are included with the name of pilot :

  • The common protection pilot
  • Its agreement with the enterprises with the pilot approvals,and
  • The request to go for appeal to the pilot.

Third party appointment : The pilot is acting as a third person who is introduce to set the dispute of the worker and the labour in the industry . Who do ever have any kind of the query he can go with the above mentioned procedure.

Outcome reporting : the problem of the workers in the industry are to be analogized and to communicated with the parties on the common topic but if found dis balance on either side then the proper report is made and sent it to the fair work Australia for the decision making.

Feedback : The commission is going to look after the regular feed back from the concern department and the administration which are associated with the development of the industrial relation and have to rank them according to the performance of the worker in the work place(Stewart ., 2011).

Result : The final report after making feedback from the party in the industry they give their decision to settle the problems. These are simply a review techniques of the fair work commission to manage the team in the which help to maintain health relation between the union and the top management.

Future growth is the aim of the fair work commission by implementing varieties in the decision making process in the industrial relation.

There are various laws which has to be change to make the employees benefited in the industry. like minimum wages law which has to be adjusted in terms of wages increments.

Extra monetary benefits should be given to the workers to retain the worker from switching.

The labour acts can be followed in the right direction that include time limit of the working hours , leaves and many other benefits associate with the labour whether to hire or fire the them because of the performance in the industry are to be based on the labour acts.

Registration of the vice -president Graeme Watson

According to the Watson statements about the resignation it was just triggered through as a conviction that the management at the work place was under determined by the objectives of the fair work legislation . With continuing to the statement he also said that the system is not cooperative in providing productive and supportive work place to them to maintain relation with the system . Because according to him they are not considering the economic prosperity and cultural inclusion nor they are balancing through the work environment of the industrial relation.

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The bargaining issues of the enterprises regarding Brinks

There are 50 number of brinks truck drivers and messengers run away off their job in Chicago on 15 April because of their several grievances regarding low wages, less overtime wages , the facility of trucks without air condition and at the same time their retirement benefits are also minimised . According to the situation establish in them they decided to quite their work which directly impact the business of the various industry in Australia(Sloan ., 2010) . Because these issues the enterprise are started to bargain with them but they also decide till al the facilities are not avail to them.

2.) Difference of the earlier tribunal that how they do it

The earlier tribunal is should continued because the areas of the jurisdiction is done through the chief and the headmen. In the urban areas they have no control on the disputes of the industries to solve the problem the chief and the headmen must be established where the member should be properly voted by the residents of the locality.

The earlies tribunal courts are based on the informal arbitration and the districts courts are act as the formal courts. The fair commission council is fairly elected by the local village people as a councillor who is responsible for the handling of the dispute between the industry level and make the appropriate decision regarding the benefit of the healthy relation. The future of the councillor would be appointed by the chief or the headmen from the group of the electing body of the relevant party or the community.

Earlier tribunal Modern tribunal
1. In the earlier is was to slow to make decision regarding industrial problems. 1.In current scenario it is very fast in operation that is solve the problem in quick time.
2. There are only one party which is dealing in the making of relation in the industry(Nelson ., 2013). 2. There are quick body which is responsible to make the workers and employee relation.
3. The department was not that much accountable in managing the team. 3. The department is accountable to the handled the team.
4. It is more proactive in decision making. 4. It is more reactive in decision.
5. It is less flexible. 5. It is more flexible.

3.) Challenges in the fair work commission at present

The fair work commission is trying to get the more attractive as the time progresses and the decision are also much flexible in the context of the industrial relation. There are various challenges faced by the department :

To make the effective dispute resolving power

The big task against the department is to make an effective channel of communication which should help to make the decision effective(MacDonald, F and Charlesworth, S., 2013).

To managing work place misconduct

The another important task with the department is to overcome the misconduct arises in the work place.

To bargaining challenges of the employees

To make effective use from the department is to be concise because it will increase burden on them(Lawton and Potter., 2010).

To minimise the risk of accidents

The another important challenges against the management is starts with the objective that it will planning to protect them from various accidents which are occurs in the industry during the work period.

4.) Response to the above challenges by the commission

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According to the above challenges the department is making a steps toward managing them so that at least these can perform in the efficient manner. To overcome the these the department is trying to settle a special administrative department for these challenge to control. The commission is planning to appoint a third person for the resolving of the disputes related with the industrial relation. In most of the cases it was observe that the most of the issues are arises because of the misconduct of the other worker or the labour . So it is the biggest challenge against the department of fair work commission is to manage the them in proper ways(Hale and Held., 2011). The evaluation of the program is to know the reaction of the decision made by the commission on the basis of the type of dispute based on the future prospective related with the wages and healthcare.

5.) Future growth of the work commission in relation with Australian system of employment

The future planning is done on the regular basis for the development of the industrial growth of the country. In the Australia the employment relation are fully control by the legal authority. The fair work commission is trying there best to resolve the problem arises in the industrial dispute settlement . The commission is made several act and various law regarding the grievance handling of the worker and management ,so that they can benefit from the new policy and projects of the department with some extra incentives to the worker which will make them enjoy there work in the premises of the industry(Guilfoyle ., 2011). To achieve the target of the company the fair work commission is focuses on the new acts and law which will manage them in the future. The department must ensure that their should not be any kind of discrimination between the worker and management in the industry.


This to conclude that the information about the fair work commission are relevant in the context of the relation of the employment of the industrial relation in Australia. The role of the work fair commission , its objective , future growth and various parties which are associated with the handling of the organisation are taken into account . The data collection is done on the fair basis which is relating with the worker and union member of the company. there are various challenges ans laws are mentioned in the context of the employee relation in the industrial development through fair work.


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