Managing People Performance

Introduction to Performance Management

It is practiced in organizations so that employee can get adequate information about their skills and capabilities (Beardwell, Holden and Claydon, 2001). The present research study has been emphasizing on catering business which delivers food services along with other catering amenities. Thus, in this respect Spotless catering business is selected as that delivers different catering services to diverse clients. The business has been emphasizing on flat organizational structure with few or no levels of middle management between the staff members and executives.

Findings of Existing Performance Management System

At Spotless catering business, managers are using different ways to allocate duties and responsibilities to the employees and chiefly it emphasizes on delegating the duties according to the skills and qualifications of the workforce. Prior delegating any role to the employee, manager of catering business considers deadlines and urgency of work and on that basis, actual work is delegated to the employees (Boxhall and Purcell, 2008). People are segregated for different roles as catering business have diverse stores which delivers quality services to the end users. This is also a cost effective process that aids the managers to conduct all the activity in proper manner.

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Prior starting organizational work, catering business ensure that all the codes and practices are being communicated to the employees so that appropriate standards could be followed in organizational activities. It is essential for the business entity to focus on all the ethical aspects so that value of the business could be enhanced (Barbeito, 2004). At the same time, Spotless catering business has to ensure that quality standards are being followed upon so that better services could be rendered to the end users.

At catering business, the process of risk analysis includes all these stages:

  • At the initial stage, uncertainty is identified and quantified so that actual areas of risks could be analyzed.
  • Next stage involves computing the impact of uncertainty so that managers can identify the need of contingency plans.
  • At next level, manager of catering business completes a risk analysis model and on that basis, specific solutions are being adopted at workplace (Bridle, 2010).
  • The model then needs to be explored within simulation at Spotless catering business
  • Afterwards, manager has to ensure that the model evaluates all the results in appropriate manner as then only, effectiveness of model could be ascertained.
  • At last, decision needs to be made so that better opportunities can be generated to manage risks.

At Spotless catering business, performance appraisal system needs to be integrated with organizational objective and policies so that employees can get maximum benefits and appreciation from the organization (Brockbank and Ulrich, 2005). Thus, a specific form is provided to the employees of Spotless catering business so that they can find out on what basis their performance is being measured and monitored. With the help of performance appraisal, employees get the idea about the areas of development and at the same time, it leads them to receive rewards and recognition.

The manager of Spotless catering business is provided with training and development so that they can conduct the procedure in proper manner. This is also crucial so that proper feedback can be collected about the performance of employees according to organizational standards. Thus, in such context all the managers are given suitable guidance which also aids them to carry out all their practices in proper manner (Budhwar, 2000).

In order to monitor and evaluate the performance of employees, it is crucial for catering business to emphasize on specific technique such as Balance Score Card and 360 appraisal method as through that specific information about employee capability could be identified. Along with this, peer opinion can also be acquired as they have detailed information about the capability of employees.

With the help of direct communication and also through discussion, employees can be informed about their performance aspects as this lies under informal way of providing feedback to the employees (Christensen, 2002). At the same time, one to one meetings could be conducted to discuss the areas of improvements.

Managers of Spotless catering business has the authority to communicate about poor performance as this has a direct impact on organizational performance and productivity aspects (Chuang, Church and Zikic, 2004). At the same time, supervisors and direct authority of the person is also informed about the areas of improvements. Similarly, they are given another chances to improve the performance aspects.

In performance management system, the contribution of employees in achieving organizational practices are being analyzed. Along with that, manager also ascertains if the employee has given any contribution in organizational growth and success aspects. Furthermore, managers also review the expected and actual performance

The elements that lie under performance management are plan, act, monitor and review. Furthermore, the managers also analyses comparison between actual and expected performance as this gives the correct idea about employee performance (Collins and Clark, 2003). The stages involved in the performance development plan are discussed as under:

Skill Current competency Method of improving the skill Time period to develop the skill 
Communication skill 3 Through attending different training sessions Within the period of 3 months 
Communication skill 2 Through getting expert advice Within the period of 2 months 
Time management ability 2 Through preparing different action plan  Within the period of 4 months 

After completing the standard working hours, coaching session will be organized so that employees could give their active presence in such sessions (DeSimone and Werner, 2009). Proper scheduling and ways of delivering training is being specified in this stage so that employees can get appropriate idea about the areas of development.

Legal regulation is required to be followed on in both voluntary exist and termination. However, employees in Spotless catering business are also required to give specific reasons for which they are leaving the organization and the same is with termination case. Notice period is also required to be given by the employees under mandatory requirements


Performance management is vital in accelerating encouragement level of employees and as a result this aids them to become productive element for the business (Freeman and Ceriello, 2011). The existing performance has some qualities; however, it needs improvements as well so that rewards and recognition could be delivered to the employees in appropriate manner.

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Employee’s contribution and their ability to perform should be the major criteria on the basis on which performance of the employees should be reviewed. Furthermore, managers and leaders should also conduct direct monitoring so that actual areas of improvements could be found out initially.


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