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In terms of marketing, management of brand is an eminent concept which is used for evaluating and planning about how a particular brand could be perceived in existing market place. In context to this, UK should formulae specific strategies in order to make its unique image in front of civilians as well as abroad investors (Inglehart and Norris, 2016). Thus, it help them in seeking attention of large number of customers towards their deliverables. The current report is based on United Kingdom. In this project discussion is going on about how UK could establish itself as a destination of foreign direct investment. It has been found that they are separating themselves from European Union. This phenomenon is known as Brexit. Hence, the similar construct of strategical brand management would be used by them in doing so. In addition to this, important recommendation has also been provided in context to this. This assist them in adopting proper schemes for attaining their main aims and objectives.

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Brexit simply refers to the expected withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. This has been discovered from survey that in a referendum that had occurred on 23 June in 2016, around 51.9% of the involved electorate of UK were voted to leave the EU out of a assemblage or gathering of approx. 72.2%. They are hoping to set up their own marketplace without any interference of nations of various other countries. This is the main reason of doing so. In this context, Theresa May (Prime Minister) has declared that the United Kingdom would not desire in maintaining imperishable membership or relationship of the single marketplace. In addition to that, they are not interested in following the norms and policies of union after leaving the European Union. For this, they have promised to cancel the European Communities Act of 1972 and thus, are not incorporating in existent law or legislation of EU into domestic law of UK (Hobolt, 2016).

How Brexit is branding UK as a foreign direct investment destination

Each and every nation wants to become independent and developed as well in all terms either financially, politically or socially. United Kingdom is also having these kinds of perception. This is their dream to represent themselves as a destination of foreign investment so that different other countries come here to invest and start their business. This would surely help them in becoming rich and successful in comparison to many another places or countries such as Germany, Europe, Italy, Russia,US and so on. After leaving EU, Brexit is seem to provide them a golden chance of making isolated and unique reputation in field of business so that they could take their personal decision afterwards in affiliation to commerces.

When numerous of companies may enter into the market sphere of United Kingdom then, they could easily generate huge quantity of jobs. This is proved to be advantageous for entire nations since the people who are unemployed may receive good occupations from that. This in turn upgrades the overall productivity in several firms which are UK based or come from another states to do business. Thus, these all aspects aids government of refereed country in acquiring different types of taxes and hence could gain higher amount of money. Afterwards, they can apply or utilise the identical or received monetary amounts in welfare of citizens. At the same time, such funds may also use by them in generating of creating another businesses in order to impress their abroad depositors (Dhingra and et. al., 2016). Therefore, it can be said that UK emerges as one of the popular brand after leaving European Union wherein numerous of investors can invest their currency.

The impact of Brexit Negotiation on foreign investment in the UK

After the Brexit negotiation, there are so many implications of Brexit in relation to the foreign investment in the United kingdom. These can impact the whole foreign investment process and activities in positive or negative way. The key impacts is explained below :

  • This has been seen that negotiation of Brexit is impacting on UK. For instance, they are receiving specific amount of money from EU but also giving them same. The FDI (Foreign direct investment) would increases overall level of production of this territory. This in turn offers them in yielding best outcomes and revenue. Various international organisations will supports in bringing good technological as well as managerial tools & techniques. As a fruitful result, companies operating under referred country could easily perform and manage every types of organisational chores, therefore, they come to know about better manner of working and this effectively raises their entire turnover per annum. Along with the same, FDI also supports in encouraging national or regional enterprises for the improvement. For instance, this may help in giving tough competition to other one by giving them powerful supply chains (Howard and Kollanyi, 2016).
  • UK comprises of nearly more than £1 trillion in its FDI stock. This could be said that such a ratio is very high which is around half of the some other member of the EU. Therefore, United Kingdom is a suitable place for doing investment since they could easily beat up or access the single market of European Union. It is the key reason that numerous of investors from abroad are attracting toward them after the introduction of Brexit negotiation. They are thinking to may spend their precious revenue and time in denoted nation since this will surely support in earning great amount of profitability. Hence, all state would generate more and more turnover only by spending their money in UK. But, It is to be noted that after Brexit, high cost of trading with the EU might probable to depress FDI.
  • It is estimated that there adverse influence of Brexit negotiation process, especially on the sector of auto- mobile. The degree of productivity affiliated with cars has been reducing. The production of nearly 181,000 cars i.e. 12% has fall down, due to this their costing has increased by around 2.5 % which is too high. Even though, if mentioned state may manage and control a comprehensive dealing in trade along with keeping tariffs at zero, the production might decreased by 36,000 cars (Dorling, 2016).
  • UK is considered as one of the largest recipient of FDI in terms of industries of fiscal services. Herein, point to be noted that limitations on rights like 'single passport' by following Brexit will causes big cuts in the action. Moreover, this country is also not able to challenge different types of principles and regulations of European Union at the their court of justice.
  • Information obtained by audit of the UK
  • Some of the important data which is accumulated after doing deep investigation are presented as follows :
  • It has been observed that many financial projects of UK are keep on seeking attention of overseas depositors (Barrett and et. al., 2015). As per the report formed by accountancy giant EY, approx. 69 of the fiscal assignments has attracted various investors who visited London in recent years. On the other hand, only 12 projects of Frankfurt and just 19 of French one are approved. This shows that more people from several another states or territories are liking UK as a fertile soil since it aids in growing seeds of profits and advantages (Kierzenkowski and et. al., 2016).
  • New data has been compiled for London and its partners which is reveals that venture capital investing into the sphere of tech of United Kingdom has reached at a great hight in 2017. Companies operating and performing under UK has acquired approximately £2.99bn of new funding. This is nearly or roughly twice in relation to figure of 2016 that is about gross of £1.63bn.
  • There are numerous of firms which has been invested in denoted country after their decision of leaving EU. Some of the key ventures are Aberdeen, IGNIS, InfraRed, CBRE, Lloyds Banking group, M&G real estate, Mansford, PALMER, Zara, SEGRO, Virgin Atlantic, TOPLAND group, etc. This is representing that large number of capitalists have spend their currencies in performing commerces at this place. Thus , it contributes a lot in generating higher quantity of production and receiving huge sum of profits in return of the same (Colantone and Stanig, 2018).
  • It has been observed that in London many ventures associated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) are also enjoying a better year since the amount of fund has been raising now a days. Bigger dealings for corporations such as Callsign (£26.92m), Starship Technologies (£13.95m), Babylon Health (£47.56m) and many more have saw speculation in London AI firms are going above £200m for first and foremost time. This represents that there has occurred around 50 percent increment herein when compared with last year that is 2016. Companies belonging from AI has been elevated a record and reached at £488m past yr in all over United Kingdom. It is some how more than double as much as founded in 2016.
  • Apart from above discussed sector, technological region in UK is also constantly alluring almost various of the starring world – wide players with, Apple , Google & Amazon. These all are making epochal investments in mentioned nation in previous years. Along with this, Spotify has also proclaimed that it would spread out its operation associated with R&D in London and this will double its headcount (Möller and Oliver, 2014). On the other hand, it has been found that one of the largest Social media company named as Facebook has affianced to UK that they will create roughly an extra 800 occupations for its new London headquarters. From this, civilians living over there as well as workers would receive most facilities. For instance, personnels may attain so many opportunities of job. This could improve their existing conditions as there is no need of running here and there in search of job. At the same time, living standards of citizens would also improved from such things.


As UK desire to set up their own kingdom, they need to focus on various strategies in order to seek attention of large number of capitalist towards their country. For this, they could show the benefits of investing in their market and convince them for doing so. Some of the plan of action which would proved to be more beneficial is stated below :

They can represent their strength to all those capitalist which are probably seem to be interested in doing business at their own country. It will surely draw or attract them for doing the same.

  • Since UK is still a member of EU, thereby they are not having the permission to work alone but after isolating from the similar, government of UK may acquire the opportunity to design various legislations of their own. In this context, they should improve or modify the laws and order regrading commercial activities. Government ought to form some enact which may give benefit to all those foreign members that might likely to be a part of United Kingdom. For instance, legal bodies would permit each and every venture for doing commerces at their native place by offering them no taxation polices in terms of import as well as export for a specific period of time. Herein, those firms many be attracted as they would be not liable to pay any kind of taxes when ever they might use to export and import merchandise or services. Thus, it is a good idea which assist in pulling attention of huge crowd of international investors. On the other hand, government might take action against any form of unfair activities regrading business and at that time those companies which founded guilty may be punished financially or in some other way.
  • Especial team members should be hired by higher authorisation of UK and provide them duty to collect data regarding probable or expected overseas depositors so that they could keep their eyes on the same and could easily make strategies for impressing such nations by offering special relaxation or rebate on their trading actions.
  • Government ought to focus different obligations on improving their current circumstances in context to finance, technology, social conditions, transactions, transportations, supply chain management, maintaining smooth and ethical environment at work stations and many more. These all contributes in alluring larger number of firms from various other places.
  • Legal bodies should make effective and effectual schemes in order to handle assorted types of barriers which may come in their way of attainment.

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From the above based report, it cam be concluded that the decision of leaving EU is good for the United kingdom as this will give them a chance to emerge itself as a great nation regarding business. In other words, it can be said that this would help them in becoming a unique brand in existing market place. This in turn aids in attracting so many investors from foreign nations in order to put their funds and integrating their businesses with the referred country. It is proved to be more beneficial for UK since after these huge investment, they may become dock of commercial activities and every other firm want to spend money over there. But there are also some negative implications of isolating from Europe Union. For instance, this is very difficult to beat up all such countries which are a part of EU. This could be proved from the recognition of reduction in the productivity or manufacturing of cars. Therefore, if UK wish to become successful and achieve all of their predetermined goals, then they has to design some strong strategies so as maintain its presence in corporate world.

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