Personal leadership and management

Introduction Personal Leadership And Management

Personal Leadership And Management are being viewed as effective and beneficial for success of the business. Through effective leadership and management skills, individual can promptly take decision to make the business successful in the competitive scenario (Zaleznik, 2001). Professional development is defined as a process that increases the knowledge and skills for personal development and career advancement. Moreover, the leadership and management skills are also essential as it support the organization in accomplishing their objectives and goals. Sainsbury is the renowned supermarket chain in the UK who deals in selling the grocery items and products to their market customers. The supermarket contributes 16.9% of its share in the supermarket sector and has become the second largest chain in the state of UK.

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The report mainly focuses on evaluating the leadership and management skills which is required by the individual to support the organization in achieving their objectives. The report also focuses on the organizational culture and objectives that directly impact the leadership and management role of the manager. Further, it stresses on measuring own management and leadership skills and constructing personal development plan for developing identified skills. Moreover, the report also evaluates effectiveness of developing the skills for attaining success in the company.

The impact of organizational objectives, values and culture on the leadership and management role

With the changing external environment organization objectives, values and culture directly affect the leadership and management role (Gagnon, 2012). Organizational objectives are defined as the medium term goals that need to be accomplished by the organization for sustaining in the competitive market scenario. To attain the corporate objective the role of leadership and management are required to make plan or polices and also the responsibility of manger is to determine proper allotment of resources. For example, Sainsbury objective is to increase the sales up to 10% for this, the management personnel need to frame policies or plan for accomplishing the objectives (Buble, Juras and Matic, 2014).

However, the culture plays significant role in creating healthy environment within an organization which will further assist the individual and employees to work properly and effectively. In communicating tasks and duties or for promoting ethics among the employees, Sainsbury need cooperative culture which can influence their employees work behaviour (Clayton, 2014). If the relationship between the manager and employees of Sainsbury is good then, they will effectively contribute in collaborative efforts in the organization to achieve their aim.. Thus, it will also assist in enhancing the job satisfaction (Importance of Motivation, 2013).

The organizational ethical values and cooperative culture will also impact leaders as well as management in performing the work and tasks in an effective manner. With cooperative and adaptive culture at the Sainsbury, the leaders would readily accept the change and it will also assist their subordinate or co-workers to accept the modification properly within the environment. Further it will aid in incorporate fair remuneration structure for their employees and will also help in evaluating performance of their worker in the proper manner. Ethical values at the workplace will assist the management and leaders in establishing an equitable and consistent working environment (Leadership Theories, 2013).

The leadership and management skills required to support the achievement of organizational objectives

Sainsbury is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK that deals in selling wide variety of grocery products (Effective communication, 2011). For achieving the objectives of Sainsbury, the manager working in the supermarket chain requires different management and leadership skills which will help in delegating, motivating and managing their workers for accepting the unexpected change. However, building effective management and leadership skills will also support them to succeed in the competitive environment and accomplishing the objectives. For achieving the aims of Sainsbury, they must possess positive attitude within the organization so that, they can collaboratively achieve the objectives by motivating their employees and workers (Barling, Slater and Kelloway, 2010). There are several leadership and management skills the manager of Sainsbury possess that help and support them in achieving objectives for delivering adequate requirements of their market customers. The different leadership and management skills that manager of Sainsbury have:

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Team development skills: Another skill that manager of Sainsbury features for achieving the objectives includes building team development skills. As these skills will focus on  ensuring collaborative climate as well as principled leadership that will assist them in managing people within the team by delegating proper tasks and duties (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

Decision making skills: Some other leadership and management skills that manager of Sainsbury possess that support them in achieving the Sainsbury objectives include effective decision making skills. This skill will focuses on taking appropriate decision for ensuring success of the organization in the competitive market scenario (Leadership Theories, 2013).

Communication skills: For achieving organizational objectives, the manager of Sainsbury must possess effective communication skills that help them to properly communicate with their workers so that, they can easily attain the objectives (Parker, 2011). Effective communication between manager and employees also assist in smoothing their relationship which will result in improving their teamwork and decision making process.

Personal Leadership And Management

There are certain measures for assessing own skills and development that is required to support and assist in accomplishing the stated goals and objectives of the Sainsbury (Hay and Hodgkinson, 2006). The individual personal leadership and management skills will be measured and identified through certain tools and techniques that are:

Use of feedback: It is consider as an effective method through which I can assess my own leadership and management skills (Dugan, 2011). By gaining positive feedback from the superior it will support me and motivate to contribute effectively in attaining growth and improving the performance of Sainsbury in the UK region. However, the negative feedback will assist me in identifying the skills which I need to enhance for rendering quality services within the workplace. Hence, the feedback is an impressive method for assessing leadership and management skills and further it helps in identifying personal development of the skills which is required for achieving objectives (Zaleznik, 2001).

Self-assessment: I can also assess the leadership and management skills by undertaking self-assessment techniques which will help in analyzing my own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, this technique will help me in measuring own skills that I currently possess for achieving the objectives that is interpersonal, leadership, etc. Moreover, through this, I will identify my weak areas that which i am required to work on by constructing development plan (Gagnon, 2012).

Personal skill audit: Another method for assessing personal leadership and management skills include carrying out skill audit. Basically, it is in the form of questionnaire which features certain series of questions about the skills that I possess for carrying out the tasks and activities in the Sainsbury. Conducting personal audit will result in identifying the skills that need to be developed through effective training and development (Bush, 2008). Skill audit mainly possess five stages:

  • Identifying existing skills
  • Evaluating required skills
  • Rating the skills
  • Reviewing the rating  
  • Future development of the skills

By considering the above methods and technique I can easily measure my leadership and management skills that would support me in performing my role and task in the effective manner. The different skills that support me in performing my job in the effective manner include interpersonal skill, self management skills as well as time management skills. All these will support me performing my role in the effective manner so I can easily accomplish the objectives. However, leader or manager is the one that direct the employees to accomplish their responsibilities in the proper manner so that employees can achieve the objective that it to satisfy the needs of customers by providing them required and quality goods. In addition to this, I have also different leadership skills that is managing others, I am capable enough to work in the team, team building skills that it positively support me in accomplishing the objectives.

The opportunities for development leadership and management skills

For surviving in the competitive market, I need to enhance and develop my leadership as well as management skills so that, I can help in rendering proper services within the internal environment to accomplish the overall objectives and goals of  Sainsbury (Buble, Juras and Matic, 2014). There are certain opportunities that will help me in developing leadership and management skills which include:

Mentoring: Mentoring is considered as an opportunity for developing own leadership and management skills. In this method, professional or experienced personnel guides or teaches to develop the skills (Buble, Juras and Matic, 2014). In this method professional guides me regarding the tasks and activities that I have to perform in the organization. However, it also helps in enhancing the leadership and management skills that will support me in performing the activities effectively is a casual communicating of knowledge to heighten the own skills so I can perform the tasks and activities properly. That they can perform their job effectively. In this method, mentor supports me and encourages me to offer or give suggestions which will help me in enhancing my communication skills (Clayton, 2014).

Reflective learning: Reflective learning is also considered as an effectual opportunity that assists me in enhancing learning skills from own past experiences. One of the reflective learning models that can be utilized by the Sainsbury to acquire the management and leadership skills is the Kollb’s learning model. This model features four steps that are Concentrate experience, Reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. Reflective learning will help me in eliminating the mistakes which I have done in the past events (Importance of Motivation, 2013).

Communication processes: The regular and effective communication between the manager and employees will also support me in developing leadership and management skills. Proper and regular communication with the senior manager or executive will help me gaining adequate knowledge and information that will assist me in performing the activities in Sainsbury properly. Thus, it will also act as an opportunity for developing and enhancing the skills (Leadership Theories, 2013).

After constructing personal development plan for processing the skills, I will focus  on implementing the constructed plan successfully within the premises so I can properly gain or develop leadership and management skills. For managing the workforce of Sainsbury, I need to properly implement the plan so that, I can enhance the skills for accomplishing the objectives of the organization (Effective communication, 2011).

It has been spotted that, it is necessary for employees to have better and constant development of skills that can boost his/her career opportunities. In support of this, the organisation and employees can focus on reviewing personal development plan (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

By revaluating proper development plan and analysing their effectiveness, manager of Sainsbury will identify further improvement areas of the different skills that need to be enhanced for rendering effective services to their customers (Hay and Hodgkinson, 2006). However, Sainsbury manager should also focus on conceptual and technical skills as with the current improvement in the technology, it will assist the individual to gain technical skills. For reducing the workload, the individual working in the Sainsbury will stress on enhancing the knowledge or skills by adopting new tools and equipments. For accomplishing the success in the UK market, Sainsbury should also modify their development plan from time to time or in tSainsbury in gaining knowledge and skills that will help them in the future scenario. They should also focus on the new learning techniques like visual learning. It will help the manager in retaining the information and knowledge for the long time period (Ehrich and English, 2012). . Training is the process which enhances the knowledge and skills of the manager so that, the individual can perform their duties and tasks effectively (Barling, Slater and Kelloway, 2010). This will assist in gaining the experience and knowledge so that, the manager can effectively manage the employees and improve their performance by guiding them. Through conducting training sessions, they should also develop and enhance the skills of the manager. Thus, it will assist in satisfying the needs of the market customers (Dugan, 2011).

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From the above report it has been concluded that, leadership and management skills will assist the individual in attaining success in the competitive market scenario. The report has concluded that, organizational objectives and culture have majorly impacted the role of leadership skills and management in the organization. However, the report also assesses the individual personal leadership and management skills which will support them in accomplishing the goals and objectives. The company has also developed an effective plan to support and enhance the skills of individual in the given time period. The report also measures different opportunities which are provided to the manager for acquiring leadership and management skills. Further, development plan is constructed for the manager to raise their skills so that, they can effectively manage their employees in achieving the objectives. Lastly, from this report it can also be inferred that, there are some areas that are required to be developed to enhance the skills.


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