Walmart's Research Project


1.1 Research Overview

Marketing is considered as most necessary component of business activity that helps an organisation to attract large number of consumers in order enhance profit level as well as productivity. It is an effective process through which firm can generate some interest in propel about services and goods. The main motive of any organisation is to develop better relationship with consumers at market place to fulfil specific needs and demands of consumers in an effective manner. It develop some value for consumers along with advantages to firm. Internet is global interconnected computer networks system which use an Internet protocol suite in order to link with devices in all over the world (Adams and Simnett, 2011). It gives variety of communication facilities as well as information including interconnected networks by using the standard interaction protocols. In this present time period, large number of individuals are connected with different internet tools and those connect them with each other in all over the world. Internet is regarded as most necessary marketing sources that plays a necessary role in offering effectiveness to consumers for giving them better options to satisfying particular demands of consumers. This present research is based on Walmart organisation that is multinational retail cooperation that operates hypermarket chain, grocery stores and discounted department stores. It is a retail organisation and its main motive is to connect with large number of people at mark let place through provide them better quality services.

1.2 Background of an Investigation

Every business is started with the motive of earning profiting & rising their market share which can be easily implemented with the help of internet. Internet is very important & trendy way of doing marketing. It is effectively used in online marketing to provide information & services to satisfying the needs of customers. Walmart is one among the top retail company originated in Bentinville. It has more than 11718 stores in 28 country and working hard constantly increase its footprints across world. It is operated by 59 names in the world. This company deals in grocery products (Büyüközkan and Arsenyan, 2012). It have developed its strong brand image for its 24/7 availability of support, on time delivery, highly secure for online transactions and product quality. This company in investing huge amount in wages, training and education of their employees. Highly trained staff & employees utilises their developed skill in online marketing & other promotional activities. It is an important tool adapted by most of the companies for promotions as most of us are internet savvy, its easier for the customers because of its high transaction facilities. It avails many application & processes which are used for online payments & other activities.

1.3 Research Significance

It is most necessary research investigation part that aids an investigator to explain actual aim of an investigation in proper or systematic manner (Driouchi and Bennett, 2012). It is crucial in nature at one place and under this researcher should be focus on convenience consumers regarding worthiness of particular study area. Main motive behind conduct an investigation is to get over with problems of past research and also be helpful for leaders in order to develop their knowledge and skills related to the particular research topic. In addition to this, the importance of this investigation is to importance of internet tools as marketing medium to increase profitability and growth of company. Under this, internet tools like for an instance mobile application, web pages, social media and many others. These are helpful in making business successful and better medium of the interact with the people and aware them about services of firm in a better manner. Internet is connecting people globally and in all over the world, there are around 190 countries which are connected in to opinions., data exchanges and news.

1.4 Research Aim

The aim of this research is “To determine significance of Internet tools as marketing medium for company and its impact on increasing organisational value. A case study on Walmart organisation.”

1.5 Research Objectives

It consist most necessary research part and based on investigation problems. An examination targets are to me moulded in context to worked for an examination. In addition to this, these are more vulnerable ion interacting an expansion for an examination and also pleasing in any social event to get correct information for an examination to providing conclusion in right structure. Some research questions are below as above:

  • To determine affect of internet tools to develop efficiency and internal environment of firm.
  • To measure benefits of internet tools as marketing medium in Walmart organisation.
  • To identify different internet tools by which Walmart business firm can enhance its growth and profit.
  • Recommend various ways through which Walmart can expand its business activities and operations.

1.6 Research Questions

There are some research questions are mention below as above:

  • What is affect of internet tools to develop efficiency and internal environment of firm?
  • What are benefits of internet tools as marketing medium in Walmart organisation?
  • What are different internet tools by which Walmart business firm can enhance its growth and profit?
  • What are various ways through which Walmart can expand its business activities and operations.

1.7 Time scale


It is determined as most necessary research project part that aids an investigator is to conduct an in depth investigation in order to draw better research outcomes for particular field of study. In addition to this, it is necessary examination venture piece. It is a duty of an investigator is to collect relevant or accurate data and information with the help of using various assets and apply them at work. This part of research investigation is based on the secondary data. It is on the basis of different point of views and opinions of various authors or writers. In addition to this, an investigation is direct for effect information and also thought related to particular subject of an investigation. Data or information is collected from different sources like for an instance magazines, previous tasks, books and many other different sources.

2.1 Affect of internet tools to develop efficiency and internal environment of firm

On the basis of view point of DurmuÅŸoÄŸlu and Barczak, 2011, internet marketing is regarded as most necessary aspects that plays a necessary role in development and profit of an organisation. Business are impacted through changes in technological environment. It is simple knowledge application in order to change as well as control business environment. In addition to this, some of the business can be leverage modification technology for make improvement in processes as well as products or also develop new or innovative products which will expand profits along with markets. According to El-Gohary, 2012, it has been stated that Internet is useful tool for any organisation whether it is large, small, national, international etc. Internet is helpful in proving external and also internal advantages to firm and its activities or operations. In this time, many organisations are concern towards using the different internet sources to increase operations and activities of business in better manner. As Walmart is large size organisation so it is necessary for this company to use the different internet tools to aware people about services of firm and also give its advertisement. Impact of internet tools on develop efficiency and internal environment of firm given below as above:

Consumer attraction- They are regarded as most important elements that plays necessary role in increasing performance level of company at market place. In this competitive era, there are different substitute product available if in case if the consumer is not properly satisfied then in this case it can switch one company to another. So, it is necessary to Walmart organisation to give attention to consumers by providing them different variety of products on the basis of their needs and preferences.

Data retrieval and storage- On the basis of view point of Ip, Leung and Law, 2011it has been stated that Cloud based software and internet systems made data storage game changer for most of the organisations. In addition to this, cloud storage minimized cost of operations, shredding services. If operation cost will be reduced then in this case Walmart company can provide its products on reasonable cost.

Increase organisational productivity- In this, internet tools are more effective in increasing productivity of company by gain attention of large number of people towards an organisation. Through using better internet tools, firm is able to make improvement in its performance and achieve attention of large number of consumers.

2.2 Benefits of internet tools as marketing medium

According to opinion of Jehangir and et. al., 2011, it has been stated that Internet is helpful for firm to connect with people and conduct its marketing activities. In this present time period, more attention of people in an effective or better manner. Now a days, internet marketing is more popular between business in all over world. People from various age groups are more concern on spend more money on the internet and also make busy themselves in various types of activities. Internet marketing is regarded as indispensable tool that us used through marketers, entrepreneur and business for the purpose of develop better consumer base. Internet marketing is helpful in connect with large number of people and through this consumers can make the buying decisions. It is helpful in develop better relationship with consumers and also prospects by continuous, minimum cost personalized communication. In addition to this, customers are enhancing to turn towards internet for their purchasing decisions, it is helpful in making internet more necessary. On the basis of Kasemsap, 2016, it has been stated that internet marketing is regarded as an indispensable tool. Some benefits of internet tools are given below:

Gain customers trust- Consumers are key component of company and development or success of company is based on gain their trust in better manner. Main aim of each business firm is to provided goods to consumers on the basis of their trust as well as demand in better manner. It is helpful in develop healthy relationship with consumers at market place.

Relationships- Internet gives a necessary platform for developing better relationship with consumers and enhancing retention level of buyers. When purchasers has buy goods from online store that it start to develop better relationship through sending email in order to confirm transactions.

Reach to potential consumers- It include most necessary components of firm and it is a responsibility of firm to gain more attention of confusers towards company by offering therm quality services and goods. The main focus of Walmart business firm is to apply better internet sources in context to capture wide range of areas at competitive market.

2.3 Different internet tools by which Walmart business firm can enhance its growth and profit

Walmart has adapted various tools to increase the efficiency of the work in the effective way which ultimately increases profit margin of the organisation. Different tools of Internet are discussed below:-

Website: Walmart has made its own website which is being updated time to time. Website includes all the services & products which are available for the customers. List of products & services also provides the way through which they can be used by customers. According to Omotayo, 2015, it has been stated that Website has also reduced the marketing work as through this company can connect to its customers easily in very less time. It has also expanded the business & increased the profit ratio.

Mobile application: It is the application which can be used on mobile phone through which people can easily connect to the companies product & services in massive form. In today's time maximum of us have mobile phones & its very easy to connect to them through mobile application. With the change & up-gradation in technology, Walmart has also launched its mobile application, this made the work of shopping easy for the customers as well as for store employees. Walmart is investing huge amount on training their staff to accomplish this process.

Social Media: It is the most popular & effective platform for the company to connect to their customer. Now a days maximum no. of people have their personal account on social sites, so its easier for the company to connect to them through this. This process is cost effective for the company to promote its product &

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