Managing Communication, Knowledge And Information


Knowledge and information is very important for organization for making effective decision. Information and knowledge gather help in making an innovative and unique products for customer and for increasing sale. The present report is based on The Mobile center which is started selling mobile online. This report covers, the range of decision to be taken for business is discussed. Along with this internal and external sources of information and understanding for making decision is assessed. Apart from that, stakeholder for decision making process is identified.

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According to the given scenario, for starting up new business which is both demanding and rewarding. Establishing new retail company for selling mobile completely online. For survive in tough competition it is necessary to serve unique products and services which are completely different from its competitor (Steinmetz, 2012.). In a fast moving of retail sector, it is necessary to make decision equally fast and effective to survive in the market.

There are different level on which decision need to be made that are as follows:

Strategic level: at this level decision is made by a board of director by The Mobile center company (McClendon and Robinson, 2013). They made a grand strategic decision for the investment and future growth of company. Along with this it mainly concern with long term goal and objective of company.

Tactical level: at the tactical level manager of The Mobile center company made tactical decision in which it focuses on how its company employee can put their effort for accomplishment the aims and objective (Saeedkia, 2013). It makes decision which strategy need to implement so that company can easily achieve its objective on time.

Operational level: at this level employee who work at this level make decision to conduct the own task, and respond to customer by providing them best services. At operational level employee are those who operated day to day activity and make decision by their own for accomplishing task on time.

There are some information and knowledge needed to make effective decisions. It is necessary to collect information on which decision need to made by manager. On a strategic level important decision need to make for this information need to collect from board of shareholder. After making a decision which type of product on basis of candidates need to select who are highly skilled, so that they can make products and services different from its competitor.

Further manager can use transaction processing system so that various transaction can be get from an operational level of organization (Herrmann and Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). TPS have some benefit that is it provide high speed and accurate processing information from the different transaction gotten operational level. Along with this at a operational level daily report of work need to submit to manager, this type of information required at internal sources. All the information related to new strategies should be provided to employee of different department so that employee of operational level can work according to particular information. For making any decision company and it staff should have information about the market and product which its competitor is making for selling.

There are various externals and internal sources of information and understanding available in business of The Mobile center is as follows

Sale figure: for The Mobile center it is necessary to understand sale of company for making a decision. At the time when sale of company is high then it need to make decision for maintaining high demand of products and services. On the other hand if there is lower sale then company need to gather information and understand the factor due to which sale of product is decreasing

Customer record: customer record is the best method for making a decision related to products and services which are delivered to them (Crane and Matten, 2016). Company can gather information from its customer whether they like its online service and products or not on basis of that it can make decision.
At external source it is necessary to understand that there are some political factor which affects the company profitability. After gathering information related to rules and regulation made by government The Mobile center can easily make decision related to products

For improving the business The Mobile center need to analysis its strengths and weakness. After measuring its weakness company can make decision how to overcome it. Further it need to focus on opportunity which it have for growth and development. The Mobile center can use new technology so that cost of production can be reduced and advance technology help in making a innovative product for its customer. Further, The Mobile center can use an effective advertisement method for promoting its products. It can advertise it products and services at a social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. There are more then 10 million user of Facebook so company can easily increase awareness of products among people.

Furthermore, The Mobile center can provide training and development facility to its employee so that their knowledge and skill can be developed and they can work more effectively and efficiently. It can used low price strategy for selling its product so that customer base can be increase and it can easily gain market share.

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There are two type of stakeholder of The Mobile center that are internal and external which play a significant role in making decision this are discussed below

Employee: employee are important part of organization because they make products and services for The Mobile center customer. They are need to involved in decision making process because the ideas and view help in taking a effective decision (McClendon and Robinson, 2013). Along with this , they know which type of product demand in market is high and low.

Customer: customer are those to who company sale its products and services. They also play a significant role in decision making process. The Mobile center can make products after identified their taste and preferences. It help in increasing sale as well as profitability of company.

Supplier: suppler are those who supply raw materials to The Mobile center company. Company need to involve them in decision making process so that they can supply raw material on time and at reasonable price.

Government: Government make rules and regulation which company need to follow at the time of selling its products in markets. There are many decisions which The Mobile center need to make on basis of rule and regulation made by government.

By involving this all stakeholder in decision making process then can easily avoid conflict and shared vision with its stakeholders.

There are different mode of communication available for making relationship with stakeholder which are identified above.

Email: It is the best way to communicate with different stakeholder, such as employee, customary etc. The Mobile center can sell email to its customer related to new products and services. Further, it can send information relates to offer and discount on product which they are giving to its customer (Herrmann and Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). It helps in making long term relation with customer by sending them email regularly. Company can send information to its employee through email this is the easiest way to communicate with employee.

Telephone: It is a mode of communication which help in communicating with its stakeholder. That is company can send information by telephone call to its supplier related to supplying raw material to its customer. It helps in making long term relation with stakeholder and for sending information.

Word of mouth: It is an best way of communicating with customer and effective way for wining their trust. Company can make relation with its customer by selling products face to face it is a effective way for decreasing the sale of company and for earning high profit

Meeting: Regular meeting with supplier help in making ration and for taking a decision for the development of business. Company can also keep meeting with its employee in which it can tell to them about products and services which they are making and strategy which is implemented for selling products and services.

The Mobile center need to create strong relationship with its stakeholder for the success of business and for increasing sale of its products and services.

Stakeholders are the group or the persons who are involved mainly to increase the importance of the environmental policies making. There are many types of stakeholders and the policy levels. There are different types of stakeholders (Yates and Paquette, 2011). The Mobile Center is the company that sells the mobile sets online. Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. There are processes and techniques to improve decision-making and the quality of decisions. Decision-making is more natural to certain personalities, so these people should focus more on improving the quality of their decisions (Kebede, 2010). There several stakeholders like- employees, suppliers, distributors, investors and managers. The stakeholders decision are very important for the organization. 

Employees - In mobile company its important to ask them to employees about the sets, because they know what all the materials or staffs are needed to be purchased to make a phone set. Employees help the business to grow by giving their best and their hard work.

Suppliers - Suppliers are the staff who manufacture the product for selling in the market.

Distributors - Are the people who distribute the product into the market place for selling.

Investors - They are the person who invest on the products and make the mobile company wide in the market.

Strategy planning is very important because it helps in improving the performance of the organization. By this the organization finds out the issues and focus on them to improve the productive. It is the size and impact of these strategic issues that gives rise to the importance of the strategic plan (López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán, 2011). Such decisions are not simply about small adjustments to activity levels, but are the kind of decisions that may lead to a substantially different organizational structure, or major changes in the relationships among key stakeholders, competitive position, or strategic partners of the organization. Effective strategies planning only needs a handful of procedures.

There are some of the strategies like- By engaging commitment, proper guidelines, analyzing the organization, decide strategies, evaluate plan execution. It improves the long term performance for the business (Choi, Lee and Yoo 2010). Online strategy is a way for organizations to make major improvements in performance. This has been very important for businesses selling information products, such as software, books and other digital media. Online investments can lower barriers to entry for a larger range of businesses (Smith, Dinev and Xu, 2011). Small business online is an obvious example. Even micro businesses and solo operators have learned to earn money online. So online have reinvented themselves through an e-commerce strategy, and some have gone beyond this to a full-blown e-business strategy. Many non-profit organizations have also benefited by going online. These include, online education, and even government online. assignment writers in Australia

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There are many ways in which we can communicate with each other like on phone, face to face, emails, letters and meeting. There are two forms of communication in verbal like formal and informal. Informal are the chats done in daily life that includes kitchen gossip, college. Whereas in formal communication is done more to the appraisal or one to one and formal tends to also be recorded for the future use if needed (Trkman, 2010). The mobile online company is so only manufacturing the products for the proper communication. Mobile has made life so easy for everyone because all can communicate sitting at one place without going face to face. This communication system as made it very much easy. There are conference calling done with the other sites.

Improving the communication in the organisation helps if a person is not on the desk the manager can call and ask. Mobile has made the communication much easy and fast. Mobiles are also connected to the computers. In the formal meeting very often when dissections are taking place it gives rise to other issues these can distract from the main topic (Bélanger and Crossler, 2011). A meeting mediator can help to keep things on the track by simple stopping the discussion and starting it back on the track. Another way can be improved and the meeting made more effective could be to have something called a parking lot, because when the mediator comes to know that the discussion is going off the topic then the new subject is added.

The improvements that will be implemented will be one to one process. Mobile is the system through which the discussion takes places. Many plans are made to improve the production of the product (Jennex and Olfman, 2010). A functional structure is an organizational arrangement where people that perform the same function are grouped together and called department. When professional having the same background works together the chances of miscommunication decreases, and people can understand one another in a more coherent way (Lindner and Wald, 2011). Moreover the motivation of employees also increases when they work with people of the same background while organization is also able to achieve its mission and objectives in a more coherent way. Due to these reasons in the mobile company should change its organizational structure and should use the functional arrangement of organizational structure.

There are many ways in which we communicate in the organization like face to face, emails, phones etc. To improve communication skills I will look upon the how I write the mails, communicate with friends, family etc which ensures me to identify my mistakes. Through Mobile Center company the person can use the mails, message that how they write and what actions can be taken to improve the communication skills (Chaffey and White, 2010). The time period will be decided that up to that time period the communication skills will be improved. It helps the person to communicate in front of crowds, in meeting easily. It provide a opportunity to get a higher success in life and achieve the targets of life on time. In formal meeting, it ensures that correct information are kept in good communication skills to answer any question in proper way. While making the plan to improve the communication skills it will also increase our efficiency in regard to work.

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The Mobile Center company can collect the information system. Information system is a combination of hardware, software, control, coordination, trained personal organized to facilitate the planning. There are many methods for gathering the information in one place. But one method is gathering the information from customers can be taken through complaint system. In this method customers can go to the website of company and give details about complaints in regard to providing the products and service online (Cukier, 2010). This complaint will stored in particular specific system and distributed to relevant sales team to deal with the complaints. Dissemination of information, are spreading and share of information in many different ways but it depends on the information that what type of information is. If in the company there is lack of gathering the information and storing them, then it can create a fear for employees that there information are less effective in the organization.

In Mobile Center organization, there are various current projects to implement the System Application Product for data processing in implement in computer system. It provides the opportunity to organization to restore, collect and format their information in one system (Baron, 2010). It is more efficient for company to collect and storage the data rather than a old system. It will help in the meeting of business organization that format of information will be placed in single place. Company can also install better computer with faster access to database for people. It improves the knowledge, collection and storage which are done in system. Information regarding the production of mobile can be stored in reference system which help the company to collect the information from one place only.

There are many strategy to improve the access of information and knowledge with in the organization. The company should provide the better access to organization chart and specific details about the system. Digital signature are used by the organization which has changes the way of information was created and used by the company (Ferratt, Prasad and Enns, 2012). Managers are the person to lead in the organization and need better knowledge. If there is good knowledge on the part of the organization then employees required to involve the maximizing the value of information which will result in the more informed decision making required. Company have to apply strategies to implement the changes in information system. It will the right conversation to take place with right people before project are allocated to them (Managing information and communications in a fast-changing world. 2017).


It cab be here by concluded that Mobile Centre has applied the concept of managing the communication, knowledge and information. The company has improved the personal communication skills by giving the opportunities to employees. The employees are making there plans to improve their communication skills. The company is also setting the different program system to store the information in one computer system. The stakeholders of this organization help to make the decision in regard to their benefits. While storing the information in one computer system it is benefited for the organization because no other organization can hack the information. It has allied with changing market trends and issues by adopting the various computer system. It has attained prominent position in market by satisfying the needs of various stakeholders.


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