Strategic Management


It is essential for any organisation to develop its strategic management for its company success and growth in the society. In this assignment, the strategic management of National Express is discussed briefly in context with its new alliance. In this assignment, important matters are highlighted such as the technique, principles and concept of the strategic management. The analysis is also done in this assignment based on the competitive situation of the National Express, the company strategy for achieving the competitive advantage for its new alliance.

It is also found in this assignment the implementation of a strategy how to be brought it and the most important part of the strategic management its action plan and communication criteria. The porters five forces analysis is shown in this assignment. The competitive disadvantage and advantage of the National Express and its competitive strategy and the way it attracts its consumer is described briefly. The main purpose of this assignment is to highlight and enhance the strategies of the company and it is for alliance successful growth in the UK.

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1. The main concept, techniques and principles of strategic management

It is important that National Express must develop strong strategic management within its organisation; the concept of the strategic management mainly focuses on the process of achieving its goal, target and objectives through its strategies. According to Hill et al. (2014, p.34), the procedure of strategic management changes instantly, when, the company make an alliance with some other companies or change its company objectives and goal. The techniques and tools of the strategic management are SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Porters five and balance sheet, these techniques and tools are frequently used to analysis the strategic management of the company progress. The analyses give clear evidence about the company growth and help to identify w the strategies, which, they are using, are beneficial or not.

It has been found that the fundamental principle strategic management is mainly comprised of five important key points, which, is known as VOSIC. As stated by Edler et al. (2002, p.149), the vision, objective, strategy, implementation and correction are collectively known as VOSIC. The strategies of the company build the organisation with the help of the experts, this helps them to attain its target, objective and goal. The vision of the company is achieved through its good strategy and techniques used by the management team of the company. Hence, it is essential for National Express to build up healthy strategic management skill for its successful relationship with the alliance company.

2. Conducting the strategic analysis in a difference of National Express and its competitive situation

The data of the National Express provided clear evidence about its growth in the society, the financial record and the balance sheet of the company gives clear information that the strategies of the company are giving a quiet positive outcome in the society. According to Pavitt (2010, p.17), National Express is one of the well-known and reputed company in the UK and its branches in North America and Spain. The bus service and train service of this company is well known.

The company have developed many strategies to suppress its rival and maintain the top position in the business. Henderson and Venkatraman (2013, p.472) stated that the competitive situation in the society has inspired the company to build a flawless competitive strategy for the organisation; the company has come to the alliance with the company and decided to launch luxury bus service for its consumer. Therefore, strategic analysis of the competitive situation of the company gives brief knowledge about its strategic management skill.

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3. Examining carefully the strategic alternatives available in the situation for achieving the competitive advantage, analysing the organisation strategy to achieving competitive advantage and its alliance will also achieve it.

It has been clearly seen that the competitive advantage of the company can be achieved in two ways price advantage and differentiation advantage. Michael Porter through its theory and analysis has given important ways for an organisation for attaining its competitive advantage against its compactors. Burgelman et al. (2006, p.43) commented that the price of the product plays an important role in attracting the customer during the time of marketing and promotional activities of the company. The low or standard price of the product will attract more customers, increase their sale rate and the launch of the new product will be successful. Therefore, it is essential for National Express to keep the fare price of the bus nominal and standard for achieving the success of its new launch.

Differentiation advantage also plays important role in the competitive strategy of the company, when the company uses this kind of process it successfully manages to attain its goal. Slack et al. (2009, p.20) mentioned that differentiation advantages occur when the company deliver good quality of goods and service to its competitors. Therefore, this process will help the National Express and its alliance partner go gain economic support and successfully manages to suppress their rivals.

4. Demonstrating how the implementation of a strategy would be brought

It is essential to use various kinds of strategies in the company like National Express to achieve its goal and objective successfully. The important strategies of this company are financial, marketing strategy and competitive strategy and much more; to implicate these strategies successfully it is essential to look after all the important criteria before implicating it. According to Teece (2002, p.87), the organisation have to pros and cons of the strategies before implicating it financial strategy of the company is extremely essential, without its support the company will not be able to achieve its goal. The manager has to be conscious and check the budget of the project does not overlap and build a strong competitive strategy for suppressing its rival strategies.

It is essential for the company to implicate these strategies in their workplace, before implicating it the company have to analysis it is previous data record based on sale and customer purchasing behaviour and latest market trends in the business. These strategies will help in bringing important changes in the workplace and will help the organisation to achieve its objective and goal accurately. As commented by Covin et al. (2000, p.56), before starting marketing strategy the company have to study and analysis it previous marketing strategy and fulfil their drawbacks before building its new strategy and implicate in the workplace.

5. Communication reasoning and the action plan in professional and persuasive manner

6. Applying the porters five forces to National Express with diagram

Michael Porter has introduced Porters five forces method for the companies like National Express for its success, growth, and to suppress its competitors in the business world. According to Bracker (2008, p.219), this theory has helped in the development of the business strategies and provides an important strategy to suppress its rival. The important aspect of the Porter five forces mainly comprises of few aspects such as a threat of new entrants, bargaining power of customers, a threat of substitute, industry rivalry and bargaining power of suppliers.

Threat of new entrants:

It has been that the threat of new entrants will create trouble in the organisation growth and successful outcome; this will decrease the capital of the company considerably. The product differentiation, government law and policy, brand equity and access to distribution will be considered as new threat to the company growth and progress.

Bargaining power of customers:

It has been noticed when, the customers bargains, the company have to change the price of its commodity. It is impossible for an organisation to ignore the voice of the consumer and they have no other options than to reduce the price of the goods (Wernerfelt, 2005, p.171).

Threat of substitute:

Several verities of the product are available in the market of different brands; the customers are now getting many options hence the threat arises for the company that their customers can switch to another brand product (Wheelen and Hunger, 2004, p.80).

Industry rivalry:

Competition are rising day by day, many industries are launching the same products as their competitors to give tough competition in the business. It is seen the company in the marketing process of the company to enhance its sale rate and suppress its rival invests huge amount of capital (Jauch and Glueck, 2000, p.21).

Bargaining power of suppliers:

It has been found that the suppliers often change its policy towards its company and switch to its competitors for good opportunity and money. This will create negative impact on the business of the company and its workflow will be hampered. (Refer to appendix 1)

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7. The competitive advantage and disadvantage of the National Express

The competitive advantages of the National Express are as follows, the company successfully manages to create a positive impact on its consumers and build a strong and influential name in the society. The advantages of the competitive strategies play the important role, in the development of its company growth and economically deliver good and beneficial service to its customers. According to Bettis et al. (2015, p.627), the company keeps the price of the product nominal and according to the quality standard of the product. Competitive advantage also encourages the company to launch new products, provide good salary and incentive to its employees for its retention, as the employees are the backbone of the company growth and success. The companies always implicate new strategies and infused new and innovative ideas to suppress its rival and uses porter five-force theory to get success in the competitive strategy of an organisation.

The disadvantage of the competitive strategies is that the sale rate, profit and revenue collection of an organisation are decreasing. Rothaermel (2015, p.40) commented that customers and suppliers are switching into another company, customers loyalties towards its brand are reducing day by day. The company is also suffering financial loss and recession issues in their respective companies.

8. According to the competitive strategy, who are its competitors and how it manage to attract its customer

The competitors of National Express are Go-Ahead Group PLC, StageCoach Group PLC and FirstGroup PLC, they provide tough competitions to National Express in terms of business and sale rate. According to Barney and Hesterly (2015, p.55), StageCoach is one the leading competitors of the National Express, StageCoach is also launching luxurious bus service for its customer and comparatively keeping price rate of the ticket fare low than National Express. It has been seen that Go-head PLC company provides more comfortable and luxurious service to its consumer at a very reasonable price. The competitors of National Express takes various steps to attract its customer and maintain its loyalty, some of the important steps taken by the competitors are they keep the price of the fare reasonable and standard, provide discount and offers to its customer, special bus and coaches are build for old age people and small children. Hence, these are the few important ways that the competitors of National Express attract the customers for its efficient flow and growth in the society.


Strategic management is an integral part of an organisation, without its correct implication incorrect time company, as National Express will not be able to achieve its goal and objective. In this assignment, the importance of strategic management and its positive outcome in the business is shown briefly. The competitive strategies and its advantage and disadvantage related to National Express are clearly depicted hence, the importance of competitive advantage helps the company to increase its revenue collection, sale and succeed in maintaining the customer’s loyalty. The competitors like StageCoach, Go-Ahead Group PLC and FirstGroup PLC provide tough competition to National Express in terms of price and luxury and attract more and more consumers towards it. Hence, this assignment gives vivid knowledge, information and description about the strategic management. 

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