Scope Management

Introduction to Scope Management

Scope management refers to the process of handling the project management related activities which assists corporation to accomplish the task related to operation. It defines that all activities of project are defined accurately for meeting the specific objectives of the project. This is helpful in defining the project effectively and allocating resources for the same. The present report is based on Tesco; multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The firm has project to introduce the food package consisting three dishes as per the taste of the customers. In this regard, initiation of project has been described along with presentation of suitable document. In addition to this, project scope-control process have been explained. Apart from this, scope statement has been presented.

Describing how project in Tesco are initiated, authorized and allocated

The project are initiated with the proper planning with responsible people. Under this purpose of the project is defined along with role of project management manager. It is clearly defined that how effective project manager will work on the project and arrange for the necessary resources in order to meet the specific objectives. For example, project manager guide workforce and hire them so as to complete the project on right time (Kerzner, 2013).

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At this juncture, scope of the project is defined such as proposal development, breakdown structure and identification of deliverable as well as tentative time require for completing the project. The initiation phase also reflects about the higher level work break down structure. These detail information is passed to project manager so their approval can be granted. It facilitates to accomplish all related activities and support business to cater requirement of all related parties.

Furthermore, authorization is done through which higher management only and then consultation leads to allocation of necessary resources. However, the proposed is signed by higher authority along with particular budget.

Describing the level of authority and commitment of resources

The level of authority included in the Tesco are managing director, project manager, chef and employees as well as marketing personnel. These key people will be provided authority to work in the direction of growth and success of the business. This enables corporation to work in the direction of growth and success and accordingly manage the related project activities.

Here, project manager plays important role and delegate the authority among all responsible members for fulfilling their allotted task on right time (Burke, 2013). This proves to be effective in meeting the specific objectives. For example, project manager will be given appropriate financial resources along with resources. It has been presented in the following manner-

Activities Resources
Planning Project manager and other team
Collecting information Team members
Arranging resources Financial, physical (machine, vegetables and drink). chef and service providers
Implementing the plan Entire project team
Monitoring Entire project team
Review Project manager

The above mentioned table is showing that time, money and people as well as necessary resources are assigned for each project activity. This proves to be effective in allocating resources effectively and managing the performance effectively. It leads to determine the success of the business and manage the project of extending the product range effectively.

Outlining the roles and responsibilities of a project manager in relation to project planning

The project manager plays important role in the planning phase of the project as he has all knowledge related to introduction of new product in the company. It is the prime duty of project manager to outline every single activity of project and resources required for the same in order to accomplish the project right time (What is Project Scope Management?, 2017). The roles of responsibilities of project manager in the Tesco are explained as follows-

  • Applying the appropriate project management tools and standard
  • He needs to accomplish the activities related to setting the objectives of the project
  • Expected outcome from the project are decided by the manager only
  • Project manager is responsible to make contingency plan
  • The planning, controlling and monitoring as well as management activities of project is the responsibility of project manager (Bryde, Broquetas and Volm, 2013).
  • He is responsible to monitor the organizational structure or culture and motivate team members to accomplish the objectives
  • Project manager provide the guidance, training and learning the project members to meet the set standards.
  • The reporting of project is done by project manager only through passing the important stages such as scope, schedule, quality and cost.

How requirements are defined and agreed with stakeholders

In order to make stakeholders understand about the requirement, proper data is provided to them so that they understand the need of developing a project. There is proper meeting called on in which all the stakeholders are involved and then they are conveyed with the benefits or the advantages when the project that has to be developed (Schwalbe, 2015). In this context, Tesco will convey the importance of new product line that they are willing to introduces and the benefits that they will get.

Along with this Tesco is also conducted annual meeting in which they describe their future plan with their stakeholders and make them aware regrading to the entities polices. In order to make successful project management also ask to their stakeholders if any modification they want to apply in their management. By using such techniques they make stakeholders understand about the requirement.

Link of project objectives with project outcome and benefits that can obtain from project

Objectives are developed in order to reach out the goals that are being set. When objectives are set, then it becomes helpful enough to develop path on which objectives can be achieved (Chang, Chu and Lin, 2015). Objectives enables to develop step by step initiatives that has to be taken up with the help of which the determined project can be achieved.

By setting the project objectives with their outcomes helps organization to take proper outcomes. In this order the project objectives are set in such a manner that it helps to management for achieving their goals. There is direct like in between project objectives and their outcomes.

How the project boundaries are defined

Project boundaries are defined as per the type of project work that is to be achieved. This represents the scope statement and it is also called the project boundaries identification. Further, it acts as an important tool with the help of which decision are made (Heagney, 2016). It is defined by auditable and measurable characteristics that are closely linked with project objectives.

In order to make set of project boundaries type pf project is very important. Boundaries are in such a manner in which they help to identify the requirement of project and management can make effective decisions. With the help of such boundaries Tesco improve its decisions making process.

Further, there are different type of components that are also required and they are as follows:

Background: It enables to make sure that the information related with the project that has to be prepared is determined. Adequate inform enables to understand the way project need to be prepared.

Benefits & outcomes: Project is developed in order for the individual to get benefited and the outcomes need to be determined when project is to be prepared.

Requirements: To develop a project, it is essential to have proper information about the requirement with the help of which project can be undertaken.

Project objectives: Objectives need to be set as it helps to develop path on which desired goals can be achieved.

In scope and out scope: It is determined as the planning that needs to be followed for the project and out scope is the details set of features of the project.

Constraints: There are three significant constraints which are cost, scope and schedule.

Assumptions: Plan are made as per the assumption and the financial support that one has.

Broad strategy: To develop a project it requires effective plan and for achieving the that plan it requires one to have proper strategies that has to be applied.

Project scope statements relate to the hierarchy of component and sub-projects

When a project is decided, then it requires involvement of all the stakeholders so that the project can be complete and the performance of business can be raised. With Tesco, there are different employees who are provided with diverse set of wok and they all work with an aim to make sure that they put on their full efforts to achieve the desired goals.

Along with the employees other stakeholder are also involved such as suppliers and shareholders which helps to them for improving their project quality. By involved in each and every stakeholders they make try to raise business performances.

Scope statements extended into work breakdown structures

In order to develop new product like and that is for ready-made food products by Tesco. It is important to make sure that management consider all the departments as it require marketing, finance, operations, etc. (Kerzner, 2013 ). To fulfil the project, it is important to make sure that all are able to understand their part of role and perform according. All the departments will be involved to complete the project. For this process, it is important to hire new workers who will support the firm to make their project complete.

For example, workers need to hired in marketing will convey information about the new products that cite firm is willing to distribute. Further, it is also essential to have employees who look after financial support for the raw materials that will be required. Similarly, to develop a new set of product line, it is important for the firm to make sure that they hire employees and develop new WBS so that the developed project can be fulfilled.

Purpose of the scope statement and its function

Scope statement depends upon the type of project that is being developed. Further, it enables to provide the deliverables and the objectives set for achieving or completing the project. More specifically, main purpose of the scope statement is to provide a baseline and to understand the main scope or the benefit that firm will get when the desired project will be achieved. There are mainly three type of functions that are involved in this.

It includes planning, controlling and closing (Snyder, 2014). Planning can be determined when an attempt is made to raise the competition level. Controlling arises when it is concerned with documenting tracking, approving or disapproving project. Lastly, closing arise when there is a project that will provide better scope when compared with other plan.

Function of the scope statements

The main function of scope statements is provided the guidelines of the project. In Tesco the function of the scope statement is related to the strategics of the project and their implication in which they involved planning and their raise their competition level.

Ways through which progress of work is measured, reported and analysed

In order to identify the process of work, frequent monitoring will be done by managers and the areas in which workers lack will be identified. As per their finding workers will be provided with proper training and development. Further, the time that are scheduled will be analysed.

In the plan for each of the activities there are certain set of time period that are determined (Chang, Chu and Lin, 2015) . In order to make measurement of the project, the time duration that is taken to complete the activity will be analyzed. When the activity is completed on time, then it will get to know whether the plan is moving on right direction or not.

There are different types of ways in which the progress can be measured. The best method for determining the project progress is establishment of checkpoint in which they different criteria has been set and this helps to measure quality of work progress.

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In accordance with the components like background, constraints, project objective, etc. is to be measured with the help of analysis that is made of the place on which project needs to be developed. With this respect, one of the effective tool is marketing mix that will enable to Tesco to develop strategies.

How any proposed changes of scope are identified and described

In the scope management there are certain type of changes are identified and they need to be changed. In the proposed changes it is identified. The major changes which need to be involved is investment and time factors. As per the type of evaluation made, the time that is being determined, if it is not complete, then it can be stated that changes need to be made in the scope (Turner, 2016).

Further, for each and every activity certain cost is involved and when these cost become raised up, then it is important to made sure that there need to make changes in the proposed scope of the project. Further, it also includes lack of resources, contract, quality, etc. due to which changes need to be made in the project (Project scope management, 2017).

Elements of the scope management plan applied to project and Tesco

There are different type of element that are involved in scope of management plan. In this context, they are as follows:

Approach: As per this element, it is important for the firm to makes sure that they define the project that they are willing to achieve. This context, the project for Tesco is to introduce a new like of product in which the division will be made for ready-made product (Leach, 2014). This will be beneficial for the firm as the rate of ready made products are increasing and by developing project in this area will be beneficial.

WBS: As per the project, it is important for Tesco to introduce new employees who will support for the firm in make the product develop to make them reach customers. For this purpose, it includes workers form marketing, finance, operations, etc.

Roles and responsibilities: In order to achieve the plan. It is essential for Tesco to make sure that they select skilful and knowledgeable work who will be able to support the firm in order to achieve their desired goals and objectives (Chang, Chu and Lin, 2015). Their roles and responsibilities should be determined.

Range of tools and techniques used for this purpose

For this purpose, there are different set of tools that will be required. In this context, some of them are as follows:

Monitoring: All the employees who are required for the project to be achieved, proper monitoring of their performance will be done this will enable to make sure that they are skilful enough or not so as to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Further 360 degree feedback will be performed (Chang, Chu and Lin, 2015). This will help to know where the worker stand. As per the analysis made, management will be able to select the most effective workers.

Evaluation of cost: The cost will be evaluated so that the activities planned can be completed effectively and efficiently.

Describing how scope statement evolves thorough the life cycle of current project and approaches to manage the scope

The scope statement will be evolved through the life cycle of project in such a manner that all activities can be integrated effectively. Here, members are informed regarding their task and they are informed regarding their task. The below mentioned image is showing the promotion of scope statement among the entire project team.

According to the project manager defines roles and responsibilities of each members associated in the team. This helps members to complete their task effectively and integrate all business activities so as to derive the valid outcome for the business. With the application of such kind of aspects corporation integrate all related resources and enable project manager to accomplish all related activities is the right direction. This proves to be effective for deriving the valid outcome and support corporation to cater the requirement of all related parties. However, individual will be allotted work in accordance with their capacity or quality. In addition to this, project boundaries is also defined by the management of the project so that all people abide by the same and do not go beyond it (Jansen, 2014). Moreover, the clear documentation is provided for entire project team through which people allotted their respective task can understand regarding the same.

Moreover, formal meeting will be organized for providing the information. At the same time another mode of communication such as Mail and notice board are used in order to clear specify the responsibility of each team member sin the light of scope of project. In this manner, current project related to introducing new food package will be effectively implemented.

Providing two examples of the challenges in managing the scope of the projects

The effective scope management reflects to clear communication related to the project among the responsible personnel. This in turn corporation should focus on better communication which should always be two way. This assists business to support the organizational activities effectively and enable project manager to work on the issues which are being faced in the management of effective project (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington, 2013). This assists business to ensure better integration of project related activities. These two examples are listed as follows-

Poor team composition-It is the greatest barrier in completing the project in a right manner under which project manager do not compose the right kind of team. For example, people from different background and varied culture are associated who face issue in understanding the views of each other. Such kind of team formation leads to affect the scope of project in a negative manner as people will not be understood about the requirement of the same. Owing to this, they might some wrong thing under the project which does not suit as per the standards.

Poor communication-Under this management need to ensure that appropriateness mode of communication is selected. For example, if only formal communication is held and everything is told to team members in the meeting then it might be possible that they do not understand the exact requirement of the business (Too and Weaver, 2014). It affects the operational activities to a great extent and scope of the project will be not clarified. However, they face issue in understand the basic requirement of the project and work areas which is allotted to them. For example of the workforce might get clarification from personal notice related to their work areas.

Issues in managing the scope of projects

The are several issues faced under the management of project management which must be considered by manager in order to address those issues. For this purpose, some common issues such as ambiguity which force employees work unnecessary and consider the less relevant areas which merely to consume the time and affect the duration allotted for completion of the project. It happens due to income definition of the some specific schedule associated with the project. This leads to increase the cost of project to a great extent and set criteria of project are not on right time (Beringer, Jonas and Kock, 2013). Apart from this, un-collaborative scope is another major issue associated with scope of project under which misinterpretation related to requirement of project affect the stakeholders or other parties associated with the project. Moreover, the issue related to transience under which scope creep affect the operational efficiency to a great extent. For this purpose, it is important to integrate all related activities and make the members understand about the basic requirement of the project.

Documenting The Recommended Improvements

There are several kind of recommendation which can be provided for the purpose of completing the project in accordance with set specification. For this purpose, minute of progress meeting can be organized under which workforce are allowed to raise the queries and accordingly they take part in the process of completing the plan or project on the right time. In addition to this, e-mail and informal meeting take place between project managers and members associated with the project. This in turn they can detail information related to specific requirement and resolve the potential issues which are being faced by the workforce. Apart from this, proper involvement of employees should be there so they contribute towards completing the related activities of project in the right manner. This aids to ascertain the growth and development of the project (Teller, Kock and Gemünden, 2014). Moreover, inclusion of right kind of personnel and preparing the right schedule of the project is important for resolving such kind of issues involved under the project. This in turn business or project of Tesco will be implemented and completed on right time as per the set standard. Hence, communication of scope of project should be done properly.

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Scope management of project must be managed effectively through the help of clear communication and investment of right kind of resources. This proves to be effective to allocate all kind of resources in accordance with the requirement of the project. It can also be said that. Strategic management of action can be implemented under the project for the purpose of meeting the scope in the right manner and catering the requirement of all related stakeholders effectively.

The communication related aspect must be done effectively under the project management through which business can effectively conduct all the operational activities. The employees associated with the project can be informed by using the uniform procedure. However, the aspect related to meeting must be in trend so as to ensure better integration and completing the all project related activities effectively. This facilitates to meet operational objectives of the business. It can also be concluded that collaborative practices can be implemented to line up the activities related to project and meeting the expectations of related stakeholders. However, it might be typical to resolve these particular issues on time. Owing to this, workforce can be participated in the decision making process. Apart from this, document related to communication and project must be distributed on right by specifying the roles and responsibilities of each involved person. This leads to complete the project under consideration in a successful manner and determine the long run success of the business.


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