Software Project Management

Introduction to Software Project Management

Software Project management is all about preparing projects in team and is an art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is sub subject of project management in which software are planned, monitored, directed, operated and controlled and executed. A project is temporary group designed to develop unique product or services. A project is temporary because it has particular time period to finish it. In this project the Software management project scope, and types of projects are described. Furthermore project co ordination, communication, Software cost and development team, Risk management, Resource allocation and software quality assurance are explained.

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1. Scope of Software Project Management

Software Project is complete procedure of development of software required collecting of informations related to project, developing a software tool, testing and maintenance and carry out procedure according to research methodologies adopted by business research operations within a specified period of time to achieve project product. The scope of software project management is so wide as it is developed by Information Industry(IT), and used in business, scientific, educational, medical, and in government defence sector as well.

2. Characteristics and Success criteria of SPM

To choose a best project management software there are many things need to be considered. All project can not utilise all features provided by Software, so in order to fully utilise project a good understanding is needed. These are


Project management facilitate team collaboration. It means the concern people related to project can access and use the project related information at any time. Therefore project management software need to have full control on access and authentication to grand assess to concern people


It is main feature of software project management that need to be provided by software. Proper scheduling defines at what point of time and in with available resources it can be utilised in specific deadline period.

Tracking Issues

During life cycle of project there can be many issues that need continuous tracking and monitoring. Therefore it should have feature of keeping tracking of issues and monitoring it.

Project Portfolio Management

It is one of the important aspect when an organisation is engaged in one or more project. The organisation need to be monitored and measured multiple project at a time, so management can know how project is going.

For the success criteria of software project management is to manage the project efficiency properly. These are depend on four criteria: Scope is centred point aim it and rest three revolve around it and other three are Time, Quality, Cost. It is also called constrains of software project.

3. Types of project

Compulsory versus voluntary

Compulsory project are those projects which are taken by public or private sector bodies for betterment of people or company organisation and project which are not a non profit. Voluntary projects are projects run by non profit organisation

Information system vs embedded system

Informative system project are project that are operated threw computer applications and is project management methodologies are Programming evaluation review technique (PERT) and Critical path method (CPM). Embedded system is project in which less technological equipments are used and less research are done. It is used in general small projects An embedded system can be a part of large group of system interconnected to each other.

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Objective based vs product based

Objective based project can be a construction project, engineering project, computer software projects, government economic projects etc. Product based project are used in marketing terminology where marketing techniques are used to achieve product based strategies.

4. Distributed Software Developments

Software development when participants are geographically separated work together to perform a task. Distributed development is software development program in which IT teams spread over geographical line collaboration on application or different software.

These teams are further divided in sub team and handles mini project that brought together for final software build out. Distributed development can be explained as team work remotely, cooperative and in distributed development address for number of reasons. Although teams are divided in similar project but may work in different allocated areas. New entrepreneur can use this approach to save cost of capital and facilities hardware for team leader.

5. Project Risk management

Risk management involves all activities to identification, analysing and making provisions for predictable and non predictable risk in project.

Risk may include the following:

  • Leaving of experienced staff and joining of new staff.
  • Change in Management organisation.
  • Misinterpretation or miss communication of data.
  • Underestimating lime limit or resources.
  • Change in business operation, environment, Technology.

All projects starts with full throttle but there is some risk involved in failure of project. Software development is an activity that uses variety of technology and require high level knowledge because of these and other factor software management project has element of uncertainty. So risk involved and different king of risk in project management are scope risk, schedule risk and resource risk.

Scope Risk

Defining the need is not an easy task but to ensure about the need scope risk is minimise the deliverables, objective and project character.

Schedule Risk

Keep the timeline and define the critical path which is most difficult situation that manager faces. Rely on parties whose output is out of the scope of the project, error estimation, which are too optimistic, delay in decision making cos of equipment failure all tends to delay the project.

Resources Risk

Main source of any project base is people or labor power and fund. If labor force are unskilled or unable to perform task then or the project is understaffed from the beginning so there is always resource risk in management and utilisation of resources.

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6. Opportunities

A project is temporary aspiration undertaken to create unique product, services or result. The project is finished when project objective is achieved or project is terminated if project objective is not achieved or loss been made in project. Scope or opportunities management is part of project management which define the scope of project, which includes all activities and process need to be done in order to make software product of deliverable. Opportunities management is essential because it consider and converts all possible opportunities into the project objectives and is included in project planning. Opportunity management is filtering and giving priority to factors involved in project management.

7. Resource allocation in Software project management

All elements used to develop the software product may be considered as a resource for that project. This include human resource, productive tools or equipments used in machinery and software library. As everybody knows resources are available in limited quantities and if used at fully optimum level can be an assets for the organisation. Storing and preventing unnecessary wastage of resources can boost the development of the project or can lag behind the project. If allocation of extra resources then it may increase the cost of project.

So it is necessary for the organisation to allocate needed amount or quantity of resources for the project, Resource management include

  • Shaping proper organisational project by crating a team and allocating every member their roles and responsibilities.
  • To determine resource require whole on going project at any point of time and making their availability in proper time.
  • Generating source of required resource and requesting when they required de allocating when they are not in use.

8. Project Management Trends

With the advancement of the internet worldwide project management software is also developed to merge with the latest technology of developing software and tools, and improving cyber security. In 2015 trends were all about project management talents, hybrid project, coaching change management, technologies and strategies.

So in 2016 the tends in project management is seen in following points:

Permanency of Agile project management

In 2015 the Agile project management started relying on proper techniques in 2016 the organisation instead on relying method the management will take smart decisions in helping their employees on agile ways of thinking to move their mindset away from how things used to be done or need to be done.

Broadening strategic role of project

Last yr the trends was around about the bringing two parts closer project management and management strategies. This yr project management role is crucially execute strategies and execution.

Fundamental of management to change

2015 saw tend of change management and project management more and more. In 2016 its about organisation utilisation and skills of the employees needed to bring changes.

9. Project management challenges

Managing project of all size and level of complexities in business regard type of industry talking about. Software development is not different among these. Home based new software development and implementing, infrastructure related project, enhancing or upgrading and increasing demand of web based solutions and mobile apps are same in the software industry. Software industry is endless fast pacing growing and have great influence in product and services globally.

So software industry facing a huge challenges like:

Globalisation causing extremely high competition

As in global level technology is advancing and cost of technology is getting high and so competition is also increasing at global level. So demand of software engineers with management knowledge is increasing day by day and cost of hiring them also increasing.

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Legacy System and infrastructure issues

As throughout the world global scenario is different and varies country to country. So for project assigned by companies in developing and underdeveloped countries can cause project delays or failure of project as lack f infrastructure.

Lack of software and specific expertise

These software programming require computer language to use and familiar with it but all employees are not from IT background. So the lack of expertise is challenge in software development projects.

Third party software and developer issue

If software created by company can be replicated and third party can launch exact software for which companies have paid millions of dollar in project. So cost loss is big threat and third party developer can make profit and also these apps are lags and hanging.

Threatening of hacking programming or virus attack

As experts developers are increasing as changing technological environment threat of being hacked by hackers at global level can be a threat for company.

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This project report is all about software development projects and its different types. As every project need an online system management software that execute, manage control the project. So to fulfil this need a Software development program is developed that is discipline of Project management Subject to make projects, monitor projects and complete projects within time bound. So from that project it can be concluded that Project management require system software to complete project and all types of project are included in study.


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