T/508/0495 Analysis Assignment


Data analysis is one of the effective ways to make evaluation of various information that are collected from an organization. This will be helpful for Duque company to plan their business operations for upcoming growth and future sustainability. As they are not having any kind of specific information about business data analysis and various factors affect their occupational activity. The another important point is that they are not sells products directly to the customers. In order to make expansion of their business, they are making crucial strategies to make further expansion in their operating in various market in Germany.

This project assignment is based on understanding of stationary business. Analysis of various information those are prepared by using specific chart and figures that can be provide vital opportunity to make certain capital investment. The entire data evaluation is relying on getting essential outcomes in increasing profitability aspect of an organization during the time. The overall data is being examine through summarizing overall information that are gather from the research work (Bendat and Piersol, 2011).

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Task 1

Information about stationary market in Germany

The economy of Germany is having highly build with social market segment. It has been considering as one of the largest national based in Europe as well as fourth in term of GD in the nationwide. Germany is considering as one of the largest consumer market in EU. It has been examining that this particular market is investing certain crucial information about 80 billion euros annually. During the analysis time frame the period of growth for writing instrument and Germany is being considered to regulate or maximize specific areas which is basically assist in recording of weak performance during the time of estimation of various gains arises in an organization. Germany benefits from their memberships in various parts of EU and their acceptance of Euro (Miles, Huberman and Saldana, 2013).

In fact, many Germany gains as most from their memberships. This seems to be effective companies as a competitive benefit that are only help them to improves over a period of accounting time. One of the important factors which will be taken into account as valuable aspects those are favorable economic changes, high level of consumer and various individual those are looking for right alternatives that are helpful in coming time to get better outcomes in near future time. Writing instruments and other stationery products in Germany offers a well organize rules and regulations to overall size and shapes for their items at global level. This seems to be effective aspects in retail sales data which provide companies to determine appropriate sectors those are used to drive future growth other parties. In the present time, it has been determining that most of the reliable companies are effective towards other condition and modification. It happens to be effective availability of resources that can be available through proper availability of resources that can be helpful in coming period of time to get sustainable aspects for the Duque. Retailers need to make valuable operations with best possible aspects those are related with various products those are helpful in providing better outcomes in coming period of time. It has been analyses that current information is related with proper implementation that are effective based on certain kind of impacts those are seen in stationery market for longer periods.

According to the MGCC report, it has been analyzing that base of present stationery market is well organizing. The total earning, they are getting from the entire industry is providing more than 14.8 billion annually in which an individuals are spending more than 182 per annum. Regarding 35.2 of their overall spent only on writing material that will marked Germany as second in respect of total spending for stationery between other nations in other parts of EU (Bazeley and Jackson, 2013). The total turnovers of the economy are continuously changing within all stationery market. It has taken specific analysis that the major factors that is preventing positive growing of stationery business in Germany is because of having minimum birth rate and their impacts on the total number of pupils and initial graders that are sent into the school. The best part of the Germany market is it continuously increasing demand of stationery products to consume and drive through positive capability to consumer and make valuable investment through private and commercial client equally. Germany used to remain as most politically and economically impacts as a member nation.

Task 2

Annual spending on writing and drawing material per capita in seven EU nations

Drawing material are considering as one of the effective tools that are not limited to pens, rulers, protractors and other material those are used in sketching. As it has been found that drawing is consider as one of the visual arts in which an individual that uses in different drawing aspect to mark paper or another aspect. It is related with small amount of material which is related overall support for drawing paper, although other material like cardboard, leather and other crucial aspects are taken into consideration. This particular medium has been popularly means as the public expression by using all the stationery products those are utilized by the company. It is the combination of different group of large categories of material that will include different group that will be include certain aspects like paper and officer supplies, pencil and other important paper (Thomson and Emery, 2014). There are certain aspects which are mostly consumed by the company. It seems to be global stationery items that is serrated on continuous basis of various item and their distribution methods. This has been associated with various used of stationery item that is categories into office supplies and other marking devices related within an organization. Printing supplies are divided into ink and toners as well as carbon as well as other related aspects.

Writing and marketing is related with different products that are associated with various uses of students or individuals. It has been related to proper utilization of available resources that are effectively helpful in attainment of better resources in coming period of time. Printing supplies are entirely based on witness increasing growth rate that are estimated during owing to increase overall demand for printing supplies from client to their personnel uses in household management. According to the overall financial report which is discussed under that MGCC report, it has been found that earning of 35.2 billion is being incurred in the year 2016. Both Switzerland and Germany is having greater influence in the stationery market which is consider as positive sign for Donald Duque.

It has been based on all those situation, stationery industry is increasing in terms of their overall turnover with 3.5% in 2016. Henceforth, it is more difficult to make exact and sufficient amount of prediction thus all companies are effective affected by the global economies and financial turmoil (Grbich, 2012). As per the mentioned annual report, it has been mentioned under MGCC that examination of total turnover of 35.2 billion which will be incurred in the 2016.  The range of stationery items or market is increasing at maximum rate from few year time. It has been noticed that German market is much more suitable for Donald Duque which is increase at faster ways. There are some favorable aspects that are come across in order to enhance their business in accordance with overall stationery position.


Annual spending in Billions















According to the above chart, it has been found that the total yearly spending is gathered from three of the emerging nations such as Switzerland, Germany and France. This simply means that the position for making stationery business expansion is much more effective for Duque. They would easily be able to earn sufficient amount of return in every year.

Task 3

Analysis of Donald Duque accounting period of sales in last couple of years

(A): Data showing sales volume during the year

c): Calcuation of coefficient correlation

From the above prepared scatted chart, it has been found that financial position of the company is much more effective which is increasing continuously in each year. The outcomes are showing correlations between mentioned two year respectively. The results are providing 0.98 and 0.8 value from the given set of variables, it means that the results are below the ideal range of 1.  This has been simply consider as one of the reliable and easy ways to measure the assocaited value of r that is related with the relationship among two variables. This seems to be indicated by the help of scatter charts in order to determine the positive relationship between each other.

(d): Estimation of overall sales during the time of 2018-2019

According the data collected from the stationery business in Germany, it has been found that financial position of the company must be more reliable to reach at specific level of positions which will be considered in effective manner (Nečas and Klapetek, 2012). The main base for evaluating plan for the coming financial year is taking effective from 2017 reports of sales incurred by the company. It has been estimated that overall enhancement to increase overall sales by 2% on annual basis. In respect to determine upcoming sales in next duration in effective manner are discussed underneath: 

2018 Estimated Sales (€)

2019 Estimated Sales (€)















From the above showing trend line, it has been indicating predicated future sales a company is going to incurred. The proper generation of resutls can be collected from all items that are being sold out in that period. It seems to be positive sign as the growth in sales will always used to provided maximum changes to get sufficient amount of earning in near future time. The company would get valuable amount of return in near future with this kind of trend.

Task 4

Computation of pros and cons table

It has been identified that the above mentioned situation are mentioned as per the data provided by Duque that is mainly carried their entire operations in France. This has been associated with wider sense those are provided in Germany is taken into account as one of the best sources for operating their everyday activities in effective manner (Ramsey and Schafer, 2012). This has been utilized with proper crucial aspects that are related with effective research by asking valuable questions from appropriate respondents in Germany and Belgium.

Should I expand my business to Belgium & Germany?





With the reliable capabilities work can be manage to get appropriate profits


Lack of  resources management


All the workforces is having suitable talent to get reliable outcomes


To make better outcomes by using certain budgets


Flexible and simple ways to proper utilisation of resources


Research and development can be right options to reduce losses


Better knowledge and ability handle team


Face to face meeting is being done to resolve issues 


Ready to face any challenges that comes in front of them.


Controlling of operations knowledge and ability


Total Pros


Total Cons


Average Pros


Average Cons


ISO standards: It has been found that there are various types of global standard which will be taken into account as effective measures to control and manage their business operations in effective manner. Few of them are mentioned below with detailed descriptions. Such as:

ISO 14000: It is related with family environmental management that used to be present in order to assist in an organization to reduce about their operations those are affecting the environment (ISO 14000, 2018). It is also applicable to various laws and aspects those are having adverse impacts on the overall performance.

ISO 14001: This seems to be globally agreed standard need to be sets out as the needs for an environment management system. This would be helpful for an organization to make certain kind of improvement in their environmental performance by using more efficient use of resources and minimizing wastes. All these are valuable for the attainment of stakeholder’s wealth in near future time (Jobson, 2012).

ISO 31000: This is having reliable standards those are related with the risk management through utilization of internal organization. The primary purpose of ISO 31000 is to provide overall risk management that is being effectively helpful to deal with business risk those are related with the stationary business.

Task 5

Computation of cost of new building

(a): Monthly cost for beginning each month till 30 years

Formulation for evaluating outstanding loan at the initial stage of each year:

A*(1+r) n – 12 * X {(1+r) n / (1+r) – 1} =0

(b): Re-calculation monthly costs by using loan amount

Task 6

Data interpretation

In respect to make proper analysis of various data, it has been determining that overall mean value of orders will be modified by using entire information that will cost as 240 pounds. Likewise, the researcher need to make use of total 100 orders in every month. In that situation, a total size of 50 sample size can be taken into consideration through using standard deviation value of 43 pounds (Gnanadesikan, 2011). H0 is the mean value of petrol that has been utilized as 240 each month. While by the help of best alternative hypothesis researcher need to consider the fact that mean value is not same of equal to 240. It can be mentioned underneath:

H0: μ = £240

H1: μ ≠ £240

In which, μ is said to be the mean value.

The results can be analysing at the 5 percent significant level. The standard deviation of total population is said to be effective aspects for the researcher to get valuable data of standard errors from the mentioned samples (Xia and et. al., 2012). It is denoted by using: S=43

To determine total population in effective manner the researcher required to get an effective predication of standard errors from the sample deviation which is larger than 30 that can be taken into account for calculating value of SE. It can be analysing by using formula:

SE: Standard deviation / √𝑛  

    = 43/ √50

= 43 /7.07

= 6.08= 6.

Researcher need to make understanding of various work that are out as the acceptance gap as

 [ μ – 2SE, μ + 2SE]

= 240- 2(6), 240+2(6)

= [228, 252].

Henceforth, the sample mean value of 230 is falls under the range of (228, 252). Thus, it will be having the 95% significance difference that is having randomly –sampled that lies within the series. For the best part of this research will be that, H0 used to accepted because it lies in between the range and H1 get rejected.

Task 7

(a): Response to customer

In accordance with the collected data by asking questionnaire from various customers, it has been found that Germany will be considers as one of the best market that can be helpful for Donald Duque to plan their stationary business in effective manner. For this purpose, the researcher has used valuable system those are helpful in brining positive advantages at individual level (Miller, 2011). There are certain crucial challenges and problems those are required to be taken into account for effective decision making in respect to get better outcomes in near future. The specifically detail information of each sample is being reliable in development of enhancing its total esteems those are connected with extra number of results that are helpful in achieving growth and stability for longer period of time. Thus, every decision and strategies would be made after analysing all proposal and charts to face implication that are affecting the business dependencies of Donald Duque. This report assist in overall management of all resources that are related with the future benefits and useful in expansion of business in other market of Germany.

(b): Analysing responses

From the above table, it has been found that all the data collected from asking questionnaire the ranking is provided in effective manner. The mean value of customer services, quality and staff and price value are increasing in effective manner.

Task 8


This particular report is based on making valuable research work on the best suitable market which will be profitable for Donald Duque in order to expand their stationary business. After making entire data analysis, it has been found that wholesale German market for stationary trading is more reliable as the demand is more high as compare to other nation. It has been positive decided that by the help of proper planning which would be ultimately assess them to implement their planning in effective manner. During the analysis of market, researcher has used so many types of charts and graphs on the basis of overall demand of stationary products that are demand mostly in that particular market (Sall and et. al, 2012). Apart from this, certain outcomes are also taken from total amount of sales done within an accounting period of time as well as earning incurred at the point of time. These all are made helpful to the Germany one of the effective place where Duque can easily be able to operate their business in more reliable and effective manner. The overall report is framed by proper analysis of wide number of individual investment out of their total income on purchasing stationery items in one accounting period. Through this, it has also been analysed that they are using resources in proper manner during production of various writing and drawing material.

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From the above project report, it has been concluded that entire research is based on searching better market that can be helpful for Duque in order to compose their stationary business operation in effective manner.  For this purpose, various data like total sales, profit and income level of people has been taken into consideration. In this process, certain types of charts and calculation is also being done to determine which one of provide more valuable amount of outcome for the company. By the help of all specific information that are collected from the research Duque can make future planning in more effective manner.

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