Unit 2 Pathway Project 1 Level 5 Higher National Certificate

Individual Reflection

I had gain a experience of collaborating a work within groups and exchange our ideas with each other. Our group is of three members as they all communicate and coordinate properly. I reflect three skills which I have implemented as well as develop in myself through this project are interpersonal communication, delegation and time management by using a proper concepts and theories. We had work together by coordinating with all team members as through that it help in managing a time properly as I had delegated my authorities to my team members so that they get motivated and develop new skills within themselves. I had given opportunity to all the members of team so that conflicts cannot take place while working through that it help in managing a time and it help in completing our work on time. I distributed all the work so that interpersonal communication should be effective. I manage by the help of using a theory of self management techniques in which I personally plan a strategic planning so that proper time is used by us, also set the targets and goals before accomplishing or implementing a plan, distributed the work as per their talents so that team members can properly achieve their targets as per given by me and arrange all things effectively and efficiency. I motivate my group members for doing their work as per given targets so that they can accomplish it on time. Delegation of authority help them to motivate a particular person but while doing project I analysed that it also give rise to disputes, jealously among team members, mismanagement and due to that some people give up or left group but still I tried to manage my team by giving a positiveness and make them to work effectively so that they can do their work more properly so that they can achieve authority.

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Through this report it help in developing the abilities as well as skills. It help in developing myself as I learn the way I can motivate to my team members. It develop the skills of managing a time along with delegation of authority within employees or team members. I had use the theory of social exchange theory of interpersonal communication. This theory states deteriorate, develop, growth, relationship and dissolve consequences of unfolding process of social exchange (Anderson, 2011). It help in satisfying both persons self interest and also used the theory of uncertainty reduction theory. By this theory I develop the abilities of gaining knowledge by others group members as well as understand that people are facing difficulty with uncertainty (Thomas and et. al., 2015). As I involve level of uncertainty, its nature relationship and ways to decline uncertainty while working within group. This assignment aid in achieving the better skills of communication with ourself by interacting with a group also it aid in knowing perceptions of various peoples. I had learn various things while guiding a project as it makes be more confident in managing a team. It also help in gaining a knowledge about new things.

Before starting a project I planned all activities for making a project successfully in time. As we get a limited period of time for completing a presentation but I tried my best to manage a team in a very effective and efficient way. As I understand about assignment and gain knowledge about the given project and after that I manage and distributed a work in small parts. So that I can manage all activities properly. As I divided whole work within team members so that I can achieve our team goals on time. Some people refuse to do a given task then I motivate them for doing a work as they can do that. I get overcome with that easily by motivating a team members in a positive way. As whatever plans are made by myself I discussed with my group members and also make a discussion among all and then make changes if any require as per their teams. While discussing within team it give growth to disputes because of not applying decisions of every persons. Then I solve all problems by providing a positive mindset of individual persons. I divide work as per every person ability. As I keep all persons as a team as I do-not discriminate among each others if give a team satisfaction and they also corporate with each other nicely.

I learned various thing such as how to solve problems, how I have to manage work and team members, time management of accomplishing a project, develop ability of interpersonal communication skills, delegation authority to others person of team for motivating, As how to give a positive mindset to a particular person and many more. This project also show me the level where I stand and what I can able to handle and completed on time. Their was a limited time given but I had tried by best for completing a project on an proper way. It make me know about my problems as I found out my problems so that I can come over with it when I will get a other change for managing a team work. I had analysed that if we are working on a group then it will definitely give growth to disputes which will gave a huge disadvantages of an group. I tried to solve all the problems and make my team members mind in an positive manner.

Each of the member of group was provided with equal number of tasks which are to be fulfilled along with allotting time for the same. One member was provided with task to select topic for the study and remaining two of members were asked to collect data related to subject and its ideal utilisation for the same. The tasks were allotted equally amongst us so that there is no biased approach. The tasks division amongst member is further supported by the tool of communication over digital platforms so that project is to be submitted on time (Jarvis, 2012). It would be justified to say that one of the member failed to live up to its duties due to complications in the personal life. Under those circumstances, I was entitled to exert a little more on the part of collecting data through numerous secondary sources such as journals, articles and magazines on the undertaken societal issues.

When I am preparing project presentation I have face various kind issues like time management, conflict among team members, accurate as well as authenticate information about project and communication or many more. It negatively effect my work and whole project presentation. As their was a very less time given for preparing a effective presentation and topic was also little bit typical which consumes are time but I manage a time effective and we had achieve a target on a given time. During a work it bring out lots of issues but as per employees or team members but I take it in a positive way and give my all efforts so that I can easily overcome with all raised problems within a group.

The reliance on technology in this project was a little higher which sometimes disrupted the progress which was achieved by us. There are instances where we would not be able to talk with each other due to network complications and end up waiting it sort out as none of us possessed technological expertise (McLaughlin and et. al., 2014). The problems and issues which were achieved by us helped us learn a lot and assisted in areas which could be improved. The nourishment of skills such a time management, communication and delegation have impacted my personal and professional life (Moon, 2013). While initiating similar projects next time, I will make sure that there is an lesser reliance on technology and tasks are divided equally on the basis of expertise of an individual and alloting rightful time for attainment of the same.

I enjoy working in this project as I can able to gain new things within myself while completing a project. As it help in gaining a knowledge as well as skills within myself. I enjoy this because it is all new for me to manage a team and it make me feel so positive while managing a team members. As providing guidance to people help in guiding ourself. It makes me feel very exited because of that I learned various new things. While doing a project it make me frustrated also when the environment of team became so uncooperative but it give me growth to solve all the issues and make them coordinating with one other so that without wasting a time all should only focused on my work so that it manage as per a given time period. I dislike because of arising a conflicts among each other. It can be improved only by giving a positiveness among one other and set their members a positive mind so that it can give a confidence among team members.

Skype has been a major video conferencing platform which has been renowned on professional grounds (Zheng, Niiya and Warschauer, 2015). The online meeting platform was well utilised by the team as it was not very easy for me to meet physically. The technological platform helped us in sharing queries and challenges which were encountered by each one of us (Grove, 2011). This can be referred to as one of the biggest aspect of this project which helped me in getting over the challenges which I encountered with the help of team members. Even in this aspect, it could not have been possible to meet on video conferencing platform after the work hours due to personal commitment. Finally it can be said that Skype helped us to a great extent to overcome this situation of not meeting and rightfully delegating tasks and activities to each other.

I learned and understand the perception of all the members within a team. I enjoyed a lot while learning new things and abilities. Sometime I get frustrated but I easily overcome with all only because my team is so manageable and all the members of team had coordinate properly with each others. As I motivate my team effectively which help in accomplishing a goals and targets on proper time period. Delegation of authority help in motivating of team members that's why I delegate authority to others members so that work can manage properly and completed it as soon as possible. I had learn how to manage a group but it was a small group which I managed in further project I like to manage a large group so that it will know me about all the situations arises while doing a work within a group. I manage a time because we are having a limited time for completing a project so I had planned accordingly so that at a time my work should be completed by my group members.

We were three members in a team and tried to keep in touch with each other on a regular intervals. However, it is not very easy to meet physically with each other and mostly relied on digital measures to establish a communication and interaction with each other. We have planned numerous time to meet but due to immense pressure on personal and professionals it could not be possible. After a lot of struggle it was possible to meet each other fewer times during tenure of a project (Furman, 2012). I happen to form meeting with other members through imitating them through our work group formed on the social media.

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Results of this project is as it help in completion of project on time as well as in an effective manner I submit my presentation. By doing this project it help in gaining lots of new ideas and knowledge as well as aid in managing a team in an effective manner (Dewey, 2013). This project is completed successfully and very effectively as well. Outcomes after completing a project build a high level of confidence with myself and I am ready to take this opportunity again and again for learning more new things and gain a proper knowledge of time management, interpersonal communication and delegation as well as I have to learn more activities of leadership. So that I can enhance myself along with that it will reflect my individual perception.

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