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Developing manager is one the most important element in order to carry out all the operations of business. Apart from, it different training and development programmes has been organized in enhancing the skills and capability of mangers and their employees (Asogwa ,2012) . Professional and experts manager can guide their workforce how they teach their employees that adopting changes are beneficial for their career development which arises in external environment. Under this assignment the company which is preferred I.e. Thomas Cook UK based global travel operator expand their travel business in different countries. Company comprises of 21,788 employees perform their job in different places so they need to update with their taste, choices and preferences on the basis of which travel holiday packages is offered to customers. Thomas Cook for improving performance of employees execute various programmes. Further, it discuss about the different management styles, training development of employees, cultural social development that create significant impact on behaviour and attitude of whole internal staff.

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1.1 Comparison of different management styles

Every business organisation has followed their own management styles on the basis of their vision and objectives. Effective management styles ensure the proper functioning and planning of internal operation of business. The main objective behind under it is to improve the behaviour and attitude of employees which create positive impact on whole business environment (Bandura and Lyons ,2012). Further, duty of manager is to examine all the characteristic and features of management styles and use this in such way that give utmost benefits in the form of quality standard and profitability. Apart from it, main target of Thomas cook is to choose such style that allow them to become top most travel company and presently they choose active management style which focuses on fulfilling all the physiological needs and self actualisation that motivate the employees to perform their task in effective manner. Here the difference between two management style used in every organisation are described below:-

Autocratic management style

Democratic or participative management style

Under this type of management style only one manager take all the decisions wholly without the consent or advice of professional and experienced subordinates.

Under this style of management managers allow their employees to actively participate in all working operations of business that leads to rational decision making. The USP of this style is that is ensuring of effective communication.

Proper controlled and managed by one person only I.e. manager.

Under this style both managers and their employees control on all operations and carry operations effectively.

This style used by those companies which regulate large scale business mostly seen in retail sector. For example M&S adopt this style only.

This style is used by Thomas Cook company in order to motivate and improve the skill of workforce.

M1 Effective approach to study and research in comparisons of different management styles in travel and tourism organisations

It has been observed every tour and travel industry adopt their own management style according to their suitability. Basically Thomas Cook is know for high quality of goods and services in travel and tourism so on the basis of observation company adopt active management style where they try to focus on satisfying their basic and self actualisation needs in order to motivate team member to perform task appropriately. On the other hand TUI work in travel tourism also give systematic travel services to their clients in order to motivate their staff members adopt consultative management styles in which bot the manager and subordinate forecast activities and predict the needs of training development which leads to effective communication.

1.2 Leadership characteristic in the organization

Their are different types of leadership style and approaches used by company that ensure efficient utilisation of resources and reduce loss (Bloom and et. al. ,2010). In travel tourism sector management take all the decision in relation to leadership style conduct in their working process. Leader is a person who influence the behaviour of their subordinates through their act and inspired work so it is important for manger to recruit such type of leader that effectively communicate with their employees and able to conduct their business in appropriate manner. Leader of Thomas Cook must comprises of following skills and capabilities which described below:-

  • Effective communication skills:- It is utmost duty of leader to effectively communicate with their whole team at the time they lead them. This feature is essential because it ensure that employees are understand how to conduct daily operation on the basis of leader guidelines and instruction.
  • Honesty and integrity:- Leader must posses honesty and integrity in their working practices which ensure ethical principles among their employees at the time of achieving daily targets of company. This features help in maintaining good brand image in the society where organisation established and attract large audiences.
  • Team spirit:- Effective leader help in building the team work among their staff member which ensure the good relation among employer and employee because they communicate their opinion and thought with each other and apply that idea which leads to better outcomes.
  • Innovate:- To survive in external market it is vital for leader to be creative and think out of box at the time when they launch any new products an make changes in their existing services. For example Thomas Cook leader need to become more creative and innovate in this competitive market and come with such holiday packages that attract large audiences.

Therefore, Thomas cook leader need to focus on above points that leads to effective decision making and higher profitability.

1.3 Evaluate communication process in Thomas Cook

In travel tourism it has been seen that communication is one of the important medium through which company deliver services to large audiences (Bolden ,2016). Communication is consider as one of the phenomena that used for better interaction between management and staff members for offering the information and getting the feedback in order to identify the issues and problems and then formulate strategy of business. Following communication process that applied by Thomas Cook in order to share and manage information which described below:-

  • Email:- In present scenario Email is one of the innovative and fast moving application in which messages has been send and receive within second. It is cost effective and easy medium of communication. Thomas Cook utilise this source in exchanging data and knowledge within their staff members and because of information flow from top to bottom which have positive impact on travel tourism sector.
  • Meetings:- It is another medium that used by Thomas Cook in their communication process in order to developing and interacting with their workforce. The main objective of this communication process is to assemble all the staff members at one place and discuss them about all the matters related to changing in policies, strategies and any need of organising training programmes that help in uplift the performance standard of employees and helpful in creating good interacting culture that motivate staff for better performance.
  • Written:- This is an traditional method where all the data and information of company are exchanged with the help of newspaper, notice and through letter heads to all the level of management. For example Thomas Cook used this communication process in sharing general data related to task and duties perform in specified time period and any specific change made in organisation structure.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in Thomas Cook

Organisation culture means particular framework and code of conduct followed by particular corporate to maintain their better heritage image (Boso , Story and Cadogan 2013). Therefore, it is important for every organisation to adopt such corporate culture which ensure ethical practices in business and decision is taken on the basis of employee working coming from different backgrounds so choose such culture that leads to better coordination in their departments. Thomas Cook adopt such type of culture that is helpful in supporting , motivating and guiding the employees to work as per as standards or norms prescribed by management. Following points are suggested for effective culture to Thomas cook are define below:-

  • Task culture:- According to this culture every staff member is assigned the task according to their specialisation and responsibilities that will ensure effective working operations in organisation.
  • Role culture:- Under this type of culture set of role and responsibilities are assigned to individual according to their personality which leads to better coordination and less confusion at the time of performing task.
  • Power culture:- Under this type of corporate culture organisation take the opinion from their internal staff that facilitate rational decision making in whole business environment.

Therefore, it is important for Thomas Cook to establish such type of corporate culture in their organisation that enhance their brand image at global level and attract more customers to avail travel services from this company only.

Task 2

2.1 Assess own management skills and performance

Their are different types of management skills which need to be adopted by the manager in order to carry out whole procedures of company in proper manner (Cusworth and Franks ,2013). Skill and talent insert in own individual facilitates better and effective working performance and apart from this these type of ability help in achieving overall objectives and goals of organisation in proper and systematic manner. Being manager of Thomas Cook this is essential for them to accomplishing their goals and objectives. Their is the assessment of own management skills which described below:-



Communication skills

Being the manager of travel tourism sector I need to posses various skills and capabilities in order to give proper information to their clients as well as whole workforce.

Leadership skills

I have found the team of at-least 25 members to whom different work has been assigned which required to conducted in effective manner. Apart from it I must posses leadership qualities through which I can guide employees for their behaviour in order to accomplishing task.

Correct decision making skills

Being the manager of Thomas Cook I must possess such ability and power that allow me to take rational decisions which bring positive results in future.

M2 Range of methods and techniques have been applied to assess one’s own management skills

Their are different range of methods and techniques which need to be adopted by employees in order to enhance their own skills and capabilities. First of all proper planning technique is required in tourism sector in which I have to planned in advice that what type of strategies and tactics needed to perform all the task in effective manner. Second techniques may be related to delegating task among team members according to specialisation which ensure to all employees that to whom they have to report which leads to effective decision making and also adopted interpersonal communication skill which I found most appropriate in order to transfer order and instructions to other team members.

2.2 SWOT Analysis


  • Effective communication and better accomplishment of work.
  • Good listener and proper vocabulary at the time of presentation and persuasive skills.
  • Compare past performance with present performance and if any deviation occur take corrective action through critical thinking.


  • Quality time management must always be striven by me and there is always chance of improvement before project completion date.
  • Workforce always resistance towards changes so it is hard for me to change their attitude which lead to loss of productivity and profits.
  • Lack of education regarding the modern innovation and technology among workforce related to goods and services.


  • it is better for me to analyse my personal skills that give the detail about my strength and weaknesses.


  • I feel riskier at the time when I delegating the responsibilities to lower level whether they perform task in accordance to external environment.

D1. Outcomes of Self assessment for evaluating conclusion on strength weaknesses

It is very beneficial for manager to evaluating their own strength and weaknesses that give me chance to improve any shortcoming arises in my work which leads to effectiveness and productivity (Drucker ,2012). Further on the basis of SWOT analysis I came to know what changes I have to made in travel holiday packages which give attractive offers to costumers. Apart from it continuous improvement in the personality of manager allow them to provide quality of services to target audiences which satisfy them fully and helpful in the accomplishment of objectives and long term goals of organisation.

2.3 Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop own potential

It is essential for managers to establish their own objectives and goals which help them to increasing their own potential and capabilities (Frost and Wallingford , 2013). Further problem can be sort out by establishing SMART targets which allow them to optimally utilise available resource and reduce the cost of production at the time of manufacturing goods and services. Under this SMART stand in following manner:-

  1. Their must be specific objectives at the time of setting up the targets for company.
  2. Whatever the targets company set must be measurable by setting up benchmark for it.
  3. Objective must be attainable and achievable within an specified time period.
  4. Further, their must be relevant relationship between specific objectives and overall goals of projects and programmes for achieving long term goals.
  5. Last thing must be time bound features that must be present consider as final closure in respect of all the activities executed and performed.

Therefore, this is the most effective way through which manager of Thomas Cook can enhance their skills and potential which leads to accomplishment of their final targets in better and appropriate manner. Further advance establishment of own goals and targets give me an idea that at what manner action plan executed. Apart from it there is description regarding the SMART objectives which discuss below:-

  • Specific:- Under this it must be ensure that goals must be clear and specific otherwise individual is not able to concentrate on their efforts and after that they need to be motivated towards their objectives. For example Thomas Cook marketing manager must have their own marketing goals in which they require to use their skills and abilities to achieve goals.
  • Measurable:- It is essential for business to measure their goals effectively and after that assessing the progress that help in focusing on the goals and objectives both.
  • Achievable:- The goals which has been formulated must be relevant and realistic to make it successful in future. After that they must be able to identify all opportunities in which they use the resources adequately.
  • Relevant:- Whatever the goals and objectives must be formulated shall be relevant and ability to provide better outcomes in future. Further all the activities must be observe on daily basis for checking progress and continuous development.
  • Time bound:- Objective that has been formulated must be time bound I.e. it must be clear to whole team that whatever the objectives made by company must be achievable on stated time period. For example Thomas Cook team management fix the time period on the basis of which all activities has been carried out for ensuring success in future.

Task 3

3.1 Leading and motivating team for achieving goals and objectives

It is very important for organisation to motivate their employees in order to increase the performance and productivity of whole workforce (Ganpat and Nagendra ,2011). Manager require to perform their role and responsibility by setting up the different aspects that are to be consider in that function. In order to motivate the employees manager offer them both monetary and non monetary incentives and both have their own feature and characteristics which related to it. It has been analysed that motivating employee are more energetic and efficient as compare to non motivated employees. Therefore, to motivate the employees of Thomas Cook different tools and mechanism has been used are stated below:-

  • Opportunity for self development:- It is important for organisation to give proper opportunity to their employees for their own development. Further organise different training development programmes in order to update them with all the latest technologies and innovative creativity in their products and services.
  • Ethical corporate culture:- In order to achieve the goals and motivating the employees Thomas Cook require to establish good ethical culture which ensure fair trade practices and positivity in environment that leads to enhancement in skill capabilities of employees.
  • Reward recognition policy:- It is the utmost duty of HR manager to establish such policies in organisation according to which employee performing best must be rewarded with better incentives that motivated employees which lead to accomplishment of objectives.
  • Team building:- Working in team is very helpful in accomplishing mutual objectives through which employees maintain good relation with their superior and leads to coordination and harmony at the time of providing services in tour travel industry.

Models of team developments

Here the models of team development given by Belbin are describe below:-

  • Resource investigator:- Under this inquisitive nature is there in order to bring back the team for better outcomes.
  • Team worker:- In this stage all the work members must be versatile in respect of performing activity and require to complete it on behalf of team members for good productivity.
  • Co-ordinator:- It is utmost duty of manager to focus on all team objectives and lead the whole team in such manner in which they delegate the work among departments which facilitate coordination and cooperation.
  • Plant:- Establish such plant which is highly creative and able to solve all the problems in complex situations.
  • Monitor evaluator:- Under team development logical eye must be provided so that impartial judgements can be formulated for the purpose of team work and better productivity.
  • Specialist:- Brings in depth knowledge of key area for team performance.
  • Shaper:- Under this provide drive which is necessary to ensure that team keeps moving and do not lose focus on momentum.
  • Implementer:- Require to plan strategy which is workable for the purpose of carried out effectively.
  • Complete finisher:- Under this case company require to complete their tasks effectively and if there is any error then try to solve it and maintain high quality standards for goods and services

3.2 Managerial decisions that support achievement of goals and objectives

Managers are most important asset of company that set the benchmarks for whole organisation. They perform their duty by establishing goals and objectives in Thomas cook and perform various managerial decisions in order to achieve the vision and mission of company (Kennett-Hensel , Sneath and Hensel ,2010). It is utmost responsibility of strategic level to take all the crucial decisions related to finance and implementation of upcoming projects. Following decisions are described below:-

  • Strategic planning:- In order to conduct activity of business appropriately it is important to develop and evaluate all the plans for operational plans. For better planning and delegating roles and responsibilities systematic tactics must be applied. By considering different factors of external environment I can make decisions related to communication, monitoring and delivering the services related to travel tourism. Apart from it continuous improvement in all the services of holiday after getting the feedback and review of customers.
  • Relationship Building:- For effective managerial decisions it is important for Thomas Cook to build the long term relationship with their daily customers. For this they can use CRM techniques in which data of all tourist must be maintained who either take the holiday packages and planning to take in future.


Their are some changes and alterations which are required in whole working process that lead to effective decision making. Following points consider in suggestions are described below:-

  • Improved organisation system through controlling the performance of employees:- This has been recommended that employees performance must be observed on daily basis that help the Thomas Cook to have professional and skilled employees that control overall performance of workforce.
  • Managing salary system:- To provide salary to the employees in proper and appropriate manner benefits the company in the form of getting high level of performance from their workforce. It also helpful in establishing long term relationship and retention of employees for longer period.

M2 Relevant theories and techniques have been applied to justify the managerial decision

Their are different tools and techniques which has been used by organisation in order to take rational decision making in different managerial situations. Various techniques are discuss below:-

Marginal analysis:-

This techniques is consider as best solution in order to gain extra output if there are more than one variable. Further it is useful for evaluating alternatives in decision making process.

Financial analysis:-

It is the way through which organisation easily estimate the profitability of business at the time of making investment in particular project by using pay back period through which idea related to cash inflow and outflow can be analysed which lead to effective managerial decision making.

Break even analysis:-

It is an techniques which help the manager to analyse the situation where company is in no profit no loss situation. This allow manager to get an idea regarding the improvement made in organisational structure which lead to effective managerial decision making.

Task 4

4.1 Own managerial and personal skills will support career development

I am thinking to build my own career in travel tourism sector like Thomas Cook which is UK based largest tour travel company who also deal in hospitality (Koenigsfeld and et. al. ,2012). This organisation providing higher opportunity to earn higher position by contributing largely on corporate culture through proper direction and procedures. Following are the key skills that need to fulfilled for managerial activities:-

Communication skill:- In order to work in travel tourism organisation I need to maintain proper communication with clients coming from national and international level. On the basis of evaluation done by me I must have good command over different languages so that I can guide the tourist regarding different destination they wish to visit. It is considered as important part of personal and professional development and to remain sustain in organisation for longer period. For continuous improvement I need to attend different session where I can the knowledge of various cultures.

Leadership:- In order to gain higher position in management I need to improve my leadership skills so that I can easily influence the behaviour of employees at the time when changes are required to make in the behaviour and attitude of internal employees that give better outcomes in future because they provide tourist services according to the requirement of target audiences.

Time management:- In present scenario managing time is important role in developing their own career therefore, it is vital for travel and tourism company like Thomas cook to deliver all the services in timely manner in order to accomplishing the objectives but I am lacking in time management so I have improve that shortcomings for better results.

Adaptability:- As a manager of Thomas Cook I have to scan all the changes coming in external environment that provide me opportunity to grab all the advantages coming in market. This kind of skill help me in order to understand all the crucial role and responsibility which help me to build my career in travel tourism sector that allow me to touch the peak of success.

4.2 Review of career and personal development needs and development of future plan

In order to achieve all the organisational objectives I need to focus on different set of skills in order to performing all the tasks and better utilization of resources in most effective manner. In order to obtain higher position at Thomas Cook I have to make improvements in different skills and ability which stated below:-

Development plan


Time period specified

Different action taken

Team building skills

2 months

To work in positive and corporate environment that help in improving relationship with subordinates and employees.


3 months

By joining different communication classes that improve their verbal and oral presentations.

Time management skills

Through continuous learning

By joining different classes of time management activities.

Issue management skills

Constant learning

Through observing knowledge and skills of employee around.


Continuous process

Leaders must be effective and ability to lead whole team.


5 months

Guide workforce that external changes are beneficial for them for future better performance.

M3 Appropriate approach and structure for career development plan

It is very important for individual for establish appropriate approach and structure in order to develop their career in tour travel-ism. Further appropriate strategies has been made that give direction to individual that what next person has to do for reaching their destination. They also make their own PDP plan in which individual know where am I and what are learning need in future and then prepare actions to meet their learning needs and showing outcomes that what benefits they gain from it and then implement their action plan (Korobkina ,2014). Further prepare hierarchy in their own structure through which he can execute their work and attend different training session so they update their knowledge and achieve their goals.

D2 Activities planned, managed and organised to present the carer development plan on time

It is essential for individual to systematically prepare framework through which they can planned their activities in appropriate manner. Whatever the activities planned must be organised in appropriate manner in order to gain the benefits of task they performed and the last step is to managed all over the work they execute so that individual achieved their goals objectives in appropriate manner.

D3. Self-evaluation to develop career goals and objectives

Under the whole process of career goals and objectives I need to evaluate individually highlight the achievements and accomplishment without sounding like a braggart so that I can make improvement further for better performance (Li and Scullion ,2010). Self evaluation is very important for performance evaluation because it gave me opportunity to access my own achievements and through this evaluation I can focus on my job and if any changes require then I have to make improvement through attending session and training classes which leads to better career plan and achieve goals in better manner.

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It has been concluded from the whole assignment that developing manager is very important for managing all the task in appropriate manner. Further different strategies and management styles has been adopted by them so that they carry out all the operation in proper manner that leads to accomplishment of objective in stated time period.

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