Unit 3 Introduction to Management Assignment BTEC


Management is important in every kind of organisation for achieving their goals and objectives in better manner.  This can be individual or a group who take responsibilities for running an company (Albertand Beatty,2014). Which includes directing, controlling and managing all the essential activities of organisation. Although management of an organisation don't do their work by themselves because they have art of getting their things done through others. Along with this management is continuous process which never ends and all activities perform in this is through group of people. This assignment is based on management of The Imperial Hotel, London which is famous and well known brand chain of 4 stars Hotel in United Kingdom. The same is operating 25 hotels in UK facilities provided by them are 500 bedrooms, 12 conference room with capacity of 1000 persons, leisure centre with swimming pool, 3 bars and 4 restaurant. Apart from this there are several staff members in the respective organisation for meeting day to day activity like 4 HOD(head of the department), whole having 450 total staff member out of these 300 are full-time and rest work on part time, there are some outside contractors also like cleaning, laundry, management of the leisure centre. Their are several problems through which respective hotel is going on like customers are not satisfied, high staff turnover ratio, negative working culture because of high level of sick leaves and poor attendance, ineffective leadership and management by previous manager, poor team working with ineffective use of IT system and many other also (Anderson and et. al., 2018). Hence, Problem 4 is chosen which is ineffective leadership and management by previous HOD.

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Problem: Ineffective leadership and management by previous Heads of Department and supervisory staff including poor monitoring and control procedures

Management play crucial role in every type of organisation mainly in hospitality industry. For managing their day to day activity and other department like Human resource, marketing, finance and several other (Peterson,2015). Along with this there are several features  of management which help in managing entire company such as: continuous process till existence of firm, having art of getting work done through others, multidisciplinary in nature, separate from ownership, work as both art and science, pervasive, intangible but its results can be feel, dynamic in nature and so on.

The Imperial Hotel of London is going through several major problems because of ineffective leadership and management by previous head of the department (Hazen and et. al., 2014). HOD of department are very important for respective company for managing their daily basis activity and taking them to the growth and development stage along with achievement of goals and objectives. Issues which same hotel is facing are customers are not satisfied, high level of employees turnover, supervisor and managers are failed in monitoring that there is no proper housekeeping daily, many kitchens and hotel reception issues are also their.

Manager and leaders are important part of an enterprise without both of them no company can manage their working in proper manner. Manager is responsible for entire activity of association whereas on the other hand, leader is for particular department or group.

Function of manager in hospitality industry:-

  • Planning: This function of manger includes setting objective and goal for company as well make strategy for achieving them. Before planing  the manager must how to do environment scanning or the conditions which environment is facing along with this important is that manager must be good decision making (Kotler,2011). This process includes several steps because it begins with environment scanning which is wide concept in themselves and stop after establishing objective and goal.
  • Organising: this involves development of organisation structure, allocation of human resources and many other but these all must ensure that objectives of organisation must be accomplished. There are several things which involved in organising process of management such as task analysis, ensure that every task must be performed efficiently and effectively, framing organisation chart and allocating duties, proper training staff should be there etc.
  • leading: leading mainly involves instruction which is given by manager of Hotel that how they have to do their work in such manner which provide benefits to the respective enterprise. This play important role in managing entire activity of association which is important for achieving goal and objective.
  • Controlling: It ensure that what standard for performance are setted employees are working on that their should not be any deviation. This consist of three steps such as forming performance standard, comparing actual performance with formed standard and taking corrective actions which is beneficial (Malhotra and Malhotra, 2012). Although, performance standards are setted in monetary terms such as cost, revenue, profit etc. controlling is important for each and every department so they can work in effective and efficient manner.

Major problems which The Imperial Hotel are facing:-

Supervisor, manager and head of the department are responsible for working of business if they don't manage working of The Imperial Hotel in proper manner then their may be several problems such as mention below:-

  • high level of staff turnover
  • Guest satisfaction
  • kitchen issues
  • no proper daily basis housekeeping
  • reception are not properly maintained

These are several problems through which Imperial Hotel is going on. Main reason of all these is no proper management and control in working of company (McCauley, 2012). Along with this HOD are not showing their mistakes to others or hiding drawbacks of their own department. Because incentives of there is depend on working of their department.

Solution of all these issue:-

 Employees turnover- When there is no proper support to personnel for their working or no motivation for their better work. In this situation staff members are not satisfied with their job and this convert their mind for leave job.  If employees will change again and again it will give wide impact on working of Hotel. Hence, new manager Peter have to take several step which decrease turnover ratio. Such as: training and development program should be conducted which help in enhancing skills and knowledge of people, motivation is important for their working which can be possible when some rewards and gifts are given to customers on their good performance (Palmer,2012). This assist in encouraging themselves and other staff members also to work in proper manner and get rewards, if HOD of their department in  paying attention towards their incentives not on employees this will decrease moral of personnels.

Guest Satisfaction- in hospitality industry satisfaction of customer means a lot because they are paying for getting good quality of services. If they are satisfied with with product and services serving by The Imperial Hotel then guest will not refer to other and even give negative feedback about the same firm to other. Which directly give negative impact on image of enterprise in market. Solution of this problem is that company have to conduct market research program when there is no peak time (McDaniel and Gates,2013). So they can easily identify current market trend, taste and preferences of customers and serve them according to that. When expectations of client are satisfied then they automatically get happy and this will raise its value in market. Along with this manager of hotel can use feedback forms also which was filled by customers and these help them in analysing many things related to customers need and wants.

Kitchen issues- for this there is requirement of proper staff so they can cook food according to taste customers. Because if food is not good in taste and quality along with this good taste food is direct way of customer satisfaction.

Food must be prepare while taking in mind hygiene of their customers if after eating food their may be any health issue to guest then this will give direct impact on image of The Imperial Hotel.  People of different culture have different taste and food style so for this respective hotel must be consider all culture food. Along with this, vegetarian and non vegetarian section should be separate because this may create many issue when veg. Person eat non veg.

No proper daily basis housekeeping- environment In which customers are living should be neat and clean so their will be no unhygienic issue (McKenzie-Mohr, 2011). Dirty environment can be cause of many health issues so there is requirement of daily housekeeping. This can easily gain attention of attention of guest that this hotel is neat and clean as well providing good environment to live. For this purpose there is requirement of proper staff which should have to appoint by same enterprise. Thus, they can manage their day to day activity in proper manner (Runyon,2013).

Reception are not properly maintained- reception is that which have a person sitting in the entrance of hotel and if any one having queries they can directly call on reception and ask for that. Moreover, receptionist should have proper knowledge about each and every thing of hotel such as room charges, booking procedure, is their any free room or not and many other related to detail of Imperial hotel (Myerson, 2012).

This is first impression of enterprise and some one had well said that first impression is the last impression. Because this give life long image of company in the market and also in front of other customers. Along with with HOD is not taking care of their department because their working is totally depend on the incentives. Thus, they hide drawbacks of their department and earn incentives. 

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From the above report it has been concluded that management play important role in working of business for generating more and more revenue it is important that activity of company must be performed in effective and effectual manner. Major problem in The Imperial Hotel of London arises because there are no proper management and control by previous head of department. Thus, for all such of issues like employees turnover ration is high, customers are not satisfied, no proper house keeping, kitchen are not managed in fine manner and reception which is important for giving information to guest on phone call is not properly working. All these issues are fined by new manager Peter Farnsworth and he work properly by implementing their several steps which assist in finding solution of such problems. Instead of this manager and leader are important part of every business without them their will be no proper management in given organisation. Solution of these issues is finding out by new manager of The Imperial Hotel.

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