Dance and Media Arts


Art is known as the application of human activity, imagination or the expression, which are in visual form such as pictures, painting, and producing work to be appreciated primarily for emotional power or any other reason. There are different branches of creativity that are music, dance, picture etc. In the present report various elements for dance and media arts are described. Along with this, product is produced which has been created for the creative thinking process.

Identify and Discuss Dance Elements

There are different elements of dance that are always present and provide opportunities in regard to develop and in depth understanding of dance. There are different elements for dance which are as follows-

  • Dynamics- Within dynamics it is considered that the movement is being performed and thus involves the weight, force or energy which is being applied to carry out movement over time. For instance, heavy to light weight, strong to gentle force or fast to slow release of energy (Kalman and Lambirth, 2003).
  • Space- It is another element that states that at the time of performing dance, space is considered as crucial factor. Thus, it involves the level, dimension, direction and planes so that appropriate space could be provided for performing the dance.
  • Time- Time is the crucial element that helps in understanding the time taken to complete the dance that involves metro, tempo, momentum, accent and rhythmic patterns ( Roy, Baker and Hamilton, 2015).
  • Relationship- It assesses that when the body dances there should be proper association and connection occurs so that it helps in carrying out effective dance.
  • Action- It could be assessed that within the action it evaluates the time and space of completing the dance, relationship and structure position of body.
  • Structure- Structure is stated as the way through which dance is being organized so that desired outcomes could be attained (Russell-Bowie, 2006).

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Further, Space element is being undertaken in relation to identify the particular space required for moving the body. Thus, space helps in moving it in the same direction so that appropriate space could be provided to dancer in regard to perform the dance. Hence, space is one of the crucial element for accomplishing this element so that creative thinking process could be developed in terms of attaining desired outcomes (Kalman and Lambirth, 2003). For instance, the artist selected is Rudolf Laban who was the dancer and thus his work was extended through his most celebrated collaborators. Space is required for dancer in order to perform his/her art form and therefore it is essential for exploring the art form in detail manner.

In the dance art, space place a very crucial role because it helps in identifying the area where steps could be performed. Therefore, it is significant for artist to carry out the dance style in an appropriate manner. Here, Laban has been selected as dance artist and the motion factors of time, weight, space, flow is significant and it is considered as crucial in order to carry out the dance art. Thus, using space in the kinesphere even at the time of standing still or sitting. Therefore, it is crucial for any dancer to use appropriate space in regard to present effective dance form ( Roy, Baker and Hamilton, 2015). Apart from this time element is also crucial for dance because it is essential for individual to use appropriate time in order to match with the step. Therefore, it is significant for dancer to understand the rhythm and timing as it is crucial component that helps in performing the dance art. Dancing style needs to be different and therefore rhythm and timing is crucial component so that artist could think creatively and thus it reflects in an effective way in terms of understanding the dancing type. All the dance elements are considered as crucial and therefore, it results in performing the artistic work so that individual needs to keep in mind different elements such as space, timing and rhythm so that desired dancing style could be carried out (Russell-Bowie, 2006).

Creative Process And Dance Product

As per the text excerpt “Lilly-white and clean, oh! With little thrills between, oh! Smooth and hot- red rusty spot, Never here be seen, oh! Thus, creative thinking upon this excerpt is totally based upon rhythm and time so that Mrs Tiggy Winkle who is a teddy bear dances so well and expresses her feelings through dance that attracts others. She is dancing on perfect rhythm and timing that the steps are looking so beautiful and tidy. The creative thinking process here is so attractive that it influences individual to learn from such dancing style. She is not worried of anyone, while she is dancing at every step such as collecting clothes, moving from outside to home etc.

Here, the text excerpt from Tiggy Winkle was really a creative process and thus it reflects upon the construction of creative dance style. I think that people should learn dance from Tiggy video so that they can understand the perfection and best timing. It is essential to develop creative thinking in regard to make teddy bear dance so well and expresses her feelings. I think that there is much creative thinking required in order to prepare such video and demonstrate the use of rhythm and timing so that dance could be made attractive. I personally think that the creative process used in the particular dance video is very influential as it helps in using effective rhythm and timing elements (Wallas, 1926).

Through watching the video of Mrs Tiggy Winkle it could be identified that it is very creative as she is dancing exactly upon matching the rhythm and timing therefore, it is looking very neat and clean. She is enjoying the dancing and also not missing any of the beat. Here, rhythm and timing is considered as crucial part. Therefore, understanding the creative thinking process as it helps in directly links to the art form which is based upon laying and sitting on the ground then glide your hands along the ground and roll. Creative process is crucial part and thus it is considered as effective in regard to understand the rhythm and time element. Also, the technology used in order to capture the dancing style is very important as it is helpful in completing the dance (Smith-Autard, 2010). I think that dance product as seen in the video start laying and sitting on the ground reflects that dancer need to understand the rhythm and timing so that dance could be made successful.

Technology is crucial as it helps in understanding the cameras where it is being placed in order to capture the perfect shot. Therefore, it is essential for them to carry out effective creative process model and interpret own personal creative process so that dance could be stated as effective artistic work. Through the video it could be reflected that the dance showcased in video assesses that dancer undertakes proper rhythm and timing element in terms of carrying out the dance. Hence, it is considered as crucial part so that dance form could be considered as artistic. Thus, it can be reflected that it is very creative thinking process that showcases that dance is done in terms of improving the learning of dancing art. It is essential for me understand the dance art so that use of rhythm and timing element in dance helps in improving the performance. Therefore, it is significant to understand the learning process and thus think creatively so that better learning could be done.

Following are the different stages that are used for making this video are as follows:

  • Preparation: It is the first stage in which I think that much of creative thinking is required because individual need to understand the rhythm and timing required to match with the dance steps. Also, making teddy bear dance is looking so beautiful and funny that attracts audience towards it.
  • Incubation: Further, in incubation stage different information is being collected that helps me to understand the importance of dance as art. I design different areas where dance could be shows such as dancing and collecting clothes simultaneously is very creative.

Identifying and Discussing Media Arts Elements

Media arts involved creating the representation of the world and telling stories through communication technologies, for instance, radio, video, film, internet etc. Further, it connects audience, opinion, intention, and viewpoints with the help of creativity use of materials and technologies (Black and Cap, 2016). There are a different skill of students and teacher involved in a new way of making things.

Elements of media arts are as follows:

  • Time: The time elements is the illusion of motion as like present in the video or film. Further, it caught the flow of time which exist in the video.
  • Lighting: Lighting is used for highlighting a particular subject. There are the different formation of lighting that can be form below, behind, above, and different side on the basis of desired effect (Song, Mokhov, and Grogono, (2016, November). Further, it shows the darkness, tone, mood and brightness.
  • Movements: It shows the movement and the recommendation for the movement through the effect of sound (Bang, Dalsgaard, Kjær and Donovan, 2016).
  • Sounds: Sound art is known as the artistic discipline in which utilization of sound is done as a primary medium. Aural effects of art such as softness, noise, and loudness.
  • Space: Space is known as the distance of area which takes place between or within the two or three components. There are two dimensional of space that is open or closed, positive or negative. Space show the distance and relationship between the sounds, objects or the description of the place (Roberts and Barber 2016, June). There are the different way through which appearance of space can be created that are overlapping, placement of the paper, size, and detail. The overlapping take place at the time when viewer prevents the view of objects which are behind them.
  • Composition: Composition is known as the arrangement and sequence of images and text which help in supporting the purpose of communicating ideas or stories through various points of view (Song, Mudur and Grogono, 2016, November). It includes editing, framing, and layout. Further, the way in which all elements are sets for instance, by using color placement and text together, size and shape balance.

Lighting is the element which is selected in respond to the product in this art form is as follows:

Lighting is used to emphasis or highlights a subject (Roy, Baker and Hamilton, 2015). Further, it formed at the different place that is above, below or to the side which is depended on the desired effect. Further through lighting brightness, darkness and the atmosphere of a photograph can find out. It is easy to shape, manipulate to position the light. The digital camera sensor captures the exposures which are the amount of light at the time when the image is taken. If the light is too much its outcome is that it washed the photo. On the other side if there is too little light then in result photo will be too dark. There are two type of setting that is ISO setting and shutter speed and ISO setting. This both give permission to control the way each photo look and its impact on amount of light. In the early morning and in evening time light has a yellow-orange glow and all angles of shadow are basically longer which adds interest (Howland, Jonassen and Marra, 2012). On the other in the middle of the day sunlight is bright so, shadow become shorter, the light becomes brighter and harsher, It happen because contrast are strong due to which colour become more natural.

Apart from this at the time of overcast sky, there is less contrast because shadows are lighter. Direct light leads to created hard-edged dark shadow while the hardest light leads to creating a point or spot light source- if a light is small enough or far from the subject then it is the actual size is irrelevant. Further diffused light spread onto the subject from the different direction then shadow can be bright from or may be absent together.

Media Arts Product

Object used that is white paper, play doh (purple, green yellow) stop motion app.

  • Lighting: for creating an artefact reflecting lighting play the significant role and there is smaller the light source because it is a farther away from the subject. Due to this the sharper, and darker the shadow (Wallas, 1926).
  • Center light: at Centre the light the light is the strongest and very prominent in a more reflective object it means it shiny.
  • Highlight: the area of the object which reflects brighter from the center.
  • Shadow Core: The shadow is pretty dark and there is light even in the shadow because it takes the colour of the objects which is reflecting. For instance, a yellow object surrounded by green will have yellow lights reflected on it (Howland, Jonassen and Marra, 2012 ).
  • Occlusion shadow: It is an area of shadow because there is no light because two objects meet.

Hence through lighting elements it become easy to see the modelling factor on an object. For this purpose, time need to be spend on observing all manner of object in real life that is people, pets, cars and ever things and with it help in finding out the modelling factor on those objects (Russell-Bowie, 2006). Further from the media art product it has been reflected that what the value dose observed in light or dark which is used in photography.

Creative thinking process and media arts product

Five classic step of creativity I used in for making this video. Three different colour was used with a white backdrop to bring out the colour and the use of iStop motion app for creating a video of the ball rolling. Different stages which are used for making this video are as follows:

  • Preparation: at the first stage that is preparation I absorbed as much information as I can. Further the place chosen for this preparation stage is in a quite environment. It is so because it become easy for an artist to absorb as much as possible.
  • Incubation: In incubation stage are all the information which have been collected in the preparation stage. It is one of the essential stage because lots of time consumed in this stage such as week, months. Here, I used three colours with a white backdrop for bringing out the colours. For instance, light reflect on three colour due to which slightly changes can be noticed in video. Insight: It is a “Eureka or the classic 'a-ha' moment. It is one of the smallest part of the creative process. There are some moments come up at the time of performing any activity.

The creative thinking used in media art product is based on light and composition. So that changes at the time reflecting the light can be noticed

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There are different elements of composition which are mostly used to create media art product, the optical components in a way which charming to the artist and viewers. All the elements of composition related to the object are as follows:

  • Unity: In this all part of the composition feel that they belong together, or on the other side may be such as it feels stuck on awkwardly out of place (Roy, Baker &and Hamilton, 2015). For instance, in video all three colours are moving together on white paper.
  • Balance: Balance is the sense which is feel in each object and all object is of equal weight so no side is heavier on one side. If there is symmetrical arrangement, then it include sense of calm. On the other side asymmetrical arrangement organized dynamic feeling. If there is no balance then it leads to the sense of unease (McGuire, 2012). For instance, all colours are in balanced due to which it includes sense of calm.
  • Movement: There are various way through which sense can be given of movement in such as the arrangement of the objects each objects are arranged according to their position. If movement take place in one object, then it may occur in another object.
  • Space: Space is known as the art part of artwork, even it is simply at the place where work is displayed. The setting of all objects can become a part of the way it can be viewed and its effects (May and Warr, 2011). Further positive space is that which is take place by an object on the other side pessimistic space is the place where the area around the object and defines the objects edges. Think for the moment about characteristics of specifies space. Space is in two or three dimension and each art work is dimensional affected by its surrounding space. Enough space is available for the moment of all three balls.

Simple steps are used for the construction of media art product. By using creative thinking process for video it become easy to express all the changes which has been noticed at the time of construction of media art products. I think that the creative process used in this istop Motion is very influential and reflects the way light and composition creates changes in media arts product.


From the above report it can be concluded that there is different element of dance that are space, time, action etc. This all help in creative thinking. On the other side there are different elements of media art that movement, lighting, sound, composition etc. Through the use of this concept it becomes easy to think creatively. Both media art and dance are linked as because some technology in both so that creativity can be take place. Further it can be concluded that in both media art and dance time and space is needed in order to create an art.

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