Pharmacology - Monoclonal Drugs for Effective Clinical Practise

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This assessment will provide certain questions which contemplate following:

  • Elaborate the immunology with development and the monoclonal drugs for effective clinical practise.
  • What are the ways used in anti-inflammatory agents through all such chemotherapeutic agents?
Answer :


Immunology deals in the branch of medicine and biology which is basically associated with immunity (Immunology, 2018). This report is based reflection with regards to immunology and introduction of monoclonal antibody drug which is basically used as cancer chemotherapeutic agents or anti-inflammatory agents.

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Immunology is generally considered as a study of immune system and belongs to a very important branch of medical and biological science. Immune system helps in protecting human body or any other living things from infection with the help of various lines of defence. Thus, if an immune system doesn’t work properly than it may result in disease like allergy, cancer and autoimmunity. Other than this, it has been analysed that imbalance of immune system give rise to many common disorders such as cardiovascular, immunologic, metabolic and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer (Delves and et. al., 2017). Therefore, according to my concern a person must have proper diet including nutritious food so that immune system can be made better as a result; it will enable a living creature in dealing with diseases. After reading articles I have analysed that Immunology and its progression or development has a great history whether its 18th century when Edward Jenner pioneer this work and developed a vaccine that has ultimately saved more lives to 19th and 20th century when transplant of organs and identifications of blood groups became easier. Henceforth, immunology has changed the concept and face of medicines. Immunology has many diverse areas under which many immunologists are working for diagnosing and curing incurable diseases such as immunodeficiency, allergies, asthma etc., along with this cancer is one of them. Cancer is one of the diseases in which abnormal and uncontrolled cells are grown and because of this immune system are destroyed.

Therefore, according to my concern with the proper knowledge of evasion of the immune system one can easily find a solution of curing this disease (Abbas, Lichtman and Pillai, 2014). Cancer immunotherapy tries to rejuvenate the safe framework of intrinsic forces in order to battle with cancerous tissues and it has come up or shown as a extraordinary weapon so as to deal with this disease. Different uses of immunological information against disease incorporate the utilization of monoclonal antibodies (proteins that look for and specifically tie to a particular target protein called an antigen). One of the examples which can be taken under this is Herceptin which is a monoclonal antibody and it is majorly used for treating breast and stomach cancer. Other than this, with the help of immunology many successful vaccines have been developed such as HPV vaccine. Monoclonal antibodies: A few cancer growths, for example, bosom disease and lymphomas, show certain atoms on their surface at abnormal states; which can be attacked by monoclonal antibodies (research centre created resistant proteins that are capable of targeting these highly exposed molecules of cancer.) Therefore, the main aim of cancer immunotherapy is to “reboot” immune system so that once again cells can fight against the tumour. For instance, Herceptin (otherwise called Trastuzumab), identifies a molecule known as HER2 which is breast cancer growth cells; it interferes in the functioning of immune cells and destroy the antibody coated breast cancer cells (Georas and Rezaee, 2014). Distinguishing patients that express the HER2 particle at abnormal states enables them to be chosen for this type of treatment.

There are some advantages of immunotherapy and this includes results in fewer side effects as compared to traditional cancer therapies. But we cannot say that it is fully safe but with the help of immunology therapy things become easier and manageable. Along with its advantages it has some disadvantages as well and the biggest drawback is labour intensive and high cost. Other than this, poor knowledge of patients in this area is one of the challenges because they believe in getting themselves treated through the traditional cancer therapies (Igarashi and Watanabe-Matsui, 2014).

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From the above report it has been evaluated that immunology is a field in medicines that deals in curing immune system in order to fight with incurable diseases. With the help of immunologist one can develop medicines through which cancer can be cure. Thus, according to my point of view an immunologist should do research on a regular basis so that best possible way can be evaluated.

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