Ethical Principle Of Psychotherapy

Introduction to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is considered as the psychological method under which regulatory interaction takes place with a person in order to bring out change in his or her personality in a desired manner. The major reason behind application of psychotherapy is to work upon the mental health and well being of person through the mitigation of compulsion and troublesome behaviours. Therapists uses different types of techniques in order to deal with major issues related to a person. The present essay is based on ethical principle of psychotherapy so as to work upon any kind of transgression take place in the same field. In this regard, theoretical framework has been explained along with detail discussion.

The psychotherapy is generally rendered on the basis of specific time period under which better relationship is developed between therapists and clients. Most of the time, therapists take the advance of trustworthy relationship and sexual abuse the client. For this purpose, it is important for those who in such kind of profession to consider the ethical or professional practices to treat the patient with respect and record all their personal information with confidentiality (Scholten and et. al., 2016). The long procedure of treatment reflects that client can be at risk due to high involvement into the practices. At this juncture, ethical or professional practices must be taken into account by the associated person so as to ensure better completion of all related activities. However, outcome of the malpractices should be dangerous so as to reduce such kind of activities and promote the well being of affected people to a great extent.

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The application of legal procedure might have direct impact on the mental health of patient. Owing to this, it is very important for therapists to take care of such kind of things at very beginning and provide the therapy in the right manner. Apart from this, ethical practices must be understood by the therapists and other people working in their clinic (Linden and Schermuly-Haupt, 2014). It would be effective to carry out operation activities in an ethical manner and support all related people to maintain the positive work environment.

Theoretical framework

The theoretical framework of psychotherapy can be understood with the help of varied theories involved under the same. This enables therapists to provide the right kind of treatment for a patient by understanding his situation in a more clear manner. It can be understand with the help of different kind of theories associated with the same-

Psychodynamic theory

It is the considered as the important psychotherapy under which people interact with each other so as to resolve some issues with regard to mental health of patient. It assists people to get their issues resolved through the free talking. Under this technique therapists directly talk to patient or client without any kind of censoring. Here, dreams are analyzed to assess the unconscious mind information and accordingly or redirect the feelings (Pope and Vasquez, 2016). This shed light on past relationship of people and represent that how effectively changes can be brought to the once's life. It is considered as the most time consuming theory due to long conversation and deep understanding related to another person. Owing to this, it is considered as the more time consuming aspect. For this purpose, therapists ensure to utilize the time in a best possible manner and do not cause any kind of harm to the person come to take the services. Being therapist, respective person ensure to take care related to malpractices and provide the best quality of services for the person needed the same (Linden, 2013). However, it is the duty of therapists to keep the information with confidentiality and do not violate the right of sufferer.

Behavioural theory

Under this theory it is assumed that behaviour is learned and learning response is considered to understand the situation of patient or client. Here, therapists try their best to implement the negative and positive reinforcement so as to deal with any rigid kind of behaviour. Owing to this, the best technique for behavior modification is applied in order to provide the better or best quality of service to the patient. The basic work of therapists is to deal with the destructive behaviour and the unwanted situation (Shaw,Akande and Wolff, 2015). This leads to provide the right path and provide the solution for the person who is suffering from any kind of behaviour disorder. IN addition to this, power of reward and punishment are used in order to bring the suitable type of behaviour under the individual. At this juncture, therapists ensure that sexual abuse is not done and common standards are followed for the successful completion of the treatment and bringing necessary changes in the personality of the person (Moritz and et. al., (2015). Thus, conscious and subconscious mind of patient is used and accordingly he might need to emotional support. Owing to this, they should be provided appropriate kind of practices for their better cure and treatment both (Five Counseling Theories and Approaches, 2017).

Cognitive theory

This is another psychotherapy which reflects that how the thinking of people can change the behaviours and feelings too. They shed light on problem solving approach so as to deal with the particular issue and accordingly bring forth the valid solution for different kind of issues. It proves to be effective in deriving the valid outcome and offering the most suitable solution for the issues which are being occurred to the respective client (Rheker and et. al., 2017). Here, cognitive therapist remains more focused towards the present situation of client so as to remove all the past bad moments from their life. For this purpose, socialization must be promoted and no any personal advantage should be taken by the therapists. However, it is found that people referring the theory of cognitive might be suffering from eating, personality and abuse disorders. They are also prone to anxiety which affect their overall independent life to a great extent. Owing to this, therapists need to be more cautious while recording their data and dealing with their issues. This would be effective to address their issues effectively and suggest them most effective solution (Welfel, 2015).

Humanistic theory

Under this theory therapists work as energy boosters by focusing on the present situation only. In this regard, potential of the sufferer is assessed to the highest level. It leads to understand the psychology of the client and accordingly provide him or her the right kind of treatment. This would contribute towards increasing his capability to be more normal and achieve the desired results in an effectual manner. In this manner, therapists shed light on self-actualization and self-growth. It is made possible with the help of helpful or healthy discussion among the client and therapists (Sperry, 2015). However, client remains at the center and others such as existential therapies and gestalt. Here, client tends to control their own destinies so as to ensure better control over their emotions. It is important to notice that therapists tends to focus on interest and care. Under this client understand the meaning the of their live and focus on major aspects associated with the same. Though, self-determination and responsibility and free will are considered under the same therapy. In this manner, humanistic approach enables therapists to provide the right solution for their problems and provide the most comfortable environment.

Holistic and Integrative theory

Holistic and integrative therapy deals with different practices under which therapists need to take care of the issues occurring the client and accordingly propose most effective solution for the same. Here, holistic therapy can be implemented in the form of non-traditional such as guided imagery and hypnotherapy so as to bring out the best solution for the any kind of issue. Under this therapists try their best to understand the root of the problem and in the same manner alternatives are proposed (Barden, 2014). This theory is applied for particular client only who suffer from a serious issue. For example, mental disorder of the person from the age of 15 can be identified through the analysis of past event. For this purpose, hypnotherapy is applied. However, it is important to note that therapists must remain in limitation while asking the questions regarding the personal life of client. The major focus is laid on relationship between counselor and therapists and accordingly relationship of trust is developed. It is the only trust which serve as the basis of understand the root cause of the issue of problem through which a personal is being suffered.

Therefore, duty of care is the centered approach for the people involved under the therapists. Here, psychotherapist must ensure that right of client is not violated and either acting negligently or intentionally. For this purpose, special care is provided for patient till the time treatment get over. In case intentional misconduct is done or negligent action is taken through the therapist with the client then it would be considered as the breach of the duty of care and he would be liable to pay for the damages occurred to the innocent party (Alvandi, Van Doorn and Symmons, 2017). Most of the cases consists of combination of negligent misconduct under which patient remain unable understand the intentional or negligence. However, court provide extensive support for them and provide them right kind of services so as to deal with the situation in an effectual manner. Apart from this, some of the cases reveal that negligent action of therapist hurts patient but these are not increased to the level of abuse. At that time, such kind of action are considered as the malpractice.

The cases against therapists related to allegation of intentional, fraudulent misconduct and sexual aspect would be further caused by battery, breach of fiduciary duty and abuse of transference. Along with that, fraud, sexual harassment and intentional infliction. At this juncture, hybrid case might be formed when any of the mentioned intentional cause occur. Here, people or client can ask for the negligence and sexual misconduct claim under which therapist has to pay for the damages caused to the respective person or individual (Vinay, Lakshmi and Math, 2016). However, several aspects are available for the plaintiff to increase the chances of full settlement with the therapist. Here, it is very important to gather the evidence that patient was highly vulnerable and therapist took advantage of the same and his abnormal situation. At the same time, expert must be hired to deal with the case who are specially master in the cases related to therapist abuse. It will aids to prove the misconduct of therapist would ruin the life of plaintiff and he would loss the millions or thousands of dollars. This aids to provide the fair judgment and present the case in an effectual manner.


According to the mentioned therapies, it has been found that psychotherapy is based on trustworthy relationship of client and therapists so as to accomplish the activities on time. However, it is very important to shed light on Austrian Psychotherapy Act at the time ofPsychotherapy rendering services or therapy the the client. For this purpose, impact of law can be seen on common situations such as strict confidentiality, offering testimony and treatment of the dangerous patients. This reflects that regulation of Austrian is quite tougher or strict in context of successful completion of the therapy. Also, in context of civil cases Austrians do not have right to serve as the experts. They just need to obey the regulation and follow the set procedure for successful completion of all related activities (Scholten and et. al., 2016). This proves to be most effective in context of those who are taking services from psychotherapists as they are provided more security. For this purpose, therapists become solely responsible for any kind of malpractice and they just ensure the activities associated with therapists are being completed in the right manner.

A case of malpractice can be taken into consideration under which a person named Ernst Lanzer, lawyer by profession suffered through obsessional neurosis. He was afraid of many things like something is going to happened which is not good for him. He used to like a young lady so he had fear against her also that something bad will happen with her. He was worried that his father would die even he already dead. At this juncture, his therapist provided him treatment but at the time harassed him sexually by taking advantage of the mental state. For example, therapists forced him to involve in the sexually activities otherwise his father will be dead. Owing to this, he allowed him to do so and accordingly misconduct took place. This malpractice was highly unethical under which patient was unaware of the fact that what is going on with him. Such kind of situation affected his mental situation in a very bad manner (Linden and Schermuly-Haupt, 2014). For this purpose, it is crucial to propose right kind of treatment for client and take care of him during his abnormal situation. This kind of transgression is considered as the illegal and count of relatives of client can take legal action against the respective person.

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The aforementioned essay concludes that appropriate practices must be implemented by the therapists in order to treat the patient in a more effective manner. At this juncture, grave transgression must be avoided and ethical aspect can be highlighted for the well being of both parties. The relatives of patient or client must also ensure regarding the duty of care that no any misconduct happen with the mutual consent. Otherwise they will not able to take the legal action against the party at fault. However, person referring services must be aware of the regulatory framework and legal practices of imparting the therapy. Any kind of misconduct leads to cause higher loss of patient and they become less able to fight with typical situation. Owing to this, it is very to treat the typical situation in such a manner that client does not get hurt but can present the issue in front of the person providing the services. This leads to ensure well being of both associated parties. It can also be concluded that type of theory is based on the situation of person so it should be the decision of therapist and associated people of client. However, better to take the informed choice or decision which aids to get the results in a more effective manner. This is because when client will be informed regarding the strategies and actions which are being applied for his or her own treatment then he would likely to feel the impact of the same. In this manner, right kind of therapy should be selected for the treatment of sufferer and he or she must be aware of positive impact of the same. This leads to bring out the results quickly and meet the expectations of all related stakeholders in an effectual manner. Moreover, therapists should react in more responsible manner so as to avoid the malpractices and determine the well being of associated clients.


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