Research Proposal On Medical Imaging Department Topic

Research Proposal Topic

To analyze the ways through which waitlist of insertion Peripheral Central Catheter Line services can be reduced: A study on Medical Imaging Department (MID)

INTRODUCTION Of Research Proposal

Medical imaging may be served as a technique which lays emphasis on creating visual presentation of body. It includes clinical analysis and medical intervention which in turn helps in assessing cause of issues which prevail in the body of individual.

Medical Imaging Department

Medical Imaging Department of Calvary Public Hospital (Australia) offers high quality service to both in and out patients. Various cardiology tests are carried out by such department which includes radiography, fluoroscopy, CT scans, mammograms, MRI’s, ultra sonography, nuclear medicine gamma scans, angio and interventional radiology. In this, for scheduling an appointment, doctor must fill the online form before referring Medical Imaging Department to the patients. Such forms are usually available in all the departments which can be used by doctor for meeting and presenting the purpose of referral. Medical Imaging Department meets the request by taking into consideration the type of urgency mentioned by referrer or doctor on the form. Along with this, acceptance of request is also highly influenced from the availability of the appointments slot.

Medical Imaging Department of Calvary Public Hospital is engaged in managing different procedures which can be called as a technique and procedure of creating visual representations of the interior of the body as a medical intervention. Medical Imaging technique is also useful in analyzing internal functions of the organs or some tissues. Thus, it can be said that it seeks to reveal internal structure which is hidden by the skin and bones. Further, Medical Imaging also establishes a database of normal anatomy which identifies abnormalities in the organs of the body.

At Calvary Public Hospital, it is often perceived to designate all the set of techniques which noninvasively produce images of the internal aspect of the body. As per the urgency of the cases, appointments are given to the patients; hence in order to reduce the waiting line, Peripheral Central Catheter Line services could be provided during out-of- hours and weekends. The department of Calvary Public Hospital provides radiological and other organ imaging services to support all clinical programs. Nuclear medicine is also used in the department so as to analyze internal functioning of the organs.

Calvary Public Hospital is required to provide Peripheral Central Catheter Line services after the hours and during weekends so that all the patients may have appropriate access to health care services. Since, it is engaged in imaging services; therefore internal functioning of the body can be analyzed through the same.

In the present time, there are several appointments which are cancelled and rescheduled by the researcher. Due to this, waitlist of Peripheral Central Catheter Line services are increased with very high pace. From assessment, it has been assessed that Medical Imaging Department offers services to patients from Monday to Friday. During such period, services are also highly influenced from the availability of rooms and level of case urgencies. In this situation, satisfaction level of patients and their family members are influenced negatively. Moreover, cancellation of appointments may cause delay in further treatment which in turn may result into high level of frustration among people. In this, scholar will present the way or strategies through which the waitlist can be reduced. Moreover, it is one of the main aspects which in turn help in enhancing the quality of services and thereby help in maintaining satisfaction level of people.

a. Consultation with colleagues/ industry group

According to the cited case situation, Medical Imaging department offers services to the patients on the basis of availability of rooms and case urgency. Such department offers insertion Peripheral Central Catheter Line services to the patients during Mon-Fri. Hence, by making discussion with colleagues it have been assessed that it is one of the main aspects due to which waiting list of nursing or x-ray home has increased with the very high pace. This in turn may result into delay in treatment which directly affects satisfaction aspect of patients as well as their further health check-up (Storey &, 2016). Thus, from discussions it has been assessed that nursing home is required to make changes in the existing strategic framework. By doing this, nursing unit can enhance revenue. Further, colleagues also focus on assessing alternative ways of performing activities which reduces waitlist or time to the significant level.

b. Focused clinical questions

PICO framework is the best strategy which aids the researcher in formulating the specific research questions that are enumerated below

Research question:

Can waitlist of Medical Imaging Department be reduced by insertion of Peripheral Central Catheter Line services provided out-of-hours and during weekends?


Aim of the present study is to assess the ways which in turn help in reducing the waitlist of patients at Medical Imaging Department in an effectual way. By considering such aspect following objectives has been drafted and are enumerated below:

Research objectives
  • To develop understanding about the services of insertion of Peripheral Central Catheter Line.
  • To analyze the causes behind the increase in waitlist at Medical Imaging Department.
  • To assess the ways that help in reducing the waitlist of patients at Medical Imaging Department.
  • To recommend effectual way to Medical Imaging Department for managing waitlist.

Research questions

Q.1 What are the causes due to which waiting list is increased in relation to insertion Peripheral Central Catheter Line?

Q.2 Which kind of ways help company in reducing the waitlist of patients?

Search strategy

For collecting the highly reliable and valid data researcher will gather most of information through the means of internet. By entering key words on Google the search engine scholar will find several articles which are highly related to nursing. Thus, by using search engine investigator can gather information about journals and articles related to nursing namely CINAHL and Radiology. Moreover, such articles provide deeper insight about the trend and other factors that are highly associated with health and care sector. By following such aspect examiner can maintain high level of validity and reliability (Xu, Farhadieh & Morrison, 2016). Thus, by using such articles researcher would become able to conduct and thereby present solution in the best possible way. In addition to this, scholar will also make use of other articles that are highly related to nursing, health care etc. Along with this, for maintaining high level of reliability and validity investigator will consider some criteria.

Hence, scholar will gather data that was published after the year of 2010. Moreover, latest published articles or sources offer highly reliable and relevant information. In this way, such criteria eliminate the possibilities of irrelevant materials. This aspect shows that highly latest or updated data will be undertaken by the researcher. Along with this, the main reasons behind the selection of data published after the year 2010 that it helps in making analysis of facts and figures in the existing trend or context. Further, to ensure high level of reliability and validity researcher will gather data from the sources which are highly related to the care home and nursing homework. Hence, assignments based on nursing practice are another criterion which will be considered by researcher at the time of data collection. Thus, such search strategy will be used by the scholar to gather data.

Problem statement

The main problem which is facing by Medical Imaging department is increasing waitlist. In relation to the insertion of Peripheral Central Catheter Line services. Hence, increased waitlist may result into high waiting time for patients. This is turning closely the satisfaction level of people because it may cause of delay in the treatment. From investigation, it has been identified that Australian indigenous are facing issues in relation to the health and safety aspect due to low level of awareness regarding it (Vecellio & Georgiou, 2016). Along with this, such people have very little information about the health care and safety aspects.

Communication gap is the major factors due to which waitlist at Medical Imaging Department increased significantly as compared to before times. Moreover, for taking services of Peripheral centre Aboriginal people make booking through phone. In this, indigenous community people are not in situation to provide adequate or suitable information for booking. Moreover, in such centre of Medical Imaging Department, booking aspect is highly influenced from appointment and urgency of cases. Hence, face to face interaction is highly required for reducing the level of waitlist. The reason behind this, high waitlist may result into delay in the treatment of patient (Barry &, 2016)). Hence, sometimes such appointment disorder has high level of impact on the health aspect of individual. Thus, with the aim to manage waitlist and offer better services to the patients such study will be conducted by the scholar. It will enable Medical Imaging Department to reduce the level of waitlist to a great extent by offering services to the patients on weekends.


  • In researchtypes of the study can be distinguished into two aspects such as qualitative and quantitative. To conduct study in an appropriate manner researcher is required to select suitable methodology or type. Moreover, selection of further methodologies is highly influenced from type of research selected by the scholar. Qualitative investigation may be defined as one which in turn aids in assessing or evaluating underlying facts and opinions which are associated with the issue. On the other side, quantitative investigation emphasizes on deriving solution through the means of numeric data or figures. In this, researcher will undertake qualitative research technique that assist in assessing the causes and finding better solution for the issue (George &, 2016). Thus, by evaluating qualitative aspects, researcher would become able to assess suitable solution for the issue.
  • Research approachInductive and deductive are the main two approaches of research which can be undertaken by the scholar to evaluate each aspect of the issue. Such approaches of research are highly effective which provides direction to the researcher in which problem will be investigated. Inductive approach of research helps in determining suitable solution from qualitative data set. This research approach starts with observation and ends with construction of new theory. On the contrary to it, deductive approach of research is high concerned with confirmation of hypothesis. In this way, researcher tests hypothesis by taking into consideration the existing theoretical framework. In the present study on MID, inductive approach will be used by the researcher to find out the causes and determine the suitable solution in relation to reducing the waitlist of patients.
  • Research philosophyScholar is also required to select suitable philosophy by considering type and nature of the study. Moreover, research philosophy further assists in determining suitable technique for data collection and analysis. Hence, philosophies can be interpretivism and positivism which are highly differ according to the type of investigation carried out. In this, scholar will undertake interpretivism philosophy to determine appropriate results from the qualitative study. On the basis of this aspect, researcher will interpret views of respondents by considering the theoretical base or aspect.

Methods of data collection and analysis

Data collection: Specifically, there are mainly two types of data, primary and secondary which can be undertaken by the researcher to address the problem statement more effectively. Primary data is the one that researcher specifically gathers to fulfill the research objectives. Moreover, in this, scholar focuses on collecting the data associated with the issue. On the other hand, secondary data presents finding of other researchers which in turn helps in understanding the aspects of issue in the best possible way. Hence, researcher will gather data from both primary and secondary sources which can provide assistance in getting suitable solution of the problem.

To gather primary data, researcher will conduct survey on health care professionals. Moreover, care professionals have better knowledge about the manner through which waiting line in relation to insertion Peripheral Central Catheter line services can be declined. Along with this, researcher will also collect secondary data through books, journals and scholarly articles. The reason behind this, articles which are presented by other scholars in relation to such aspect will develop better understanding about the topic or area. Thus, both primary and secondary data sources will be employed by the researcher to evaluate the issue more efficiently.

Sampling technique

Sampling techniques include probabilistic and non-probabilistic which in turn helps in determining suitable sample for study that possesses the characteristics of whole population. Probabilistic techniques include simple random, cluster, strata, systematic etc which in turn offers opportunity to each individual to being selected as sample. Hence, probabilistic techniques are highly free from any kind of biasness and thereby offers highly appropriate outcome of the issue which is going to be investigated. On the other side, non-probabilistic techniques contain convenience, purposive, snow-ball etc. Such kind of techniques is undertaken by the scholar only when researcher selects sample according to his level of convenience. Selection of both such techniques is highly influenced from the aims and objectives that are undertaken by the researcher.

In the present study, researcher will employ purposive sampling technique to select 15 care professionals. Such technique is the part of non-probabilistic which in turn helps scholar in selecting the suitable care professionals who have ability to respond in relation to the aspect through which waitlist of insertion Peripheral Central Catheter Line services offer MID can be reduced significantly. Researcher will select professionals of care unit because they have idea about the manner in which issue regarding the increasing waitlist can be managed in the best possible way.

Data analysis

Data analysis is the main parts of investigation which assists in determining and presenting the suitable solution of issue. Hence, by employing the techniques of data analysis researcher can evaluate and analyze the gathered data in an effectual way. Techniques of data analysis are highly varied according to the type of investigation carried out. Moreover, SPSS and other statistical tools are undertaken by the researcher to evaluate quantitative data and thereby derive solution from it. However, on the other side, thematic analysis technique is highly effectual which in turn provides assistance to the scholar in evaluating qualitative facts in the best possible way.

To evaluate the views of respondents regarding the waitlist in Medical Imaging Department thematic analysis technique has been undertaken by the researcher. On the basis of aspect, researcher will develop themes according to the questionnaire and thereby makes analysis of the views of care professionals. Hence, supporting such findings with secondary data or literature data will be analyzed or presented by researcher.

Ethical consideration

For maintaining the ethical aspects and thereby raising the effectiveness of investigation prior permission will be taken by the scholar from the committee of Medical Imaging Department. Hence, before conducting survey researcher has priorly informed to the care home or department about the aims and objectives for doing investigation. Thereafter, researcher will send questionnaire to care professionals and thereby gathered data. Along with this, at the time of conducting study researcher will assure respondents that data would be kept confidential. On the basis of this aspect, researcher will not disclose the information and served to others without taking permission of them. Hence, high-tech security tools will be used by the scholar to maintain ethical aspects to the significant level. Thus, with the aim to avoid ethical issues or challenges researcher will place high level of emphasis on taking permission from care professionals before initiating survey.


Research Proposal On Medical Imaging Topic

Research Proposal On Medical Imaging Topic 2

Timeline or chart is highly significant which provides direction to the researcher about the time which he needs to accomplish specific activity. For conducting study on Medical Imaging Department in relation to assessing the suitable solution of solution there are several activities which researcher need to perform. Activities include taking permission from care organisations and its professionals, setting and applying research methodology. In this regard, by following specific plan or chart researcher can execute the plan more effectively and efficiently. Now, researcher can build competitive advantage over others only when they analyze and disseminate results within the fewer time frames. Hence, by following time chart researcher can present outcome of issue and thereby build competitive edge over others. Hence, researcher will follow the below mentioned time chart is

Budget and dissemination plan

For conducting investigation researcher requires enough amount of funds. Moreover, in the lack of having proper financial resources it is not possible for the scholar to present study within the given time frame or period. At every stage from data collection to analysis and dissemination scholar needs fund to implement activities in an effectual way. The rationale behind this, researcher undertakes advanced tools and techniques of data analysis only when they have enough monetary funds. Along with this, for dissemination of information or findings researcher is required to publish it. Hence, such aspect also has financial cost which in turn creates the need of monetary aspects. Thus, by considering all such financial needs or requirements researcher has approached various sources of finance. In the present investigation, researcher uses the fund which will be offered by care hospital unit. Hence, care unit will provide finance to the researcher because such investment will help it in identifying the manner service quality can be enhanced by reducing the waitlist.

Along with this, scholar will disclose such information through the means of internet. Moreover, data analysis and its output have no worth if researcher or concerned unit does not share with others. Hence, researcher will present result of issue to higher management through the means of highly structured report. Moreover, management can execute activities and would become able to develop highly competent framework only when they have information about outcome of research issue. Further, researcher will also upload findings on internet. The reason behind this, now other scholars do internet surfing while conducting investigation on similar topics. Besides this, articles will also be published by researcher in nursing articles which in turn helps care unit and its professionals in framing competent strategies and policies for offering better services to the customers.

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From the above proposal, it has been concluded that identifying the effectual ways for reducing waitlist at Medical Imaging Department is the main reasons behind conducting such study. Besides this, it can be inferred that due to the offering of services only 5 days in a week is the significant cause due to which waiting list of peripheral services are increased. It can be revealed from the report that by collecting both primary and secondary data researcher will analyze the extent to which issue of high waitlist can be resolved.

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