Working In Nursing Profession : Sample

Introduction to Nursing Profession

Nursing is a profession in the health care sector that focuses on care of individuals, families and communities. Nurses could also regarded as differentiated from one health care providers due to their approaches of patient care, training and scope of practice (Schwab and Foundations, 2016). The present research study has been made with the purpose of showcasing the impact of different health care concerns on nursing practices. Furthermore, discussion has also been laid on those factors that leads to health and illness among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Besides this, researcher has also mentioned several principles of well being along with different strategies to strengthen teamwork.

Question 1 Historical development of Australian health care system

From the last 30 years, there have been several major restructuring in the health care system and probably that has brought major changes in the system. Australia’s health system is complex and is also multi-faceted web of public and private providers who render different types of health services (Harrison, 2016). The Australian Government and state and territory government’s funds deliver a range of health care services which includes population health programs, community health services and specific health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Several other segments have been added in the health care system in terms of underpinning the service capabilities.

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Question 2 Issues that impact the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The environment in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live have a significant impact on their health. It is crucial to analyze health practices so that risk and harms can be reduced (Ha, 2017). Risk factors have been increasing due to improper sewage disposal, inadequate animal control measures and rubbish disposal collection methods. Major number of health issues are increasing related to cardiovascular and cancer related diseases. In that area, diseases spread and as a result, it affects the overall situation of the country. At the same time, it is also enhancing the treatment costs.

Question 3 What does primary health delivery include

Primary health care refers to essential health care system that is based on scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology. This is essential to adhere in all the health care communities for enhancing the standard of services (Schwab and Foundations, 2016). It includes all the areas that play major role in health development and it also provides appropriate access to health services, environment and lifestyle. Primary health delivery includes reduction in exclusion of social disparities in health sector. At the same time, it also organizes health services around people’s needs and expectations. Henceforth, it can be said that collaborative services should be given to the clients associated with quality facets.

Question 4 Impact of client health and illness on nursing practice

It is essential for the nurses to deliver proper services to the clients so that health care standards can be increased. Nurses are entitled to render prominent care to the patients so that capability and competency of the nurses could be enhanced (Duprez and et, al., 2016). Illness and health factors of clients shows a great impact on nurse’s practice and at the same time it also helps the nurses to adopt different practices for treating the clients in suitable manner. In terms of impact, it can be said that sometimes nurses have to adopt different practices so that new methods can be used for prominent delivery of services.

Question 5 Health and illness factors affecting people from countries other than Australia

The ratio of health and illness has been enhancing because of outbreak of different diseases and along with that communicable diseases are also increasing in the countries. For instance- when people migrate to different places, they usually come in contact with diverse health diseases which sometimes affects other people as well (Yilmaz and, 2016). This changes the entire health standards of the community and as a result, it creates more issues. There are several illness that comes from hereditary sources; hence this is yet another reason that leads to development of other health problems.

Question 6 Health issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and its impact on health care delivery

Health issues among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been increasing due to several aspects such as smoking, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, physical inability and obesity. These are the major forces which increases health issues among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Saylor and Graber, 2016). These factors impacts health care delivery through creating more burden on the service provision dimension. Moreover, people have to spend a lot of resources in order to get appropriate access to health care services.

Question 7 Principles of wellness

  • Social wellness is all about developing appropriate relationships among friends, families and co-workers and it typically emphasizes on enhancing social wellness.
  • Emotional wellness is useful to comprehend so that challenges prevailing in the life can be reduced (Phelan and McCormack, 2016).
  • Spiritual wellness establishes peace and harmony in the lives.
  • Environmental wellness is essential wherein society people have to focus more on developing quality environment.
  • Occupational wellness is required wherein people should get satisfaction from the job profiles so as to balance the life.
  • Intellectual wellness helps the person to learn new concepts; hence this can improve the pursuit of lifelong learning (Alghamdi and Urden, 2016).
  • Physical wellness helps an individual to maintain a healthy quality of life and manage physical fitness.

Question 8 Historical and current perspectives of nursing profession

Several advances have been occurred in nursing science and research and that particularly impact upon nursing education and clinical practice (Working Together in the Nursing Profession, 2012). Therefore, this increases new ways of looking at this phenomenon in which traditional concepts are used to encourage the level of nursing. This evolving pattern of intellectual growth holds importance in the realm of nursing through adding advancement of knowledge based services in the practice of nursing. Currently, customer oriented approach has been followed in nursing so that better amenities can be rendered to the patients.

Question 9 Professional development strategies that could be used to develop skills and knowledge in contemporary practice of nursing

In order to deliver competent services to the patients, it is essential for the nurses to develop several skills and abilities. Nurses must have to focus on time management strategies wherein suitable schedules should be made so that all the patients can be delivered appropriate services. Nurses are required to adopt different strategies so that they can enhance their service delivery capability (Spetz, 2016). Further, nurses should also develop the capability to deal with complex and challenging cases so they can underpin the practice of nursing. This is essential for overall development of the health care services.

Question 10 How scope of nursing practice decision making framework assist the enrolled nurses

The enrolled nurses of Western Australia developed the scope of Nursing practice decision making framework in association with the nursing profession. This aims to provide guidance for individual nurses and other health personnel which aids in enhancing the standards of health care services (Raj, 2016). Implementation of the Framework and the use of the guiding principles will assist enrolled nurses and employers to negotiate practice issues including advancement and expansion of the scope of practice. It also aids the enrolled nurses to adopt legal aspects so that scope of nursing could be enhanced. Nurses must be authorised to practice their duties according to the legislative framework.

Question 11. Employment opportunities

There are different set of opportunities that a person has in context of nursing and they are as follows:

  • Dialysis nurse: They help people whose have issues with their kidneys, when they do not perform properly.
  • Nurse Midwife: They provide healthcare to females like family planning education, delivering babies, gynaecological exams and postnatal care (Simon, Kümmerling and Hasselhorn, 2013).
  • Nurse Anaesthetist: They are the one who maintain and administer anaesthesia.
  • Nurse care manager: They monitor the progress of patients. Further, they evaluate their care and suggest alternative way for treatment.
  • Nurse educator: They implement, design and provide educational program for nurses.

Question 12. Roles of nurses regulatory authorities, industrial and professional bodies

Authority: The As per their authority, it is important that they make sure that proper services are provided to clients. The issues that are faced by them are identified and accordingly services are provided.

Industry: On industrial basis, the set of roles and responsibilities that has been provided to them should be understood and they should treat all patients equally. Further, they should support the firm in achieving their goals and objectives (Hoeve, Jansen and Roodbol, 2014).

Professional bodies: Confidentiality should be maintained and the information that is provided by client should not be shared with anyone. Further, all patient should be treated equally.

Question 13. Nurse’s responsibilities relation to ethical guidelines

There are certain guidelines that as to be followed by nurses among which few of the areas are as follows:

Confidentiality: All the information that is provided by patient should not be disclosed to anyone until the patient permits. However, in case the life of patient is at risk, then they can share the information to professional so as to reduce consequence.

Duty of care: All the type of services should be provided to patient and they should not be differentiated on any basis (Huston, 2013). On order words, all patients should be treated equally.

Public Liability: It protects them from various claims with respect of legal liabilities in context of property damage and personal injury.

Question 14. Understanding of organizational policies, procedures, guidelines and protocols

  • Admitting and discharging a client: Person is admitted when they require observation so as to be diagnosed.
  • Infection control and manual handling: Proper tools and equipment should be provided to protect themselves.
  • Supporting the cultural needs of clients: Clients should not be differentiated and they need to be provided with proper respect and value.
  • Access and equity: People of different culture, cast, racial or language should be treated equally (Cañadas-De la Fuente, Vargas and Emilia, 2015).
  • Dealing with clients who may have behavioural issues: There should be patients and proper understanding of these people and services should be provided accordingly.
  • Risk management: Proper evaluation be made and monitoring is important so that risk can be reduced.
  • Access to client’s health information: Documentation should be made every day so that improvement can be determined.
  • Reporting and recording client information: Personal information, issues faced and the treatment that were taken previously.
  • Sharing of client information with other health professionals: Confidentiality should be maintained and it should not be shared with anyone.

Question 15. Range of healthcare environment and speciality practice areas

All they of health related issues are taken into consideration and adequate services are provided to patients (Matthews, 2012). There are many areas that has to be considered by nurses. In this context, it includes ambulatory care nursing, cardiac nursing, case management nurse, dialysis nursing, critical car nursing, etc.

Question 16. Ways to achieving effective team work

Below given are the ways through which effective team work can be achieved in healthcare:

  • Communication: There should be effective interaction with team members as it helps to develop strong relationship with others. Further, one get to know other and the skills they possess and they can learn from each other (Engeda, Birhanu and Alene, 2014).
  • Resolving conflicts: All the issues that are among team member should be discussed and appropriate solution should be discussed to solve them.

Question 17. Factors influence health related behaviour

Factors that affect health related behaviour as follows:

  • Life style: Changing lifestyle can be determined as a major factor as the changes in consuming food and diet that people have highly affected health in negative manner (Morberg, Lagerström and Dellve, 2012).
  • Genetic: There are many health related issues that are caused because of genetic. Some of them can be cured and some can not. These affects the health behaviour of people.

Question 18. Communication strategies

Below given are the different communication strategies that are applied to interact with other health team members:

  • Body language: Body language is very important for one to have so that other will be able to understand that information properly.
  • Facial expression: The face should speak the situation that one wants to convey to other members so that they can understand the seriousness.
  • Eye contact: TO have effective communication, it is essential that one have proper eye contact as it provides attention of others (Butterworth and Faugier, 2013).

Question 19. Cultural and linguistic difference

Cultural and linguistic can be determined as a pattern of human behaviour. In this, it includes thoughts, actions, language, values, ethic, customs, communication, religious, etc. (Zamanzadeh, Valizadeh and Azadi, 2013). In other words, it is a set of congruent behaviour, policies and attributes that fall together in professionals and help nurses or health care providers to work effectively in situations of cross culture it is essential to make sure that nurses provide patient or clients with proper services by considering all the factors.

Question 20. Reflective strategies

There are different type of self-reflect strategies that can be followed and they are as follows:

  • Observing: Different people have diverse set of skills and knowledge. In order to develop once own skill, one can observe and work with others so that skills and capabilities can be improved.
  • Facing situation: In nursing different type of situation are faced and these are helpful to know the areas and skills that are required to be improved (Van Bogaert, Kowalski and Clarke, 2013). This will enable to develop the understanding and efficiency.

Question 21 Responsibility of enrolled nurses in OHS/ WHS policies

  • Enrolled nurses are responsible to adopt measures to control the level of infection prevailing in the hospitals. This is essential for promoting health care standards.
  • Manual handling is also on up to enrolled nurses wherein they have to ensure that appropriate standards are being used while using any tools and equipment (Raj, 2016).
  • Enrolled nurses have to put efforts in managing risks prevailing in the health care setting so that accidents and uncertainties can be minimized.

Nursing care for client

As per the case, there are certain set of actions that has to be taken in order to make sure that proper care is provided to client. In this context, below given are few things that has to be done:

  • Analysing health condition: The issue that is faced by client should be evaluated (Van Bogaert, Kowalski, and Clarke, 2013). That information should be documented so that doctor can provide different type of meditation as per the change in health condition.
  • Bowel movement: It is important that there is proper bowel movement so that issues faced by patient can be solved.

What to do

In such type of condition, as a nurse, it is the responsibility to inform a care worker to stand outside of the room and he/she will convey that services and being provided to the patient. This way, the relatives can wait for few minutes until the care is properly provided to the patient (Butterworth and Faugier, 2013). This way, the situation of visitors can be handled effectively and efficiently.

Response and reason

As a nurse, it the responsibilities to make sure that all patient are provided with proper care. In the given situation, I will call on for or staff members. In case they are not available, then I will make sure that the patient who taken care by me is provided with all type of things which may not have issue or negative impact over health. As a nurse, it is prime responsibilities to make sure that patient should be taken cared and they are provided with the services as per their requirements (Cañadas-De la Fuente, Vargas and Emilia, 2015). This way the issues as per the case can be solved.

In case, intention are not achieved

In this type of situation, it is important that all the information that is missed out that has to be performed by me. If they are not done, then it is my responsibility that all that information is conveyed to other staff member who has their shift (Hoeve, Jansen and Roodbol, 2014). This other staff will get to know about it and they will take appropriate steps to provide proper care. In addition to this, doctor in charge should also be conveyed so that they will know it and take proper actions.

Enrolled nurses are considered as the care practitioners which are working under the direction and delegation of a registered care worker and thus they need to improve their skills and knowledge while practising as an enrolled nurse. However, health care nurses work across their lifespan within different environment such as acute care, community care, mental health, aged care and medical/surgical treatment (Hoeve, Y.T., Jansen, and Roodbol, 2014). Thus, it is essential for enrolled nurse to improve their skills and knowledge in relation to improve their health status. Enrolled nurse is required to directly report to the registered nurse as well as provide them effective training which would help them to improve their skills and capabilities. Also, enrolled nurses are of great significance and thus contribute towards nursing assessments, care planning, implementation and evaluation of care for health consumers and their families. Thus, enrolled nurses are working under the overall responsibility of registered nurse. They are given the responsibility to identify the daily living of patients, observe their needs and report directly to the registered nurse. Thus, it would help them to improve their skills and knowledge and which could be used later. They should also possess the skills of working in a team and coordination with other health care assistants under the direction and delegation of a registered nurse. Enrolled nurses possess the skills of working in a team and thus gain proper direction and authority to render best care facilities to workers in order to provide best care planning and facilities so that patient can overcome their needs (Flinkman and Salanterä, 2015).

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Further, another skill possess by enrolled nurses is that they need to be accountable for their nursing actions and practising competently as per the legislation as per their knowledge and experience. They also possess specific skills in relation to learn technology and thus aids in improving the talent so that appropriate care could be provided to care users. Hence, learning proper skills and knowledge would be helpful for practising enrolled nurse so that they can carry out varied range of health care environments such as acute care, community care, mental health and aged care (Arsalani and et. al., 2014). Thus, gaining skills for working in all such care role helps them to get skilled talented. They undertake appropriate skills which helps them to handle the difficulties and issues of various patient so that health status of such people can be improved. However, an enrolled nurse with specific skills and knowledge could work in different environments i.e. acute care, community care, mental health and aged care. Here, needs of every patient is different and thus enrolled nurses could improve their skills through dealing with all such patients so that they can attain desired results in the future. It is essential for enrolled nurses to have skills, knowledge and competency so that they can underpin effective superior performance and thus perform professionally within HSC (Rajacich and et. al., 2013).

There are different health care environments such as acute care, community care, mental health and aged care etc. in which enrolled nurse can work in. Therefore, it would help in improving their overall skills and knowledge and thus enhance efficiency so that nursing practices could be carried out efficiently.

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It can be concluded from the study that nursing profession within HSC helps individuals, families and communities to improve their profession and thus attain success. Nurses are regarded as different from health care providers ad thus they need to be effectively trained so that better care facilities can be provided to them. Here, skills and knowledge of enrolled nurses should be efficient which would help them to improve their talent and competency so that they can work in different health care environments and render the best quality services to patients. Hence, obtaining effective skills and capabilities would result in improving their efficiency and attain overall results. Get nursing assignment help at Insatnt Assignment Help Australia. 

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