Core Compatibility and Functioning of Imperial college


Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) is an organized system that helps in the suitable growth of the development of an organization or enterprise by facilitating good planning of different resources and attributes within the firm. The main objective of a firm behind using the ERP modules is to improve the core compatibility and functioning of the organization, leading to rise in its compatibility. For the report, Imperial college, London is been taken in thought process (Rajan and Baral, 2015). It is a UK based educational firm. The report will cover the different business processes, its requirements, system requirements and details about software and vendor selection. Besides this three ways to utilize these technologies and level of efficiency is been analyzed along with the potential security risks, and data breaches attempts. Other than this, the guidelines is been presented in the report to mitigate such risk factors in an effective way.

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1. Define business processes

A business process is the activity that will help in the better growth and development of the business operations and meeting of the targeted goals and operations. An effective and better execution of the business operations and activities will help in the suitable rise in the operational capability of the organization by effectively combining them in a synchronized way. This may involve different activities associated with the respective business like shipping of finished goods, delivery of items, generating invoices, setting up of budgets, providing proper training to employees, recruitment etc. It is been processed within the firm to achieve a specific goals or targets. Imperial college, London will also see through various operations that will involve student’s admission process, enrollment, and examinations etc. using AIS/ERP model.

The business processes are either executed individually and separately or can be executed in a specific combination that will support a good management of the different business will help the firm to gain a good management of the business operations that will help in suitable rise in the various operations which will support a better fulfillment of the business activities that will support a good rise in the profitability and production efficiency of the organization. Other than this, the efficiency of the business process is largely dependent on the different activities and operations that will support a good increase in the effectiveness to utilize the different resources by the firm (Chou and, 2014).

2. Develop business requirements

The business requirements involve the needs and demands of an enterprise that are been required to be fulfilled in order to meet the business objectives and actions. This will help in the suitable rise in the operations and thus will support a good handling of the various business operations to effectively use the business resources and the cost effective planning approach that will support a good management of the business processes and thus will support a good rise in the capability and handling of the wide range of business operations. It will help the firm to manage its inventory and handle the wide range of the operations and meeting the targeted goals of the cited educational enterprise. The discovery of the business requirements and developing a strategic plan to meet them will help in suitable growth and development of the organization and thus will support a good rise in the compatibility of the organization in a better way.

For imperial college, the business requirement will be as follows:

Mission: The main mission of the firm is to improve the firm’s decision making and have a information system to manage the operations using the AIS/ERP.

Vision: To improve the efficiency of the firm in a better way using ERP modules.

Scope: It will help in identifying the feasibility of the firm and meeting of the targeted goals and operations of the company.

Constraints: The firm will look after the constraints that will help in the suitable rise in the risk factors that will help in better rise in the functional rise in the operations of the organization. Imperial college has to see through the better growth and development of the firm using the ERP module (Alcivar and Abad, 2016).

Solutions: It will involve the different operations of the organization that will support a good rise in the business activities that will support a better rise in the efficiency of cited educational firm that will involve the elements and measures to mitigate the risk or restrictions by the firm.

3. Determine the systems requirements

As the imperial college is the educational firm which requires managing its budgeting and requirements and having a good decision making over it. Besides this, the firm requires the proper usage of the software’s and hardware’s that will support a good rise in the functional requirements within the organization. The firm will see through the better management of this system or technical setup at the imperial college, London. The technical requirements are required to be fulfilled in order to ensure the proper management of the decision making process which will help in better rise in the operational functioning of the firm (Zach.,Munkvold. and Olsen, 2014). It will also help in improving the performance of the firm in a very effective way. Other than this, it will provide the suitable insight to the organization about the functional requirements of the firm. The system or technical requirements of the Imperial College, London is as follows:

Hardware requirements

Tools used

Systems used

Dell Server professional system


8 GB minimum


1 TB

Connectivity modes

Coaxial and LAN cables with wireless routers for connectivity.


Software requirements

Tools used

Server manager

Apache Tomcat

Operating System

Windows System/Linux OS/Ubuntu

Module used

MIS and DSS software of the AIS/ERP (from SAP)

4. Software and vendor selection

The Imperial College has to look after the proper measures and management of the skill set in order to select the rightful software and the vendor by the firm . The educational firm has to look after the better rise in the operations that will help in effective rise in the operational capability of the organization the organization will follow the following strategy that will help the organization to facilitate proper growth and development of the educational enterprise using the AIS/ERP model. Some major steps that will be followed for the selection of proper software vendor is:

Conducting proper conversations: The management of the firm and the IT officer will see through the better communication with the vendor to make him aware about the requirements of the organization and get the appropriate software suiting the feasibility, budget and functioning of the firm.

Fixation of the product and taking a trial: Before making the purchase and implementing the system, the educational organization will see through the better management of the trial of the selected software (Alcivar and Abad, 2016). This is been done to test the feasibility of the firm and find out the effectiveness and efficiency of the software at the organization. Once all the test are been run successfully, the product is been finalized.

Evaluation of people: The vendor will not only provide the software but will also look after the delivering of effective training to the employee’s so that they can perform the operations using the ERP software module.

As for the current organization, the vendor can offer a proper management information system like Odoo and Decision support system which is the modules of AIS/ERP system. This will help the firm to manage their various information’s, effectively decide their budget or investments and get appropriate output (Abdinnour and Saeed, 2015).

5. Determine at least three ways which companies or organizations utilize ERP technologies to improve business efficiency

Enterprise resources planning are the best method of making productive changes in the organization (Bradford, 2015). It is the overall process of making good implementation and more productive process of making good organization tools. These makes better potential and enlarge the process of working in more efficient manner. With the help of penetration of information technology in every day every sector requires best technologies system in their organization sector. Information technology is now become worldwide requirement of Imperial College London in order to meet the needs of the organization goals. Moreover, it is the fast growing sector which highly influenced by the technology.

This helps to reducing the clutter around our workplaces and has shifted focus to the core problems a diverse set of activities efficiency and cost effectively (Chae, Koh and Prybutok, 2014). It is the long lasting system which makes better decision making approach. ERP system helps education department to motivate better quality performance. ERP implementation and increases the time manifold. Whether, it includes one department or more than one department. It also reducing the role of human efforts and reduces the lead time. Education sector are all covered by the learning skills and new knowledge which starts from its cost effectiveness, to maintain the better performance of work. It also helps to make better curriculum and growth in the development of education sector. There are different ways which helps Imperial College London to make better education system and take up gradation as per the needs and requirement.

There are different ways for which education sector enhance their up gradation technology in order to meet the needs of the organization (Van Der Aalst, La Rosa and Santoro, 2016). Technology gives multiple opportunity and growth in order to meet the needs of organization needs. It helps to enhance the better opportunity and growth. Automation process will make system more flexible and challenging for the new development. It enhances the business efficiency level. For making business activities more productive they needs to adopt two technologies of ERP in order to invest in productive areas such as MIS Management information system and Decision support system. Therefore, there are explaining some ways through Imperial College London can easily stable their information system and business efficiency level.

Monitor Employee Progress: Business productivity software solution allows supervisors and other managers can easily makes better control power to enhance or track the employee’s activity. Besides, this process also helps to monitor the faculties actual performance in terms of student learning’s. This helps to bring new advance technology and growth in terms of better decision making approach. This is the overall process of making good goals and target market goals and good process of working. This software ensures the progress or work of making good task oriented process (Nwankpa, 2015). ERP software and Management information system can easily make the better opportunity and growth.

Keep team members on the same page: Education system has been grown up from last few years. It has been seen that, education is the foremost sector which grab technology in rapid manner to enhance the more opportunity and growth in the sector. It makes good advantages in order to meet the needs of the organization or productive outcomes. Nowadays, big institute has generated employee portals to ensure their each and individual working as per the day. This system or software helps Imperial College London to make decision against unproductive employees. This process will also locate the departments according to the needs and growth of the college.

Foster Communication and problem solving: It is another way through Imperial College can easily enhance their business efficiency level among all their competitors. MIS system and Decision system support system can easily enables or connect people from each other’s for better communication level (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). It makes better communication process in order to meet the needs of organization. Information technology can make better communication process to generate new targets and making good relationship with the employees for making better opportunity growth. This helps to enhance best opportunity growth for education sector. It helps to provides centralized location which allows a more open environment. It helps to enable employees to understand organization vision. This process or method helps to creates synergy as well as engaged employees in order to enhance the productivity among the company development.

6. Evaluate the level of efficiency of the technology implementation

Today’s world is already nominated as a digitalized realm with advanced set of people believes in the use of progressive technologies and systems to adopt a practical lifestyle with no compromise in terms of technology (ERP in Education: The pros and cons of ERP implementation in education, 2015). Also, the computers are nowadays specified to be a universal need of individuals that take them towards betterment. Education is one such aspect where the use of computers has concretely altered their system of delivering knowledge. Other than the adoption of several learning techniques such as smart classrooms and online courses, etc., the technology has truly simplified this entire system that is till now responsible to handle plentiful things.

ERP refers to one such technical feature that has clearly revolutionized the management procedures of today’s educational institutes. This is not only apparent to assist them into a better and smooth flow of their undertaken operations but has together helped them to get more manageable and transparent. Herein, it is with a special context of the chosen educational institute named Imperial College London where the adoption of ERP system is not referred to be a newly originated notion. It was used by many big corporations in some major industrial sector with a concern of facilitating their administrative practices. The developing technology with an extensive demand of computing concepts has resulted in a rising popularity of ERP solutions.

This section is to discuss upon the efficiency level of the implemented technologies with a main consideration of ERP implementation. There together exist some other vital facets of an ERP system called EMIS and DSS as 2 vital types of ERP. EMIS also termed as educational management information system and is one of the most efficient tools to be used in the process of decision making. It mainly consists of 3 main terms called management, information and system that in turn define its significance of handling the 3 major bodies of an organization. This is with a similar aspect of Imperial College London which uses both MIS and DSS as 2 informative means (Kulkarni and et. al., 2015). It is with a vital concern of getting a collectively stored data to further take efficient work related decisions. Decision making being the most integral part of all sorts of entities necessitates the managers to take suitable decisions at an appropriate time period. This is only possible when the managers are getting right amount of information at the right time with a main concern of combating an intense state of competition in the market. For which, DSS as the decision support system is also of paramount importance.

The ERP system is known to be beneficial in terms of enhancing the higher education system of Imperial College London and is evident to result into below listed benefits-

  • Automated admissions- This is most basic use of ERP system in education system that duly eradicates the manual procedures by enabling the potential students to apply online through a support portal that is being provided to them. This not only saves a significant amount of time of the staff members but also results in producing productive results from them.
  • A single stop access- This is yet another vital assistance of an ERP system that helps the Imperial College to permit their students to register and pay online, directly through the portal.
  • Streamlined management of records- This is basically to maintain all necessary data in a single system with a single digital record for all students (Seethamraju, 2015). It greatly supports the colleges having more than a single campus to find or retrieve the student’s data from wherever they want to.
  • Engaging the faculty- It is also stated to be an effective tool for engaging the staff members where they can also access a personalized portal of their own to enter or update student’s grades by timely accessing other related information’s as well.
  • An effective management of resources- This gives a more transparent outlook of work to the educational institutes like Imperial College where they can easily manage their funds as well as other related information to process more precisely.
  • A strengthened decision making process-Thisis basically to tract those metrics that are required to operate the daily functions by together meeting the reporting necessities and engaging with the institute and its associated members(Ptak and Schragenheim, 2016).

7. Examine potential security risks, data breaches

One common component that succeeds an ERP system is an ultimate aspiration of providing comprehensive solution with likely alternatives to manage both financial as well as operational considerations (Feng and et. al., 2016). It is also very comprehensive due to some of its core benefits that assist in an effective dissemination of information, all across the network by eliminating costly and problematic maintenance of incorporations by together accelerating the competency of the firm. Although, it together consists of some major security as well as information related risks, which are as stated below-

  • Outdated and unverified software can result into crashes and integration related issues- It is basically on pointing out the most common concern of updating the systems at work where an outmoded system becomes unsupportive and in turn crashes the entire system. This leads to a vital loss of stored information by negatively affecting the institute managing the ERP.
  • Inadequate reporting ability can result into external reportage with a damage of information control- This indicates the lack of functionality that resultantly hinders the use of accessible tools in the system(Sudhaman and Thangavel, 2015). As a result to which, the users are forced to reinstate to more user friendly tools such as Access and Excel to hold certain critical data where these tools are actually external to ERP systems and thus causes violation of data.
  • Late updates can result into software susceptibilities- This is basically to operate the most updated version of ERP and avoid the traditional ERP systems to stop getting late updates. An ERP system which is not running on the basis of modern advancements is apparent to result in software vulnerabilities with an easy access to the hackers to retrieve some critical information from the system.

8. Provide guidelines on how these risks could be mitigated

In order to mitigate the ERP risk Imperial College needs to acquire some essential requirements and process to make the better resources and decision making approach. The main purpose of the organization is that to integrate the system of internal and external communications and decision making across an enterprise. It gives more challenging and opportunity growth in terms of making good things and process. Overall, Imperial college must be ensuring the proper implementation of the system while implementing the overall system.

Timelines and project scheduling: It is the first cure to mitigate the information technology risk factor from the organization system. Many organizations sometimes underestimate the resources of an effective ERP system (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). Therefore, it can be the reason of failure of plan which creates risk and adverse reaction on the employees or on the overall education system. For that, Imperial College needs to set the company milestones and objectives in order to achieve timely in efficient manner. This helps to mitigate the risk factors from the overall functioning.

Managing Process of technology change Associated with ERP implementation: It is another cure to mitigate the ERP risk factor. That is managing the system which is associated with the implementation process. It is another process of working which makes better advancing growth in order to reduce the risk factor. Overall, an organization needs to specify the target and manage all required functions in order to meet the needs of the organization.

Functional area involvement: Another risk in implementing an ERP system is the lack of involvement from cross functional areas. Therefore, according to the other authors it has been seen that responsibility of making decision making regarding the business process must be ensuring while implementing the overall process. Furthermore, all organization needs to retain talented employees in order to implement the information technology on education sector in highly implemented manner to get best outcomes and growth oriented activities. This is the method through Imperial College can mitigate the risk.

Technical Risk: It is another risk which required reducing in order to ensure the best running process. Technical issues are generally broad and enlarge. However, organization always implements ERP in less customized manner (Bradford, 2015). Besides, it is required to be more standardizing for ERP inevitable. According to the organizations and thoughts, it has been said that education sector needs to align with the systems to developed lifecycle to counteract this risk.

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The above report has discoursed upon the undertaken ERP procedures of a well-known educational institute in London, named Imperial College. It has primarily identified its business related procedures by together determining their business as well as system related requirements to further consider the approaches of vendor selection. Followed by which, 3 distinct ways were recognized to utilize the ERP system for enhancing the undertaken business system. Lastly, the efficiency level of the ERP system was evaluated by considering to its other related systems and types with likely risks related to security and information related violations, etc. This was done with the purpose of providingrelevant set of guidelines to lessen down the identified risks.

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