Operations and Project Management


Project Management is an area of practice which emphasises upon completion and management of a certain project. This activity is of vital importance to gain assurance of successful accomplishments of various operations as well as project (What is Project Management?, 2019). It undertakes initiation, effective planning, systematic execution as well as monitoring and management of all the aspects of a specific task.

The following report consists of inception and execution of a project surrounding Dyson, which is one of the most popular and crucial company within the UK dealing in home appliances. The current project has the firm moving in Large Screen Television Market with minimum screen size of 58 inches. The assignment covers review and critique of implementation of operations management principles, preparation of continuous improvement plan, application of PLC to the television project and review and critique of effectiveness of PLC using various different techniques and theories.

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Review and Critique of Operations Management Principles

Operations Management is the overall planning and implementation of various organisational procedures concerning production and other activities of a company (Xu, Ma and Ding, 2014). For Dyson, such management is very crucial as it would increase its capabilities to utilise each resource like labour or material in the most optimal way possible. Another advantage of operations management is that it assists in enhancing the overall productivity of an organisation. There are various methodologies and principles which could be helpful for Dyson in its Large Screen Television production. These methodologies and principles are briefly reviewed below: 

Six Sigma:

This methodology incepted from a certain mathematical theory back in 19th Century. It is currently being used effectively by major mainstream organisations as a regular practice in their business. This is because the sole agenda of this method is to increase the effectiveness of organisations' processes and its services and products. Six Sigma deconstructs the overall manufacturing process down to its important aspects and its major goal is to improvise the commodities offered by any company (Wu, 2012). It has various methodologies, namely DMAIC and DMADV. While the former is considered with improving existing offerings of the company, the latter is considered while developing a new product (Sears and et. al., 2015). For Televisions developed by Dyson, the firm would adopt the latter approach which is mentioned below:

  • Define: The first process of this methodology defines the goals and objectives of a project and various customer deliverables. It is the most crucial aspect as it helps in initialisation of the project and give it necessary standards beforehand. Dyson could appropriately determine customer needs effectively.
  • Measure: The second stage of this methodology requires Dyson to appropriately measure the required capabilities of its televisions and specifications for collection of vital information for the project.
  • Analyse: The third step requires Dyson to analyse the overall manufacturing procedure in ways which gives utmost assurance to the company to adopt processes which satisfy buyer demands effectively.
  • Design: After analysis, the company must design the process as per customer needs this step also requires Dyson to test these details as per the needed standards.
  • Verify: In this last step, the organisation must ensure verification in the design via pilot programs and stimulations as per needs of buyers. 

Critique of Six Sigma Implementation:

  • Six Sigma approach is very crucial for organisation to be applied accurately or else, Dyson might experience more shortcomings than benefits. Despite of being customer-oriented, this principle is not quite adaptable and flexible.
  • Entire process is taken into consideration rather than the development of the product. However, despite such factor, it limits the inclusion of creativity and discourage innovation in the process and methods (Verzuh, 2015). 

Lean Principles:

This principle is focused absolutely upon minimisation of waste without any compromise on the productivity. The major concern of these principles is upon eradication of inconsistencies of any sort. Performance of each resource is taken into consideration and the overall agenda of these principles is to derive maximum value in production processes and offerings of an organisation. There are various principles of lean which could be very well contributing to development of Televisions by Dyson. These are reviewed as under:

  • Value Defining: Just like Six Sigma, the first principle of lean considers defining buyer value (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017). For this, Dyson must analyse the current trends and immediate market needs for its Large Screen TVs. There are various methods like questionnaires, interviews, etc. which could assist Dyson in deciphering what customers seek and consider valuable.
  • Mapping of Value Stream: In this stage, Dyson must consider buyer value as the most important aspect and determine all the tasks and operations that fulfil in accomplishment of these values. In this, only those activities are included which contributes to maximising the value. All those processes, resources and tasks are removed which fails to provide customer value or limits their scope.
  • Creating Flow: All the resources, material and labour are aligned in this stage to determine and establish a workflow regarding completion of project, in Dyson's case, development of Large Screen TVs. All the necessary steps are carved out and standards are set along with reconfiguration of production stages which contributes in creation of a contributing stream. Dyson must also train their employees effectively regarding new equipments and technologies to enhance their performance effectiveness.
  • Pull Establishment: Production system is effectively analysed which is essential for to minimise the work in progress resources. This step is very crucial for Dyson to in order to complete the whole development of televisions within the set time schedule and its timely delivery.
  • Pursuing Perfection: This principle of lean is solely based on ensuring perfect standards for every aspect of the television development whether it is resource or performance of employees (Rolstadås and et. al., 2014).

Critique of implementation of Lean Principles:

  • These principles could enhance capabilities of Dyson through which it could gain competitive advantage. However, it might induce internal frustrations in employees seeing that it discourages inconsistencies.
  • In case Dyson employees equipments that enhances the production per day and reduce overall cost of production, it would however depend on the demand of their products which might cause wastage of televisions not being sold.

Total Quality Management:

TQM or Total Quality Management is a technique and procedure that could assist Dyson to achieve topmost quality of their televisions. Apart from the product, TQM also helps employees to ensure that their performances are competent and as per organisational standards. Thus, Dyson could use this methodology to achieve utmost quality in its televisions and its development processes. best assignment writing services in sydney

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