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Kolb's learning cycle is well known theory that assists in reflecting experience of individual (What is Kolb’s Learning Cycle?, 2015). Present report will discuss my own reflection with the help of Kolb's learning theory. I will describe personal goal of mine and my own experience.


Kolb's learning cycle

It consists for stages; experience, reflection, plan and conceptualisation.  In stage 1 of experience person has to share its experience from the learning (Chen, Shah and Brechtelsbauer, 2016). In the second phase thinking of what have been done, in conceptualise stage individual interpreted whether goal have been achieved or not. In the last planning stage person actively test the hypotheses and try to achieve goal of individual (Wang and Chugh, 2014).

Personal Goal:

  • My primary goal is to become the senior medical director in the Hoffmann-La Roche company.
  • To enhance my knowledge about medicines and health care sector.
  • To provide excellent care services to patients and to improve services of health care sector.

Key principals of working in heath and well being sector are such as:


Individual who is working in the HSC needs to ensure that person behave well with patients (Riding, and Rayner, 2013).


Medical professional has to behave equal with all so that individual can treat them well and can improve their well being (Delves and, 2017).


Health care practitioners needs not to take side in a conflict. These are three major principal of working in health care sector (Flores-Guzmán, Fernández-Sánchez. and Mayani, 2013).

I did my nursery for 3 days and then I got placement in the pharmacy company.

Experience: When I was working in the hospital then I realised that some doctors are not treating well to patients and they are giving them medicines without examine them properly. Principal of HSC states that medical professional has to follow humanities. But senior practitioners were shouting at poor patients (Demirkan, 2016). People have to wait for longer period for getting the right treatment. Though there are some good doctors as well those who are performed their duties well. After that I got placement in the pharmacy, where I learned may things about compositions of medicine ingredients. I got to know which chemical is better for particular disease. It was the amazing experience for me and I became able to improve my technical skills. I learned about key principles of working in health care sector and I have adopted these principles in my life so that I can become good senior medical director in the Hoffmann-La Roche company.

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Reflection: While working in the pharmacy firm my communication skill has been improved to great extent (Aura. and, 2016). I had to communicate with seniors and they suggested me patients needs and how I have to behave with them. By this way I became able to identify the requirements of the users and By this way my objective of providing them excellent care services can be fulfilled easily. While working doing my nursery I learned many things about perception of people and common problems that turn into big disease after certain time duration. This experience have helped me in achieving my goal of increasing knowledge about medical and health care sector. While working in the pharmaceutical firm I did not improve my professional skill to great extent that is why I needed more training so that I can become a successful senior medical director in the Hoffmann-La Roche company.

Conceptualisation is the phase of Kolb's learning which comes after reflection phase. In this individual has to generate hypotheses about own experience and learning. It was observed my me that I need to improve professional skills in me so that I can treat patients well and can fulfil my responsibilities effectively (Medvinsky and Livesey, 2015).  I have observed that my communication, technical skills have been improved significantly and now I have good knowledge about health care and pharmacy sector (Lavery, 2016). But my goal is to become senior medical director in the multinational pharmaceutical organization for that I have to develop more knowledge and experience so that I can provide excellent care services to patients. I communicated well during my placement in the pharmacy company and I become able to understand patients needs, importance of right medicine and chemical compositions. This helped me in improving my knowledge so hat I can perform well in the health care industry. But I will have to work on increasing professionalism in me. In addition, I have less knowledge about legislation of medical field. Data protection act is great law which describes that privacy needs to be maintained. I will have to gather good information so that I can protect data of users.  By enhancing my knowledge about this also I will be able to work legally and ethically. I observed that to perform well in the health care sector it is essential to follow legal guidelines and to adopt key principals of HSC.

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Plan: it is the phase which is also known as active experimentation stage.  In this phase individual has to plan the activities in order to test the hypotheses (What is Kolb’s Learning Cycle?, 2015). I have to develop my professional skills and also I will have to gain more experience so that I can get better practical knowledge about the medicine field. For hat I will need to continuously communicate with the seniors so that they can share their experience with me. It will help in developing my knowledge to great extent. I will have to read internet articles and have to search good frequently so that I can gather in depth information about chemical composition and discuss the same thin g with my immediate seniors. It will help me in providing excellent medical treatment to patients.


From the above report it can be concluded that my communication and technological skills are good and I can follow the principal of humanity well.  I have to work on improving my knowledge on data protection and several other legislation so that I can work ethically in the organization and can accomplish my personal goal soon.

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