Holistic Therapy

Introduction To Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is referred to as taking holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances. This is required for the purpose of living more balanced lifestyle. Holistic therapy aims at addressing all the parts of individual. It not only covers physical aspect but also includes mental health and wellness, emotional well-being as well as spiritual beliefs and values. The role of holistic therapy is critical in determining the personal power of the person. In the present study, Yoga for pregnant women has been discussed with respect to orthodox health care setting. Pregnancy is considered amazing experience and for this Yoga has been recognized as an effective tool for the purpose of easing birth (Rakhshani and, 2010). The report includes reason because of which therapy has been recommended. Further, it includes benefits of therapy and ethical consideration while implementing it.

Explanation to why the therapy is recommended

About holistic therapy

The term holistic therapy can be defined in various ways. Its focus is on how physical, spiritual, emotional and mental elements of person can be interconnected for the purpose of maintaining health (Alexander, 2012). The therapy has been recommended as it is recovery treatment that addresses the needs of whole person that includes his body, mind as well as spirit. Holistic therapy is of great importance as it does not have any kind of side effects on one's body. This is because the therapy emphasize heavily on natural treatment rather than depending upon pharmaceutical ones in treating patient for illness. There are various types of holistic therapy including Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Chiropractics, Tai Chi, Herbalism, Hypnosis, Light Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Meditative Technique, Yoga and Ayurveda.

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About yoga

The role of Yoga is of great importance in treating the mind, spirit and body of an individual. For this reason, this has been recommended so that greater assistance can be provided to the patients suffering for illness (Beckman and Quesne, 2005). Yoga is into to existence from longer term as it has greater role in managing high blood pressure, treat depression and anxiety. In addition to this it assists in regaining strength after prolonged illness or injury (Using Yoga Therapy as a Holistic Healing Technique, 2012).

Explaining why the Yoga for pregnant women is recommended

There is greater importance of practising yoga for the women during pregnancy. This is because it assists in developing stamina as well as strength. As the baby grows within the body, more energy and strength is required in carrying out the weight. Yoga acts as a boon in strengthening the hips, arms, shoulder and back of women during pregnancy. In orthodox health care settings where there is use of medicine, the treatment can be provided by holistic therapy like Yoga wherein the pregnant women can be taught new set of skills in order to deal with real problems during pregnancy (Sulochana Gunasheela, and Samsthana, 2005). Furthermore yoga in pregnancy helps in calming the nervous system. Through deep breathing the nervous system is transferred into the mode of parasympathetic that is responsible for relaxation. In this mode the digestion system operates in effective manner and this result in strengthening immune system. Moreover this makes digestive system of pregnant women stronger. Yoga facilitates in relieving tension with respect to lower back, hips, upper back, shoulder as well as neck. As the baby develops more stress is put on particular group of muscles. Thus by practising yoga such can be removed in an effective manner. This has been determined that by mere counselling, one cannot be recovered. In holistic treatment, the pregnant women are offered Yoga that is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety as well as depression (Bowers, 2005). Further, this can be used at orthodox health care setting in order to cure the issues faced by women during pregnancy. As person is referred to as body, mind as well as spirit, thus holistic therapy makes use of nutritional education, massage, healthy diet and exercise for the purpose of promoting wellbeing. Thus, there is huge importance of Yoga for pregnant women at orthodox health care setting because of which it has been recommended.

Benefits achieved in other settings

Holistic therapy like Yoga for pregnant women plays an effective role in providing effectual care during and after pregnancy. Yoga is holistic discipline that makes use of power of mind in order to assist healing. Other than orthodox heath care setting, it can be widely used for the purpose of curing issues that are faced by pregnant women (Dragos, 2009). This therapy is life style approach which aims at curing all the parts of body including physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being as well as spiritual beliefs and values. Holistic treatment is into more of lifestyle of the individual and identifies the imbalances that may result in causing negative effect to one's health. The major benefit of holistic treatment like Yoga in pregnancy is related to body knowledge. Yoga acts as effective tool that becomes familiar with the body. By carrying it out on regular basis focus is gained on various areas of body that facilitates specifically during birth of child. Further, the whole being of the person is important part of the treatment (Dwivedi and Kumar, 2007). There are certain benefits of holistic therapy such as Yoga that is it assists pregnant women in getting quicker relief from pain. Moreover, it also facilitates the women in improving overall general health. Yoga has major benefit of understanding the need for well-balanced lifestyle. It has greater assistance in improving unnecessary medication and surgery (Benefits of Holistic Massage, 2015).

Another major benefit of Yoga during pregnancy is in mood moderation. For women yoga triggers feelings of relaxation as well as well-being. Thus it makes the pregnant women calm. Such treatment emphasizes on strengthening and creating flexibility in the women's body (Gould, 2004). Mental disorders during pregnancy such as depression as well as anxiety can be easily resolved with the assistance of yoga. Thus, it has been believed that role of holistic treatment is effective in treating women during pregnancy in the most effective manner. Further, Yoga has several other benefits such as increase energy, improving mobility, enhancing skin, balancing digestive system and strengthens the immune system. Yoga for pregnant women results in increasing the blood flow that has major benefit in nourishing the tissues and encourages healing. Further, it brings improvement in circulation of pregnant women.

Comparison of other models of health care

There is existence of various models of health care that assist in curing the sufferings of women during pregnancy. One of the models is orthodox therapy wherein the use of medicines is made in order to treat the issues faced in pregnancy. In this model, specific treatment is offered to the women in curing from the issues faced during and after pregnancy. Under this, specific medicines are provided to the pregnant women so that there sufferings can be treated effectively. On the contrary, like Yoga aims at curing the entire body pain and also have influence on the whole body of the pregnant women (Gould, 2005). The speciality of orthodox treatment is that it looks closer and closer into the problems that are faced by women during pregnancy. This helps in understanding the nature of the problem. Various technologies are used in order to diagnose the problem effectually

Another model is related to complementary therapy. It is medicine that supports orthodox medicine and attempts to cure sufferings while as well as after pregnancy. In addition to this, it supports patient's quality of life but the role of doctor is carrying out business of treating women who are pregnant. Complementary therapy is an approach that is related to patient care (Majorek, Tüchelmann and Heusser, 2004). It does not get into the root the issue rather it just analyse the particular issue faced by pregnant women and provides treatment accordingly. On the other hand, in case of holistic therapy such as Yoga the root of the issue is diagnosed and then treatment is provided. This has impact on the overall body of pregnant women rather than treating specific part of the body. Through this, pregnant women can get relieved from stress and depression. This might not be in case of complementary therapy that might have adverse impact on the body of individual (Paddon, 2008). The role of holistic therapy like yoga has been increasing greatly as with this, effective treatment can be provided to the pregnant women regarding the issues relating to entire body.

Brief discussion of the therapy

It has been believed that active prenatal and postpartum lifestyle is crucial for the evolution of healthy mother as well as baby. With the emergence of yoga unique needs of pregnant women can be satisfied. Yoga therapy may be defined as treatment of individual that possess needs that are physical, social and spiritual in nature. The modern medicines aim treating physical symptoms. This reflects that aspect of individual care is missing. Prenatal yoga assists in preparing the women physically and emotionally for childbirth (Narendran and, 2005). The process of redressing the imbalance is the major aim of Yoga therapy. Traditional yoga can be used for the purpose of managing high blood pressure, treating depression and anxiety within pregnant women. Further it assists in regaining strength after child's birth. Yoga poses assist in creating strength, stability as well as comfort that guides the body towards opening. It assist in reducing stress and help the pregnant women in reducing stress as well as common ailments related to pregnacy such as back ache and fluid retention. Pregnant women not only possess physical symptoms but require treatment to relief entire body (Stemple, 2005). Thus, the treatment that individually or collectively aims at treating the entire body of a person is much more beneficial. This has positive impact on the women during pregnancy as it energizes the immune system of the pregnant lady in effective manner.

Yoga is beneficial as it assist the pregnant women in breathing deeply and relaxing. This further helps in handling the physical demands of labor, birth as well as motherhood. The benefits of yoga are not limited to physical wellbeing but they facilitate the pregnant women in meeting their other set of needs. The practice of yoga facilitates in preparing mind and body of pregnant women for labor as well as birth (Ventegodt and, 2004). The postures of yoga are gentle ways of keeping the body active. In addition to this it assist in reducing common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and constipation. Yoga therapy facilitates in making sure easier labor and it smooths delivery by relieving tension across the cervix and birth canal. This is carried out by opening the pelvis. Yoga is considered to be complementary and alternative therapy. But the practitioners of holistic have unproven such methods to treating issues during pregnancy. Holistic methods are gaining importance for mainstream care and they can be used effectively with standard treatment or preventive care.

There are several types of Yoga therapy that can be practised in order to cure the problems that are being faced by pregnant women. The practices and treatments includes Sukhasana, Shoulder lifts, Bhramari, Konasana, Trikonasana, YogNidra, Gentle Butterfly, Veerbhadrasana, Ujjayni breathing, Cat pose as well as Full yogic breathing (Types of Yoga and its benefits, 2015). Such therapies have effective role in reducing the stress and depression with the patient and thus assists in curing the whole body during pregnancy. These therapies increase the mental wellbeing and assist people in dealing with various situations that can be faced in pregnancy. Further, it also aids the women in getting early recovery after birth of child. Thus, its role can be greatly viewed not only in treating physical health but it also improves the mental well-being of the pregnant women.

Legal and ethical consideration

There are certain ethical and legal issues faced while giving treatment to the patient. This has been believed that the therapy cannot be used alone and thus it is required to provide conventional medical care along with it. If such is not take off then this might result in serious health consequences that might result in occurrence of other health hazards within pregnant women. In addition to this there is ethical consideration to Yoga therapy which implies that the treatment might depend on one person to another (Ventegodt and, 2004). There is greater possibility that the disease of one person can be treated with a particular therapy can result in same outcomes in another. In case the use of therapy is not suited then such might result in serious consequences that can affect the whole body of the individual.

Another ethical and legal consideration that has to be given is in relation to training of giver of Yoga therapy. It is important that Yoga therapist possess adequate knowledge regarding the treatment that can be effective in curing the problems that are faced during pregnancy (Ventegodt and 2006). In case of absence of sufficient knowledge the therapy might be given in wrong way which can result in causing severe health hazards to women during pregnancy. It is important the care giver knows the complete knowledge of the symptoms and the ways in which they can be treated in order to ensure effective treatment of the pregnant women. There needs to be informed consent in order to ensure ethical and legal consideration (Ventegodt, Andersen and Merrick, 2003). This implies that proper information regarding the therapy that is being used in treatment needs to be provided to women or her family members. This is essential because in case if anything goes wrong then the members of family might not legally claim on the therapist on not informing them through therapy of Yoga for pregnant women. There is major concern regarding the use of holistic treatment alone. Proper supervision of the Yoga therapy is essential in order to make sure that treatment in carried out in effective manner, otherwise this might result in causing severe health related consequences in pregnant women.

Ways in which services would be offered and developed

Yoga concept is distinct from the concept of alternative medicine. This is because it holds all the aspects of the women with special context to pregnancy. The health care practitioner offers Yoga therapy to the pregnant women so that they can be cured from the sufferings. The role of holistic approach is effective providing treatment to the whole body rather than providing care to the specific illness. It has been determined that Yoga therapy can be effectively provided by the practitioners or therapist who have completed knowledge of the field. This is necessary so that effective services can be offered to pregnant women and this might result in enhancing the health outcome (Ventegodt Kandel and Merrick, 2005). It is important to treat the women during pregnancy not only for the sufferings but for self. For instance practitioner might give advice to the women to practice yoga regularly in order to improve their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. This can be added by social support and counseling to a greater extent. Further it can also be suggested by other therapist to make use of botanical supplements or complementary therapies that includes hypnosis, imagery, meditation, Yoga, prayer as well as psychotherapy.

The Yoga therapy has to be given to the patient largely depends on the status of the pregnant women. The focus of the therapy is to benefit the women after pregnancy too. Postnatal yoga is given after six months of birth. It assists in strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles (Satyapriya and, 2009). Further it facilitates in getting back the pre pregnancy shape faster. The exercises during pregnancy assist in boosting the blood circulation. Holistic therapy such as Yoga can be offered in the environment that gives relaxation to the women. This implies the place where the pregnant women can feel free from stress and depression.

Ways in which referrals would be made and by whom

The referrals regarding the use of therapy can be made by health care practitioner, Yoga therapist, nurses as well as the pregnant women who have earlier gained benefits after using the holistic therapy like Yoga. The women who are suffering from issues during pregnancy can get better insight to the root or the cause of problem with the assistance of such therapy (Ventegodt, Kandel and Merrick, 2009). This is because its solutions are not temporary rather it aims at improving the overall wellbeing of the pregnant women. This has been believed that referrals can effectively made by the person who has got treatment for illness through the use of therapy. This is because they can provide effective knowledge regarding the benefits that can be gained by the use of the therapy. Further the flaws in the use and the issues faced can also be discussed by them as they have experienced the treatment in reality.

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It has been determined that referral can be effectively made by Yoga therapist as they provide such services to the pregnant ladies on regular basis. Thus they know which type of therapy has to be provided and to whom (Why Holistic Treatment Should be Considered When Choosing a Rehab Facility, 2015). With the assistance of this the pregnant women can gain trust and ready to get treatment of the sufferings through yoga therapy. Further the therapist can effectively provide information regarding the things that needs to be avoided while taking the therapy. Thus this would assist the pregnant women in getting saved from the harmful effects that might have occurred due to negligence of the instruction. It is very important for the practitioner to disclose each and every information regarding the therapy so that pregnant women may not face any trouble while and after treatment.


It can be concluded from the study that role of yoga therapy is greatly viewed in enhancing the overall health of the women during pregnancy. The therapy is of great importance as it has not side effects rather it assist the person in getting out from the situation of illness. There is existence of various practices and treatments of holistic that includes sukhasana, shoulder lifts, bhramari, konasana, trikonasana, yognidra, gentle butterfly, veerbhadrasana, ujjayni breathing, cat pose as well as full yogic breathing. In addition to this the use of therapy has several benefits such as it energizes one's immune system and increase the mental wellbeing of pregnant women.


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