Negative Impact Related To Gambling In United Kingdom

Research Report Of Gambling

Research Report Of Gambling is comprehensive way for producing a project as this covers entire information about the subject matter. The present research report has been made on the investigation based on gambling and its negativity and positivity impact on society. In such context, I was made a research on gambling over the internet and will be emphasizing on aims and objectives of the study, it’s rational and the factors that contributes in completing the research successfully (Rosenbloom and Dimitrova, 2011). Similarly literature review will be made and for that a specific plan will be made with some research questions. In methodology part, specific approaches and philosophies will be considered so that to get towards the results as per the mentioned deadlines. Appropriate research techniques regarding the gambling have been taken into account so as to get support in further processes. The study will be presented in appropriate manner and moreover outcomes will be presenting through proper modes of communication.

Overview Of The Study And Research Question

To achieve objective to attain better knowledge and information it is significant to use various sources for research. By this deep information will be gained on the topic of research which will also help in attaining sound inferences from it. Moreover by using several sources for research objective will be easily attained and valid conclusion can be drawn. For addressing the question framed in research report it is mandatory to concentrate on factors of gambling along with its legal aspects (Types of gambling. 2014). In modern era there is crucial role of gambling in international market and share of it is continuously increasing. There are several key resources which can be used by researchers by which deep insight on the topic of project can be attained. Both primary and secondary data will be used for the research.

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Journal and magazines are important sources from which facts can be collected by researcher about the gambling and its trends. Knowledge can be easily gained by researcher which will be sufficient for theoretical aspect of this topic (Chapman and Getzen, 2011). In UK several types of activities of gambling are governed which are slot machines, lottery, Scratch cards, poker, sports betting, racing etc. Present research report will incorporate these activities. Except journal and magazines, books will also be used for attaining knowledge of history of gambling.

Importance Of The Study

As per online articles on Gambling anonymous and gambling commission which was published in 2014 there are appropriate laws in all aspects to govern such activities.

According to the analysis done by the Guardian in last year it was found that northern, urban cities and London boroughs has four times higher rate comparatively to other areas. As per survey of gambling commission which was conducted on 4000 adults it was held that bingo and lottery draws are most popular form of gambling. Book of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain had explained adverse impact of gambling on society and they described such activities should be restricted for social benefits. Previous research and study shows that many persons who participate in activities of gambling are because of recreation or to earn income. It also involves variation in chemistry of brain (Burns, Burns, and Burns 2008). Over engagement are such speculative activities creating addiction which is physiologically harmful. Schedule of reinforcement may also make gambler persist even after continuous losses. Range of other problems is also faced by individuals that re drug and alcohol. It becomes reason of their mental illness which is said to be “Co-Morbid” relationships. Similarly in other studies it was concluded that addiction of gambling leads to problem of drug and alcoholism, criminal behavior, homeliness etc.

Proposed Time Scale

  • Creation of proposal of research: After reading several articles about gambling I decided to write about negative and positive aspects of the gambling in the UK society. Once I choose the topic I outline the main aim and objectives of the research.
  • Drafting of aims and objectives: Write down the aims and objectives of the research and the research question which is: What are the negative and positive impacts of gambling on society?
  • Review of various previous literature and research: Read through the literature on this topic from the internet sources.
  • Drafting of literature review: Write the literature reviews that are most significant for this topic.
  • Drafting of research methodology: Write about methodology and the steps which I will take during this stage.
  • Collection of the primary and secondary data: Read about secondary data and write it down. Write about how the primary data will be collected.
  • Framing questionnaire: Writing down the questionnaire.
  • Arrange the interview for survey for collection of primary data: Talk to some people to agree to complete the questionnaires and arrange a time to meet them.
  • Conduction of the interview (questionnaire): Give the people questionnaire to complete.
  • Compiling of collected data: Take the data from questionnaire in Excel
  • Analysis of data collected: Analyze the data from Excel and draw graphs.
  • Drafting of Findings: Write down the findings of the research and compare them.
  • Recommendation and limitations of the research: Write down the recommendations for this research and the conclusion of the study.
  • Completion of the remaining chapters: Improve the work done until now adding more information where needed.
  • Submission of work to supervisor for feedback: Given to lecturer for feedback and take notes.
  • Revision and modification of the draft: Check the spellings, make modification as the supervisor asked and amend last details.
  • Submission: submit the draft on e-learning account.

Literature review

In this part of the project efforts will be given by researcher to attain in depth knowledge to the subject matter of research report. Gambling in UK is regulated by gambling commission. They are authorized by government for this purpose (Bernard, 2006). Gambling is important part of the economy of UK and plays crucial role in area of taxation. Duty on Betting was charges as 6.75% which was further replaced by rate of 15% which will be applied on gross profit. There is planned modification in this policy which will be applied in 2014 for the taxation of remote gambling. According to author of An Economic and Social History of Gambling in Britain and the USA activities of gambling is running from ancient times. More people participate in it to show their royalty or to earn profits. As per Shehu gambling operations are predicted as operations of money laundering. Book of Problem Gambling in Europe: Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions describe gambling cause’s lots of issue. It has negative impact on ethical and social consideration of society. Littler and Fijnaut authorized a book on regulations of gambling in which they explained laws and convections of UK which governs activities of gambling. In their research gambling is considered as ethical activity which is legalized by law.

There is a growing body of work examining the risk factors associated with young people’s pathological gambling (e.g. Derevensky & Gupta 2004c). Moody (1989) claims increasing numbers of young people are seeking help from Gamblers Anonymous. Indeed, GamCare ( states that the Blackpool’s (a gambling oriented town) Youth Offending Team has identified 20% of its caseload to be suffering negative consequences as a result of gambling dependency (cited in May-Chahal et al. 2004).

The major positive and negative impact of gambling is related to economic factors. According to American gaming associations the taxes and revenues collected from casinos always helps in ensuring the development of infrastructure and education within the country. People spent millions and casino’s pay taxes to government. It could be treated as major positive impact of gambling. The social impacts of gambling are also very much helpful with a view of improving the status quo of any individual. It is completely based on luck and most importantly prosperity at individual level can be improved. The major positive impact of gambling is that it helps in increasing the risk taking capacities of individuals and enables them to live stress free life. Most of the people has found it to be regular income sources as they make money on regular intervals and most importantly it has help them to meet out their daily needs. Further it has huge impact on social aspects as well. Due to this factor the local residents of UK can ensure their development and most importantly it can help in the increment in per capita income. There are very few disadvantages of gambling but it has been experienced that it is very non-beneficial if it is only related to generate some money. If it is converted into an addiction then it is not positive factor for individuals. On the other hand it is also clear that the positive impact of gambling is that the spending capacities of local residents could be increased. But gambling also affect health and mentality of persons addicted to it. it affects their financial position. It leads oto higher consumption of alcohol. It can create stress or mental illness person addicted to it.

Research methods

For the research data is collected from both the sources which are primary and secondary. It is essential to integrate data of both sources for effective research. For attaining entire aims and objectives of research it is require collecting important information from all the sources. Sometimes data are easily available but in some case it becomes complicated to avail sufficient data for research (Friday, and Friday, 2003). Availability of information varies from topic to topic. Researcher cannot complete their research on the basis of single source as both of it has their own significance and drawbacks. Therefore it is required by researchers to go through from all the available sources to collect best available information for the research.

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Such sources are used to collect information for the particular topic of research by researcher itself. Information from primary sources can be collected in both ways that is quantitative and qualitative. Several methods are used by researcher for collection of data from such sources (Tracy, 2012). For the present research project data is collected by survey methodology in form of questionnaire. For this purpose sample size is taken for 50 persons who are regular consumer of gambling activities. Peoples included in this survey belong to different clubs with variety of gambling activities.

Along with primary sources, information can also be collected by researcher from secondary sources. It is considered as time tested technique from which relevant qualitative and quantitative fact can be gathered for the selected topic. By this technique time is saved by researcher as it is easily available. It helps in determination of gaps in customary literature (Rugg and, 2006). For obtaining information from secondary sources there are two options i.e. internal and external. For the research of present topic external sources will be appropriate. Data for gambling will be collected from online and published articles and journals. Research of previous researchers will be used for effective result and authentic data.

Techniques for evaluation of research

Various techniques can be incorporated by researchers which are effective for the objective of collection of data. Methods which will be used by researcher will be described in this part of research methodologies (Scarpa, and Azzalini, 2012). It will be focused on evaluation of collected data to attain appropriate results. Following are the techniques which will be used by researcher for appropriate evaluation of research:

Research Philosophy-By using several forms data can be collected and evaluated. Basically there is two types of philosophy i.e. Interpretivism and positivism which can be used for evaluation and analysis.

Research approach- There is two type of approach which is inductive and deductive used for observation of particular set of activities. Deductive approach move towards theory to confirmation and vice versa is followed by inductive (Gregory, 2003). For present research deductive approach will be used to attain better knowledge for gambling and its regulations.

Research design- It is a methodological examination which is used for prevention of probability for false interpretations of collected data. There are three types of designs which can be used in research that are exploratory, descriptive and causal. Along with this there are many more designs which are used as per its objectivity.

Research type- Research can be conducted in both manner either qualitative or quantitative. In theoretical aspect qualitative research prevails while in practical aspect quantitative research is used (Brooks, 2012). For present study qualitative manner is used for research by collecting data in form of interview with gamblers to attain in depth knowledge for the selected topic.

Sampling- It is not possible to conduct research on entire population therefore sample size is chosen for study and observations. There are uncountable people involved in activities of gambling hence random sampling is selected for research (Lewis, Pun, F. K. and Lalla, 2004). In the present project sample size is 50 gamblers which are randomly selected.

Data analysis

This is most essential part of research project which is comprises of appropriate collection of data for the study. Data analysis is done to conclude suitable solution to the research problem. For the objective of evaluation of data, method of qualitative analysis will be used so appropriate findings.


Thus with the help of above study it is clear that the gambling has huge negative impact at the society people and enable them to get into so many troubles. The people are supposed to create own moral values and they are required to focus on the genuine earning sources. The government should provide proper employment opportunities so it can help the poor and needy people to stay away from such aspects. Further the associations can definitely create awareness about the negative consequences of gambling. However there are some positive benefits of gambling but as compare to negative aspects of gambling the positive factors must be considerable. Therefore it can be said that the gambling has negative impact at the society.

Recommendation and justification for further consideration

Gambling is legally ethical in UK but still there should be restriction on various aspects to prevent disadvantages of it (Littler, and Fijnaut, 2007). Such activities contribute to earnings of country which could be improvised by proper regulations. In gambling there should be proper provisions for vulnerable adults and minor so limitations could restrict them to get engaged in it. With the research there was critical evaluation on the subject of gambling but still there were limitation due to lack of authentic data. With respect to control the gambling activities it is considered that the government should first of all prevent these activities from ground level. They have to ensure that it must be eradicated form the culture of country and people should refrain to indulge into betting. As mentioned in above diagram that most of the people are having betting sessions at grocery stores and convenient stores. Therefore it is clear that people play betting at social place and earn some money. This kind of leverage and freedom encourage them for gambling and they generate wrong habits within their personality.
Other than this another recommendation is related to the eradication of gambling activities from school. The educational institutions have to ensure that there should not be any kind of such activities which can put negative impact at the career growth of students. It was also clear in graphs that 24 % students, quite a good ratio, have their interest into gambling and increment in this ratio can hamper the country’s culture. The students of country are future and they have to represent the country or state at international level. Therefore it is required that at school level it should be banned and proper monitoring policies should be implemented.

Further sports events are also responsible for the increment in gambling activities. During sports people actively take participation in the gambling process and bet on any one team or individual player. The government or responsible bodies are supposed to draw certain regulations which can help in minimizing the negative impact of gambling during sports events. Ahead in UK it could be done in very systematic manner if people will just take it as a fun activity rather than source of income. They have to ensure that they will be dedicated only to professional earning sources and most importantly will try to use it only for spending healthy time family.

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Further consideration

By using present study in research identification is made for gambling. From the critical evaluation in these research ideas has been gained to prevent adverse impact of gambling from society (Meyer, Hayer, and Griffiths, 2009). It also provides in-depth knowledge for Act of gambling governed by parliament of UK. Contradictions and loop holes in previous research are tried to be recovered in present study. With the help of this study the problematic areas with respect to eradicate gambling can be identified and most importantly it could help in dealing with the negative factors of gambling. In future preventive actions can be taken and it can definitely help in making the society better and crime free. In further studies the people will focus hugely on identifying the positive impact of gambling and they will be able to assess that how they can get the privilege of gambling in well systematic manner. It is to acknowledge that with the help of this report it is possible to improve the lifestyle and people can take it only as fun activity.

The positive and negative impact of gambling has been shown in this report but for the same purpose the entire focus has been given on taking it as a healthy competition. People should not be indulging into serious type of betting which can put them into troubles. It will help in understanding that the ways which can help in gaining the advantages of gambling should be utilized in proper manner. In future the research scholars can easily interpret that how gambling has become essential element of society and how common people are making money out of it. The difference in gambling and betting is also available and there is requirement of understanding that in gambling everything is purely related to exchange of money or transferring the monetary benefits is essential in the gambling process whereas in betting it is possible that people may bet on some property or there could be exchange of some physical property as well.

Future consideration of this report is not only restricted towards making the common people aware about gambling but this report has huge role with respect to disseminate the positive impact of gambling and betting so that people can avail the benefits and can develop their intellect which can help them to convert the negative aspects of gabling into positive factor.

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