Social Work professional Capability Framework

Reflective Account 1

I am currently working as a health and social care worker in Care UK group which is the largest independent service provider of health and social care. Since 1986, they have been delivering best quality of health care services to their patients. It has more than 110 care homes across United Kingdom which has thousands of workers whose aim is to satisfy their patients by them with providing highly standard care services. Mission of Care UK group is to make life of people healthier with learning disabilities by understanding their needs related to health and social care. To attain this goal they are focused on adopting innovative care techniques by rendering them better services to their patients. They are also focused on ensuring welfare of society and nation by enabling people to live independent and healthier. Further, I am working in a group which has major aim to provide additional services related to diagnostics facilities, treatment centers, walk-in centers and GP practices.

As health and social care worker in mental health recovery team, I am responsible for observing and understanding the needs of patients who are facing the issues related to learning disabilities. In mental cases, following symptoms such as adjustment disorder, post-natal depressions, psychotic depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder are integrated with service users. Therefore, it is required for me to evaluate the nature of service users for dealing effectively with such types of disorders. Further, I am responsible for giving proper care and support to such kind of patients because they are come into the category of NEET which are not in education, employment and training. Working with such people is very challenging task for me to handle their emotions when they hurt, separating from relatives or perceiving a threat. However, it is the liability of me to provide equal attention to all service user for reducing the chances of conflict.

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Moreover, I am focused on considering the plans and policies made by the organization at the time of delivering my duties and responsibilities. Availability of proper planning assists me to take appropriate decisions regarding to provide better care services to all of them. With performing duties in a better way, my role is to inform about the needs and expectations of service users to the manager. By understanding their learning needs, management will be able to render them better services according to their requirement. On the other hand, another major responsibility is to treat well with service users in order to satisfy them in an effectual manner. Good behavior with patients necessary as it is helpful in dealing with the issues of leaning disabilities of service users in very less time. Moreover, my role is to provide equal services to all types of patients without any discrimination and conflicts.

According to the professional capabilities framework, enhancing their knowledge and education is essential for development and growth of social care worker. For this, I am focusing on understanding factors such as social, psychological, spiritual, culture and physical which affect the development of human being as well as plays major roles in treatment of patients with learning disabilities. These factors are also considered by government of United Kingdom at the time of making laws and legislation which are related with safety of patients and service users. Therefore, understanding these factors is beneficial for group in properly coordinating with regulations of government. By identifying these factors, I will be able to enhance my skills related to observation and evaluation. With observation skills, it is also helpful for me to develop my research skills which can be used by me to understand the needs of patients related to learning in an effective manner. It is the best opportunity for me to work as a social care worker for enhancing my knowledge and skills regarding treatment and technology.

Care UK group is focused on adopting new technology and machinery for providing better services to their patients in order to reduce learning disabilities. It also assist me in enhancing education related to new trends of machinery and technology available within the market. On the same side, it is helpful for improving my skills in providing better treatment to learning disabled service users in an effective manner. Clear understanding of medical resources can help me to cure disease of my family members as well as relatives. In health care organization, there must be effective communication between workers and patients. Availability of effective communication leads to enhance the skills of service users in the respect of learning. Therefore, proper training is provided by the management in improving our communication skills. By enhancing these skills, I can properly communicate with patients and their relatives who are from different culture and languages. With professional development, good communication and better coordination is also helpful for my personal growth.

Furthermore, for me it is beneficial as it will help in improving my skill related to coordination; because better coordination is must necessary to deal with such kind of patients who are learning abilities such as in reading, writing and understanding. In this manner, management always tries to adopt best method to increase coordination among human resources as well as between employees and management. Working in this group is also helpful for enhancing my skills related to treat well with customers. By improving these skills, I will be able to properly interact with different types of people in an effective manner. In Care UK group, it is necessary for employees to provide friendly environment to patients by treating them in an appropriate manner. This role of human resource is beneficial for me in developing my interpersonal skill in a better way.

For understanding the needs of patients with learning disabilities along with providing better services to them, management of group focuses on adopting following theories such as system theory, social learning theory, psychosocial development theory, and psychodynamic theory as well as rational choice theory as this will help me in maximizing knowledge, skills and abilities. These theories include system theory which describes that, understanding the behavior of human is a complex process. According to this theory, it is essential to focus on individual's needs, expectations, rewards and attributes for making an appropriate system. Further, it states that issue of an individual has impact on all family members. With the help of this theory, I will be able to understand the needs of patients and their relatives related to health and care services. For better understanding, I need to enhance my observation and research skills effectively. In order to satisfy expectation of service users, it is essential for me to adopt innovative methods that lead to develop my skills related to creativity and innovative.

Before applying any concept at workplace it is essential for management to provide proper learning to their human resources. For that, Care UK group is focused on adopting the theory of social learning which aim to enhance learning skills of employees. This theory is also beneficial for me in improving my learning skills related to understand the needs of patients with learning disabilities. Learning is effective for the development of human in the terms of personal and professional.

Furthermore, psychosocial development theory describes the following factors that need to be considered by the manager of group such as hope, will, purpose, competence, fidelity, love, care and wisdom. By considering these factors, I will be will understand the expectations of service users according to their age. Psychodynamic theory is also considered by the organization which is helpful for me in developing my personality in an effective manner; Moreover, rational choice theory assists in developing my skill related to decision making, as this theory suggests analyzing costs and benefits before taking any action.

Moreover, attachment theory is also used by me which is a psychological model focused on describing the mechanics for the development of interpersonal relationship between individuals. By considering this theory, it is the responsibility of me to assess and understand the nature of service users in order to develop better relationship with them. Further, this theory influence me to conduct sensitive assessment and developing human practices in a sophisticated manner. According to this theory, it is necessary for me to enhance my knowledge regarding the emotions of human being which are vary from one situation to another.

Along with theories, there are following models such as problem solving, task-centered practice, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and crisis intervention model which help me in meeting goals of service users by enhancing my skills and abilities. According to problem solving theory, there must be effective communication between workers and service users. For that, management needs to take feedback from patients and their relatives for understanding their issues and problems. After identifying problems, it is required to take corrective actions for resolving these loopholes. With the help of this model, I can improve my ability of problem solving and decision making. Further, it is stresses on enhancing my interaction skill.

Task centered practice is also an essential model in understanding the needs of service users. According to this model, management needs to take suggestions from their patients and relatives before making their strategies. By considering this model, organization will be able to improve its quality of services according to expectations of service users. According to narrative therapy, it is important for social workers to encourage patients to fight with learning disabilities by narrating the stories of other patients. With the help of this model, I can improve my motivational skill that is the most essential to improve the skills and abilities of service users related to learning.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also an effective model which must be considered by social care worker at the time of treating patients. According to this theory, workers need to maintain effective relationship between the thoughts, feelings and behavior of patients because they are dealing with such king of mentally challenged people. Along with this, workers are required to involve the emotions at the time of providing care services as this will aid in increasing my skill related to friendliness, open minded and positive attitude. Furthermore, crisis intervention model includes seven stages such as assessing the need of safety, rapport building, identifying problems, addressing feelings, generating alternatives, preparing action plan and following up. This model helps Care UK group to overcome their issues and problems related to workplace. With the help of this model, I will enhance my knowledge and skills related to problem solving, problem identification, observation, research and decision making.

With the enhancement of all these skills and abilities, I will be able to fulfill my responsibilities towards welfare of society, human being and nation. At the same side, I can also use this knowledge for curing disease of my family members, communities as well as other people. Enhancement of these all skills and abilities is helpful for me to understand the needs of service users related to learning in a proper manner as well as it assists me to make appropriate plans for fulfilling these needs.

Reflective Account 2

In order to maintain the reputation of Care UK group, it is significant for providing quality of health care services to service users with learning disability. In this manner, I am responsible for identifying learning needs and expectations of patients. However, my responsibility is to fulfill their needs and requirements by taking proper actions. In order to take appropriate action, I have to submit an appropriate report in the front of management for their last approval. Furthermore, it is also necessary for me to evaluate effectiveness of all business practices related to care services as this will help in identifying issues and problems prevailing within the environment. Identification of issues will assist me in adopting innovative ideas to resolve these problems in a very quick manner.

At the time of selecting ideas and strategies, it is important for me to ensure the welfare of physical and mental patients with learning disability. In this manner, I am responsible for following laws and legislation of government. These legislations are related to health and safety act, employment act, anti-discrimination act, occupier liability act, equality act and care act. In accordance to care act, it is the liability of me to provide proper support to service users in performing their regular activities. Along with this, it is the responsibility of me to understand the needs of them related to care services. By considering the equality Act, I am responsible for rendering the equal treatment of all service users without any discrimination. Further, health and safety act is the most essential for me to be considered for ensuring the security of learning disabled patients.

However, community care act is followed by me and the management of my organization. According to this act, it is the responsibility of my organization to provide proper care and support to those people who are suffering from learning disability, mental illness and physical disability. By providing care services, our organization includes the aim of promoting individuals to live their life with dignity and independently. Considering laws and regulation of government is beneficial for me in creating positive image of group among public as well as it will help in enhancing trust of patients. Furthermore, I am responsible for maintaining proper communication and coordination among workers. For better communication, I am focused on providing training to enhance their communication skills. On the other hand, organizing parties and activities are beneficial in developing proper coordination among employees.

As a health care worker, I am responsible for informing people about symptoms, precautions and solutions of disease which is necessary for the welfare of general public. This general awareness results in improving reputation of group as well as increasing number of patients. As per the recent scenario of market, marketing is very necessary for success of business. In this manner, it is essential for me to ensure effectiveness of information provided to people about care services through advertisement. This information must be accurate and reliable. Along with this, for me it is necessary to eliminate the chances of mis-communication and misconduct at workplace.

Furthermore, it is my responsibility to involve all workers in the decision making process because it is helpful in fulfilling goals and objectives of organization in a quick manner along with enhancing level of worker loyalty and satisfaction. With the help of this method, I will be able to reduce ratio of employee turnover and minimizing the chances of conflicts. Along with this, it is my responsibility to protect the rights of individuals as well as promote interests of people. Moreover, I am responsible for ensuring the behavior of workers with service users. This behavior must be ethical and according to the laws of government. One of my major responsibilities is to maintain relationship between workers and patients. In this manner, I am focused on providing proper guidance to employees by adopting methods of leadership.

In today's competitive world, it is essential for management of business to modify their policies and strategies for enhancing their development and growth. In this manner, it is required for them to ensure effectiveness of their services provided to patients with learning disabilities. To make it possible, feedback and survey are most appropriate method which can be used by the management of Care UK group. By considering this, business will be able to identify their straights and weaknesses. Identification of weaknesses is helpful for business entity in improving their quality of services by taking corrective decisions. On the other side, organization can develop its core competencies by evaluating their strengths.

As per the recent scenario of market, there is an opportunity for management to expand their business in an international market. In this manner, they can take help of methods such as merger and mulch-agency which are helpful in enhancing their services as well as their profitability. By increasing their profitability, management can invest that amount for the better enhancement of society, nation and human being. It is essential for Care UK group to provide proper information in their marketing campaign because lack of information leads to turn attention of service users towards the competitors of organization.

Furthermore, system of taking feedback from patients is not appropriate as it increases the dissatisfaction of service users and their relatives. Therefore, it is required for organization to recruit an expert supervisor who should be responsible for maintaining relationship with patients and their relatives. For that, he needs to identify their problems and issues related to learning disability through face to face communication. In order to get feedback from outsiders, management needs to develop a feedback system on their official websites. In this software, management is required to include an option of changing language which will be helpful in communicating with people of different languages and culture in an effectual manner.

Moreover, it is mostly needed for Care UK group to maintain quality of their services because it put their huge impact on the health and safety of patients. For that, they need to adopt best quality of machinery, equipment and technology. However, it is also essential for them to provide proper training to their staff to work effectively with new equipment and machinery. Along with this, there is essential to provide positive environment to service users and workers. Positive environment is helpful for improving learning skills of patients as well as beneficial for the productivity of staff. In the case of workers, motivation, performance appraisal, bonus, incentives, promotion and encouragement are most important tools that can be used by the management to provide better environment to their employees. In order to provide positive environment to patients, workers needs to behave ethically with them. Therefore, Care UK group needs to provide proper training to their human resources for understanding the needs of service users in an effective manner. With adopting changes, it is also necessary for business to manage and monitor the modifications on time to time. Along with this, it is also needed to inform public about the availability of new changes as well as services.

Now days, leadership is one of the important functions of business management that helps organization in fulfilling their goals and objectives in an effectual manner. It is helpful for enhancing the productivity and development of human resources. In order to provide proper services to patients with learning disability, I am responsible for guiding and directing my junior staff. For proper guidance, it is essential for me to understand their strengths and weaknesses. To attain this, monitoring is the best way which will help me in evaluating the loopholes in performance of human resources. Monitoring is the method of supervision which compares actual performance of workers with standard performance set by management. With the help of this comparison, Care UK group will be able to examine issues and problems in its performance. After identifying loopholes, I took corrective actions to overcome issues and problems in the performance of employees.

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For better leadership, I need to adopt best style of leadership and management according to the situation at workplace. Different styles are helpful for enhancing different skills and abilities of junior workers. Democratic style is useful for me to develop creative skills of human resources by involving them in the decision making process. Commanding style is useful in fulfilling the goals of organization in less time but further it decreases the level of workers satisfaction. Furthermore, laissez-Faire style includes lack of supervision, feedback and intervention of management. This style can be used by organization to deal with experienced and trained workers.

Before making strategy of leadership, it is my responsibility to select innovative and creative ideas for providing better leadership to workers. In this manner, for me it is necessary to use my research skills to get better and effective methods for leadership and management. After selecting methods, management needs to focus on the teaching and learning of workers. Training is an appropriate method that is used by me to enhance their knowledge and skills. Along with this, I am focused on adopting methods like seminar and conferences that are also effective for enhancing education level of workforce.

In Care of UK group, management is focused on adopting new machinery and equipment for enhancing the quality of care services. In order to deal effectively with new equipment, it is necessary to provide proper leadership. Therefore, it is my responsibility to provide proper guidance to workers for using the equipment and machinery in an effectual manner. Moreover, leadership is essential as it assists human resources to treat well with patients and their relatives along with resolving their queries and issues. In Care of UK group, it is essential to maintain hygiene and cleanness at workplace. Therefore, it is also my major responsibility to guide cleaning staff in an effectual manner.

With the help of leadership, I will be able to enhance the skills and knowledge of workers such as time management, problem solving, creative, innovative, initiative and decision making. With leadership, I need to consider motivation which is an important function of management as it helps in encouraging manpower. Motivation can be in the terms of monitory and non-monitory.

Reflective Account 3

In health and social care, it is necessary to perform practices in an ethical and legal manner. In this manner, I am responsible for examining the effectiveness of business practices as well as monitoring performance of workers. There is a major issue in health and social care which is related to keep the organs of dead bodies for the purpose of medical research without informing their relatives. These types of practices are strictly prohibited in our organization as well as management needs to take strict actions on the person who is found guilty in such type of cases. In order to resolve these types of issues, it is required for the organization to focus on preparing documents which includes a range of ethical rules and guidelines decided under the guidance of research ethics committee and governance authorization. These rules are necessary to be followed by workers and management of Care UK group at the time of conducting any research and performing care

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