Mediterranean Party Tourism Holiday

Introduction to Report Work

In the present era, business organization can attain success only when it has highly satisfied and loyal customer base. Now, service quality and innovation is one of the biggest factors which have high level on the decision making aspect of customers. The present report is based on Club 18-30 which offers tour packages or services to the customers. Besides this, the present report will develop understanding about the positive and negative aspects of questionnaire, SPSS and interview checklist.

In order to get information about Club 18-30 assessment of the book, journals and scholarly articles have been made. In this regard, to get information about the services offered by the travel companies’ assessment of the books have been made which are related to party holiday packages. This in turn provides deeper insight about the various kinds of innovative services offered by the tour company. Along with this, journals which are published by different scholars have also been used to conduct the literature review. Hence, for conducting literature review several journal articles have been undertaken and evaluated to get deeper understanding about the effectiveness of the services offered by the club.

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Moreover, effective literature can be conducted only when there is proper balance between the positive and negative aspects. Thus, by taking into consideration such aspect it can be said that evaluation of the different books and journals have been made to conduct the literature review more effectively and efficiently (Hoarau and Kline, 2014). Thus, for searching relevant books and journals about topic evaluate key words such as name of the company and its services. Through this, related articles have been identified and literature has been conducted.

Aims and objectives of study

  • To get information about Club 18-30 Mediterranean Party Tourism Holiday.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the services offered by Club 18-30.
  • To recommend club 18-30 about the improvements required in the existing offering.

Theme 1: About Club 18-30 Mediterranean Party Tourism Holiday

Article presents that, Club 18-30 is one of the leading tour company that designs tour packages for the business for the people who are within the age group of 17- 35. Such tour company provides people with island party destinations. Such tour company designs packages by taking into consideration the expectation level of customers. Name of the company clearly presents that it focuses specifically on people of young age rather than customers who are above the age of 35. It designs brochures in an effectual way with the aim to provide information to the people about the luxurious services offered by it. Moreover, destination and services offered by the company are the main aspects which have high level of impact on the decision making aspect of the firm.

From another article it has been assessed that Club 18-30 focuses on offering amazing holiday experience to the customers. Tour packages which are developed by the firm provide customers with the experience of no responsibilities, hot sun, warm water, cool tunes, and great clubs. In this way, such tour company lays emphasis on offering ultimate holiday experience to the customers. Club 18-30 includes destination in the holiday plan or packages which in turn provides customer with hot weather, warm water and cool vibes (Tourism Case Study Examples - Thomas Cook’s Club 18–30. 2016). Besides this, to make the holiday plan more attractive business unit includes dance parties on beach. Further, night music sessions and legendary nights is also one of the main parts of Club 18-30 offering. Moreover, all such aspects offer highly unique or amazing experience to the customers. In this way, club designs tour packages according to the demand and expectation level of young people.

Theme 2: Quality and effectiveness of the services offered by Club 18-30

According to the views of Bellman (2015) Club 18-30 offers high quality services to the customers and provide them with the memorable travel experience. Moreover, in the travel sector, accommodation, food, parties, event etc. are the factors which have high level of impact on the decision making aspect of customers. Hence, article presented by authors clearly shows that Club 18-30 includes highly luxurious hotels and restaurant. Besides this, DJ parties on beach are also organized by the Club to entice the decision making aspect of customers. Hence, by considering such aspect it can be said that Club 18-30 offers high quality services to the customers. However, on the critical note, Hoarau and Kline (2014) presented that Club 18-30 charges higher prices from the customers in comparison to the quality level maintained by them. Hence, it is one of the main aspects which have high level of impact on the satisfaction level of customers. The reason behind this, customers are highly price conscious in nature and prefer to purchase packages from the tour operator which offers services at affordable prices. Moreover, now customers take decision about tour packages only by evaluating the price and services with competitors. In this regard, with the aim to develop effective image in the mind of customer’s business unit needs to differentiate its product and services from those of competitors. Moreover, now customers prefer to spend high on the services which provide them with the unique travel experience.

Theme 3: Recommending actions for making improvement in the services offered by club 18-30

According to the view points of Bellman (2015) club 18-30 is one of the leading business travel and tour company which focuses on providing customers with the amazing travel experience. Moreover, tour packages are the one which create lots of memories in the life of individual. Hence, party packages are the one of the most effectual strengths of club 18-30. However, such tour company makes focus only on providing the services to people who comes under the age range of 17-35. Thus, by making focus on the people who are above the age group of 35 business unit can enhance its customer base and thereby profitability as well. However, on the critical note, Carmody (2013) said that differentiated strategy has been employed by club 18-30. Moreover, it is highly difficult for the business organization to satisfy the need and expectation level aspect of all the customers. In this regard, differentiated strategy helps company in getting the desired level of outcome or success. Further, higher age group people also do not prefer to do beach parties to the large extent as compared to young.

Besides this, Shah (2016) stated that Club 18-30 also needs to make focus on taking feedback from the customers both existing and potential. This in turn helps company in getting information about the needs and expectation level of customers. In addition to this, feedback system also provides deeper insight to the business organization about the destination which is preferred by most of the customers. Along with this, such system will also offer opportunity to the firm to assess the kind of parties which customers prefer to do. Hence, by taking into consideration all such aspects Club 18-30 would become able to develop highly suitable and effective tour packages.

Further, Blacksmith, Willford and Behrend (2016) said that Club 18-30 needs to place advertisement on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The rationale behind this, now people spend their huge amount of time on social networking sites. By considering such aspect, it can be said that such promotional plan and campaign will grab the attention of large number of customers. Along with this, images which are uploaded by the firm on social sites also assist in developing awareness among the customers. In this way, by framing competent promotional plan or campaign Club 18-30 can entice the decision making aspect of customers and thereby profitability level.

Literature review

Questionnaire which is mentioned above is highly effectual which in turn helps in gathering enough amount of information. Moreover, before the development of tour packages it is highly required for the researcher to assess the factor which highly matters for the customers. Along with this, question in relation to price consciousness aspect of the customers also helps in soliciting appropriate information. Moreover, holidaymakers have better idea regarding the factors that closely influence the purchasing decision of customers.

According to the views of Patten (2016) questionnaire is one of the most effectual way of primary data collection which in turn helps in addressing the aims and objectives. Moreover, such method offers opportunity to the researcher to gather large amount of information within the less time frame. The rationale behind this, questionnaire includes number of questions which in turn provides deeper insight to the scholar about the research issue or area. In this regard, by collecting enough amount of information about the research problem scholar can present the fair solution or aspects. However, on the critical note, Speight and, (2016) said that from survey it is not possible for the scholar to extract other kind of information such as emotions, feeling, behavior etc. Moreover, emotions and behavior of the respondents also help scholar in understanding the several aspects and thereby aid in the suitable decision making. Thus, it is one of the main aspects which highly limit the significance of such method.

Further, Wood and, (2016) stated that by conducting survey through the means of questionnaire researcher can save both time and cost. On the basis of this aspect by sending questionnaire through the means of online valuable information can be gathered by the scholar within the suitable time period. Besides this, online survey also assists researcher in conducting survey at low cost. On the other side, Temiz and, (2016) argued that it is not possible for the scholar to assess the extent to which responses provided by the respondents are highly reliable. Hence, such method of collecting data lacks high level of validity. The reason behind this, it is not possible for the scholar to assess the extent to which responses are true and free from any kind of biasness.

Gunnell and, (2016) presented that data gathered through the means of questionnaire can be analyzed more scientifically and objectively in comparison to other aspects. Moreover, data gathered from survey can be analyzed by the scholar through the means of SPSS tool. This in turn assists scholar in presenting highly reliable view of study to the great level. On the contrary to it, Gauthier and, (2014) claimed that perception and understanding level of each respondent differs significantly. Each respondent read, describe and perceive the aspects of question in a varied manner. Due to this, scholar finds difficulty in obtaining highly suitable information.

In addition to this, Speight and, (2016) found from their study that hypothesis can be tested by the scholar more effectually by using the questionnaire. Along with this, questionnaire method also enables scholar to develop new theory by conducting thematic perception test analysis on data which is gathered through the means of survey. In this way, hypothesis testing and development of new theory is one of the main benefits which are offered by questionnaire method of data collection. In contrast to this, Lambert and, (2014) claimed that if scholar failed to develop suitable questionnaire then researcher will find difficulty in the collection of suitable information. Moreover, outcome of the whole study or investigation is highly influenced from the data gathered via questionnaire. Besides this, if respondents do not give answer of all the questions then researcher would not able to present the suitable solution. In the absence of proper framework it is not possible for the scholar to conduct investigation more efficiently. Hence, such method of data collection has several positives and negatives which have more influence on the final outcome.

Descriptive statistics

In order to determine the output descriptive statistics tool has been applied. In accordance with the views of Bolwell and, (2016) descriptive statistics is one of the most effectual tool which helps in summarizing the large data set in a highly structured way. By this, researcher can analyze mean and variability of data set. In this way, such analytical tool assists scholar in making highly suitable decision from the large data set. However, on the critical note, Mohammed, Manktelow and Hofer (2016) stated that descriptive statistics do not provide suitable solution when there are several modes. Besides this, range is also affected from extreme values. In such conditions, it is not possible for the scholar to determine highly suitable solution or outcome. Further, Norman, Mello and Choi (2016) mentioned in their study that by using the tool of descriptive statistics large amount of data can be simplified in the easiest way. Hence, by keeping all the above aspects in mind it can be said that descriptive statistics tool aid in suitable and profitable decision making aspect.

Analytical statistics

In their study, Shirakawa, Abe and Ito (2016) found that regression is the most effectual SPSS tool which helps in analyzing the extent to which one variable is dependent on another. Hence, dependency can effectively be measured by the researcher more effectually through the means of regression analysis. This in turn assists in making suitable decision to the large extent and contributes in the growth as well as success. However, it is to be critically evaluated by Moss (2015) that linear regression model is highly limited in relation to the prediction of numeric outcome. However, it does not help in assessing the reasons due to one variable is dependent on another. In addition to this, Mohammed, Manktelow and Hofer (2016) assessed that linear regression model helps in developing highly strategic and competent policy framework. Moreover, by measuring the dependency level analysts can present the fair solution or outcome. In contrast to this, Nathoo, Greenlaw and Lesperance (2016) mentioned that regression model does not assist in learning the due to which problem is occurred. Thus, this aspect highly limits the significance of linear regression model.


Descriptive statistics: From the descriptive statistics, it has been assessed that most of the respondents do not smoke. Now, there are several people who do not prefer to smoke because it is injurious to the health purpose. This aspect can be supported from the secondary data analysis which clearly presents that now care and caution of individuals towards the health aspect increased significantly. Further, large number of respondents neutrally agreed with the fact that life satisfaction is highly dependent on the smoking habit of individual. Moreover, when individual becomes habitual to smoke then feel satisfied only when make use of such aspect. Hence, for become relaxed large number of individual smoke and thereby satisfies their feelings to the significant level.

Correlation (r) and R square: The above mentioned analysis presents that lower level of correlation takes place between the smoking habit and satisfaction aspect of individual. Analysis presents that 0.09 correlations exist between smoking habit and lifestyle of people. It shows that smoking habit is not highly based on life satisfaction. This aspect shows that life satisfaction will not increase in accordance with the rise in the smoking habit of individual. Besides this, it also has been assessed that there is small changes take place in the satisfaction aspect of individual in accordance with the smoking habit.

Level of significance: From the statistical analysis, it has been assessed that level of significance is 0.04 which shows that alternative hypothesis is accepted to the large extent. By taking into consideration such aspect it can be said that significant take place in the smoking habit of individual and life satisfaction. Hence, satisfaction level of the people is highly influenced from the frequency to which they smoke.

Literature review

As per the view points of Blacksmith, Willford and Behrend (2016) interview checklist is one of the main inputs which require for the collection of primary data. The reason behind this, without having suitable checklist interviewer is not able to gather enough amounts of data. Moreover, in the absence of having checklist interview cannot be conducted in a suitable direction. Thus, preparation of checklist is the prior stage of interview. Thus, interviewer develops checklist by taking into consideration the aims and objectives of study. This in turn helps investigator in developing suitable checklist to the large extent. The aim of researcher is to extract all the information from interviewee which in turn helps in conducting the further study more effectively and efficiently. However, on the critical note, Shah (2016) said that along with the aims objectives interviewer needs to consider several aspects which are related to the study. Besides this, interviewer can gain deeper insight about the views of interviewee only when they have skills to make it more interactive. Moreover, interviewee provides more information when they take more interest in the whole session. In this way, not only checklist but also skills and abilities of interviewee have high level of impact on the data collection process.

In accordance with the views of Zablotsky and, (2015) telephonic interview is one of the most effectual method which helps in conducting investigation in the best possible way. This method helps researcher to conduct investigation at low cost and less time period. On the basis of this aspect, by asking questions through the means of phone interviewee can get all the possible information. In this context, it is not required for interviewee and interviewer to conduct such session at specific place. Hence, through the means of telephonic conversation interviewers can fulfill the aims and objectives. Besides this, such type of interview also assists in saving time to the great level.

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However, on the critical note, Tanner Stapleton and, (2016) argued that in telephonic conversation it is not possible for the interviewer to understand the expression and feelings of interviewee. On the other side, face to face conversion offers opportunity to the interviewer to discuss each and every aspect with the interviewee in-depth. In this way, by evaluating the expressions of customers business unit can assess the extent to which interviewee is satisfied with the specific aspect or issue. Hence, face to face interview provides personnel with the more information for decision making as compared to telephonic session. Thus, by taking into consideration such aspect it can be said that face to face discussion helps in resolving the issue more effectively and efficiently.

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