Destination Management Sample

Introduction To Destination Management

A destination management is a term for a professional service to possess extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources which are specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and accommodations for population that visited or desires to visit the place. For the management of destination, national and local government is improving the Technology and transportation facilities make things easy for the people to travel across the world and to enjoy the delightful destination. In the world places like Dubai, Las Wages and London known for the proper management of resource for development of tourist destination. In the upcoming time, some issues are likely to take place in the industry and will affect the business of tourism and hospitality organisation. Globalization of industry provides more benefits that are followed by some shocking factors which may act as a curse for business. The present report will discuss the tourism that arises from the movement of people for the particular destination, attraction for travel & tourism and professional development. It will briefly explain the challenges, suppliers, stakeholders and types of tourists that come to visit the place. The report will describe the segmentation, targeting, digital and direct marketing for the chosen destination. Moreover, report will provide the recommendations for next five years for the development of city and improvement in the number of visitors that helps to encourage the economy of country.

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The present DMO report is based on Dubai which is the most populous city of UAE (). This city is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and emerges as a global city and business hub for the Middle East and South Asia. The total area of city is 1,359/ sq mi. with 2,106,177. Dubai has large market for retail, real state and finance which growing rapidly and attracting the investor and business organization to develop business by availing the opportunities in Dubai (Facts of Dubai, 2015). The modern market structure of Dubai is developing more business opportunities for international brand to establish business in Dubai that has good potential market for organization. The import and export market of Dubai has many opportunities as this geographically area full of oil and natural gases which has regular demand in international market and import the quality products from the other countries. The city has many tourist destinations that are facilitated with world class functions and processes which are encouraging the business professionals and visitors all around the world to experience the luxurious life style of Dubai and transitional practices that are followed by that kind of modern city to protect their culture (15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai, 2015). Following are the key destinations of Dubai city that visited for both tourism and business purpose:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Bastakia (Old Dubai)
  • Dubai Creek
  • Deira Souks
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj al-Arab

People arrive from different countries to understand the business process of Dubai organisations and visit the best modern architecture of the world. In spite of that, there are many challenges that are affecting the tourism and business activities of Dubai such as influx of new hotels, security, maintenance of current growth and demand and supply for services that are required to meet the expectations of visitors. For the hospitality role, suppliers are critical as they are responsible for maintaining the quality in food and accommodation services as Dubai is known for luxurious, modern and quick services (Henderson, 2014).

In addition to that, role of stakeholders like government, tourism organisation, local people and visitors are critical as they contribute in the development of destination, policies and implementation of plan to meet the objectives. However, stakeholders and suppliers are performing duties in more effective and efficient manner but still improvement is required in the visa policies and behaviour of local people that affects the decisions of visitors. In that, one big issue of currency rate which is higher than the other countries is hindering the opportunities of tourism and business.

The current economic conditions, GDP of world environmental conditions and supply of drinking water are the major challenges for Dubai. In addition to that, culture of the country and domestic activity influences the market of industry. People of local committee try to increase their business with the help of hospitality and changes their aim of earning (Stephenson, 2014). Tourism has been integrated with the agriculture, history and animal husbandry that can be categorized into small and large scale. However, tourism-marketing of city is most effective and attractive as local government is offering information and updates in more effective manner on the website of Dubai tourism which is encouraging the business professionals and visitors to utilize the opportunities for spending good time or to develop the business.

People come to Dubai for spending holiday and experience the luxurious lifestyle with traditional manners. The government of Dubai is asking the business professionals and tourists to visit the places of Dubai and government segments these people by their types of visa and purpose of visiting Dubai. For development of tourism, local council and government bodies are organising the events, festivals and sports activate which influenced the decision of people around the globe for visiting Dubai (Gottdiener, 2011). In the current scenario, each destination in the world which is famous and has potential to attract the visitors for encouraging their tourism and hospitality are using the marketing on social and digital media in that promotion through website and internet which are improving the brand value of Dubai and helping to target rich and business class people to visit the destination which will directly has impact on the economy of country. For segmentation and positioning, government using key destination like Burj al-Arab, Burj Khalifa, Deira Souks, Dubai Mall are the most famous places for tourism and business. Deira Souks and Dubai Mall are the most preferred locations for business and they develop interest of people to join or contribute in the development of business opportunities as these places are having the best quality products from all around the word (Morris and Kazi, 2014). The main targeted audience for Dubai destination is investors, architecture and rich people who want to experience the best products and services in the world. In addition to that, political, legal, environmental and social factors are affecting the management of destination and hampering the decision of visitors as well. However, technical and economic factors encourage the professionals to utilize the opportunities for maximizing profit and business by investing in Dubai as well as by implementing their business concept in the local areas. The key features of Dubai are safe, compact, effective connectivity throughout the world, luxury in all types of events and accommodation as well as quality services along with peaceful environment for working and spending good time. Every big organisation in industry like hotel, retail, airline and tourism are aiming to be operated in Dubai as it has the potential for encouraging their business with tourism activities.

Micro analysis

Government: For development of destination as the leading tourist destination for all types of visitors role of Dubai government, it is important to meet the requirements and for influencing the decision of visitors. However, policies of government are encouraging the destination's popularity but still law and order for visa and stay of people in hotel needs to be simpler and easier that might influence the visitors.

Supplier: In the hospitality industry of Dubai, role of supplier is important as visitors and business professionals come to experience the standard services of hotels (Peter, Anandkumar and Peter, 2013). This organisation needs to maintain a positive relation with supplier which will improve the trust of visitors. In spite of that, suppliers of Dubai hotel industry are offering quality products and services.

Visitors: According to micro environmental analysis, it is considered that visitors who ever visited Dubai have rated this city as word class place with full of services and facilities which visitors expected from the place like Dubai (Ryan and Ninov, 2011). This kind of review and word of mouth is improving the popularity of destination.

Macro analysis

Political: The city Dubai is having significant impact on the national government policies as law and order of nation is strictly followed by the local people and visitors which might affect the professionals and visitors to perform their activities as per the plan.

Economical: This is a strong point of city as Dubai has strong financial background and high rate of currency which helped the city and country for effective and proper development of infrastructure for the tourism and business.

Social: According to analysis, it is considered that city of Dubai has significant influence of tradition and culture that determines the process and planning of tourism and business (Gottdiener, 2011). However, people from various backgrounds are living in city but still Dubai is following their social culture.

Technological: In the current scenario, Dubai is using all the new techniques and technology for the development of city according to new facility and technical function which is helping DMO for the proper maintenance and monitoring of location as well as for providing real time support for the visitors and business professionals.

Environmental: By the analysis, it is carried out those environmental conditions of Dubai as carbon emission and continuous development of building and infrastructure improving the gap between standard conditions of environment (Michael, Armstrong, Badran and King, 2011). National government has to provide the guideline and implementation of plan for the betterment of environment.

Legal: The legal policies for tourism and business, Dubai council has developed and implemented effective policies and are following the international law and order to protect the rights of tourists and business professionals who visit Dubai (Inhorn, 2015). However, legal policies of Dubai have the significant impact of Arab Constitution which affects the visitors to perform their activities freely.


For the improvement in the management of destination for Dubai, government and local council should use the following recommendations which will help to involve the professional people for tourism sector for medium and long term.

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Segmentation: This is a marketing strategy by using the characteristics of city and particular products or services which organization going to promote in the targeted market. In that management analysis the market conditions and introduce the product in creative manner which attract the customers.

The market of Dubai is improved from the past which involves hotels, events, desert safari, retail and entertainment (About Dubai, 2015). People are visiting destination for analyzing and gaining knowledge for development of their own business as well as life style. The local government is segmenting the visitors by their packages which include length of stay and purpose of visiting Dubai.

From the analysis, it is considered that Dubai is the most visited city in the world as people around the world comes for different purposes. For the segmentation of people, government has collected data from the tourist destinations and hotels of Dubai. In order to improve the segmentation of visitors, government can start the monitoring and record keeping from the arrival of visitors at airports, railways stations and road transportation which will help to collect the actual data for segmentation and monitoring of people.

By using these data, government can develop places and business policies which encourage the brand image of destination. For that, use of online facilities and the implementation of new techniques for monitoring of process will help to segment the people.


According to the analysis, targeting is the key success factor for destination management and development of tourism opportunities as well as it helps in developing particular location as the leading location for better tourism and business place (Slater, Hult and Olson, 2010). For Dubai, most of the visitors, business people and workers come from South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. These people are familiar to the culture, tradition, legal policies which might affect the effective management of destination.

In order to target the visitors and people from different parts of the world, Dubai DMO needs to promote the famous places and business opportunities through website and digital media which will be more effective to inform the people as well as in influencing the decision of visitors to expand the business. This act will encourage online service users to know more about the destination and to make plan for spending holidays at Dubai. Use of technology changes the definition of tourism and hostility, organisation and local governments that promote their attractive destination to improve the industry globally (DeLacy, Vorster, Hawkins and Jiang, 2012). In addition to that, development of website in different languages will help DMO of Dubai for targeting people and to develop the interest to visit as well as to utilize the business opportunities in Dubai. In the process, some issues are occurring which may affect the business of tourism industry. Globalization of industry develops new opportunities along with the issues that are going to affect market in the future. However, this destination is having tough competition from the cities like Las Vegas, Singapore, London and Spain that are influencing the number of visitors to visit the location of their country. For the targeting of visitors, DMO can promote the key destinations like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, Burj al-Arab and Dubai Mall. In addition to this, target the visitors, DMO will adversities the luxurious hotel and facilities the offer by the world-class hotel situated in Dubai. This kind of approach will help to improve the tourism in Dubai as well as management of destination.

To improve the targeting of visitors and investors from South Asia, DMO Dubai needs to provide the offers and own tourism packages that will encourage the people to visit their desired place with extra benefits. In addition to that, by organising sports events like football, cricket and F1 races, DMO can target the people which love these sports and have desire to visit Dubai. It will be a great opportunity for both visitors and for the city. This kind of strategy for targeting will help DMO Dubai to achieve the objective by improving interest of people (De Pablos, Tennyson and Zhao, 2012). For the targeting of people and to develop their interest, DMO needs to concern the cultural activities, events, promotion and development of business opportunities which helps to gain the attention of professionals and tourists.


Positioning: This refers to creation to image about the city and key destinations which can attract the visitors. Positioning can be helpful for distinguishing the features, key planes and luxury that offer by Dubai. For effective positioning of Dubai as key destination of business and tourism, DMO can promote the hotels and opportunities of developing business which attract the business organization and visitors both.

This is an important element of developing the destination and for the positioning of location.

By using the data about sales of hotel rooms and revenue generated by them will give the idea about the development of positioning strategy which establishes Dubai as the most entertaining and attractive place for tourists. By using the facts, DMO can promote Dubai as the place which is having the most luxurious hotels and best services in the world (Lee, Hsu, Han and Kim, 2010). It will help to position the destination and to improve the brand image as people from around the world likes the facilities of hotels and resorts of Dubai that are offering the quality services according to requirements of customers with royal and luxurious environment.

For the positioning of destination, government needs to consider the fact and statistics which analysed and predicted by the tourism organisation for upcoming years that will help to develop the plan for managing resources and development of infrastructure to provide the best ever facilities to tourists and business professionals (Mariani, Baggio, Buhalis and Longhi, 2014).

Branding through digital marketing

Branding: This process involves presenting the unique image of city and its key places that can influences the decision of business organization and visitors about the Dubai. For that DMO, needs to use innovative and creative adversities and theme based promotional activities which develop the good brand image in international market.

Branding is one of the most important element of development and achievement of objectives. In order to promote the brand Dubai in the world-wide area, DMO needs to analyse the conditions of destination by reviewing the facts and statics for major location and numbers of visitors. This will help to advertise the Dubai as the destination place on website in a way that has the most number of visitors in business and tourism category which will encourage the brand and influenced the decision of tourists as well. In spite of that, some major issues like language, security, currency exchange, drinking water, economic conditions and GDP of world environmental conditions are creating challenges for Dubai as well as for the brand image of city (Inhorn, Shrivastav and Patrizio, 2012). In addition to that, culture of the country and domestic activity influences the market of industry. People of local committee try to increase their business with the help of hospitality and changes their aim of earning.

For the development of brand Dubai, DMO can use digital media tools which will be effective to present the information attractive and creative manners. In the promotion of brand and destination, DMO can use the digital resources as government and tourism council are investing more amounts on acquiring the higher services that are related to their digital presence. They can use different pay per clicking advertisements in order to attract the large number of visitors and investors. SEO solutions wishes to take full care for the destination and provide advantage them by organic search to market their business online. Different SEO consultants are committed to provide most up to date methods for the website optimization. On the other hand, PPC solutions are designed to help DMO for presenting the information and facts in more attractive manner in front of the world to encourage the brand. DMO of Dubai can also use the concept of long tail which provides meaningful connection between people and products. It is a digital marketing strategy which puts the company in superior position and delivers tangible results to improve the brand image of destination and have the positive impact on the visitors as well.

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In the effective branding of Dubai in the international market, DMO can promote the festival and events that organize by Dubai government and local council. This will help to develop the positive brand image of Dubai and attract visitors. In addition to that DMO can also advertise the awards that obtain by the city and hotels for having the international quality in hosting the visitors and maintaining the services.

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From the report, it is considered that Dubai has key destinations that attracting the business organization and visitors to perform the business activity and understand the modem concept of architecture. To achieve the objectives of effective destination management DMO has to work on the segmentation' and positioning of Dubai which is important for gaining the attention of international visitors. DMO has carried out that Dubai government needs to work on the marketing and branding of city which will improve the tourism and business. In that government can use the digital media sources like website, social media and online applications for effective promotion and branding of Dubai.


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