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In respect to focus on travel and tourism sector, there are several activities consider to increase effectiveness and attain more desired results as well. In every nation, different programs has been developed that helps to promote travel and tourism results in a systematic manner (Cheng, Wu and Wu, 2017). A sustainable tourism activity is the main concept that deals with maximum customers at different places. It creates positive impact on the environment, society and economy as well. There are different primary transportation develop at location, entertainment, etc. In this context, present report is based on Qatar where tourism activities determine to building and increasing demand to grow operations and functions. In this regard, advance sustainable approaches are implemented in the National Tourism Sector Strategy. They consider regular development with international borders in particular year by 2030.

For gaining insight of the present report, it covers different stakeholders who can benefit from planning of tourism development with Qatar consideration. Furthermore, it helps to evaluate significance of interactive planning system and processes in tourism development. In addition to this, it focuses on different stages in order to plan for sustainability (Bunakov, Zaitseva and Zhukov, 2015). Moreover, it discusses moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism in Qatar. At last, report helps to compare current issues that are associated with the tourism development in developing nation and emerging destinations.

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Task 1

1.1 Stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism developments

Stakeholders are a group of people which are related with the tourism sector in very effective manner. They either work directly or indirectly. With respect of tourism sector Stakeholders can be differentiated as into local population, travellers, tourism bodies and their associates, business organisation which are operating in this sector, national government and financial institutions. Various activities are conducted at particular dates and so planning is done accordingly for the identification of the goal(Li Y. and Hunter C. 2015). Designing of infrastructure is needed for the versatile growth of tourism sector but the government of Qatar has discovered some kind of deficiency ans carelessness and has decided in the growth and development of infrastructure. It has also resulted in in the declination of poverty and has opened up the doors of employment. The surroundings of Qatar , its cultural heritage, its market areas are the main reason for the tourists to visit Qatar. The authority has decided to target almost 80 countries and is planning for visa free entries for citizens. The main objective of the tourism sector is to focus on the diversified segments and markets and promoting Qatar as tourist destination place. Qatar summer festival 2007 was the main source of attraction for the tourists and many events were organised. This resulted in the growth of economy and helped in encouraging domestic tourism sector. Many restaurants, hotels got profit by this sector(Leigh N.G. and Blakely E.J. 2016). Development of roads, malls were there and became the main attraction for tourism. Stakeholders are capable of promotion of sustainable development by growing impartiality, competence and agreement. For example, in Olympic games, stakeholders contribute to amplify self-dependence and responsiveness of the concerns and reasonable transactions take place that encourage decisions and mutual ownership. This results in sightseeing projects and joining of tourism planning preparations.

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of public/private tourism sector

For the development of tourism sector main key factors are knowledge transferring and building up network. This helps the organization to flourish in worse situations by transferring the resources at correct places(Hueskes M. Verhoest K. and Block T. 2017). The private/public sector face the features like advancement of supplier, global competitiveness and progress in technology. The advantage in tourism sector is that some people are having negative mentality regarding the growth of tourism and so the Government has decided to reduce the cost of the capital needed in the maintenance of the projects and promotion to bring out the promissory results. More opportunities are discovered by public/private partnerships which can provide progressive services and these services are not provided by ordinary service providers. The government of Qatar have no control over the immoral activities and practices and this has also lost interest in tourism sector(Rashed M. Alam M. and Toriman M.E.B. 2017). Sometimes conflicts are created due to the responsibilities of the sharing of partners. And this has a negative impact on the project as misunderstandings are created in filling the duties of the projects. This a disadvantage in the tourism sector of Qatar. Both inefficiency and malfunctioning creates the risks of creating improper structure of partnership. Qatar National Vision 2030 was launched in 2011 and has received a 6% growth rate in tourists arrivals from 2012-2016. Almost 1.235 million travellers crossed international borders in one single year. Training events are being organised by QTA and its partners in private and public sector for all stakeholders in order to create awareness of the influence of tourism and its requirement for sustainable business practices.

Task 2

P 2.1 Features of tourism development planning at different levels

Customer considers high amount of money in travel and tourism sector with ascertain effective functioning at workplace. In this regard, it is important to take more consideration to focus on working condition of travel and tourism sector. Along with this, it creates major advantages for planning and quality services as well. As per present scenario of Qatar, facilities must be improving so that tourism activities that assists to promote outcomes in several areas (Amir, Ghapar and Ahmad, 2015). In Qatar, tourism activities consider at different level which create essential role to ascertain systematic results. It creates positive impact to fulfil guest needs and requirement in a systematic manner. Nowadays, Qatar considers their outcomes to create more revenue and profits to attract tourist in the nation. As a result, different activities must be promoted to analyse effectiveness. Further, it increases overall condition of the economy that consider interactive planning in development activities.

Following are different levels in the interactive planning system:

  • International Level: At international level, tourism enterprise considers promotion of their business with ascertain policies and regulations. With this regard, law need to follow to improve economic and social activities. Furthermore, it also considers advantages to work together with government to seek solution for different issues and problem (Poudel, Nyaupane and Budruk, 2016). Tourism activities in Qatar consider measurement of productivity and global trade, which encourages accomplish fair place for each individual.
  • National Level: Furthermore, at national level, tourism business considers their work with government and national volunteer. Therefore, they consider non-departmental public body to focus on the promotion of the business activities in systematic manner (Ekinci, 2014). In addition to this, tourism enterprise also promotes to ascertain and complete their mission with increase tourism activities.
  • Regional Level: At regional level, Qatar considers focus to increase awareness through marketing and promotional campaign. In this aspect, characteristics consider more specific fundamental that emphasis in detail program of local communities (Zamfir and Corbos, 2015).

In order to focus on the tourism planning, the chosen country considers different activities to improve quality of products and services. In respect to consider planning, Qatar set goals, implement strategies, set outlines, etc. which they accomplish to attain more desired results. Further, multidimensional activity is also considered with social, economic and political factors (Rasoolimanesh, Jaafar and Ahmad, 2017). Therefore, planning of tourism activities consider arrangements in the overall system. There are different policies, maps and graphic representation activities consider with developing customer satisfaction at workplace. Different changes in the enterprise also need to regulate so that customer satisfaction will be consider as per the market changes.

P 2.2 Significance of interactive planning system and processes in tourism development with Qatar reference

Tourism evolution considers different issues and problems in the local communities. This is because, due to overcrowding, traffic, etc. there are different problems has been occurs continuously. Along with this, there are different destinations have maximum benefits without considering any planning. This is because, problems occurs due to the unrestricted tourism policies and insufficient planning process (Cárdenas, Byrd and Duffy, 2015). With respect to this, majority of communities consider their plan with different strategies and activities which helps to focus on the interactive planning system.

Interactive planning system plays a very important role in business for successful implementation of functions and operations. In this regard, complexity is also reduced so that the work will be done systematically (Hao and Long, 2016). Planning of goals is considered as several features in management so that it will get successful results in systematic manner. It is also considered as risk element which impact on the project as alternative solution. Along with this, tourist environment has impacted due to different culture adopted in the society.

Importance of interactive planning process

Market research considers different system that helps to state needs of tourists in Qatar to visit Taleb Rifai. In respect to invest in market research, it is important to develop systematic results as per market segmentation. Hence, facilities also dividing in sub-groups to consider effective design of services and products for the particular segment. In order to make services available, it is essential to access efficient programs with distribution as well. Communication with potential customers and tourist in the services develop more significant advantages at workplace (Ellis and Sheridan, 2014). With this regard, there are several promoting ways and advertisement persuades remind customer for the available services. Planning system helps to increase visitor satisfaction that ascertained economy integration at workplace. Hence, enterprise needs to use sustainable resources for community integration. It also considers national level implementation techniques to create short-term plans to operate functions and operations in an effective manner. Marketing strategies also facilitate the programme with implement techniques and invest policies as well. For example, planning of tourism consider through booking for hotels, destination and other facilities as well.

P 2.3 Methods available to measure tourist impact

In Qatar, there are several numbers of people exist that expected about the different events that organise to attract tourists at workplace. These visitors create significant impact to generate more revenue and profits with tourism facilities. Furthermore, tourism activities at local and regional levels are also developed with different methods in it. In addition to this, strategies that adopted by travel and tourism business need to consider their concentration to conduct survey and recording of responses with services that offered by the organisation (Boukas and Ziakas, 2014). Hence, it considers results to obtain and measure impact of the tourism activities.

Following are the measurements included that consist in tourism business:

Economic measures: In respect to consider evaluation of the economic measurement, it is essential to focus on the connected monetary development at workplace. With this regard, tourism examination concerned with the financial effects. There are mainly two types of model available that estimated for volume and create value in economic development. Cambridge Model considers conducting a national survey to plan and reduce cost to maintain effective information (Canavan, 2014). As per collected information, local database determines with accommodation capacities. Beside this, STEAM model also helps to describe and assess economic impact in the enterprise.

Environmental measure: Social effect consider in tourism which evaluate qualitative and subjective nature. With this regard, there are two types of system that has been gathered to impact and create social consideration. Essential research program in the nation determines sources that are available in front of the government (Mowforth and Munt, 2015). In this context, in Qatar there are two methods exist which helps to identifying social measures through interviews and questionnaire. Along with this, there are different tools used such as public records, documents and newspapers. These consider as the secondary options in front of the country.

Task 3

3.1 Description on the justification on concept of sustainability as per tourism development with reference to Qatar.

Sustainable tourism development- The term Supportable tourism advancement The maintainable tourism improvement is functioning as to putting significant concentration over the financial, future, condition and social effects on the tourism with the assistance of distinguishing proof of prerequisite of the guests, tends in the business and groups needs. Accordingly, with regards to Qatar, the development in the tourism can be seen from the varied statistical surveying. The fundamental point in this connection is to keep up the monetary development of the nation. It demonstrates that there is open door for the tourism part in the Qatar and it is the economical tourism and it is extremely useful keeping in mind the end goal to have development for the more drawn out period (Ghosh and Siddique, 2017). It demonstrates that it is one of the open doors for the tourism division in Qatar and it is the sort of feasible tourism which can accomplish the development for the more extended period.

In this way, natural supportability function as to have diminished in negative imp[cats of the tourism on the nearby bio assorted variety. Subsequently, the ideal utilization of assets as are water, vitality and all will be useful keeping in mind the end goal to spare the asset for utilization without bounds. What's more, lessening in the wastage and executing waste administration is extremely useful keeping in mind the end goal to making nature reasonable. In this the nearby government is restricting the advancement extends because of the harms. In this one might say that the primary part of partners is of vital significance for mechanical, political and, at last, useful premise.

3.2 Define the advantage and disadvantage of the public private sector of the tourism development.

In this manner, the upsides of open private division tourism arranging in UK increased focused advantages. In this way the development of the nation is have to comprehend and there are different sorts of advantages related with it as may be-

  1. Cost lessening- Increment in the vacation cost is one the principle block in connection to keep up the reasonable tourism. In this there are different conventional components with more Eco-accommodating necessities and life partner are required. In this manner, the visit administrator are uninformed about the different perspectives as are advantages of eco-tourism in which they would prefer not to make venture.
  2. Absence of planning- In this it can be expressed that absence of arranging can truly influence the practical advancement. Along these lines it is vital to design every action successfully and a positive advances is should be take towards the supportable tourism improvement. On the off chance that this isn't occurred than harms can't be evacuated.
  3. Absence of investor contribution- It is necessary for every partner to take dynamic interest in arranging of supportable tourism improvement. In this every part need to contribute something in this procedure with the goal that every movement can be done adequately. Under this co-activity and contribution of individual, it should be related with tourism is exceptionally fundamental.
  4. Priority- in this one might say that the absence of need likewise influence the working of economical advancement as a large portion of the individual incline toward here and now pick up rather than long haul benefits (Mowforth and Munt, 2015). This sort of exercises are exceptionally useful in connection to look after supportability, persistence and fundamental change can be taken with a specific end goal to accomplish the long haul objectives.
  5. Absence of co-appointment- In this one might say that the inclusion and coordination of the administration and other administrative bodies are extremely fundamental in connection to keep up the feasible advancement in the economy. Henceforth, it can be expressed that political conflict, distress, absence of co-appointment and this all elements can likewise influences the manageable tourism advancement.

3.3 Explanation on the stages in order to planning for sustainability.

In this QTA has created design with a specific end goal to accomplish the objectives of maintainable tourism in the Qatar. In this one might say that the correct arranging is required to be done which is consists of different strides as may be-

Assessing the tourism demand and supply-In this Evaluating the tourism request and supply keeping in mind the end goal to get to the request and supply is the premise necessity in connection to meet the acts of economical improvement (Canavan, 2014). The request alludes to the quantity of the general population from everywhere throughout the world who are energetically takes the activities to go to the occasions. Along these lines in the wake of evaluating the capacity of interest, QTA will gauge the supply and it is comprehensive of different lodging, resorts and eateries and transportation offices, in this way it is essential to enhanced and built up the chain of supply.

Deciding the goal- After that stage it is critical to decide the destinations with the assistance of which long haul target can be accomplished (Boukas and Ziakas, 2014). The fundamental point of QTA is to take different sort of activity keeping in mind the end goal to actualize and keep up maintainable improvement in the tourism business of the UK.

Assess the issues-In this the QTA will center over the key issues and it is vital to have usage of economical advancement. This is comprehensive of the different sort of offices as are framework, convenience, money related arranging, HR arranging and organization some more.

Checking process-After the readiness of plan there is have to make the strides as to assess and survey the arrangement. This is the progression in which there is have to improve the assessment in the genuine and arranged execution.

Marketing and promoting the event- Advertising and advancing the occasion it is the last advance, under this there is have to advance the occasion and other traveler goal of UK. In this way they can make different strides in connection to contract travel specialists, administrators, guides and different organizations to advance the tourism exercises.

Task 4

To Line manager of travel and tourism

P 4.1 Methods to resolve conflict of interest to ensure future well-being

There are different kinds of conflicts has been arises in particular region. This is because, in country there is different region, belief, culture, etc. has been adopted so that it increases conflicts among visitors. Furthermore, it is difficult to solve these conflicts in Qatar. In order to make solutions, it is essential to focus on the methodological aspects which assists in maintaining interest of people. In addition to this, development of tourism conflicts occurs among the people, tourists and government agencies, etc. This could be interrelating with poor environment impact, constructions and different activities as well (Ghosh and Siddique, 2017). Issues need to remove through consider appropriate understanding that impact indirectly on GDP and financial position as well. It is the more beneficial program for the Qatar. Additionally, these kinds of businesses resolve conflicts through adopt following consideration:

  • Stakeholder satisfaction: Stakeholder plays a vital role in a business success and country’s development. In this regard, reviews of different tourists are needed to increase rating of a particular place. When they are not satisfied with available hospitality services, it impacts on the travel and tourism sector. Therefore, it is important to develop proper solution to this problem (Cárdenas, Byrd and Duffy, 2015).
  • Stakeholder engagement: In respect to remove conflicts from travel and tourism sector, it is important to engage stakeholder in several activities. This is because; it helps to promote business and concern towards the environment protection in tourism activities. Along with this, an organisation is able to solve their issues and problems through concentrate on the new framing strategies which consider protection of the environment. With the help of effective education and training system, problems could be resolved in a business environment (Rasoolimanesh, Jaafar and Ahmad, 2017).
  • Responsibilities: In order to solve conflicts from different areas, it is important to consider responsibilities for employees. In this regard, it is essential to consider different responsibilities as per staff qualification and interest areas. Along with this, they can also resolve conflicts from environment to promote cooperation and coordination. These activities consider policies, training and educational program to monitor performances.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation is most basic means of differences which help to setting differences. It is undertaking communication between parties of conflict with particular goal and find solution for it. Process also taking to develop attorney with other person.
  • Mediation: Mediation is voluntary process which undertaking in impartial person that assists to communication process. Reconciliation between different parties allow to accept mutual agreement. In Qatar, it assists to develop more understanding with customer attraction.

P 4.2 Implications of balancing supply and demand with reference to Qatar

In respect to evaluate the supply and demand of tourism activities, it is important to focus on performing functions and operations. In this regard, proper balancing is needed so that a firm is able to deliver more significant advantages. In the tourist destinations, it is important to consider options to maintain supply and demand. It is helpful to generate more revenue and profits as well. As a result, it considers more significant advantages to relate systematic work performances. In Qatar, demands assess firstly, and then they consider supply of products and services. This helps to focus on effective consideration and deals with economic value as well. Demand factor outpacing in relation to the supply so that they can build creative results at workplace. Travel and tourism business needs to identify whether customer could buy products and services or not.

In addition to this, demand is more crucial element that needs to relate with supply to focus on the affordable housing which assists to increase economy and availability of jobs. Due to low supply, there are major concern need to look to increase systematic performances (Rasoolimanesh, Jaafar and Ahmad, 2017). In Qatar, supply and demand must be balancing with consider proper attraction of people. On the basis of customer attraction, it can be stated that in Qatar quantity of products and services desired by buyers so that it is demanded as the amount of product people are willing to buy at a certain price. Quantity supplied refers as the amount of goods which receive at certain prices. There are several factors governing that increase level of demand and special characteristic of demand consider motivate people for such demand. It is called that demand of tourism in Qatar place as per destination.

P 4.3 Moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism in Qatar

In Qatar, there are different moral and ethical issues occurs which face by enclave tourism. It has been seen that developing tourism activities consider several impact on environment to focus on the restricted outcomes and results. In this regard, country needs to develop ethical and moral aspects for particular destination so that they are able to attract people easily. In the destination, it has been seen that different activities has been set in small geographical areas so that tourists feel very safe and satisfy to enjoy their place (Bunakov, Zaitseva and Zhukov, 2015). There are several areas considered in the tourism business of Qatar to regulate systematic work performance in the environment. These areas considered self-contained so that it helps to fulfil customer requirement easily.

Moral and ethical issues with enclave tourism activities in Qatar

In the country, local community have no benefits of enclave tourism because, there are several activities restricted to access that are dominated in the entire areas. In addition to this, moral and ethical issues are concern of issues in the region in which dominion republic suffered due to political unrest, violence and threats as well. Enclave tourism activities generally undertaken in small geographical area to satisfy their visitors. It is type of activity which is mainly undertaken by the government. In coastal areas of Qatar it is considered as adequate accommodation and transport facility. Level of competition among service providers is very high in these places so that it is saturated in market. Low price for service delivery bring losses to business organisation and service providers.

Task 5

P 5.1 Current issues associated with tourism development in developing nations

In respect to develop systematic results, there are two destinations selected such as Tibet which is a developing nation and another one is Qatar which is an emerging destination. They considered planning to implement travel and tourism activities to attract several customers there. In this regard, it is important to identify customer responses and preferences in the particular environment. Besides this, they also consider diversification and development of travel destination which introduce new services and create major impact as well.

PESTLE Analysis for enclave tourism in developing and emerging destinations

Developing Country


Emerging Destination



In the Tibet, political consideration create positive impact. This is because; in this country there is stability in political aspect. In this country, taxation system is good.


Due to lack of political stability, the country unable to develop systematic works performance in travel and tourism sector. However, there is tax rate is very low which can be create issue to the country.


With the help of effective aspects such as strong GDP, less inflation, etc. , travel and tourism sector of is considered positive on Qatar.


In emerging nation, Qatar consider different aspects due to their effectiveness reduced. This is because, in the nation, there are high taxes; inflation rates changes that  create a negative impact.


Furthermore, social impact considers advantages because in the nation there is travel and tourism activities determine successful advantages with deals as per customer requirement.


In this regard, an emerging nation fails to cope up with effective results and outcomes in the country.


With advance technology and developmental activities, the country develops their advantages with significant activities.


In an emerging nation, advance technology helps to undertake creative and systematic results with ascertain to take several benefits.


Tibet considers environment perspective to develop creative results. In this regard, they make sure that their activities never harm their country (Cheng, Wu and Wu, 2017).


In this country, there are several environmental issues exist such as lack of proper wastage, etc.


There are essential requirements to focus on the legal regulations and rules so that systematic results will be consider at workplace.


In this context, travel and tourism sector not consider legal rules and regulations so that it reduce effectiveness of the country.

P 5.2 Recommendation for future development in the selected destinations

In order to enter in new areas, it is important for travel and tourism to make awareness towards the market. This is because; in this way they can easily develop successful operations and functions to attract customers. All factors determine to consider different factors in the environment. As a result, they can easily target new customers in a significant manner. Every factor assessment helps to identify effective results and outcomes in the environment to cope up with effective results and consideration of objectives. In Tibet, social trends consider major impact because customer has change their need and demand continuously. Besides this, in Qatar, political and economical elements highly create impact to regulate their functions and operations. As a result, tourism activities never get benefits to develop more systematic work performances (Poudel, Nyaupane and Budruk, 2016).

Furthermore, tourism business also needs to focus on the market research because it helps to attain more significant advantages and develop functions as well. In this regard, a market research activity has been founded to assess customer needs and requirement with travel and tourism business. Therefore, they are able to attain customer focus at workplace easily. In this aspect, they are easily known about the target audience so that activities will be delivered accordingly (Hao and Long, 2016). In the new areas, entering will be easy with considered more systematic functioning. It helps to generate more revenue and profits as well. In order to improve attraction at Tiber, they analyse the market with consider advantages in travel and tourism activities. This will help to consider new activities preferred by the workers to operate significant advantages It impacts positively on the operating activities at less cost. It creates positive impact to prefer systematic outcomes.

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From the above report, it can be concluded that there are different aspects exist that helps to focus on the systematic work performance of the travel and tourism activities. With this consideration, it is important to identify benefits through planning of stakeholder and ascertain creativity as well. In addition to this, report summarised about the methods to measure effectiveness and undertake creative results as well. It will help to maintain profitability and keep proper functioning as well. In this regard, it is important to analyse the market and attains significant advantages with different activities as well. It is the best way to cope up and maintain effectiveness in the customer attraction. Furthermore, report discussed about two different destinations such as Qatar and Tibet in the aspect of implementation of activities. Performance also developed to monitor on the environment analysis and attain more significant advantages as well. Besides, report undertaken comparison between these different destinations that provided effective results to focus on the successful results in the country.

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