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Writing a dissertation is the most important step toward completing a degree programme in nursing. But many students feel unable to produce it on their own due to inadequate conceptual knowledge, lack of research skills, and poor English. If you share a similar story, then do not worry as the solution is in front of you. Seek nursing dissertation help services from our experts, and get rid of all such issues. With their subject knowledge and excellent writing skills, these writers have so far helped hundreds of students enrolled in nursing courses across major Australian universities, such as Curtin University, James Cook University, Australian Catholic University, and the University of Notre Dame, etc.

We are well aware of the fact that producing a nursing dissertation is not a child’s play. Thus, we have hired highly qualified and experienced nursing dissertation writing professionals in our team. These academic experts hold a Ph.D. or DNP degree from an Australian-based university. Moreover, with rigorous training programmes, we have made them capable of writing a dissertation on any topic related to this subject. By ordering our nursing dissertation help services, you are sure to get exceptionally well-written and highly researched document. Moreover, our writers will certainly follow all the university’s guidelines, and a proper argument will be made by supporting illustrations.

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What Is a Nursing Dissertation, and Why Is It Important?

Dissertation is the final year project assigned to students of nursing by their teacher for developing their information-seeking skills and conceptual knowledge on a topic. Unlike an essay or coursework, by writing a dissertation, scholars are not just expected to collect the relevant information concerning the subject matter but also draw their own opinion backed with proper evidence. A well-researched dissertation shows that the student has acquired the skills to be recognized as a professional researcher in the field of nursing. This type of project also demands students to come up with a research problem and investigate the matter by devising effective methodologies that will further help in drawing a scientific conclusion.

For nursing students, the importance of submitting a high-quality dissertation cannot be underscored. First of all, by writing an impressive dissertation, they can secure good grades in the finals. Apart from this, it helps them prove their proficiency in nursing techniques and principles. Moreover, it also assists them to show how best they can use their knowledge and skills to find a solution to any problem.

Branches of Nursing That We Can Assist You In

We are well aware of the fact that nursing is a vast subject and students might be assigned a dissertation on a topic of any complexity. Thus, we have hired specialized nurses for various branches of this subject that are mentioned below:

1.Adult Nursing

As per the nursing experts of our team, adult nurses come across patients with a wide range of physical ailments. They are not just responsible for taking care of their patients but also prepare a database of their emotional, social, and domestic problems which helps them plan their care and treatment procedure. These nurses also work for community settings, such as family planning clinics, occupation health nursing, and GP’s practices.

2.Paediatric nursing

Nurses specialized in this field work in coordination with the doctors and parents to find out the causes of a child’s disease and plan an effective treatment for them. They are not just proficient in various diagnostic techniques but also hold a good command of child psychology and development.

3. Mental Health Nursing

Nurses who hold specialization in mental nursing provide care and treatment to people suffering from mental ailments, such as clinical depression, anxiety disorder, dementia, bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. They also work in coordination with the doctors and social workers to help the patients lead a normal, independent life.

4.Geriatric Nursing

This branch of nursing deals with the study of old age health problems. The older adults remain at higher risk of many diseases, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cataracts, and Alzheimer's disease. Geriatric nurses help elderly patients cope with these diseases by providing proper care and guidance.

5. Orthopedic Nursing

Orthopaedics is a branch of science that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, which consists of muscles bones, ligaments, and tendons. The nurses specialized in this field work to prevent and treat musculoskeletal problems, such as fractures, arthritis, fractures, osteoporosis, genetic malformations, and chronic systemic disorders.

6. Oncology Nursing

Oncology involves the scientific study and tumors. The nurses specialized in this field care for people with cancer and help in coordinating the many aspects of cancer treatment. They perform many duties, including, reviewing patient’s health history, assessing and monitor their physical and emotional status, keeping track of laboratory and imaging studies, and collaborating with doctors and other clinicians about the treatment plan.

7. Occupational Health Nursing

This discipline is concerned with developing business health and safety programs as well as caring for employees who got injured at the workplace. Occupational health nurses work for promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, prevention of illness and injury, and protection from workrelated hazards. Occupational health nurses practice in industrial and community settings with an aim to improve the health and safety of workers and other community groups.

These were some of the most popular branches of nursing that we assist in. Besides this, we also have specialist writers for many other subfields, such as intensive care nursing, palliative care nursing, home health care nursing, intellectual and developmental disabilities nursing, and critical care nursing.

How to Write a Good Nursing Dissertation?

Writing a nursing dissertation seems to be a daunting task for most of the students. But with the right strategy in hand, you can surely come up with a high-quality paper that would help you score 2:1 grade. Our nursing dissertation writing experts say that for successful completion of a dissertation, it’s important to attend regular supervisory sessions. Besides this, one should focus on the relevant literature search, thoughtful analysis, and a clear structure. And, make sure the topic of research is useful for the majority of nurses. Here we have mentioned some important steps toward writing an impressive piece of nursing dissertation

1. Supervision

The nursing experts of our team say that the dissertations that score high grades tend to be the ones where students have sought guidance right from the beginning. So, try to arrange a series of meetings sharing your regular progress with your mentor and let him/her know whether you are researching the relevant areas of your chosen topic. And, make sure you send drafts to your mentor before the meetings. Also, discuss your problems concerning the dissertation and get them sorted sooner.

2. Finding and appraising literature

This is the most time-consuming task required for writing a dissertation. So, you need to be focused what you are looking to search for; otherwise, this will become a never-ending process in light of the fact that there are so many books and journals available on a single topic. Moreover, it can be very de-motivating to trawl through resources if you don’t really know what you are looking for. One good idea here is to seek help from your college librarian to recommend you some relevant books. You may also start your research from the Internet, but always refer to reputed websites like those of government nursing institutes or research centres. Also remember to record the data and take down all the details of each publication, author, or website so that these can be added to your reference list.

3. Analysis

While writing a dissertation, you are not supposed to compile the information collected from various sources. Rather you have to give your own findings and opinions on the basis of research. So, do not just read the books and articles on the topic but also analyze the data used in them. Moreover, know about the evidence upon which the writers have based their conclusions or statements. In case you find the research methodology was flawed or biased, it’s important to highlight these points in your paper and draw the conclusion accordingly. Remember that all nursing dissertations should reflect practice and professionalism, so consider what has been said in the literature and what happens in real life. Analyzing and evaluating the various aspects of the topic will help you come up with a thoughtful conclusion.

4. Structure

Most of the students manage to do the research effectively, but they surrender when it comes to formatting and writing the document. But actually, it’s not a big deal to manage your dissertation if you break it into sections. Depending on the word count, there could be three, four or five chapters in this document. You may seek guidance from your supervisor regarding this. In general, a nursing dissertation should consist all the following elements:

List of contents

This section will contain a list or table of headings with their page numbers.


This chapter gives a summary of the entire research you made on the topic.


This is the first chapter of the document and should highlight the background of the subject area, the purpose of writing the dissertation, and rationale behind choosing the topic. Moreover, this section should provide an outline of the dissertation and reference to your literature search.


In this chapter, you need to discuss the primary or secondary research techniques that were used to draw the conclusion. Apart from this, you should also highlight why you used those specific methodology over others. And, discuss the problems that you faced while researching.

Literature review

In this section, you need to mention about your analysis of published literature on the research topic. Write about the concepts and theories that you find relevant in the present context and those which seemed biased.


In this section, you have to discuss the topic step-by-step and note down all the information that you collected throughout the research. Start with the introduction, setting out the context and the main focus of the chapter. Aim to discuss three-four main points related to the theme/subject of the chapter. And, end with a conclusion which summarizes the main points raised in the paper.


This is the final chapter and should be approximately 10-15% of the total word count. It should summarize and evaluate the main issues raised throughout the dissertation. Also, do not forget to incorporate recommendations for future practices.


This section should contain the complete list of all the books, journals, and websites used while writing the dissertation. Make sure to follow the referencing guidelines suggested by your university.


An appendix (if used) is the place for information which are too bulky for the main body of the text, or for data which might be relevant to the discussion, but will be too distracting if placed in the text. Typical items to feature in an appendix are abbreviations and extensive tables of data.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can definitely compose a high-quality nursing dissertation. But if you are still not able to write it on your own due to improper writing skills, inadequate reference material, or lack of time, then feel free to seek nursing dissertation help from our experts. We promise that you won’t regret your decision.

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Nursing is a broad subject, and to become a practitioner, students have to gain a thorough command of its principles, theories, technicalities, and practical skills. These scholars spend a large proportion of their time in attending the classes and doing self-study. And during the final year, they are also required to do an internship at a certified medical institute. Amidst all these academic works, students hardly get any time to write their dissertation. We aim to lend helping hand to all such scholars who are unable to complete their project due to any reason. By availing online nursing dissertation help services from us, you will surely get a well-researched paper that will win you professor’s heart, and make him/her would feel compelled to give an A+ grade. Along with this, you will get many benefits from our end, such as

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