Unit 3 Organisational Behaviour Level 4 Y/508/0487 HND Business


In any organization, organisational behaviour is the most important section in which the basis of the organization lies in the hands to understand and influence the work of an individual. By which behavioural changes that has been taken place is predicted and the effect of those changes on the development of future of organisation is also identified. In this context, BBC Company has been taken for analysis. It is a British Broadcasting Corporation that was found in the year 1922. BBC served all over the world. The revenue of BBC is £4.954 billion. It the most important human instrument to get the picture what each individual is doing How the behavioural changes affecting the organisation in positive or negative way is also executed. To modify the effectualness of the organisation, the employees are made to understand the actual risk and consequences and utilize the innovation thoughts and idea to find out the efficient solutions.

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P1. Handy's cultural typology. Identified and discuss the earlier organisational culture and analysis the effect of cultural, power and politics within BBC

Organizational behaviour includes the cultural, political and behavioural approach for employees which play a vital role in influencing the development and improvement of the organisation. BBC used many methods to take cooperation from the employees of the organisation and carry out management better. Campaigning method is used by BBC to take cooperation form employees. In order in betterment of the organisation, it is essential for employees to speak their problems and issues and it is also better for company to avail suitable condition of work. These strategies will be result in excellent work result of the organisation.

Culture is important in every organisation, the role played by culture is very crucial. Charles handy model is the model which gives better understanding of culture. BBC is using this model which describe the culture of the organisation.

The most important element in the effectiveness of an Organisation is the Culture. For understanding the earlier culture in the BBC we can use the Charles Handy's cultural model. This model includes 4 main elements in the culture of an Organisation -


Power has the bad reputations as it shows the nature of dominance. In BBC, senior managers uses there powers in wrong way sometimes. They expose their powers on there subordinates which de motivates the employees working in the company.

Person power is the thing which builds the organization system. In BBC, the decision taken by top level authorities and the decisions must be followed by everyone in the organization but some time it leads to conflicts in the organization. In BBC the new appointed directors have taken charge to bring better organization culture which brings peaceful in the operation.



Politics is the most critical, effectual elements in the organization as well as in BBC. Politics is performed by two people, two groups at two levels of management in BBC. In BBC there are some people who use the powers of politics in order to get rewards and promotions. Politics is the most replicated aseptic in the organization the points make the two groups in the organization and battle will arise. It may be between workers. Battle leads the organization in bad working environment. The work is also not appropriate and up to the mark.


Person defines as the behaviour of a person in the company. The behaviour of the person is depends on there culture. The behaviour of person at BBC is not good at some areas. In these cultural organization workers will give all-importance for organization with the aim of achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.


Role Culture

This cultural form states that the employees should be divided on the basis of the duty and responsibility they perform within an organisation. The role of the employees within an organisation depends upon their skills, knowledge and qualifications they have.

These types of cultures determine that employee's roles and responsibilities will be bifurcated according to their qualification and their qualities of working and task. It is obligation of top level authorities to divide the duties and responsibilities as per their skills as lower level workers are not able to understand their duties and responsibilities.

Task Culture

BBC organizes some task which has to be completed within the team which helps in bringing the cultural together. With this team work task, social well-being is also developed in the organization. With the help of task culture the goals and objectives comes to achieve early.


P2. A) Theories of motivation

Content theory- This is the theory of motivation in which various wants and needs represented for human beings. As the organization point of view, it is related to motivation of employees as they have several requirements as well as wants and needs which is to be fulfilled to bring motivation in them.

Process theory- Process theory explains how motivation occurs in the individual to achieve the goals and objectives of company. It is the energy that stimulates an individual to act towards achieving the targeted goals and objectives. It also explains how organization can develop and grow.

In process theory, Adams Equity theory is also included. Adams Equity theory is developed in 1960 by J. Stacy Adams. This theory states that there should be balance in between input of employees and there output. Input includes skills, knowledge, hard work and output includes salary, bonus, wages. In order to motivate the workers of BBC, it is very important to have balance in between input and output which upraise the level of motivation.

Abraham Maslow Theory- It is a famous theory which advises the need theory of motivation in which the requirements of employees has to be consummated.

Needs are discussed as below:

Safety needs

It is very important for every organization to provide the safety to their employees which will be goodness for both organization and for employees.


In the organization, it is also very important to give respect to the employees whether sweeper or manager. Each needs respect from the organization. It is the need of the employees.

Social need

Social factor play a great important in the organization. Only work is not enough, it is very essential to develop the Eco-friendly environment in the organization. It is the basic need of employee's to have friends and family.

Self -Satisfaction

Self-satisfaction is the primary need of the employee's as it is very essential to give chances to their employees as because each and every one has potential to complete the work and skills in them.

Physiological need

Physiological need is the most important need of the employee's. A person do job or work only to satisfy the first need i.e. food, clothes and shelter. Organization should fulfil the physiological need first to satisfy their employee's.

The organization has sovereign powers to determinant the employee's work, if taken care of them in the right manner. The accumulation of culture, politics in an organization has make the working conditions haphazardly which affecting the organization growth and development. The employee's working in the organization has to think beside the work which makes the work slow and in efficient. Chain of command, specialization in performance, departmentalization an control are the essential factors necessary to take effective decision (Israel, 2018).

P2.b)Motivational techniques to improve the effectual in terms within the BBC.

The different motivational technique served by BBC are as follows-

  • Share the organizational Vision with Every employees- To improve the organisational culture and team performance it is very important to share the vision and mission of the task so team will work according to achieve the vision in the limited time.
  • Impressive Communication With staff- It is very important to develop efficient communication skills in the employees and effective communications strategies within the organization.
  • Give more responsibilities to team- by giving responsibilities to team they feel more valued and more motivated. They work more efficiently to complete the work at time.
  • Create healthy Competition- Competition is good but it should be healthy competition. As the organization needs to create the healthy competition among employee's to provide finer recognization by organization will help to execute by other employee's (Baig and et,al, 2018).

The most important portion of any organization and also for BBC, is the direction of human capital in a way to amend the productiveness, addition in the net profit, motivation of the members and their rate of retention, and giving a amended form of training in order to modify and raise the organic process process in the BBC thus furnishing them a standardised place (Tunley and, 2018.).

Achieving the goals and objectives become even easier when the employees are motivated in right way. Motivating them in the right way helps to addition their self esteem which directly increasing their superior qualities and skills to take much obligations and help to advanced in their business with assurance and compete with the other larger organizations on a similar plane. It has been seen in BBC that a study says that the team has win in keeping the standard of work through the invariant motivation they have received thereby experting in their knowledge in the several fields.

In order to improve and upgraded the level of motivation, it is very important to implement and apply the techniques of motivation which helps in enhancing the level of motivation. The management of BBC should develop the tendency to share the vision and mission of organization to each and every employees whether they are at low level or high level. Furtherance, BBC should develop the impressive and effective communication with staff which motivates employees in large. Company should give extra and more responsibilities to team which motivates them. It is also very important for BBC to develop the culture happy and healthy which enhance the level of motivation in BBC.

Critically evaluation.

As per the author- Motivational theories helps to determine the various behaviour of employee's after going through a motivational process. The theory when applied to the organization it will give better working environment in the workplace. Theories are applied by manager, so manager have key roles in motivating their employee's. There are four strategic methods followed to enhance the behaviour of the organization by implementing the motivational theories in the organization. The theories focuses on equalizing the attempt of all the employee's. Giving monetary awards can help the employees to motivated and fulfil their wants and needs. Organizing several programmes for growth and development of employee's. Motivational strategies should also be organize in the company.

Task 3

P3 a). Demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate effectively in team

In order to achieve success in any organization or in BBC, team management is very important. For effective working team working play a significance role. There are two types of leaves- Effective and Ineffective team. Effective team mates always focus on the achieving the organizational goals by supporting the team mates and ineffective team are those which do not support the team and lack in achieving the target.

  • All the people in the team take active participation in their contribution to the grouping followed by openly communication.
  • Logical statement are taken into circumstance while taking any decision. Voting is the best way to take favour of the decision
  • By doing this all techniques of group discussion and team management, leadership skills is enhance and improve (du Plessis and Boshoff, 2018).
  • While working in team. Members develop the skills of obtaining the common goals.

In adverse to the effectual team management, the ineffectual team focuses on an agreed position in a much quicker rate thus defensive them against any fresh or advanced thoughts from being enforced advance or ever-changing. They can be further characterized into the pursuing:

  • Due to lack of common goals the environment of the organization turns to battle and conflicts which directly leads to bad working conditions in the work place.
  • Every decision is made is based on voting system and majority is considered but the no efforts are done on minorities who do not like the decision.

There are different types of team in BBC-

  1. Permanent team
  2. Temporary Team
  3. Task Force
  4. Committee
  5. Self managed team
  6. Virtual team
  7. Permanent team- this team are those teams which perform on permanent basis and they are dissolved on the completion of the task.
  8. Temporary team- Temporary team are those team which are formulated for the purpose of completion of a single task or work. Generally temporary teams loses their importance as they from for short period.
  9. Task Force- These are the teams which are formed for some specific purpose or aims. This type of team was form for investigating some critical issues.
  10. Committee- this type of team is formed to work on a specific project or work either permanently or on temporary basis.
  11. Self managed team- This are the most valuable teams as this team included those people who work together for achieving the common goals but without any control of leaders.
  12. Virtual Team- it is the type of team which work together but they are on distance. They are connected by internet. They communicate with video calls.

P3.b) Belbin Model of Team role.

Belbin is a model of team management which is designed to utilize the talents and personalities of team mates. Belin model states that work will be efficient if the work will be completed together. Belbin has nine team roles (Barbaranelli and, 2018).

Implementer- Implementer is the functional arranger within the team. The character of implementer is discipline and task oriented. Implementer puts program and thought into easily completed manner. Implementer is practical by nature.

Resource Investigator- In this role the beaming, extrovert person with lots of contracts within and outside the team. This role is full of enthusiasm and adventurous and free mined and always making new ideas.

Plant-The role of plant is imaginative intellectual thinker of the team. He ha s free spirit who needs space to fantasy about brand-new and amazing solutions to difficult problems.

Monitor- a person having this role model in a team is reasonable, thoughtful and nitpicking. He is the investigator of the team. The judgement made by him is less possibility to be in wrong.

Shaper- this team role has passionate to his work and always support the team in the best manner. He has a power to face all the challenger but sharper become angrily and get frustrated.

Coordinator- Coordinator is the coordinator of the team. He looks after all the process and helps to clear up the purpose and summarise all the requirement and wants of team mates.

Completer Finisher- he has the role of monitoring the safety and quality but can sometimes be over protective and find it difficult to depute things to others.

Team worker- he is the most sensitive member of the team. Helpful, and focussed on creating a gratifying atmosphere and sense of closeness and togetherness. He favour the balance in between all.

Specialist- Specialist is an immeasurable source of knowledge in his field. He is an advisor and expert in all field. His contribution is upon sustainable knowledge and technical skills.

In BBC Belbin Model is applied in order to identify the behaviour of employees strength and weaknesses at the work pace. This model helps in communicating the language to make sure that employees and team and wok together. Belbin Model help BBC in selecting employees to form high-performing teams, develop and trainer existing team, multi-functional team and project team. Furtherance, Belbin is also assisting managers to make effective procedures as well as enable managers to put together their own teams.

Task 4

P4a). Apply concepts and philosophies of organizational behaviour to be given business situation.

There are several theories and models for organizational behaviour which helps to develop the performance and productivity of team. BBC implements these models to develop the culture and behaviour of organization within the atmosphere at work place. These theories help in BBC in following manner-

To identify the environment and individual traits- BBC can identify the different traits related to the members of team and environment related to the behaviour and environment related to behaviour and attitude. This procedure aids to control and manage the perception of team in order to maintain coordination in executing several tasks.

Choose a appropriate style of leadership- This procedure defines in adopting a appropriate style of leadership and leaders for several departments and team. BBC can easily achieve its goals and objectives. In order to understand the roles and duties in effective way leadership style is very necessary.

The structural behaviour of BBC is compensating dependent on retrieval of the concept of fictional character and virtue which has great interest in the policy-making parties and other industries of various aspects (Renwick, 2018). To improve the work of employee's enhancing the moral of employee's leads to healthy environment. The morality related to the decision making plays a significant role. All the thoughts and plans and point of view of all the member are taken into consideration and examine the final result is made with the goal of accomplishing the company's target and work for their improvement. Keeping an effective relation with the public, it is very important to develop the better communicating skills of employee's. BBC is implementing Path Goal Theory which is very fruitful for the organisation. In this theory leader style is specified that how he manage the work of his team to achieve the goal of the organization. Achieving the goal is important but not in bad way, kit should be in order to maximise the motivation level of the employee's and satisfaction to the employee's.

b) Barriers to effective performance within BBC.

In BBC, there are many barriers which leads to ineffective performance (Paull, and Whitsed, 2018). There are many workers who are not satisfied completely with the decision of the top authorities. BBC is organizing several meeting to understand and evaluate the issued faced by the workers and discussions made on the basis of what alteration need to be made to keep the employee's satisfied. Personal issues of employee's sometimes effect the organization in large way as man is not able to concentrate on his work which bring negative result on the entire organization. It is very important to develop a cultural activities and programs which help in betterment in the mind of the employee's and efficiency in the work. A bad mood is so infectious that it can have a large impact on the other emotions of the operational place. So it is the duty of manager to give due consideration on the emotions of the employee's. Emotions are the integral part of each and every organization. Manger should not ignore the interaction with employee's as it ignorance leads to di- motivation in employee's. Ignorance become the critical barriers in the performance of employee's leads to deficiency in the work.

Common Barriers to effective performance-

Lack of preparation- This is the main barriers which arise in the effective performance. It is very essential for the manager of the company to prepare and plan the appraisals for performance. They have to spend time in planning the appraisal. If it is not planned than it become barriers.

Lack of training- This is also the barriers in effective performance. In BBC Training programmes are not conducted on regular basis which results in outdated works. Regular training is very necessary for effective performance at work place.

Lack of Knowledge- There are many employees who are not aware about the goals and objectives of organisation. In BBC there are many workers who have no idea about the goals and objectives of company.

Lack of confidence- Confidence is very essential part in the development and growth of the company. Lack of confidence leads to unacceptable work. Confidence is must in making effective performance of employees.

Critically analysis on development theories.

As per the author- the development of work kin the working place and improve the behaviour of all the employee's. There are two main teams, team of effective and team of ineffective grouping which directly focus on certain issues that are related to understanding all the struggle and trouble that come or occur in the BBC and making attempt jointly to get rid of them. Modern thoughts and creativity are emphatic of each individual thus making a free environment to permit everyone to talk and think freely. All the defect of the organization are destroy and the target is achieved as a result in way to keep all the employees satisfied at all times. Every organization is thus required to be self-directed and fair by nature. Applying honesty and respect in the organization. Keeping a healthy popular environment in the operational place and get rid of all sorts of social difficulty or troubles such as aggression and torcher are debar at all cost. Maintaining the public relations and evolution and improving the communication process further helps to raise the activity of work which helps in development in all the sections of the business (Jaworski, 2018).

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In the above report it is concluded that the organizational behaviour is considered to be a important aspects of BBC and for every organization. Impact of behaviour of organization is largely affect the functional activity of the organization. BBC is developing the best team management and also developing the positive organizational behaviour. The culture and politics in the organization is very essential for peaceful workings and safe-conduct the rights of the employee's. BY using the Belbin Theories and Abraham Maslow theory which determined that there is a great impact of Motivation on the operation of the business. Several campaign program is also done by BBC to develop the culture of the organization. Barriers of the effective performance is also evaluated in BBC and measured to control those barriers is also concluded in the above report.

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