TQT 150 Unit 3 Research Proposal LSST


Expansion of internet and communication has allowed business to communicate with large number of people. It has provided a platform for business to expand their operations in different markets (Ross, 2016). Through this, they are able to survive in competitive market for long term. Also, by using technology business is able to improve product quality as well as diversify its product range. In this research project the researcher will analyse the impact of digital technology in ALDI. Researcher will identify how ALDI has been able to increase efficiency of their  operations. Along with this, concentration will be on core process of ALDI such as production, human resources, etc. that have been benefited by using digital technology.

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Background of Research

 The research is been conducted to analyse the impact of digital technology in ALDI.  Technology has provided ease to business allowing them to grow and expand. It has helped in improving efficiency of department as well as integration of activities. The overall operations have been significantly transformed (Luftman, Lyytinen and ben Zvi, 2017). For example – from production to delivering of products ALDI has made several improvements in their functions. This has lead to increase in profits and sales. In this researcher will analyse impact on operations that has occurred due to use of technology. Moreover, articles will be evaluated for conducting this research (Bongiorno, Rizzo and Vaia, 2018).

Rationale of Research

Business has not implemented technologies in effective way. With this they have not been able to attain goals and objectives. Thus, by conducting this research, researcher will show how technologies can be properly implemented in operations. Also, what are the implications of this  on business. Besides this, researcher will gain knowledge about ALDI that operates in retail sector in UK (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). 

Literature Review

The literature review is done to find out results and outcomes of research that is previously done by researchers and authors. Also, the main purpose of doing this is to give a theoretical framework of study. Researcher discusses the views of authors in effective manner.

Meaning of digital technologies

According to Nambisan  and Song,  2017 digital technology consists of information and communication tools that helps in interacting with people. The expansion of these tools have created a revolution in business industry. According to Heilig,  Schwarze  and Voss,  2017 we are now in fourth generation of digital world. The first revolution came when mobile phones was introduced. Second was when mobile internet was developed. Third was when application of internet was developed where electronic devices was connected with virtual devices. At last fourth generation is there where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way of living. It has changed the lives of people by creating modern and advance machinery. As said by Eesley  and Miller, 2018 digital technology has not only helped in reducing time and efforts but also improved quality of life and work.

Impact of digital technology on organisations

According to Bongiorno,  Rizzo  and Vaia,  2018 the sector that is highly benefited by digital technology is business. It has transformed the traditional way of doing business in modern way. Technologies are highly used by business in every department. It has made it easier for management to achieve goals and objectives. As per view of Spil,  Kijl  and Salmela,  2016 digitalisation has helped in integration of functions that has resulted ion growth of organisation. Managers are using this to develop strategies and implementing them. Also, managers can now strategies can be monitored and evaluated by setting some standards. As elucidated by Ghezzi,  Cortimiglia  and Frank,  2015 technology has created opportunities for business to grow. Now, many new products and services are developed that has allowed business to create a portfolio. It has enabled customer to get attracted towards that product. This has lead to increase in sales and profits of companies. Vinogradova  and Kaurova,  2016 said that administration of business has become flexible. Sharing of information and quick communication has benefited in effective decision making.

As per view of Nambisan  and Song,  2017 he major change that has occurred is in marketing of products. Now products are advertised through social media. It has made it easy for business to attract large number of people by using single platform. The range of business has reached at global level. By using social media, business can interact and build relationship with many people. Also, it can collaborate with suppliers, distributors, etc. to get engage with them. As elucidated by Heilig,  Schwarze  and Voss,  2017 small businesses are greatly benefited by social media. They have emerged as new entities in the market that are giving tough competition.  It has also made it easier for business to solve customers problems quickly by providing them on the spot solution. It has resulted in increase in customer satisfaction thus retaining them.

Vinogradova  and Kaurova,  2016 said that in production technology has made product growth easy. The use of Artificial intelligence in production has improved product quality and made it faster. Moreover, it has reduced the errors in products. Data analytics has provided data and information through which products are manufactured. As per view of Spil,  Kijl  and Salmela,  2016 the storage and distribution system has become flexible. The product is delivered at right time to right person.

Challenges of digital technologies to business

According to Eesley  and Miller, 2018, business has to face several challenges while implementing digital technology. It has affected their operations to a great extent. Due to advancements in technology, business has to make continuous changes in their operations. This has affected employee performance as well as their organisational culture. As per Bongiorno,  Rizzo  and Vaia,  2018 negative impact is it has raised the expenses of business as they have to hire experts for maintaining systems. Moreover, many issues are being faced by companies that has affected their growth. As elucidated by Spil,  Kijl  and Salmela,  2016,  rise in cyber crimes is a major challenge for business. It has affected negatively on their productivity.  These crimes included malware, malicious activities, etc. that directly attack on systems making it difficult to operate. It has forced companies to implement strong security measures and infrastructure. Also, for proper maintenance of system experienced persons are hired. As said by Ghezzi,  Cortimiglia  and Frank,  2015 business are using cloud storage for minimising cyber crimes. This has added to their to expenses. Thus, these all are the challenges that faced by business.

Research Methodology

Research methodology will help in suitable planning of the investigation process that will support a good rise in the operations of the company. It will also help in suitable growth and development of firm which will support a better rise in knowledge and insight which will cause a good rise in functioning of a business activity that will support a good rise in operational capability of the organisation (Lee, Lee and Lin, 2015.). The research methodology will involve a good assessment of the different activities and elements, which will help in growth and development of research processes that will cause a good rise in information about a particular methodology or activities.  The specific research methodology will involve following elements:

Research Philosophy

In order to explore the suitable and precise information, various philosophical approaches are been taken by the researcher that will facilitate a good rise in the operational capability of the organisation. This will help in suitable utilization of the research methodological approaches that will support a good handling data or the information that is been assessed by the investigator. As per the research process, exploratory research philosophy is been undertaken by the investigator that will help in suitable rise in knowledge and insight about the research topic. Other than this, the exploratory process help in suitable meeting of employee engagement in research process (Vinogradova and Kaurova, 2016).

Research approach

Research approach is a plan that consists of measures generating some broad assumptions and intuitions to describe the process of data analysis during research activity performed by a investigator. These assumptions and thoughts support a good rise in the operational capability of the researcher and help him to initiate a data investigation process that will support a good rise in knowledge and work process of the company. For the present research process, inductive research approach that will involve the utilisation of certain questions, aims and objectives to gain the knowledge or the desired information which will support a good rise in operational capacity of the firm (Spil, Kijl and Salmela, 2016).

Research Design

A research design is the approach that will help in suitable meeting of the operations that will support a good rise in functional capability of the organisation. It is strategic plan that will allow a user to attempt the research questions in the process and gain the desired data and information to carry out the proper research process. For the present research, descriptive design is been utilized that will help in identify the impact of digital technology on the business activity of cited retail enterprise. It will also help in decision making process that will help in good management of the further research activities that are been carried out by investigator (Nambisan and Song, 2017).

Research strategy

This is the adoption of the suitable strategies that are been taken in the operations that will help in the suitable rise in the efficiency to attain the targeted goals and objectives that are been taken in consideration by the firm. For the present process, quantitative research process is been taken for consideration. This approach will involve the analysis of the numerical data that are been accessed through the means of suitable questionnaire (Heilig, Schwarze and Voss, 2017).

Data collection

To carry out the research process, suitable and effective data collection is very necessary and vital as it will help in gaining a proper idea about the measures that will support a good rise in operational capability of the firm. Different measures like semi formal interviews, surveys or questionnaire can be developed that will help in suitable rise in knowledge and insight of the researcher by providing the suitable data and information that will support furthermore the research analysis process. The adoption of these measures will help in good rise in effective management of research project in the organisation (Ghezzi, Cortimiglia and Frank, 2015).


Sampling approach will help in suitable rise in the functional capability of the organisation. This will involve the number of candidates that are been analysed for the research process. For the present report we have taken 10 employee's of ALDI.

Data analysis

The data analysis is the most important and vital operation that will be followed by the researcher. It will help in good assessment of the data and meeting of the operations in a very effective and better way (Eesley and Miller, 2018). For the present research process, the data investigator has used thematic data analysis process to gain suitable data out comes.

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