Workplace Experience


It is important to take work experience in an organisation to know how these organisations works and what are the qualities needed to work in this. Cardiff food centre is providing trainings to new trainees to gain work experience in their supermarkets. They are having typical hierarchical management to produce their work and they are having different departments and managers. These all departments and managers are places on different levels which is a strength of the company.

But they are facing some management problems which affects their trainees. They are having marketing, employment related issues and risk assessment for their future needs, they have to improve these management loopholes. Trainings are helps to improve personal skills which helps to trainees to improve their work and as well as it counts in their work experience which helps in their career development(Meister, Willyerd and Foss, 2010). Regular training helps to the trainees to make consistent improvements in their work and in their qualities.

Internships helps to improve the informations of industries where an aspirant perform in their future. Most of the companies are providing internships to graduates to provide an experience of work culture in the corporates. Internships are having a limitation of time for learners to learn and develop skills according to these. Management in marketing is having need to take experience of practical conditions, Cardiff food centre is providing this work experience to students to increase their knowledge and work experience. These trainees are helpful for the company to use them as an employee.

Most of the colleges and institutions are having contact with some big sized organisation to provide internships to them for a particular time period(Marsick and Watkins, 2015). Cardiff food centre has providing 70 Hours sales training to increase sales and marketing efficiencies of learners. As they are having multiple supermarkets in the UK and they are having regular needs of employees to perform their sales activities in their retail outlets. Cardiff food centre is having huge impact of political, social, economical and technological environment because they are huge structure and scope to perform their activities.

They have to follow all the guidelines, rules and regulation of the UK legislation to make sales of their products. as now most of the companies are using online portals to sale, it is reducing the impact of personal selling of Cardiff food centre so they have to be smarter and have to adopt e commerce to sale their products. ASDA, MORRISONS and SAINSBURY is the biggest market competitors of the company which is overtaking the market of the company. The Cardiff food centre is providing sales training to graduates from various universities to increase knowledge and efficiency of the field(Mann, 2011).

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Management problems

Cardiff food centre is a grocery and general merchandise retailer which started its business in 1919 Whose business is to provide mutual help to other companies in various matters such as :

  • Employment issues
  • Legal aspect
  • Marketing
  • Payroll
  • Portable appliance technique
  • Risk assessment

The various management problems faced by Cardiff food centre are as follows :

Organisation recruit people only if they saw potential in the employees and be beneficial for the company. However induction program is conducted by every company and provide training but it is not necessary that employee will have clear insight to the vision and the mission of the organisation. thus hierarchy of the organisation (Cardiff food centre) should make the freshers understand that what what the company is and what it strive for.

Every individual has different style of working and potential to contribute to the goals of the company(Magnavita and Heponiemi, 2011). Working in a team may or may not contribute to the task assigned thus co-ordination in a team must be there and evaluation of each individual on the basis of contribution to task should be there. It is the responsibility of the manager to make each employee understand that how they are beneficial for the organisation and how they can contribute.

Money is not the solely reason of motivation for the employee but rewarding for the work ,work environment like relations with the peers, managers too motivate and boost the productivity of employees. Different ways should be adopted by manager to motivate the employees like some need personal recognition, some need reward for their best and some need work life balance.

Every risk has two dimension success and failure. Employee feel demotivated when they are considered responsible for their failure rather than more guidance should be provided to them to cover that loopholes.

Evidence of personal development and changes in personal outlook

Personal development is not a one time process but it is a life time process. Cardiff food centre provides apprenticeship to the upcoming future. There is a huge difference between working for self that is studying and working for an organisation. In training process one has a lot of opportunities to garb and learn. While working for a company one has learned the importance of time. Deadlines are provided by company which interns have to abide by from which they can learn time management(Lunenburg, 2011).

While working for any organisation people will get to know hidden talents and develop new skills which help in enlighten their core potential to do work. Personal development can be sensed by increase in confidence, awareness, broadened our mind and enhance the quality of life.

communication is a two process which is not only restricted to communicating but also making people understand what actually the thought is and make them more socialise. It also help in making more contract or links with the people which sometimes help in building carrier.

Trainees of Cardiff food centre is not only associate with their field of work but also get to know thousand of other things which enhance their employability(Koppi and et. al., 2010). There is principle and ethics in every organisation which have to be followed by every employee this will also increase the listening power.

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Every individual will notice the small difference in themself like:

  • Increase tolerance power.
  • Become structured personality like there is always a proper way to do things in life.
  • Learn to put words in front of people.
  • Become more aware about the surrounding that is external and internal environment
  • Learn how to get the work done at their own level.
  • Culture of the organisation

The Cardiff Food Centre is having friendly culture in between the employees and in between the customers and employees which is increasing positivity.
Peoples worked with you
Most of the persons belongs to the Cardiff so it is easy for me to communicate with them and I am having cultural similarities which helps me to make communication.
Employability skills

Cardiff food centre is an online grocery store which runs its business in UK is the subsidiary of Cardiff food centre. Trainees for the organisation is recruited on the basis of various skills such as :

For running online store one should be very friendly with computers. It is very important to be innovative and creative in e commerce that how inviolately one should represent website and attract potential customers.

Technical: Technical knowledge is required to create website for online store and frame important content and how innovatively and differently designed from others. web designer is also technical as what colour and format is used which attract customer.

IT skill: In case any problem occur like slow processing or customer face any technical problem since there is separate department for IT but still one should be " jack of trades"

Time management: Customer satisfaction is prime concern of every organisation, handling customer query in an efficient and in time is very important. Once the customer is dissatisfied and it is very difficult to regain his loyalty and trust(Kolb, 2014).

Marketing: Marketing strategies start even before the set up of venture. Thus marketing is making the website known globally and attract customer to use online application. Different discount schemes such as bye one and get one free and get some cash back by buying from this application etc.

Research and Analysis: Every organisation has this department. Research is being conducted on a regular basis to about current trend as well as how can business do better by taking certain changes.

Networking: Mouth publicity is a type of advertising. At various events logos of online portal or trade mark is placed and promote the particular application. creating network is important to publicise the application. Number of people gathered at event get to know the application through this(Holmes and et. al., 2011).

Social media: Online page of the particular application is also important for advertising application as 90% of the youth use social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Communication: this is the basic factor for generating sales in Cardiff Food centre. Marketing means selling product as per the needs of customer. Any query must be resolve within small span of time. communication can done through any mode like e-mail, through phone or through online portal.

Typing & Administration: Proper and accurate information must be there in application like prices must be upgraded after discounts, is the product is available in every size or not or any schemes is available.

Changes in my habits and behaviours

After the joining in the organisation, I felt some changes in my habits. I have more focus on my current work which is increasing my efficiency and qualitative work.
Appropriate use of theories and applications to support findings

Consumer related sales promotions: This is a theory which helps a lot trainees to work in the Cardiff food centre, as the sales managers are having focus to increase their companies sales, they puts most of the trainees in sales promotions. This theory emphasize on to increase sales and it is in the course of the students. Most of the students and me also use this in practical conditions. The marketing managers organise a contest to attract customers(Hegney and et. al., 2010). They are providing some coupons which are having numbers to available peoples there, than they announce a lucky number. They are having gifts and as well as attractive discount for them.

The Pull theory: This is a theory which emphasize on the personal sales in the market field. A sales person can choose a peoples to provide product knowledge to them. This is a theory which can used in the market field to make a lead on particular customers. In the practical conditions , it is not easy to make a lead on a peoples which is not interested in the sales process. Most of the persons avoid to these types of salespersons which wants to take over them by their conversations. This is not effective and applicable in such conditions but as most of the students are having this theory in their educational course.

The marketing and sales manager are having their combine efforts on the interns to improve their selling and marketing skills, in 70 hours internships most of the time, these managers are involved in their trainees to get engaged them in the marketing and sales promotions by these above given theories. This is beneficial for the both, it helps to company to increase their sales, built up public relation in their target market(Gin Choi Kwon and Kim, 2013). Trainees are also getting involved in this process which is increasing their communicative and analytical skills to make a lead on their customers.

Development of employability skills

Employability skills helps to trainees to adjust in work environment and as well as to perform their activities as their higher authority wants. Trainees have to feel energetic and confident after the training programs. These employability skills are related to the job role where the employee an or a trainee is working. These skills can helps trainees to get a job in any other relevant organisation like; ASDA, MORRISONS etc. Some employability skills are here which is developed in me after the internship in Cardiff food centre;

Communication:This is the basic employability skill, in the sales and marketing process it is having huge significance. It is essential for a sales trainee to be communicative with peoples, they have to be in regular search of customer by making communication in the field. As in the Cardiff food centre most of the interns are committed to search new consumers to sale out their targeted products. communication helps in this process because a sales trainee can analyse the needs of customers by making communicate with them(Giacalone and Jurkiewicz, 2015). Trainees can motivate peoples to purchase their products by the communication process. So this one is very useful for us in our workshop and it is also useful for future.

Team work: It is a very essential for an employee to make their efforts in team work, as Cardiff food centre is having different departments and teams which is having their own objectives and goals. So it is necessary for the trainees to make their collective efforts according to the managers of the departments. As the manager are having their own define objective for their teams, they has divide their mini objectives in trainees to make their efforts with proper communication. In the Cardiff food centre, all interns are divided in different teams and they have set objective of a particular sale for a day. This one in helps to improve coordination with the team members and peoples at work place. It emphasis on plans and strategies which helps to these sales teams to achieve their targets.

Problem solving: It is related to the issues which can be faced by the sales persons and marketing persons in actual conditions. In the Cardiff food centre managers has created a problematic situation to give a demo that what types of conflicts and issues can be faced by a sales person and marketing person in the selling and marketing process. This one helps the trainees to improve their problem solving skills. This one helps the trainees to increase their analytical skills regarding to the problems(García-Peñalvo, Colomo-Palacios and Lytras, 2012). It helps to the trainees to use negotiation process to resolve problems and conflicts in between the parties which are involved in a problem. After this training session, most of the trainees are having strength to resolve the conflicts of their team members and customers. Communication is also helps the interns to resolve conflicts and issues which are faced by them.

Planning and organising: Planning and organising is a need of every person to perform their activities in planned manner. As we have work in the Cardiff food centre, our manager emphasis on planning, we have to make proper plan to perform our activities as per our targets. This one in helps to attain them. Organising is an another aspect of planing which is related to the formulation of planning in the actual conditions. It is an essential part for a sales person to make a plan according to their objectives and actual conditions, after it successful implementation make them effective to attain their targets.

Time management: This a need of trainees to manage their times as they are having their targets. As in the training program, all trainees are having different types of targets to sale and for another internal office work, which have to be performed in the day(Ferfolja and Hopkins, 2013). All the managers are helps to their subordinates trainees to divide their time in their work to use their all time in the work and fulfil all activities which is having a need to perform in the day. Time management is a need of every person to perform their work in an appropriate arranged manner. All of the trainees are using this time management in their personal life to make schedule of their work and as well as to reach out to their ideal designation in their career. Now we are using time management in our daily work to perform our routine activities. Which is helping us in our life.

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Insight and level of understanding shown of own personal and professional practice

In the Cardiff food centre, it is essential for the trainees to show their potentials to managers for their work. It makes an impression and it is calculated in the performance of the trainee. As our manager had gave several types of tasks which have to be performed by us on our self ability and personal skills(Dimotakis, Scott and Koopman, 2011). So in this time all of the interns are dominates on the other trainees show their understanding levels to their managers. This is must needed part for a trainee to make a lead by their understanding level for their higher authorities.


The above given report is having focus on the training program and work experience given by the Cardiff food centre in actual working conditions. As they are leader of retail supermarkets industry, they are having need of trainees for sales executives and marketing executives to retain their market share. It is also a need of a graduate to take sufficient training by a well structured organisation. It impacts on their career and as well as it impacts on their working. The above given report is having several factors which are related to the personal skills of a trainee which helps them in training programs and as well as in their routine life. Visit:


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