Unit 47 - Emotional and Cultural Intelligence – Level 5 BTEC Regent College


In modern era, it has been examined that both leaders and managers have their own roles & responsibilities with in a firm and works for a common goal so that organisation can hit their targets right on time. Management of a company needs support of leadership and vice versa. Along with this, emotional and cultural intelligence can help an individual to sustain in enterprise or to develop while working at workstation. Long term learning can be done by both managers and leaders through self-awareness (Rockstuhl and et. al., 2011). Report is going to include continuous self development and enclosed with critical incidents. Assignment will also put light on strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Through this a person can get know about inner talents that he/she already have which he was not aware of which will directly put positive impact on personality and working can be done in effective ways through becoming more smarter at workplace.

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1. Self-awareness

As per given by Crowne, Kerri Anne. (2013) self-awareness can be understood as intended knowledge of an individual that includes with various feelings and characters of an individual. With the help of this a person can better understand about his/her inner talents which he did not had idea of having. Along with this, it has been examined by Ang and Van Dyne, (2015) and stated that emotions of an individual may help an him/her in better understanding of strengths and weaknesses of his own. Thoughts and feelings are two major elements under this that can aid an individual in bringing up its effectiveness at workplace. Managers and leader both can enhance or develop their working style through considering all the elements which has been considered by an individual at workplace. In other words, Self-awareness is something that needs to be taken under by a manager intentionally so that he/she could get to know or understand about his own fictional character, sensitivity like feelings and emotions, causes, goals and their own desires. There are different drivers that can help an individual that are related to behaviour which needs to be controlled on a regular basis. Drivers like internal and external self awareness that should be considered in an appropriate manner.

On the other hand, as mentioned by Lin, Chen and Song, (2012), self awareness consist of various problems that needs to be examined by an individual because these can slower down the process of self learning. Apart from this, as comprehended by Ang and Van Dyne, (2015), emotional intelligence may help a manager in gaining good reputation among employees. As per Groves and Feyerherm, (2011), he says that while performing the job it is necessary that emotional intelligence should be kept or handle in proper manner in order to accomplish the task right on time which is being given by supervisors. Away from this, it has been examined that an effective leader should use emotions of his own in an appropriate way which may aid them in maintaining their personality in front of their subordinates. In order to give directions to others and to support them it is much needed for a leader to keep on making alterations in his/her own skills so that to attain or grab good position at workplace. According to Van Dyne, Ang and Tan, (2017) it is being examined that leaders that know his/her own skills and knowledge and are much self-aware stays much successful and helps others so that they hit their targets right on time.

Away from this, MacNab and Worthley, (2012) working in stress may bring confusions and it consumes time as well. Therefore, it is must for leaders to keep on using time management so that effective and appropriate decisions can be made. It has been examined that leaders who are in stress stays less familiar with operations of a company. Self-aware should be considered in an appropriate manner as this can directly put positive impact on personality of a leading person. Away from this, it has also been analysed that leaders who do not examine self awareness becomes less productive at workplace. As competition is rising in working place of different organisation in a regular thus, it is much needed for members who are leading to properly examine the situation and achieve their own goals and objectives so that problems can be resolved and good competition could be given to employees who are threat for one individual.

2. Continuous self-development

As per given by Peterson, (2011) self improvement may aid an individual to keep on enhancing its image or improvising its personality at workstation. Personal development or self betterment are much referred to accurate actions that are being taken by a person in order to resolve issues and to gain competitive advantages at workplace. Along with this, it has been examined that there are ample number of problems that can be faced by an individual right on time. It has been examined that organisations keeps on conducting training and development sessions so that members of company can hit their targets without even taking any sort of support or suggestion. As defined by Emmerling and Boyatzis, (2012) Self-development is maintaining and enhancing of different things like knowledge, competence of an individual and of his career as well. Plans are being made by trainers who are giving training which may aid in increasing skills and knowledge of an employee who is working at workplace. This directly affects in a positive way as productivity level will automatically gets raise. Along with this, in modern era, companies have taken various initiatives like over all feedback. This can be stated as an effective tool which may directly influence or develop the leaders in different ways. This helps in making teams much productive. Removing or lessening hierarchies and so on (Li, Mobley and Kelly, 2013).

Core motive of mine is to become a successful manager in which I have to include various things like self awareness, continuous self development and etcetera. With the help of this, I will start communicating with colleagues where better understanding of their emotions is going to be done. Along with this, personal and professional development can be done of mine through considering elements which has been discussed above right on time. Away from this, I realised that feelings and behaviour of mine may bring positivity or negativity at workplace which will directly put impact on other members of company as well. This can help me in taking effective decisions throughout the process where company can lead to give competition to its rivals. On the other hand, continuous analysis of my performance and feedbacks from colleagues of mine can aid in pulling out my strengths and weaknesses at the same time. There are various tools which may aid me in enhancing my skills and knowledge at the same time in an appropriate manner. Lastly, to become a successful manager in short period of time in near future. Feedbacks can be taken from consumers so that modifications can be made (Zhang, 2013).

3. Critical incidents

Two toolkits which are being chosen by me that are Belbin Test and MBTI

Summary of critical incident:

On one weekend while sitting in a garden me and my office mates were playing a game in which role was given to me as a leader (Keung and Rockinson-Szapkiw, 2013). Feedbacks are being taken by me after finishing the game where few of colleagues stated that I am not a good listener and takes decisions without even thinking again on it. On the other hand, few of mates said that I have good listening and decision taking skills but I make determinations without considering ideas of others. Supervisor of mine who was sitting beside me stated that there are some phases where he have seen in me that I get curious in short period of time and try to dominate other staff members without even knowing about their jobs and tasks as well. Therefore, he have me a suggestion as it is not much required for me to get into every single task in which I do not have knowledge of. Along with this, my team mates has mentioned that I need to keep on making staying cool while taking decisions and keep up the belief of mine in team members of mine. Situation leaderships approach was being suggested to me that helps in making alterations in operations so that targets can be attained right on time. Here, I have analysed that my leading skills are not that good where I used to think like giving tasks by taking decision by own may aid me in motivating team members of squad that I have. But, team member stated that I could have given them a chance to put their point of views and create better opportunities for the company.

Critical reflection of your thinking and behaviour of your findings by choosing self evaluation toolkit

Being as a Monitor Evaluator and Specialist, I have analysed through a test which was conducted on me in order to pull out my thoughts which is Belbin. Some of roles of mine which was pulled up in me are task completer, managerial skills and creator. Under first quality which is task completer, it is must for me to pull out various resources. It has been analysed while performing tasks I saw that controllability of different situations was being done by me in an appropriate manner. I have also analysed that being as a co-ordinator it has been examined by me that I tried to motivate my team members. Along with this, I located that I was forcing my team mates in order to complete the task right on time. This made me more task oriented in place where I should be people oriented. Along with this, I was keep on pressurising my team member so that they can attain their own tasks right on time. Continuous pushing which was done by me has introduced shaper sort of ability in me. Belbin test has pulled out some of weaknesses of mine which I need to over come. I do not keep belief in my team members which directly put impact on my behaviour and on squad as well.

Away with this, it is must for me to keep on making alterations in my own skills so that enhance level in front of consumers. Stubborn is being stated as something that I carry in me which reduces the effectiveness of decision making process because I do not listen to my team members which hamper the situations. Same characteristics which is being mentioned in Belbin test has came in MBTI test as well when it was conducted. While influencing people, I faced many problems due to lack of abilities and skills required to execute the activities in a better way. But because of working in team, members associated with same task helped me to come over this problem. In context with “Sensing”, I reflected to be more focused on objectives and details rather than inabilities of mine. Along with this, the test shows that I am too “Judgemental” as I used to ignore concept of two phases of a coin. It result that I was not realising the suggestion given by my colleagues playing an activity which consequently shows my negative impressions on them. Due to this reason I was failed in getting loyalty of persons associated with me in a part of game.

Determine how you will use this learning in the future

Belbin and MBTI test has resulted that I am less self aware which directly puts impact on my future decisions making process and on my reputation as well in front of team members. Along side this, I have also analysed that I should keep on considering thoughts of my squad mates so that benefits can be gained right on time which will directly improve working capacity of my colleagues. This will enhance both productivity and profitability of firm. Away from this, it has been examined that there are ample number of situations which needs to be considered by me like listening to team mates so that effective decisions can be made while going through goals and objectives which is being desirably organisation wants to attain in specific time of period. Autocratic leadership style does not suits to my personality therefore, I need to make changes and adopt democratic style. These tests have given that I should make improvement in my own personality and carry a good behaviour among team members.

Other two Toolkits which are being chosen by me that are cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence:

Summary of critical incident

While going through my internship which I was doing in the year of 2016, I met a consumers who was an Arab. When I get into the office of him, he greeted me with warm welcoming. After when I tried to shake hands with him, he ignored which I thought was rude enough. The reason behind this which I get to know about was because of the culture that he was following and was not aware about it. Along side this, situation put me in great confusion as in my country shaking hands with others is much normal. It was rude which made me angry but I had to control at the same time as I was attending a meeting. Emotionally I have located that how my behaviour being as a normal person can put impact on others while meeting them for the first time. I saw and learnt that working by getting the knowledge of different cultures that are being followed by others at workplace may aid me in hitting targets in much more effective and appropriate ways. At the same time, I apologized to Arabian guy as I was not aware about the culture which he was following. This directly influenced by one skill but pulled out my weakness in which my mentor has stated that I need to work under this context.

How does your thinking and behaviour in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit?

Cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence are two tool kits which are being utilised by me in order to enhance my skills at workplace so that better working can be done. It has been analysed under the report of emotional intelligence I was complemented with high level of self awareness but on the other hand, cultural intelligence test showed that I am less self aware. Because it is must for me to understand about consumers culture so that first impression can be given in an appropriate manner. Along side this, emotional intelligence was much stronger that have overcome to the weakness of cultural (Keung and Rockinson-Szapkiw, 2013).

Identify how you will use this learning in the future.

In modern era, it has been examined by me that big firms are doing business in different countries. Therefore, it is must for me to learn about different cultures if I want to sustain at marketplace or in organisation for a longer period of time. In regards to become an effective leader in future, it is must for me to take under the self-awareness about culture and of my team members as well so that better opportunities can be made in upcoming future. Overall, as a future manager, I need to get a least one strength in each of the five areas of emotional intelligence.

4. Strengths and weaknesses

Examining contribution of own in a group related activity, as a managers shows his effective management. In this context, I have taken many test like Belbin, MBTI, emotional and cultural intelligence test help in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of mine. Along with this, using Blockage Survey, Kolb Theory and MCI competency assist in comparing the qualities as well as to overcome my weaknesses in following manner:-


I am a manager of my team, therefore, for performing responsibilities of mine I need to be complete finisher and coordinate in order to influence team-members towards achievement of goals. By Belbin Test, it has shown that I am a good coordinator as I can motivate workers to do well. Along with this, MBTI Test and Blockage Survey has reflected my leadership skills and dedication power as well as strong willingness to accomplish a task in a perfect manner. These abilities shows major strengths of mine through which I can collaborate my peers team and manage relationship of them in a positive way. In order to get high commitment of associated people I can do my level best to gain their trust and provide proper guidelines to them so that they can understand their role and responsibilities properly. In addition to this, by Kolb theory, it has reflected effective managerial skills and high energy level of mine while performing a task. Through MCI competency, it has confirmed that being a self controller I can manage myself too.


For an effective manager, a person has to possess strong communication way to operate performance of team at top level. This part shows my major weakness as I am unable to listen properly of opinion of people around me. The Big Five Locator test has shown that I am Stubborn due to which feeling unable to interact with other workers in a desired manner. Along with this, I have to control on my emotions while dealing with problems arise in a part of game. I have to analyse that some abilities of mine are not fruitful for good impression on others. Sometimes, I used to satisfy my own needs rather than demands of others due to which I fails to gain their intention. Being a manager, I have to show more dedication power and confidence in action which will help in influencing people towards my words. If I can reduce all these weaknesses of mine in a short period of mine then in future will get many opportunities to work with people of different background in a better manner.


Above tests have given that proper understanding of both culture and emotional that may aid in gaining a good reputation at workplace. Therefore, it is must for an individual to rapidly look into various aspect that may help person in hitting its targets in much more effective ways. 

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