Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

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Organization Selected : Ritz Carlton
Question :
As you are being appointed as graduate trainee in HR department and there is needed to develop understanding in the HR role, so some of the questions are required to be answered which are mentioned thereunder:

  • Evaluate the employee’s skills, knowledge and behaviour that are needed in HR professionals by Ritz Carlton.
  • Explain the factors which are needed in evaluating, implementing all the learning and development in context to Ritz Carlton and also provide the effective business performance.
  • Analyse high performance working which helps in managing employee engagement in context to Ritz Carlton.
  • Elaborate performance management with collaborative areas and working in Ritz Carlton by analysing high performance culture and commitment.
Answer :


A rising competition in today’s business environment is continually urging the organisations to strategically manage their employees. It is with a special consideration of those who are operating at a global level and thereby has a specific role of Human Resource (HR) personnel’s in it. They are significant to the enterprise in countless areas that ranges from strategic planning of resources to maintain a positive image of the company (Argyris, 2017). The areas that are precisely maintained and controlled by the HR’s are proven to improve employee’s experience during their overall work tenure by together reinforcing the undertaken business operations. They are largely responsible to develop the team as well as its individuals to entirely develop the establishment. The current report is also based upon the strategies undertaken by a chosen organisation Ritz Carlton and its HR to continually develop their workers to work in accordance to the fluctuating demands of their marketplace.

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a) Appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB) required by the HR professionals across the department (P1)

This is to discourse upon the parameters of KSB in the HR professionals of Ritz Carlton to suitably operate in their respective departments. Considering this, they are responsible for distinct set of operations and necessitates the HR’s of the cited enterprise to possess a relevant set of knowledge towards it (Burke and Noumair, 2015). Below are the areas of knowledge for an HR professional in Ritz Carlton-

  • Employee relations- This specifies a vital knowledge of HR’s to maintain a secured employee- employer relationship at the workplace. For this, they must be able to make a timely identification of their employee’s concerns and resolve the same with best possible strategies.
  • Onboarding- This is basically in context to strong skills of onboarding procedure for reducing the rate of employee turnover (Dixon, 2017). It is basically a procedure in which the new joiners are allowed to adjust quickly in the new job for a smooth flow of their work.
  • Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)- This is mainly in regard to the payroll system of HR’s having specialised tools to be used by the professionals, necessitating the HR personnel of Ritz Carlton to possess the skills for their timely usage at work.
  • Performance Management- This further necessitates the HR professionals of the quoted enterprise to have effective skills of managing the performances of their workers in terms of handling their compensations, etc., (Hao, Yang and Shi, 2019). It in turn requires the HR’s to have some great skills of emotional intelligence and empathy, etc.

The above specified skills further require the HR professionals in the quoted establishment to possess certain specific skills that helps them to fulfil the business needs. This includes-

  • Strong communication- This is referred to be a vital skill required to be possessed by an HR in terms of communicating well with others. A strong command over both written and oral interaction is of utmost importance for the HR’s to clearly disseminate the information to others. It is also in terms of having effective interpersonal skills to interact easily with the appointed workers at Ritz Carlton.
  • Perfect analytical skills- This is in context to the skills of critical thinking in HR’s who are frequently required to balance complex situations and strategically promote a positive environment at the workplace for improving the overall performance of the business (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015).

Lastly, both aforesaid skills and knowledge depicts an effective behaviour that an HR needs to possess in Ritz Carlton and are as stated below-

  • Purpose oriented- This depicts the attitude of carrying a purpose in both words as well as actions of an HR professional that together aligns with their set business goals and its timely attainment.
  • Trustworthy- This being another vital trait defines the attitude of transparency that is required to be maintained by an HR to behave impartially (Manuti and et. Al., 2015).
  • Versatile and adaptable nature- Change being a vital part of the organisation equally necessitate the HR’s to be adaptable towards it and carry out a versatile attitude towards fulfilling the fluctuating needs of the market.
  • Solution oriented- An HR should be enough proficient in managing issues and thereby possess a certain level of originality (Reynolds, 2017).

b) Completed personal skills audit for an employee: Jane Cambridge to identify training and development needs (P2)

This is to carry out a personal skills audit of an employee named Jane Cambridge to further identify the needs for training and development. It will be done by analysing the carried personal skills audit in 3 distinct stages. The first stage will determine the skills that are required to exist in Jane as an HR officer. This include skills of information technology, communication and problem solving. Another stage is to determine the skills that are already being achieved by Jane where on considering the foremost skills of information technology, Janes has been found to be very good at using internet and e-main, with good abilities of using Microsoft office word as well as power point. However, she is having adequate skills of using excel spreadsheet with no experience of using databases and specialist HR software.

Likewise, on referring to her communication skills, it has been found that Jane is good at writing reports and producing materials to support presentations. Although, she is having satisfactory knowledge of taking notes of disciplinary hearings and interviewing. Also, there exists an acceptable knowledge of resolving any conflicts at the workplace with a similar state of acceptance in advising on HR related issues. Lastly, a very little experience of drafting employment related contracts has been found in Jane with a similar ability of delivering training sessions. Next is to assess Jane’s problem- solving skills in which, she can adequately make a good usage of verbal reasoning abilities with suitable management of complex information and a selective use of data. However, she is good at exploring more than one single solution to resolve an issue and can considerably refer to other’s ideas to assist solving problems. In addition to this, her supervisory management skills also depict a very less experience. 

c) Professional development plan (PDP) for Jane Cambridge in her HR Officer role (P2)

This is on the basis of above conducted evaluation of Jane’s personal skills audit which has led to a PDP to get better training and development in the future to become an efficient HR professional with much effective capabilities. Below is the PDP designed on referring to the developmental needs of Jane-

Developmental Objectives

Acquisition of new skills

Standardised measures to assess the achievement

Information technology skills

  • Herein, Jane is required to improve upon the skills of using databases and specialist HR software.
  • For which, she can consider attending training sessions in which, her skills of using specialised HR applications can be refined.
  • This can be done within a specific time period of 1.5 months.
  • Also, its assessment can be done using supervisor’s feedback at the workplace.

Communication skills

  • Considering this, Jane is found to have a very petite knowledge of drafting employment contracts with a similar experience of delivering training sessions.
  • Therefore, for increasing these skills, she can hereby take part in the official seminars and conferences to get to know a procedural way of providing training.
  • Beside this, drafting of employment contracts can be leaned by doing it practically.
  • For this, Jane can refer improving her writing skills and thus join the online tutorials available on internet.
  • This will need a time frame of at-least 6- 7 weeks, within which, Jane can herself cultivate both the skills of drafting employment letters and delivering effective training sessions.
  • It can further get assessed with assistance of peer to peer review and in which, the co- workers of Jane can tell us whether she is doing it right or needs more improvement.

d) Analysing differences between organisational and individual learning; training and development (P3)

Bases of comparison

Organisational learning training and development

Individual learning training and development


This type of learning is generally undertaken by the organisations to assist the individuals enhance their existent skill set (Singh, 2018).

Self-improvement being a main agenda of this type of learning helps in building the personal skills of an individual.


It usually exists for a short time period.

It depicts a long-term procedure that depicts a vital sense of lifelong learning in individuals.


It is mainly focussed on the agenda of developing individuals for the achievement of organisational goals.

Herein, the individuals are themselves willing to enhance their skills and knowledge with a main focus on improving their career path (Yilmaz, 2016).


A vital aim of this is to attain specialised job skills and learn the ways in which an occupational responsibility is required to be fulfilled.

Its main aim is to accomplish the personal agendas in terms of grooming one own- self by acquiring competent skills and knowledge.

Based on

It is entirely job oriented.

It is completely a career-oriented concept.


Its major objective is to improve the overall performance of employees to further assist them in timely attainment of set organisational goals (Burke and Noumair, 2015).

In this, the main objective of individuals is to prepare themselves facing new challenges that they might face in the future.


This type of training is apparent to create a positive impact on both the employees as well as management of Ritz Carlton.

It is basically on considering the fact where this type of learning, training and development is apparent to develop the employees at both personal and professional level.

This in turn is apparent to improve both productivity and profitability of the firm from highly motivated workers.

This assist the individuals in learning things that in turn prepare them to face future challenges and by which, they can easily grab several numbers of opportunities that help them reach to greater heights of success (Singh, 2018).

Level of critical thinking

This involves a high level of critical thinking that relatively help the workers to carry out the undertaken organisational activities in an appropriate manner, leading to timely accomplishment of their goals.

This in comparison to the learning at organisational level includes a moderate or sometimes even low level of critical thinking where the individuals are free to undertake the methods as per their own ease and comfort level (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015).

Making several mistakes does not deteriorate their learning scale and in turn gives them a confidence towards this self-learning approach.


This is to state the resources used to train and develop the individual at an organisational level to further enhance their skills.

In Ritz Carlton, a major responsibility of provisioning effective training sessions is of their HR professionals who themselves design the areas and ways to deliver the sessions in the most desirable manner (Afsar and Badir, 2015).

Resources that are generally being used over here comprises presentations, activity guides and industry specific materials, etc.

This generally involves voluntary training measures with similar set of resources that are useful in gaining knowledge via internet, classes, seminars and conferences, etc.

The resources used over here is usually dependent on the individual’s choice and their interest towards a specific area of learning.


The effect of this learning, training and development is positive in terms of enhancing both personal and professional skill set of employees in Ritz Carlton which in turn generates a greater sense of motivation in them by together improving the retention rate of workers.

This together has a positive affect on the individuals where they themselves attempts to learn from a wide range of resources that further builds their confidence level and help them combat any difficulty that may arise in the future ().

e) Analysing the need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance (P4)

Learning being an important part of everyone’s life plays a vital role in driving sustainable business performances by developing the individuals at both personal and professional level. This together enlightens some crucial benefits in terms of encouraging the below distinguished factors-

  • Continual Learning- This is basically to meet out today’s rapidly evolving world that further comprises of best as well as prompt technical and other related advancements. This in turn has necessitated the individuals to undertake pertinent approaches to constantly update their skills to perform well in their respective workplaces (Baldwin, 2016). Although, continuous learning is supposed to be engaging and satisfying at both personal as well as professional levels. There exist total 3 distinct stages of continual learning to be undertaken at individual, team and organisational levels. On adoption of such effective measures of continual learning, Ritz Carlton can also create a sense of authority and empowerment in the workers by together making the training pleasurable and engaging.
  • Improvement in Performance- This is also in context to an improved business performance in Ritz Carlton due to an enhanced performance by their individual workers. This is on considering a well-known fact where any required changes at the workplace is initially evident to experience a huge form of resistant from the employees (Cunningham, 2017). However, an adopted approach of continual learning hereby assists the organisations in managing such resistant outlook in employees and rather implement the change successfully. It is because continual learning being a core constituent of Ritz Carlton’s culture will eventually drop down the state of resistance in workers and inversely help the employees in making a willing participation in the conducted training programs. Also, they will take it as an integral part of the business by understanding its importance. It will then assist the company to successfully undertake such requisite changes at the workplace, as and when required.
  • Personal Growth- This is yet another beneficial aspect of continual learning that also leads to enhance the opportunities of personal growth for the individuals. It is mainly on referring to the fact of acquiring changed behaviour with new skills and knowledge at the workplace from ongoing training sessions. This in turn assists the individuals in handling specific circumstances to gain competency in several other areas. Such type of training needs plentiful time as well as efforts to be placed by both the individuals and the quoted entity (Ergün and Avcı, 2018). Also, the individuals must be willing and positively inclined towards learning.

All these aforementioned benefits are apparent to lead into sustainable business performance from improved and sustained performance of individuals who are operating for the attainment of business goals. Also, the notion of continuous learning is proven to prepare the workers for advancement and enriches their work experiences to a great extent. This in turn builds the morale of employees and help them thriving towards a timely accomplishment of the set organisational goals.


i) Demonstrating the understanding of HPW’s contribution towards employee engagement and competitive advantage within Ritz Carlton (P5)

High performance work systems (HPWS) is referred to be a group of distinctly interconnected HR practices namely selection, compensation, training and performance appraisals, etc. These are designed to improve the efficiency of employees to perform in a well competent manner. It basically depicts a systematic approach of designing an organisation’s structure with such effective systems and procedures that lead to attain operational efficacy, high quality outcomes and innovation for the consumers of Ritz Carlton (Kolb, 2014). Additionally, there exists some vital components of an HPWS which includes, employee’s capability to contribute in the process of decision making. Another is training that is meant to provide necessary skills to the workers to effectively perform their jobs with a greater set of responsibility.

This together involves the consideration of cross training to develop a sense of competency. Thirdly, incentives also play a significant role in the development of an HPWS where without such motivation, it is unlikely for the employees to take part in an effective development of such system. As a result, to which, Ritz Carlton should hereby refer linking certain parameters of employee performance with that to incentives to retrieve beneficial outcomes at the end (Karim and Majid, 2017). Lastly, there together exists a fourth component o technology that does not required to possess solutions with chief edged technology. Instead, it is needed to provision right set of resources for the employees to get successful by together facilitating communication and sharing of data within the establishment.

Next is to demonstrate the conditions that leads to the formation of HPWS to further contribute towards engaging employees and generate contending benefits at the workplace. However, both these aspects of engaging employees and acquiring competitive advantages are interlinked in a certain way. This is mainly on referring to the fact related to employee engagement which states it to be a critically significant factor to attain competitiveness in today’s modern business environment (Marsick and Watkins, 2015). Also, it is positively related to varied areas of performances namely an increased consumer satisfaction, improved profitability as well as productivity of organisations like Ritz Carlton along with a reduced level of employee turnover. Although, it involves several managerial practices to generate high involvement of employees to further attain a high-level performance from them.

This includes right selection of candidates with commitment of training and developing them at regular interval of time. Also, incentive-based pay, a secured job and running team- based work are a part of HPWS. This is for instance on referring to the benefits of incentive-based pay that is proven to result into performance- based pay to the workers (Sessa and London, 2015). Also, employee ownership, team- based pay and gain sharing programs at the workplace will enhance the sense of motivation in employees to a great extent. Such effective HPWS is then expected to enhance the overall performance of the employees and create sustainable business performance with a prime assistance to Ritz Carlton in gaining contending benefits.

ii) Evaluating different approaches to performance management with specific examples of their support to high performance culture and commitment (P6)

Performance management cannot be overlooked in today’s contemporary world of business and thus includes such activities that assures a consistent fulfilment of organisational goals in an efficient manner. It is focussed on wide-ranging areas that involve performance of the entities like Ritz Carlton, its employees and department, their undertaken procedures to create the products and services, etc. Presently, the system of performance management in the cited company is in order to serve a 2 folded purpose of improving the presentation of employees at work (Dey and Giri, 2017). This can be done by assisting them to understand and use their own potential in conducting activities that are beneficial in serving to the firm’s missions and vision. Another purpose is in relation to disseminate the data to both the employees as well as employers to be used for making decisions related to work. It thereby assists in the mechanism of feedback at the workplace, diagnose problems related to the cited entity and resolves concerns related to documentation and development, etc.

Lastly, on discoursing upon the approaches of performance management, it has been found that comparative and behavioural measures are the most common one. A comparative approach involves ranking the workers on the basis of certain parameters and in this, the employees are rated from highest to lowest basis (Sung and Choi, 2014). This includes some well-known techniques namely graphic rating scale, forced distribution and paired comparison, etc. On comparing this with yet another popular approach called behavioural, it has been found to be the oldest technique that is done using behaviourally anchored rating scale or BARS, comprising 10-5 vertical scales. In accordance to the performance carried out by the workers, they are being rated on this anchored scale.

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The above report has summarised the key aspects of developing an individual to further develop the team and the entire organisation, with a significant role of HR’s in it. It has been carried out in 2 vital parts stating the KSB parameters of HR professionals in the cited firm. After which, the factors that are important to drive a sustainable business performance have been assessed to suitably apply them for creating an inclusive environment of learning and development at the workplace. Another section has initiated with the discussion of HPW system and its effectiveness to support a high-performance culture in the quoted entity, supported by several theoretical concepts and models. 

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