Academic and Personal Research Skills


Academics and personal research skills are needed to groom an individual. The present report focus on the area of own development and skills which are needed to improve. It reflect the own personal skills by assessing own strength and weakness. The report help to provide and enhances own developmental skills by providing various information. The report also help to develop a plan which carry out all the information using different sources of primary and secondary information. It also help to develop an action plan which is required for the improvement.

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a) Presenting Own Personal and Academic Skills

Personal skills plays an important role in an individuals' life. Every individual have many personal as well as academic skills which reflect an individual personality. Through this skills an individual can easily be reflect his own personal image in front of others. While conducting this report I came to realizes that even I have strength and weakness which should be overcome at particular time. Each individual is good in some skills and he is weak in some other skill. Through this report, I can enhance my weakness and develop plan that help to improve the skills.

Personal skills such as strategic thinking, focused, learning and creative whereas academic skills such as research, note taking, summarizing and paraphrasing. While talk about personal skills, I am good in learning and I always use creative ideas in order to improve my work but somewhere I found myself moderate in communication or I also have good critical thinking which includes accuracy in work, detail- oriented work but in this, I feel that I am lacking of analytical skills (Marcus, 2016). I can say that communication skills are my weakness. I am also inspiring person and always try to motivate others so that they will achieve their targets and goals for the future. But when the topic come related to present yourself, I feel too embarrass because I cannot present myself in a group because of moderate communication skills. I take decisions related to many problem or I can say that I am a good problem solving person who can solve many problems. As a manager, I also possess interpersonal skills that somehow related to communication. This is the best skill which I possess, I also have leadership qualities that help to lead team.

My complete report is based on my target that I should be an effective marketing manager and for this I have to work on my writing as well as analytical skills which should be improve. As a good marketing manager, I have to be a good commanding on my language that will help to give good impression on my work field (Cottrell, 2015). For a good and effective manager, it is necessary to have good academic skills as well as good interpersonal skill. Academic skills are also very important in every individual's life. Through this skills one I present myself in any work field so it is necessary to have good academic skills. I am good in academic skills such as I am good in research and can make good notes for others but somehow I felt that I have moderate in communication skill.

b) Self improvement

While conducting this report, I have realized that I am lacking some personal as well as academic skills which needs to be improve according to time. This personal and academic skills should be overcome by using SMART criteria which include specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed management. There are various skills which need to improved on time and attending seminars and training session is the best method to improve the weakness. This can be overcome by using this table :

Skills needs to improve


Time frame

Communication skills

Conducting seminars,

attend conferences,

attending training sessions

3 weeks

Analytical skills

Using instructions from expert, can increase my analytical thinking and play online brain storming games. Everyday I learn one new word and start implement it on my routine.

2 weeks

Critical thinking

I can improve my critical thinking by read case study from newspaper and article so that it will help to enhance my thinking level.

2 weeks

Decision making

By reading many books related how to deal with many situations at single time will help to improve my decision making skills

2 weeks

Innovation and creativity

Through presentations and reading many articles related to innovation will help to overcome from this situation

1 week


a) Capability of Note Writing

It is very important to gather information and as a marketing manager I research so many article but found that writing notes is the best skill than ever. As a marketing manager, I research many article and found that marketing plays an important role in market. While going through many articles I learn many things and get to realized that there are many roles and responsibilities that marketing manager plays in his work place. Marketing manager carry out research in market place and understand what is the basic need of customers. Various article mainly point their effective roles and responsibilities in their job field. From article and magazines, also suggested that there are some critical components that help to make strategies as well as plans that are going to be implemented (Note taking,2018). The biggest advantage to taking notes is it help to keep alert and mind is engages in doing or surfing different things which help to motivate the team. I also take notes because it will help to learn more and then take review.

As a market manager, it is necessary to have complete knowledge related to theoretical framework that help to take good decision for a company. Marketing manager should be leading indicator for their sub ordinates because he is the only person who lead a team and must have all the managerial skills that help to support the team (Bailey and, 2018). The articles and case study help me a lot to improve my critical and technical skills which can be beneficial for the development of an individualism. These notes helped me a lot to understand the actual roles and responsibilities towards his subordinates and organization.

Taking note means it will help to know deepen about the related article. Note taking is a form to compile whole data into summarized form. There are many article which help to know the basic key roles and responsibilities of marketing manager. To evaluate the performance of marketing manager total quality method is the best way to identify and evaluate its performance. The article also help to evaluating his performance and through note taking, I develop many new skills such as help in increase my reading habit (Majee, Thullen and Goodman, 2018). Through reading many article, I also develop my creativity skill which is necessary to have as a marketing manager. The capability of note taking is also enhances and through this article, I also enhances analytical skills and try to learn new words and implement those in my routine.


a) Research Project Plan

To write an project report it is necessary to first analyzes the target place and through this report I analyzes that market trend is increases regarding to choose flavored fruit juice in UK. In recent market trend of UK, it is to be analyzes that people are quite health conscious and they are too selective regarding their health and chooses only those article which keep their health fit and fine.

Research Plan: it is to be identified that in UK, almost half of the people chooses different flavored fruit juices because they are quite health conscious and they are not choosing any type of fast food. That is the target market of UK which help to determine the current trend of UK. Now a days people are quite conscious related to their health and because of this reason this plan is conducting in order to know the actual scenario of UK market trend related to customer satisfaction.

Sources: for research plan, it is necessary to collect the data from different resources. Here to present this report plan I used primary as well as secondary data to know the current market trend. Through questionnaire, I determine the taste and customers market trend in UK which is the source of primary data collection (Luthans and Doh, 2018). Another source is secondary data collection, which includes reading article and case study. I also collect whole information using survey method and through face to face question answering.


a) Reflection of Own Progress

To become a good marketing manager, I have work on my whole weakness such as I have moderate communication skill, and as a market manager it is very important to have a good command on my communication because it is the only process through which I can express my views to the employees. But still find that there is need to improve this and for this I attend many spoken classes and different training session. After attending many classes I see a difference and even I also improve my analytical skills which definitely help me to grab future opportunities (Hernandez, 2018). To enhance my decision making power, I take a different types of role, which will help me to judge others and also help to take right decision for my future. Giving presentation is the another method to improve my vocabulary as well as communication skill because it will help me to improve my commands over the language and as a marketing manager it is necessary to have good communication which help me to lead a team in right direction. As compared to current skill form past skill it is to analyzed that there are still many skills which are need to develop more and to improve those, there is need to work on those activity which are mention below:

Personal developmental plan

Skills to be develop

Current skill

Target skill

Activity to be done

Time taken to be improve

Communication skills

At present scenario, my communication skill are still moderate which needs to be improve

I want to get good command on my language as well as communication skills.

Take many training session, conduct seminars, start presenting yourself in public place.

2 months

Analytical Skills

Need to improve because as a market manager it is necessary to have good analytical skills

Present my self best in front of others regarding analytical skills.

I have read so many articles to improve my analytical' skills and try to use new words in my routine life

1 month

Time management skill

This skill is still need to improve for become a good marketing manager.

To get the result on time it is necessary to schedule my all work on time and this will also help to lead a team in positive way.

Seminars is the best method to improve the time management skills.

5 weeks

Decision making

It is still need to improve

As a manager, it is necessary to take decision on right time at right place.

Reading many articles and case study related to hoe to deal with many situations will help to overcome this situation.

3 weeks

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By summing up above report it had been concluded that personal develop plays an important role in an individual life. This report help to understand the strength and weakness of an individual and one can improve the skills by conducting seminars, giving lectures and through presentations. The report presents the development plan which help to understand that how can a person can increases or improve its communication skill. The report also concluded that writing a note is very helpful to enhance individual's skills. The report also reflect about own progress with the help of developmental plan.

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