Sales Development and Merchandising


In order to understand the concept of sales development and merchandising study of will be focus on work culture of Meriton hotel. This report will be focus on provide information regarding different elements of product and services that are top be offered by each and every customer. Moreover, it will cover different techniques to increase sales development in market and profit ratio will be change (Hopkins and Hopkins 2017). It will also consider internal factor, that is give direct impact on sales promotion. Further, it will cover different roles of staff members to improve gross revenue development and indefinite quantity market share.

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LO 1

1.1 Evaluate internal merchandising

In this context, internal merchandising is one of the most important part to improve current market network as per the need of overall development of hotel sector. This is also improved a give positive impact on sales development of organisation. Some changes are made as per the need of promotional activities. In order to effective consideration of internal merchandising is improved management. In addition, management need planning for future changes in hotel sector.

Planning is one of the most important part and help to change future outcomes of organisation. To be focus on guest on sites and improve financial performance as well as profitability must be change in overall development of profit. They are focus on party is comfortable in hotel premises (Dewhirst, 2018). In addition, lobby must be well arranged in hotel premise and create among customer in market place. On the other hand, services management is most important part as per improve customer management.

Organisation can demonstration unique property or any particular feature of employment on table tent to make over cognizance among custom-made. It will attract more and more custom-made to the cordial reception services and treaty fix on overall gross sales ratio. It will be direct impact on guest in positive manner and boot the sales organisation. Overall sales is to be depend on effective operation and better management in market share. The organisation is to be focus on diversification tools must be used to for enhance profit market.

1.2 Promotional activities

There are some different promotional activities must be used to improve different market level. It may be change for overall profitability and customer level must be increase in market. In order to pull in more and more customized towards cordial reception services the administration of Hotel is considering diverse message human action (Keiser and Vandermar 2017). It is one of the most important part to improve current market level and increase more and more profit in market. On the other hand, management in hospitality sector must be improve future changes in market share. In addition, more and more advertising is help to increase customer form new location. There is only factor provide better retention to customer. With the help of different method to be used promotional activities are as follows :

  • Television : It is one of the most attract tool for promotion anything new at any time. On the other hand, most of the people is used ans see the advertisement. This is help to promotion hotel and increase more number of customer.
  • Newspaper : Newspaper business concern can set up travelled like shopping malls, post offices or train Stations as a merchandising plan of action. Kiosks can sell current copies of the paper, but also provide consumer services, such as payment restoration, address alteration and categorized and selling (Liao and Chen 2017). In this context, everyone is see newspaper once in a day and big highlighted advertisement can see first a customer in think about it. There are some changes is make to improve general profitability is increase market activity is increase as per the need of approaching conditions.
  • Social media : In social media is help to increase current market network as per the need of overall development and improver of future conditions. Internet site or web page is assistance to better overall market conditions. This is to be used only for big brand and other activities and manage work or interest must be achieve in general improvement in marketplace share.

To be focus on tide range of customer only internet the business environment in overall profit in market. In addition, sponsor events in different location for more and more promotional activity's in overall environment. Overall development in future changes must be apply for improve as per profit and modification must be addition in profit.

LO 2

2.1 Personal selling techniques

Personal selling techniques is to be provide various benefit with the help of monetary as well as non monetary system in work place. Sales is to be used the most commonly used techniques for overall development in hospitality sector. To be design the sales target, so that it is accomplished organisation objective in market share. It is allowed the professional to build relationship with new customer as well profit will be better in market. There are some customer satisfaction level is impact positivity and motivate customer, so that increase expenditure level. Some different personal selling training are as follows :

  • Challenging the statues : Most salespeople see the gross revenue procedure as a linear procedure. At some point, it has an end – the potential will select either you or your challenger (Nagyová and Berčík 2017). The true is that those are not the lonesome two end points. To be improve current market conditions.

2.2 Discussion about the influence of operational design on sales revenue for the Meriton Hotel.

In the context of hotel Meriton, increasing the sales is a procedure that generates more sales to support the growth and enhance the market share of this company. It is a plan or strategy that obtain more clients and target new segments of target market. This is possible by making more improvement in their products and services (Hisano, 2017). The main thing is to evaluate the internal factors for sales promotion and influence of layout and design of the organization. In addition to this there are many things that influence the operational design for the increase in sales revenue for this organization, these important things are as follows :

  1. Choosing the ideal market focus – the first thing is comes in this procedure is chosen and make the major ideal market that focus on the market to attract new customers. This is an essential in the operational design and it may influence the turnover of the particular organization.
  2. Implement the right sales process – the manager of the Meriton hotel must recognize this thing that is replacing the new selling process from older process. In present days the customer wants to work specially to their requirements or needs so for this reason the manager should consider this point in making their sales plan.
  3. Sales and marketing things are single continuum – in order to achieve high sales and growth, the organization should perceive their target market and maintain their sales efforts. The departments are also intimately linked.
  4. Leveraging the information and data –the company need to increase their sales and revenue. In this context, the sales will increasing by the leveraging the data and information and there are enabled to make sales report which is engaging, relevant and convincing in their interactions.
  5. Management of work according to the metrics – most of the organization use the technique of track their matrix with regard to sales departments. In other words the buyers demands more services and products from their suppliers and this will also determine as the main influence of operational design on the sales revenue in respect to the hotel Meriton (Israelsen and Marina 2017). This can be control by the sales manager of this organization in order to achieve their target and goals.

2.3 Describing the key principles that should be included in a sales training programme for the Meriton Hotel.

In hotel industry, every business wants to achieve their targets and goals as soon as possible to attract more customers and this provides more sales to increase their revenue. It can be fulfilment by the proper facility of training and development to the selling and distribution staff members. In the hotel organization, there are effective training can lead to the increase turnover and also increase competitive advantages in the market. This thing also lead to the more satisfied team members, employees as well as consumers. In the sales training program, there should be determine the business goal and mission to the employees. This will have a great impact on the organizational activities (Pushpa and Rajakumar 2017). During this phase, the employees might require knowing the new services and products of the company and it is also a requirement of how to produce and serve these services. The major principles that should be included in the sales training programme for the growth of business Meriton Hotel are as follows :

  • Keep training short but consistent with micro learn – this is an important thing and it is included in the sales training program for increasing turnover of the company. There is an essential thing that is the training should be in short and it must use for the development of the employees and staff members of the sales team in the organization.
  • Determining the works that need to complete – this is also an important work for the manager of Meriton Hotel that is to work assign to every employee and staff member of that organization (Staritz and Plank 2017). So that, the worker can complete their work in order to achieve desired sales and this will increase the revenue of the firm.
  • Development of the learning objectives – this includes the things which are workers must be able to do after the completion of the training and development program. It is the observation of employees that they are back on the job to evaluate the effectiveness of the given training and this are focus on the performance of the objectives.
  • Design training materials – this is also a major thing that should be consider by the sales manager of the Meriton Hotel in order to increase the sales and earn more revenues. This is a special process for providing the best materials which are used in that training for increasing sales.

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It is to be concluded that techniques to increase sales development in market and profit ratio will be change. It will also consider internal factor, that is give direct impact on sales promotion. As per the above report is focus on financial performance as well as profitability must be change in overall development of profit. They are focus on party is comfortable in hotel premises. Form the above research report is focus on changes is make to improve general profitability is increase market activity is increase as per the need of approaching conditions.

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