Manage Personal and Professional Development


Professional development is regarded as bringing positive and complete changes in the behaviour, attitude and personality along with increased information and knowledge to achieve success. For proper and effective professional development, it is required to implement various strategies and plan to achieve productivity and efficiency. This report will be carried on NHS professional which is the United Kingdom whose business is to transfer temporary staff to the national health service. This report will put light on sources of information on professional development and its validity. This report will also put emphasizes on identifying current and future trends in analysing needs and requirements of professional developments. This report will also focus on the gap analysis of skills and competencies.

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1.1) Compare sources of information on professional development trends and their validity

In context with workplace setting, NHS professional has three different types of sources of information for professional development trends and all these sources have their own validity. The discussion are as below:

Education centre: In NHS, organisation has structured education centre for their staff to provide them effective training, knowledge and productive development. It is a great source of information for all employee along with proper training and professional development. Validity of such source will period till employee will be fully trained and equipped.

Pro4 Online: It is a kind of online information system for getting useful and efficient training courses and programmes. This is very useful and reliable to use and access. In NHS, every employee used to get their personal account which tells that when an employee needs to take training and professional development for the job role and purpose.

E-bulletin: In context with NHS, it is an electronic newsletter for all their employee. This source provides every information from job opening to education and learning. Validity of this source of information will be valid till working tenure of an employee in the NHS.

1.2) Trends and developments that influence the need for professional development

There are various trends and development that has been influenced professional development needs in the NHS professional are as follow:

New system and technology: Training and professional development is required when there is any system and technological changes in process and function. In NHS, organisation has brought various changes such as updated IT infrastructure, online employee appraisal etc. in which they spent huge amount of money on training and professional development.

Market changes: There was no market change scenario happen in the NHS professional, but they still working and investing on training, learning and development of an employee on huge extent. They believed that continuous professional development would be result positive, when any such situation would arise.

Competition: In context with NHS, competition is quite high, as employee effectiveness and productivity has been increased over the period of time. So, organisation needs to enables employee talents and skills by bringing changes in their system and giving more importance to professional development.

1.3) Evaluate own current and future personal and professional development needs

As an employee of NHS professional, I started my job last year as HR manager. But my skills, knowledge and exposure are not relevant. In order to meet given expectation and requirements, there is a requirement of clear and set objectives, which states actual needs and desire to pursue professional development training. Like, I want to learn something new along with my training to ensure that I can do and hold higher level of responsibilities and also I want to learn and gain various skills, knowledge and exposure.

For this, I need complete professional development of at-least 6 months to achieve productivity and efficiency in the work. Such development can be possible by taking regular learning, training and information from education centre, pro4 online and E-bulletin. These given information sources would be help me in increasing my skills and knowledge base for current or future job role. In my personal development plan, I have two set objectives to work on: to enhance knowledge and information regarding the current job position and to enhance my skills, competencies and talent. It is important that I should follow both objectives correctly and appropriately. Along with set objectives, evaluating our own performance is essential to know the correct way of the desired goals.

2.1) Evaluate the benefits of personal and professional development

In context with NHS professional, HR manager needs to regulate policies and procedure to ensure effective working in an organisation. For effective job role, professional development and training has proven beneficial for organisation as well as an individual. The main benefits are as follow: personal development has been resulted in future growth opportunities for both professional and individual development. It has led importance of gaining new skills, knowledge and information. After completion of objectives for personal development, it has been realized that as HR manager, my skills and competencies has increased a lot with accurate information and knowledge together. Now, I am competent enough to perform my roles and duties in order to pursue HR role in NHS professional for future.

Apart from this, my confidence and motivation has been grown at greater extent. PDP has brought positive and favourable thinking abilities to my personality and attitude. Such development plan is necessary and important for every organisation and individual to conduct it for their own development and betterment.

2.2) Explain the basis on which types of development actions are selected

There are various basis on which development actions are to be taken. In context with NHS, such actions are taken to risen the appraisal of an employee to continue the tenure of work and job in an organisation. Suppose, there are different courses for development of all employees along with HR manager. Basis of action is that what sort of information and knowledge, these courses will provides to an employees. How relevant and helpful are these courses and what about the accomplishment and results after gaining favourable information. Are these information will be sufficient for longer period of time or more knowledge is required. The basis or factors are important and relevant to answer such or related answers. For the role of HR manager, it is necessary to know on what basis of development actions are to be taken.

2.3) Identify current and future likely skills, knowledge and experience needs using skills gap analysis

In context with NHS professional, it is necessary and required to understand and know that what current skills and knowledge a particular HR manager pursued and future skills, knowledge and experience required to perform their tasks and roles. To know current skills, performance appraisal is the best suitable tools to identify current abilities and potential in order to analyse the requirement of the future one. Gap analysis is a kind of tool in which a difference is required to be find out between current and future skills. If an employee such as HR manager is suffering with the issue of lack of abilities, it would not be possible for that key person to perform his/her tasks and duties. Future needs of skills and knowledge will be identified by small analysis.

NHS professional needs to identify business objectives to know, what company wants to achieve and how many manpower is required to complete that task. What will be the required skills to create and develop in an individual employee. Future needs of skills, knowledge and information is always based on the status of current performance. If current performance is satisfactory, it would be ease for organisation to incur less efforts and energy on giving training to employee and HR manager of NHS.

2.4) Personal and professional development plan with business and personal objectives

For developing professional development plan, it is required to find and evaluate weaknesses which needs to convert into major strength. It could not be possible without continuous evaluation and learning. For preparing this development plan, to weaknesses are taken into consideration: time management and decision making process. The given plan are as follows:

S. No


Rating(out of 10)

Activities needs to be conduct

Desired results and objectives


Time management


For effective time management , various activities such as case analysis, time learning and lesson, simulation, training and development will lead this weakness into the major strength. Before this, a proper plan and procedure is required before perform certain activities.

After performing every activities, result would be positive and favorable. HR manager will achieve his/her targets or goals pro-actively and efficiency. The personal skills, knowledge and information would also be enhanced and achieved, if proper strategies and plans could be initiated.


Decision making


Numerous activities such as simulation, real life scenario, professional drama and stage speaking etc., such kind of activities generally enhance the confidence level of a person to on-spot decision making for self as well as organisation.

After all such activities, it would result that decision making could be effectively taken by employee's and other personnel in an organisation. If decision making is well-structured, employee can easily put their efforts to achieve desired goals or objectives.

2.5) Execute the plan within the agreed budget and timescale

It is important to execute plan and structure for achieving desired goals and targets form professional development plan. The plan has to be precise and relevant. For such plan, NHS professional needs to set plan for at-least 3 months of tenure and budget of the specific amount. It has been decided that budget for plan would be£5000 and time period would be 3 months.

2.6) Take advantage of development opportunities made available by professional networks or professional bodies

An effective advantage of developing opportunities is necessary to grow self respect and confidence in NHS professional. In this organisation, Role of HR manager is crucial and significant to play and perform. Hence, it is important to pursue various opportunities and understand importance of it. NHS firm is regarded as professional bodies whose role is to supply temporary to different organisation after giving them training. If one wants to take advantage of developing opportunities, proper plan and strategies is required to be implemented and structured in order to gain full-fledged and thorough advantage of it. For accomplishing goals and targets, NHS professional's networks as well as structure is required to be set-up to provide most skilled and developed labors.

3.1) Explain how to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) objectives

It is important and necessary to know and understand SMART objectives to accomplish set targets fororganisationas well as individuals. These objectives needs to be practical and relevant in order to enhance productivity and effectiveness. The explanation are as follows:

Specific: Targets of the HR manager should be specific and relevant in order to get straight and forward conclusion of it. That goals or objectives should be simple, ease and effective to accomplish.

Measurable: In context with NHS professional, the desired objectives of HR manager should be measurable and reliable in order to achieve desired goals or targets of an organisation.

Achievable: Goals or objectives of the HR manager should be meant to achieve and accomplish. If one predicts that target is achievable, then he/she would be motivated to achieve it in early period of time.

Realistic: Set objectives and targets needs to factual and in the real state. Such objectives are meant to be work upon to become productive and effective.

Time bound: Targets of HR manager should be set with time limit and validity. If it is not fixed, it would be difficult to implement strategies and plans to perform several activities and function to

achieve desired objectives and goals.

3.2)Obtain feedback on performance from a range of valid sources

Feedback is a kind of review system which is carried on any individual or groups with a purpose to obtain and gain confidence and motivation in them to perform more better and adequate. There are various sources from which effective feedback could be arranged and evaluate. Main three sources of feedback are as follows:

Clients: They are essential source of feedback inputs. NHS has adopted the strategy to obtain feedback from clients by using questionnaire based techniques, getting observations from them and Email communications etc. This will enable god relation with the customer too.

Peer: They are one who spent most time with an employee. There feedback and opinion would be valuable enough to understand an employee's behavior and perception towards their performance. Peer's feedback would be taken seriously for NHS professional to get informed about their any weakness and convert it into positive results by giving effective training anddevelopments.

3.3)Review progress towards personal and professional objectives

Personal and professional objectives are meant to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in an organisation. Continues progress is important who set professional objectives for their development. For an effective professional development. PDP is best suitable to develop professional and personal skills and knowledge. Complete review and eyes on such plan is important for an individual to work effectively with developed skills and com

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