Professional Skills Development a Study on Hotel Crown Plaza

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Organization Selected : Hotel Crown Plaza
Question :

The following questions are to be addressed in this assignment :

  • What is the importance of ongoing professional development as well as self-directed learning which can help in enhancing career opportunities as well as professional identity?
  • Provide the set of competencies and skills and various approaches to learning and development.
  • Design the professional development plan in context to specific work.
  • Provide the demonstration of the range of service industry as well as transferable skills for the application of the job.
Answer :


Professional skills include competencies that are required to be performed in order to perform job responsibilities in the best manner. These days, there are different skills that are required to perform assigned job duties. When professional activities are performed in an appropriate manner, then this is beneficial for employees as well organisation. This helps to improve the performance of workers and the efficiency of employees can be improved (Trede, Macklin and Bridges, 2012). There is competition in the external market, hence it is essential to work with the latest techniques which can be learned with the help of a training programme. This report is based on hospitality organisation i.e. Hotel Crown Plaza. This organisation was established in 1983 having headquarters in Denham U.K. This report covers the importance of ongoing professional development and self-directed learning to improve professional identity and career opportunities, evaluation of self skill and competencies, designing professional development plan, at last range of service industry and transferable skills. 


P1 Examine the key benefits of ongoing professional development for stakeholders

Definition of continuous professional development

Continuous professional development means a procedure through which documentation of skills, knowledge is done which are possess by individuals. The knowledge can be collected formally or informally. When any new skill is learned by individual with training, then it is included in continuous professional development. Hence proficiency of individual can be understood with it.

Meaning of ongoing professional development

Ongoing professional development is other name of continuous professional development. CPD is a process of analysing and recording skills, knowledge, experience at professional and non professional backgrounds. In short it is recording of learning, experience of employee and then implementation at work place.

On going process plays essential role in improving overall performance of association. There are many changes which are taking place in industry, so with the help of continuous process development it is easy to learn relevant techniques. Hotel Crown Plaza has a good brand image in industry because they work according to the latest technique and hence can keep employees and customers satisfied.

Importance of on-going professional development in an organisation

On- going professional development is the process through which current market trends are known. This is beneficial for individual as well as organisation because this helps to improve knowledge and perform commercial activities in appropriate manner (Johnson and et. al., 2012). There is requirement of alteration in working style according to market trends. There are many factors which has to take care by managers of Hotel Crown Plaza such as use of latest techniques, regular training programme, etc. Role of on going professional development plan is as under-

Retaining the best talent- With the help of on going professional development, it is easy to maintain long term relations with employees. When managers of Hotel Crown Plaza plan training programme and take measures to improve performance. This helps to retain best employees at organisation. Hence good quality services and product can be provided to customers (Cruess and et. al., 2014).

Boosting morale- There is difference in personal goals of employees and organisational targets. Goals and targets of Hotel Crown Plaza is to maintain good brand image and enhance business, while employees have different demands such as monetary requirement, good image in organisation, etc. It is responsibility of managers of Hotel Crown Plaza to analyse demand and then plan accordingly. For instance: if employees wants to earn name and fame in organisation, then this can be done be performing up to the mark. This can be done with ongoing professional development programme. Hence this approach is essential for boosting morale of workers.

Remains relevant- Hotel Crown Plaza is a hotel chain, there are many alterations taking place. So it is essential for Hotel Crown Plaza to implement changes in their working style. This can be done with the help of on going professional development. Continuous professional development is the approach through which employees can learn about latest techniques which are beneficial to perform operations at Hotel Crown Plaza.

Benefits to the employees, employers and other stakeholders

Hotel Crown Plaza works in hospitality sector. They have good brand image this is because they implement new and innovative style at workplace, so employees are satisfied with work place. With the help of on going professional development, new ideas are learned by employees and hence they perform according to customer demand, this results in customer satisfaction (Xu, 2014).

For employees, continuous professional development is beneficial because they are able to enhance knowledge. This makes them relevant to current market and they are able to work with latest technology. When information is relevant to market, then for workforce it is easy to get high salary and possibilities of promotion is more.

For organisation i.e. Hotel Crown Plaza, it is easy to implement changes in working style. Business operations are performed with more flexibility and innovation. In hotel industry, there is difference in demand of consumers, so this helps to provide up to the mark product and services. These days, consumers wants innovation in beverages, so with the help of ongoing professional development this can be done.

Apart from employee and employers, there are some stakeholders which are associated with Hotel Crown Plaza. Stakeholders are the individuals, group of individuals which have interest in organisation (Pillen, Beijaard and Brok, 2013). Creditors, debtors, owners, managers, directors, government, consumer, society, etc. are examples of stakeholders. There are some benefits of ongoing professional development to stakeholders are good quality product and services, personal satisfaction, brand consciousness, one place solution, etc. When Hotel Crown Plaza is following concept of continuous professional development then they can provide good quality services to consumers. This helps to satisfy consumers and maintain familiar relations with Hotel Crown Plaza.

P2 Investigate about professional employer expectations of skills and competencies

Hotel Crown Plaza is a big hotel chain which has outlets in different parts of country. So there is requirement of some skills which helps to perform business operations in relevant manner. Manager of Hotel Crown Plaza has some expectations with employees which helps to provide good quality services to consumers. Some expectation of managers from employees regarding professional skills are discussed as under-

Positive mental attitude- Positive attitude is essential in business organisation. There are different job responsibilities hence there is requirement of positive zeal to accomplish it. This skill is lacking in individual working at Hotel Crown Plaza. According to Pillen, Den Brok, and Beijaard, 2013 if person thinks e can then possibilities of positive results are brighter and vice versa.

Communication skill- Hotel Crown Plaza has different departments such as production, purchasing, sales, house keeping. Room service, etc. These departments works in order to provide best services. In individual, this skill is good so he can communicate with concern department. For instance, if new product is launched, then being marketing manager it is essential to collect information from production department and convey to consumers.

Leadership skill- Leadership skill is essential being supervisor in marketing department. Marketing is directly related with enhancement of sales. Being marketing manager, individual has to make lead team in order to get positive impact on sales.

Problem solving skill- There are different problems arise while working with components of external market, hence employees has good knowledge regarding how to deal with it. Being professional, this skill is present in individual and he deals with adverse situation up to the mark (Hallam, 2012).

Soft and hard skill

Soft skills means skills with which individual communicate with society. This skill includes communication, presentation, negotiation, creativity skills, etc. part of soft skill.

Hard skill can be measured because they are specific. Typing, reading, use of software skill, etc. are part of hard skill.


P3 Assess own abilities, skills and competencies for specific job role

Being marketing manager in Hotel Crown Plaza, there is requirement of different skills, competencies. Marketing department plays vital role in enhancing profits and sales through communicating with society. Marketing includes promotional activities of product and services. In this method efforts are made to sale to insist consumers through advertisement to purchase.

IT skills- I have good IT skills which helps to communicate with internal as well external parties of Hotel Crown Plaza. I have to communicate with accounts department related to setting budget for marketing of product and services. For instance I have to share marketing expense, then this can be shared with the help of e- mail. I have good command on social media sites through which I can advertise organisation. There are different discounts such as seasonal offers, happy hours, combo packs, etc. which displayed on social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Budget and project management skill- These days, there is much competition in hospitality industry such as Hotel Hilton. Hence there is requirement of promotion of brand image of Hotel Crown Plaza. There is use of different techniques of advertisement such as television, hoarding, etc. being marketing manager, accounts department set some limit of expense, so I have to work within specific limit. Marketing requires proper planning so advertisement can be done in effective manner (Trede and McEwen, 2012). This skill is lacking in me because sometimes I am not able to launch advertisement on time and task are performed exceeding budgeting. So this affects points and revenue of Hotel Crown Plaza.

Inter- personal skill- Being marketing manager I have good inter-personnel skills which helps me to communicate with people and make them convince to avail services from Hotel Crown Plaza. I have to communicate with consumers for feedback who availed services. But there is scope of improvement in my interpersonal skills, so I can accomplish my target within specific time.

Sr. No.

Skills and Competencies

Self-assessed Score

Score from others








Budget and project management skill





Active listening





Money Management Ability





Information Technology Skills





Interpersonal skills









Above table shows different skills, knowledge, behaviour. In this table, there are some negative and positive figures. This table shows self assessment and rating from others. There are possibilities of positive as well as negative figures. Positive digits shows weak skill i.e. budget and project management, money management, IT and lastly interpersonal skill. There are some skills in which other gave me more as compared to myself i.e. coordination, active listening, leadership. Hence these are my positive skills.

P4 Review a range of learning theories and approaches used for the personal and professional development process

Learning is a process through which individual can acquire knowledge. This is the way which helps to enhance knowledge related to current environment (Crigger and Godfrey, 2014). There are different sources through which individual can learn and enhance knowledge. This includes training programme, conferences, seminars, etc.

There are some theories which shows set of principles which helps to acquire, retain and implement knowledge at work place. Theories of learning can be used in order to perform work according to appropriate guidance related to promote learning. Hotel Crown Plaza is nbig brand in industry, this is because they provide training to their workforce which helps to keep their knowledge relevant according to current market. Theories of learning implemented by managers of Hotel Crown Plaza are discussed as under-

(Source: Theories of Learning, 2017)


Behaviorist theory- As per this theory learning can be provided according to behaviour of individual. Through this theory, learner can grab information according to behaviour. In this theory there is provision of reward as well as punishment according to outcome after learning.

Rote work, repetitive practice, bonus points, establishing rules, etc. Are some ways through which behaviorist theory can implemented. These are the methods through which information of employees working at Hotel Crown Plaza can be updated (Ruohotie-Lyhty, 2013).

Cognitive theory - This theory was developed by Jean Piaget. This theory is based on perception of employees. This theory shows the behaviour which is perceived by individual according to observation. As per this theory employees of Hotel Crown Plaza plays essential role in actively grabbing information which is relevant for enhancing knowledge.

Chunking of information, real world examples, analogies, discussions, linking concepts, etc. are some examples of cognitive learning theory. When there is some issue arise at work place, then managers of Hotel Crown Plaza discus it so in-depth analysis can be achieved.

Constructivist theory - As per this theory, there is requirement of different aspects such as previous experience which enhance knowledge of employees. A per this theory employees of Hotel Crown Plaza use their previous experience to enhance knowledge (Clark, 2014).

Case study, research project, brain storming, problem based learning, etc. are example of constructivist theory.

Kolb's learning theory

In this theory, there are four stages of learning which is combination of experience, perception, cognition and behaviour. Four stages of this theory are discussed as under-

Concrete experience- This is the first stage in which learner experience new things with the help of live session. In case of Hotel Crown Plaza, there is training of program in kitchen where chef provide information in relation to making new dishes.

Reflective observation- This is the stage in which employee reflect back to what learning is provided. As there is difference in perception of employees, so there are possibilities that subordinates learn in different manner.

Abstract conceptualization- This is the stage where subordinates perform what they have learned. This is the stage where chef can understood stage of learning by his subordinates in training programmes.


(Source: Kolb Learning Theory, 2018)


Active experimentation- This is the last stage of learning theory. In this stage, learner tries to get new experience with past learning and implement it for betterment. This helps to improves results of subordinates at Hotel Crown Plaza.


P5 Construct a development plan to enhance chosen skills and competencies

Definition of professional development plan

The professional development plan (PDP) is a formal means by which an individual fixes the goals, strategies and outcomes of learning and training. This is the plan which helps top bridges gap between current skills and required skills. There is requirement of different skills which are required to enhance performance at Hotel Crown Plaza. This gap can be bridge with help of continuous professional development. Managers of Hotel Crown Plaza must use different approaches which helps to enhance knowledge (Morgan and et. al., 2013).

Being marketing manager at Hotel Crown Plaza I am lacking in budget and project management skill and inter personal skills. So with the help of professional development plan, it is easy to know measures through which skills can be polished.

Professional Development Plan

Learning target

Present proficiency

Target proficiency






Budget and project management skill

Being marketing manager at Hotel Crown Plaza I am not able to perform marketing function within specified time and budget.

I want to manage all marketing functions in appropriate manner, so project can be done within specified deadline.

I can enhance this skill with proper planning. This can be done by acquiring knowledge from seminars, conferences, etc.

Top level managers of Hotel Crown Plaza.

2 months.


Interpersonal skills

I am little weak in interpersonal skills. I feel shy in communicating and interaction with others.

I want to improve this because this helps to interact with other parties. This helps in marketing product and services and solve query of consumers.

Online Classes, motivational speeches

Subordinates and team mates

2 months.


Money Management Ability

I am not able to manage financial expenses which are specified by finance and accounts department.

To maintain revenues of association I want to make maintain financial remunerations for growth and development of association.

This skill can be development by proper maintaining expense and expenditure must be done with proper planning.


5 months


Information Technology Skills

I am weak in IT skills. So I can not enter data and share with concern department in appropriate manner.

I want to improve this skill which assist me in sharing information by recording in appropriate manner.

Class room learning, certificate course.

Peer members and subordinates

6 months.


P6 Undertake a job interview for service industry role

There is requirement of various employees ion order to work according to provide best services to consumers. Hence there is a selection process i.e. interview. Interview is a way in which there is interaction between HR manager and candidate. In personal interview, CV is the document which is carried by candidate (Oliver, C., 2013).

Interview is set of questions which is asked by employer with candidate related to personal, educational, professional background. In this there is also discussion about working experience also.

Curriculum Vitae is a official document which candidate carries themselves at the time of personal interview. This document contains information related to career objectives, educational qualification, certification course, etc. This is briefing about candidate and then interview questions are asked by HR manager (Hensel and Laux, 2014).

Hotel Crown Plaza has collaboration with Thomas Cook. This is the company having good brand image in travel and tourism sector. This is the organisation which offers travel packages to consumers with accommodation facilities. There is requirement of marketing manager at Thomas Cook.


Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jack Watson

Address: P enclaves, BP street, England, UK.

Contact Number: 2564154

Date of Birth: 06/02/1991

Email ID:

Career objectives: Searching for a profile in an organization that gives a chance to development and picking up accomplishment in my occupation.

Academic Qualification:

  • Secondary- 10th
  • Senior secondary- 12th
  • Graduation- BA
  • Post Graduation- MBA (Sales and marketing)

Experience: 2 years experience as Assistant Marketing Manager in Hotel Hilton.

Personal Skills:

  • Ability to lead team and attain goals.
  • Adaptable and positive attitude
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Declaration: I hear by announce that the above informations is true to my cognition and expectations.



Cover letter

Jack Watson

P enclaves, BP street, England, UK.



I have experience of 2 years in sales and marketing field. Hence I want to join your organisation to improve my knowledge experience in big organisation. As I had completed my MBA in marketing field, so I have good interpersonal skills which makes me easy to approach new customers.

I assure you that I bring new leads for the organisation because I have good links with people. In previous organisation I have good record with them. I achieve set sales targets every quarter hence I was nominated for employees of the year many times. I get appreciation certificate from head office.

I would be happy if you gave me opportunity for being part of your association. This brings new energy and zeal with me which assist me to perform well.

Thank You

Jack Watson


There are some set of questions which are asked by HR managers to select candidate at the post of marketing manager.

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What did you know about our organisation?
  • Which social media tools you prefer to promote brand and services of organisation?
  • Do you prefer to work with innovative approaches? If yes, then how?
  • Who do you think is our biggest competitor? What differentiates our companies?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why you want to join us as marketing manager?

P7 Review key strengths and weaknesses of an applied interview process

Interview is a formal process in which personal interaction between employer and candidate for the desired post is at final round of selection. Prior to interview there are some level which has to be cleared to face personal interview (Xu, H., 2013). There are some positive as well as negative points which I had recognised. This is discussed as under-



  • I was confident while interacting with interviewer.


  • I am able to interact with asker in comfortable manner because I was calm and smiling with gives positive impact to him.
  • I do not have two copies of Curriculum Vitae, which gives negative impression in front of interviewer.
  • At some points I was over confident which sounds to be arrogant and affects image in front of questioner.


There is a professional aura in the interview room which attracts me to be part of the organisation. I was a little nervous before starting the interview, then interviewer react in a familiar way so I can answer comfortably. After interview, I was little confused regarding going outside, in this case existing workers help me to deal with it.\

From the above-stated sample story, there is a conclusion that without developing professional skills you can't be a leader, many students often face problems when it comes to writing about leadership, but we at Instant Assignment Help Australia  provide a solution to this problem and solve queries of students when they ask for Leadership Essay Writing


From the above discussion importance of the ongoing learning process can be known. With the help of continuous professional development, the knowledge and skills of individuals can be polished. Retaining the best talent, boosting morale, remains relevant are some benefits which can be attained with continuous development. At the workplace, there is a requirement for some skills such as leadership, decision making, problem-solving, etc. which are essential to perform job responsibilities in an effective manner. Learning is a process under which relevant information may be learned. A behavioural theory of learning is best because it helps to enhance knowledge according to the inner feelings of the individual. The professional development plan is a way through which helps to cover the gap between current knowledge and skills required for job performance. At the time of hiring an individual, there is some set of questions that are asked by HR to candidates on the basis of curriculum Vitae. Curriculum Vitae is a document that contains information related to candidates such as professional, personal, qualification, etc.


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  • Online

Benefits of On-Going Learning and Professional Development. 2018. [Online]. Available through: <

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