Unit 2 Personal And Professional Development Level 5 HND Diploma Business


Self-managed learning refers to a process through which a person can find various ways of learning things. It either belongs from a people's working profession or with career development. This procedure helps in improvement of skills, knowledge and development. Using a plethora of various approaches, persons can achieve their set goals and objectives which are shaped by culture, perceptions and behaviour of them (Kalén and et. al., 2010). Self-improvement techniques aid people to generate own learning styles. Along with this, it not only support persons in improvising qualities but also enhances personal and professional abilities of them. In order to understand how a person can manage their own learning through various approaches like seminar, conferences and more, this report is made. In order to examine own strength and weakness a PPD (Personal and Professional Development) plan is presented which helps in overcoming from their shortcomings.

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1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

Self-managed learning is a technique which improves a person's knowledge and abilities both at personal as well as professional level. In addition to this, this procedure supports a learner to accomplish their set targets and objectives in a short period of time. With this assistance, self-organised process has given various kinds of approaches in improving their learning which are mentioned beneath:

Seminars: It is an important tool which provides an opportunity to people to present their knowledge and opinion in front of colleagues at an organisation. Through presenting views in seminars or conferences they can gain high level of confidence as well as reduce weaknesses by developing presentable skills (Lago, 2010). Thus, all these things empowered them at individual or organisational level.

Social network: In development of self-learning process, social networking sites plays an important role. On these applications, a person can interact with professionals in order to improve their skills and knowledge in a proper manner. In this technique, without knowing people on personal level, an individual can interact with them easily and discuss about weaknesses to get solution.

Internet: It includes a vast and unlimited amount of data through which people can gain knowledge in a particular field appropriately (LópezPastor, Monjas and Manrique, 2011). Through this service, a person can gain learning in their own style without interruptions.

Visionary approach: This technique helps in understanding various ways to manage the self-learning process to people. In addition to this, it helps them to identify future trends and needs to develop skills accordingly.

Setting goals: This approach concerns more on targets and objectives of a person instead of future needs. Therefore, in order to accomplish achievable goals, it develop abilities accordingly.

Strategic approach: In context with critical and complex situations, this approach develop strategic skills of people at workplace so that they can respond in an effective mode.

1.2 Evaluate the ways of lifelong learning in context with PPD

Today in competitive world, every person desires to gain a strong position in organisation and achieve growth on continue basis (Forte and Flores, 2014). To achieve this aim, people are required to develop skills and knowledge accordingly through which they can work in creative manner. Along with this, they should behave and interact with others in a professional way. In context with professional and personal objectives, there are some ways which encourage people through lifelong learning process:

Self-directed learning: In context with examining own strengths and weakness, a person requires to take risks and initiatives. People at workplace need to identify various situations which may arise in future; so that they can prepare themselves to face such problems in an appropriate way. This would help in developing abilities of learning.

Continuing professional development: Individuals are needed to acquire knowledge as per their profession which would help in resolving every difficulty in a proper way.

Healthy competition: Competition at a workplace also helpful in encouraging people to make improvement in their skills and develop accordingly. Along with this, as competition arises negativity and conflicts also, so they need to manage it in healthy way be cooperating and coordinating others in accomplishing a difficult task appropriately.

1.3 Benefits of self-managed learning

As evaluated, learning techniques help in improving abilities of learning which includes various benefits. These benefits are useful both for employees and organisations which can be explained in following ways:-

Benefits to individual:

On examining concept of approaches, it has observed that some methods are proved much beneficial in developing abilities of persons. These processes make them capable in achieving success and achieving development both at personal and professional level. One of the approach of self-managed learning i.e. conferences and seminars, helps in interacting with others at workplace in a proper way. It is useful in increasing confidence level as well as making effective relations with colleagues. In addition to this, internet and strategical approaches are proved beneficial in getting proper knowledge of a field and make strategies as per situation arises at workplace. Self-managed learning techniques also aid individuals to work in team which helps them to share views and opinions on specific task so that effective outcome can be obtained.

Benefits to organisation:

Having a high capable and skilled workforce, an association can enhance its growth in a profitable manner (Maskit, 2011). Self-managed learning techniques of persons aid companies to get their productivity and commitment for longer period of time. Along with this, developing personal and professional skills of employees support organisations to get their work in an efficient way. Employers of such firms can encourage workers to work in team so that they can work in proper way.


2.1 Own current skills and competencies

Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my current studies

My ability rating (1-5)



Communication skills: This skills is necessary for me to be possessed which help in maintaining healthy environment at workplace. Through effective conversation with others, people at organisation can feel easy to interact with me and share their problems. As I am not so good in making interaction with people, therefore, it is necessary for me to enhance my ability in a proper way.






Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career

My ability rating (1-5)

Technological skills: In order to make future bright, it is required by me to get updated from every innovative techniques and formulate strategies to implement innovation at workplace. This will aids me in doing my work more effectively. Along with this, through adopting such skills, I become able to do my work in innovative way. These things will aid me to initiate modification in a successful manner as well as attract numerous clients towards products and services of my company.











1 = No current knowledge or skill

2 = Some awareness, but not sufficiently competent to use it

3 = Familiar with and able to use the knowledge or skill

4 = Proficient in the knowledge or skill and able to show others how to use it

5 = Expert, with a high degree of skill and/or comprehensive knowledge

2.2 Identify own development needs and activities

For developing skills of persons, it is essential for them to determine own strengths and weaknesses in an honest way (SWOT Analysis, 2017). They need to identify the opportunities also which are available for them at workplace to improve weaknesses and gain growth in career. In addition to they need to evaluate threats also which may arise some barriers in achievement of success as well. For this assistance, I evaluate own abilities and area of improvement in following manner:-



As examined my own skills, I have possessed effective skills which proves me able to work at specific position in a company. Having experience of working in same association from many years shows consistency of mine. In addition to this, my behaviour at professional and personal level shows major strengths. This proves beneficial in influencing my team members towards accomplishment of a common goal on time. Getting productivity of employees who are working under my supervision shows that I am a perfect leader also.

When situation becomes complex and more panic at workplace, then I used to take much headache. It makes me sometimes rude which put wrong impression on others. Therefore, I need to workout on this and adopt some leadership and management skills to overcome from this situation. In addition to this, I am not much aware of latest technologies that shows major weakness of mine also. So, in order to compete with others I must acquire some technical skills.



Updating with latest technologies and techniques help me to come over from my weaknesses. Along with this, I need to build some strategies to develop my lack points by exploring knowledge through internet. At present situation, I require to develop communication skills in order to influence others in a positive way.

Angry and rude behaviour of mine acts as a barrier in growth and development of mine in company. Another threat in career development is number of competitors present at workplace. These threats are major for each and every kind of company is their competitors, which can decrease success and grow chances of firm to face losses. Hence, it is necessary for me to formulate some strategies which is entirely different from rivals; as a result, I can beat them properly.

2.3 Development opportunities to meet current and future needs

Current needs: In this, those segment will include, in which I am already specialised. This will be related to my existing wants. It is much helpful for me to develop future needs in an adequate way. As a result, I can attain desired goals and targets in an appropriate manner. Along with this, I am much able to face entire issues effectively. Many individuals will get panic when they see adverse circumstances in front of them and as a result there judgement will get influenced.

Future needs: As indicated by this, I need to do work on my overall shortcomings. In which the major one is tiredness. For growth and development of my career, I need to cope up from this. Along with this, I have to examine those things from which I can easily fed up. I have to improve my communication abilities; thus, individuals can interact with me and share their thoughts and views properly.

Therefore, this examination will be much helpful for me to determine gap amongst future as well as current needs.

2.4 Personal and professional development plan

S. No












Technological skills

On current technologies I am good, but to innovation new software has launched at work place.

To learn new skills of technology so that I can become able to work in more efficient manner.

This will help me in learning more new techniques so that I can support other employees to work well.

In order to judge I will ask my seniors to rate my skills.

9 months


Leadership abilities

Since new software has been implemented so, I need to gain some leadership skills in order to influence others to work on new process.

Democratic style I need to adopt.

This style of leadership help in execution of new strategies at workforce.

If workers under my supervision work accordingly to desired manner, then it will prove that I am a good leader.

3 months


3.1 Processes and activities required to implement the development plan

It includes three activities for implementation of development plan as described below:-

Scope and content of development plan- In an enterprise, personal development plan is basically used by employees. But in some companies, they have their own rules and regulations which create assist workers to have special type of skills and abilities.

Support and Implementation- In order to execute a development plan, a firm faces various issues therefore, they needs to develop technological and leadership skills in employers and top managers.

Impact- Change in organisational structure creates a large impact on performance of employees. Therefore, staff members are needed to develop their personal and professional skills as per requirement.

3.2 Undertake and document development activities 



First stage

In initial stage of development plan, I need to analyse area situation first where development is necessary.

Second stage

After analysing, it is my duty to improve technological and leadership skills. This would help me in initiating changes in the workplace easily.

Third stage

I need to control on my behaviour while dealing with behaviour of subordinates.

 3.3 Reflect on own learning

It is needed by me to increase self-learning skills as it will developed my career with assistance of various types of factors. In order to achieve targeted goals and objectives, I need to make improvement in many activities. In addition to this, it is mandatory for me to enhance my learning. With this purpose, I have to attend seminar, conferences and such programs which helps in improvising my own skills. It is also necessary for me to improve some skills like technology, leadership, problem solving abilities. Through these skills I can easily interact with others and connects for long term perspectives. It will help me in fulfilment of personal and professional targets in an high efficient manner (Dopp and et. al., 2010). But after taking learning techniques, I have analysed that still I am not able to lead a team of large members. Therefore, I need to improve my skills more through which I can feel more energetic as well as removes my hesitation.

3.4 Update development plan based on feedback and evaluation

S. No












Increase ability to work in team

In present situation I can lead hardly a team of 3 members.

Ability to lead a team of at least 20 people

Various leadership theories give me opportunity to become a successful leader.

Supervisor of organisations helps in judging my skills of leadership.

1.5 months


4.1 Solutions to work based problems

This is associated with the problems that are faced by most of the organisation while performing their work (Desimone, 2011). Thus, it is important that an individual finds a best way for resolving their issues so that task can be accomplished in an effective manner. Other than this, by continues monitoring of the business activities they can make appropriate strategies so that problems can be eliminated. It will assist them achieving their targets in specific time frame. Therefore, it is essential that person have problem solving and decision making skills so that it can be applied in business operations so as to get effective results. Thus, in an organisation there are various problems that can create problems and because of which conflicts may arise. Henceforth it is prime duty of leaders and managers to consider all the issues so that appropriate solutions can be made. Some of the problems are mentioned below in order to understand it in a better way:

Bullying and harassment: This is considered as a serious matter and employees in most of the organisation face this problem. Therefore, it can affect the business in a negative or a positive way (Brody and Hadar, 2011). If any body is involved in such kind of activity than the person may go through serious action that may include termination. Henceforth, it is required that an appropriate policies are developed so that such kind of happenings can be eliminated. As a result it help the organisation in providing better environment at workplace.

Discrimination: No company have the right of selecting candidates by discriminating them on the basis of gender, sex, colour, caste or nay other factor. Government of United Kingdom have formulated some laws and legislations so that company treats all the individual equally. Suppose if an organisation doesn't follow these rules than they can face legal actions and their business operations will be hampered.

4.2 Communicate in variety of styles

Communication is determined as a basic tool that is used by most of the organisation so that they can interact with employees and customers in an effective manner (Bolton, 2010). Further it can be classified into certain parts that are mentioned below:

Passive Style: This is determined by as a communicating style under which an individual doesn't open up with other members in an organisation and they stay aloof form others. They doesn't participate actively in any activities and most of the time they avoid clashes.

Aggressive Style: Person who comes under this are basically dominating in nature. They have the power of convincing others by expressing their point of view. This method is utilised by most of the companies so that more revenues can be generated and it is mainly adopted by top management companies in order to guide their employees for getting effective results.

Assertive Style: Individuals who are included under this are very enthusiastic and perform their task promisingly (Black and Plowright, 2010). They tries to implement innovative ideas for accomplishing their objectives in an effective manner. Person following assertive style of communication are confident in nature and protect their rights along with others as well.

Therefore, most of the organisation follows aggressive style of communication so as to guide and shows appropriate path to its subordinates in order to get effective outcomes.

4.3 Effective time management strategies

Company in order to run their business in an effective manner it is important that all the strategies and plan of action are applied properly (Forte and Flores, 2014). Other than this, it is essential that an individual have skills regarding time management so that person can guide their employees a proper way of completing the task. Some of the strategies that an organisation can follow in order to conduct their business operations in a better manner are given below:

Set goals as per the priority: To sustain a better position it the market it is important that company set a clear objectives that can be easily achieved. Further they can classify them according to the priority level so that organisation can have an overview about the task that is to be done in priority (Ebert-May and et. al., 2011).

Self awareness and get motivated with focus: For self-awareness, it is necessary for a person to get motivated from surroundings. Motivation is necessary in generating awareness of own skills through which a person can work in an appropriate manner.

Take decision according to the plan: In order to accomplish a task within short period of time, a company needs to take decisions in a proper way (Avalos, 2011). Along with this, employers are required to concern on adverse factors of such decisions before implementation.

Improve skills: In order to achieve targeted goals and objectives, employers of a firm need to bring improvement in own skills and develop abilities. Area where they need to develop skills are communication, leadership, managing work of employees, knowledge of latest technologies and more.

Patience: A person should have control on his anger and emotions while working in an organisation. At workplace, many situations are used to arise on regular basis which increases problems in achievement of success of a task. Therefore, instead of panic employers are required to keep patience.

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It has been suggested from this mentioned report that personal and professional development is important in every aspect of life. In order to achieve growth in career a person is required to use different approaches of self managed learning. Along with this, for implementation of a development plan, there is a need to an effective process. In this report also studied about determine and use of effective time management strategies.


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