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Finance and good funding is important for better execution of business operations that help in effective handling of functions in travel and tourism sector. The better management of business operations help in suitable rise in functions of firm. This will help in significant increase in operational capacity of a travel and tourism enterprise. For the report, Carnival Corporation & plc (CCP) and Dalata Hotel Group have been considered. The former is a USA UK based travel and tourism firm, which provides customised tourism services. The report laid emphasis on a wide range of operations in travel and tourism sector. In addition, it focuses on the costing and volume of operation that has been followed by organisation. The different pricing methods with profit influence have been discussed in travel and tourism sector. The accounting information with its importance as a decision-making tool is been analysed. An interpretation of finance in travel and tourism with public and non-public tourism development is been taken in effective management. Also, the different sources and distribution is been taken for public and non-public tourism. Apart from this, funding for development of capital projects will be analysed in tourism sector.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain the importance of costs and volume in financial management of travel and tourism businesses.

Costing plays in-depth and crucial role in development of operations that will affect operations of a company on large scale. An effective costing of commodities is offered by travel and tourism firm as Carnival Corporation & Plc will support enterprise to manage its functions in a better way (Guttentag, 2015). Besides this, better pricing will help firm to control consumer's perception towards that firm and attract them to purchase services offered by business organisation. Other than this, the good valuation helps in improving volume of operations that are been considered by tour and travelling firm. Some major valuation measures that are been taken in thought process by the firm to improve their functional volume are as follows:

  • Direct cost: It involves all operations of Carnival Corporation & plc that will cover up its expense that are been directly taken in thought by the organisation. This expenses or costing measures will support firm to promote their services and products related to travel and tourism sectors effectively. This expense can be negotiated and altered as per the financial requirements of firm and customers.
  • Fixed cost: This includes the operations taken by cited firm which are fixed in nature and thus can't be negotiated by travel and tourism company. This expenses and costs never changes even with the rise or fall of volume of operations performed by the company. This expense is been paid by the enterprise in a better way to carry out its operation in the company in a much effective and better way (Vanhove, 2017).
  • Varied costs: This costs or pricing are variable in nature and changes as per the volume of travelling enterprise. However, they remain static during the operations within the organisation but can be negotiated and altered as per the requirements of the company and that of its customers. This approach is based on operational capability of firm.

Besides this, volume of operations is also major factor that impacts the growth of a travel and tourism firm and improves profit margin. It is dependent on economies of scale and core competencies of tourism enterprises and increases its functionality.

1.2 Analysing pricing methods used in the travel and tourism sector

Pricing plays a very deep and crucial role in operations of company. The travel and tourism sector see through the effective pricing practices, which will help a firm like arnival Corporation & plc to handle its operational requirements in a better way. Other than this, effective and reasonable pricing helps enterprise to attract maximum number of customer or tourists towards firm. Apart from this, the prices of services and products offered by organisation will help to meet its functional requirements in a better and significant manner (Armenski, Dwyer and Pavluković, 2018). Some major factors of pricing that impact the functionality of CCP are as follows:

  • Competition based pricing: this approach of pricing is used to gain a good competition based pricing to see through the better management of competition that is been faced by firm in CCP's cruise firms like Carnival cruise line, Holland America line, P & O Cruises etc. this is been implemented by the firm to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals and help the firm to gain a good advancement in market.
  • Target based pricing: This is based on the principle that each commodity helps it to earn a good amount of revenue and profit. The cruise firm of CCP will look after the placing of effective pricing in market based on target audience or customer base. It helps in altering the prices as per requirements of target customer base of CCP's cruises. This involves the deciding of variable costs and setting of a price segment in the market for a particular service or product offered by tour and travelling firm (Robinson and , 2016).
  • Value based pricing: this involves the operations that are associated with the creation of better valuation of services offered by cruise firms. Such pricing strategy is set on the basis of budgeting and economic stability of firm as well as their tourists. The customers will look after the gaining of maximum valuation of services and products in minimum application of cost.

1.3 Analyse factors influencing profit for travel and tourism businesses of Carnival Corporation & plc cruise brands

There have been various factors that affect the overall growth and development of a better profit margin of travel and tourism business. The cruise firms associated with Carnival Corporation & plc will look after the better handling of these factors to gain a better market share and meet the operational and other requirements of their clients or tourist's boarding their service. Some major factors that affect the overall functionality of travel and tourism business are as follows:

  • Organising an Event: The occurrence of an Event or an activity like World cup, concert on a tourist destination will provide the cruise firms with a better opportunity to get a good number of tourists. This will help in better increase in revenue generation and will make the firm to opt necessary alterations to meet the requirement of tourists or customers. It also supports an enterprise in gaining a good income and profit margin.
  • Season or weather: Some tourist destinations are based on their seasonal environment. Thus, the cruise firm can develop a strategic plan to gather tourist base during this period. Other than this, the season also decides the pricing of service and products that are been offered by a firm (Van der Sterren, 2017). Other than this, the high tourist season indicates that service charges will be more while low season showcases decrease in prices or valuation of products and services, impacting the profit margin.
  • Currency rates: The economic conditions prevailing in domestic market as well as on a tourist location also plays a very vital and intriguing role that influence the profit of a travel and tourism firm like cruises of CCP. The alteration or vast difference in currency value between the monetary resources of local market and tourist location will have a deep impact on revenue generation, mitigation of expenses and creation of marginal profitability of a firm (Shahbaz and, 2017).
  • Governmental support: the support from political bodies and other authorities, looking after the growth of tourism and travelling will impact revenue generation on wider basis. The local as well as the government on the target location lays a very deep impact on the operation of travel and tourism company. It will support the cruise firm to gain an economic and other operational support that aids in better growth and development of its operations.

Task 3

3.1 Interpret financial accounts of Dalata Hotel Group plc for the year ended 31st December 2017 showing at least two years performance

Analysis of financial accounting of Dalata Hotel Group will help in better planning of different financial factors of the company and will support in suitable rise in the functionality and managing of financial resources (Airey and, 2015). Other than this, the assessment of financial performance will help in better planning and deciding of future strategy.

The financial assessment of Dalata Group is as follows:






Gross profit

net profit








Current ratio

Quick ratio







Debt equity



Efficiency Ratio



Capital gearing

stock turn over

Debtors collection period

Creditors payment period















Current ratio:

The relation between the current assets and liabilities are shown with the help of current ratio. The current ratio shows the potential of the company in terms of its liquidity position of the business and determines the capability to fund the company’s short term obligations and debt handling. After making the calculation it is realized that the current ratio of Dalata group in the year 2013 has increased from 0.61 by 0.59 in comparison with the previous year. It clearly reflects that the liquidity position of Dalata group has enriched in 2013 compared to the previous year.

On the basis of financial report that has been presented above, it can be said that the cited travel and tourism firm had a very good performance in past two financial years. There have been a rise in revenue of the firm and the effective growth in market share has helped the company to cater the requirements of their customers in a better way. The company has seen a good rise in its non current assets and have lead a major part of operations that has impacted its growth and rise in revenue generation (Al-Najjar, 2015). However, the firm has to look after the various aspects to plan for better financial strategies as there has been a decrease in total assets and equity i.e. £773,959 from £785,920. This caused a major impact on it revenue and profit margin and has impacted the better financial stability of firm in the market. On the basis of financial analysis of Dalata Group, the firm has to make strategic plan to have a better financial stability.

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Thus, this is concluded from the report that financial support and funding are essential for an organisation. The importance of funding and financial resource for an organisation are been analysed. Also, the assessment of management accounting information and its utilization for decision making in Dalata group will help the enterprise in gaining a financial stability. In addition to it, interpretation of different financial performance of cited hospitality firm and various sources of its funding is been evaluated, that supports a good rise in overall functionality of firm.

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