Health and Human Behaviour Regarding Illness


According to the case study client is Mr Bill who is 65 years of age and lives in a coastal town. He is suffering from Chronic hypertension and works part time at the local golf course as ground man. Client is facing challenges in performing heavy manual labour. This may be because of the declining health of the client. Bill is also overweight and makes all possible efforts for avoiding GP as much as possible. He is keen for eating takeaway food and drinking too much of red wine. Due to this, his health is deteriorating. His wife Betty is threatening for leaving Bill and which indicates that his marriage life of client is also in deep troubles. Financial status of the family is also not good and due to that also difficulties are faced in rendering medical care and treatment to Bill. Family does not had enough money and due to that they are slipping behind for home loan repayments.

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Factors affecting health decisions and behaviour

Social influences and inequalities that exist in society gives impact on the health care related decisions. Medical care and treatment provided to patients also gets affected due to it. Bill is suffering from Chronic hypertension and because of that serious health issues are being faced by him.

Inequalities In health

It also gives major influences on the health care that is provided to individuals (Cobiac, Tam, Veerman & Blakely, 2017). Along With this, socio-economic differences results from different types of causes that comprise of living conditions, behaviour and social selection. Health related behaviour of a person affects the medical treatment that is being provided to the patients. Eating patterns and behaviour of person also differ based on the socio-economic classes.

In the present case Bill has liking for eating take away food and he makes poor lifestyle choices and it comprise eating red wine in large quantity. He also takes vary less efforts for doing physical exercises and it is making his health situation more badly. Along with this living conditions also gives influences on the health decisions and behaviour of individuals (Garvis, Kewalramani & McMahon, 2017). If income of the family will be lower than due to that physical and social conditions will also be poorer.

Mr Bill is facing financial issues and due to this he has very limited opportunities for availing better and effective medical care for himself. One more important factor is social selection and it is basically stand on the assumption that society people filters people on the basis of several health related factors. Individual factors that comprise of various stages of development, behaviour and cognition also gives impact on the health related behaviour of the person and also influences his decision. Culture is one of the major social influence and it refers about the total way through which life is shared by different members of the group (Byles, Leigh & Loxton, 2014).


Culture is about value systems and understanding of time and it affects the overall lifestyle and health related behaviour of the people. Race and ethnicity are other two factors that also gives influences on the healthy related decisions that are taken by the individuals. Moreover, Ethnicity is about how individuals defines themselves and how people are defined by other people (Lal & Adair, 2014). Minority groups that are living in the society are victim of discrimination and stereotyping and poor people suffer in accessing the resources of the society. Mr Bill is facing financial issues and due to that he is having difficulty in availing better medical treatment for himself so that he can treat himself effectively.

Psycho-physiological aspects of health

It is critical that Psycho-physiological aspects of health should be considered so that link between them could be identified and better care could be delivered to clients. Psycho-physiological supports for enabling understanding and evaluating the individual experiences at physiological levels and at the psychological level.

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Emotions are one significant part that is associated with the health and it has significant importance for health and wellbeing. Emotional health is necessary for ensuring good and effective physical health and wellbeing. It supports for maintaining good physical conditions. It also aids for providing better recovery from health related issues (Braun & Cohen, 2015).

It also assist for making enhancements in capacity of an individual for leading a fulfilling life, pursuing leisure, work and study and it also helps for carrying out the daily functions in effective manner. Contrary to this if there is disturbance in emotional wellbeing condition of a person comprising of Depression and anxiety. It will create difficulties in availing better medical care for individuals. Emotions of a person have influences on the mental and physical wellbeing of the person and it affects the perception of the person for gaining good outcomes for the health (Chrisopoulos, Harford & Ellershaw, 2016). Poor management of emotions lead a person towards depressive type of disorders and anxiety. Deregulation of emotion generally happens due to three major types of reason and it includes negative reactivity, ineffective intelligence and poor understanding. Important characteristics of nervous system includes increasing heart rates and with this faster delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the human body (Redfern & Nallaiah, 2014). Mr Bill is suffering from Chronic hypertension under which he is also suffering from some emotional type of feelings and he always make complaints about everything. He is also suffering from financial poor conditions due to which problems are faced by him in availing better medical treatment.

Bill is also worried about his declining health conditions that his wife will put him in a nursing home. However Bill is also making efforts for losing his weight and he has also indicated that he has heard about Dr Slim's weight loss program that is being advertised on Television and he has also admitted that he will prefer for eating at home if his wife will cook food at home.

Prevention of illness and promotion of health

Mr Bill is facing critical health related issues and due to that his emotional and physical health conditions are getting worsened. It is imperative that better and effective health prevention strategies should be used so that Health related issues faced by Mr Bill could be prevented. It is assertive that good health should be promoted and it will aid for making it ensure that better medical care should be provided to the patients (Australian, 2016).

Illness prevention

It is defined as intervention that has been taken by care professionals for preventing the occurrence of ill health. It mentioned about things and activities that needs to be performed for people. Actions and approaches taken by government, charities, companies and other care homes comes in the category in which health care services are delivered for the patients.

Individuals can be prevented for taking part in activities that could be proved harmful for their health. For example client Mr Bill can be strictly kept on healthy diets and prevented from eating fried and taking red wine. It will aid for making improvements in his health conditions and thus it will also supports for rendering better medical care for the patient. He can be encouraged for taking part in physical activities so that his health conditions can be improvised.

Client is also facing financial issues due to which difficulties are faced in availing better and effective medical services (Chen, Stevens & Hogg, 2013). Along with this government can also take steps towards making policies so that health condition of Mr Bill can be improved. There are two types of preventions that are available for people and it includes primary prevention that are available with objectives for stopping them from getting sick and unhealthy. Legal guidelines and policies could also be formed so that strict measures could be taken against those individuals who are involved in wrong practices (Lopes, Street & Merlin, 2016). One of the major effective areas that are used in secondary prevention includes reducing the risk for getting ill. Mr Bill can be prevented by adopting health intervention techniques. Health promotions can be created by government under which initiatives can be taken by state for rendering information, resources and skills so that individuals can be made more aware.


Summing up the above report it can be concluded that Mr bill can be given treatment so that he could be motivated for recovering from medical illness faced by him. There are diverse range of factors that gives impact on the health care related decisions and treatments that are provided to patients. Social influences and inequalities are major factors that are giving impacts on the health decisions and behaviour of individual.


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