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Introduction to Health and its Care

Health and well-being of residents of the country is one of the major areas that UK government pays a lot of attention as it is directly related with nation's progress and development. For the same reason, government has developed a regulatory body – NHS (National Health Services), which governs and monitors the working of all Health Care institutions in the country (Mialliam, 2005). It is a publicly funded body, which has been given the task of providing on optimum health and social care services to residents of the country. The body works extensively in ensuring maintenance of optimal health care standards in the nation. One such major area is to develop and maintain high levels of patient satisfaction. For NHS, it is very important that it keeps the patients and health care users satisfied so that, they can be provided with much better treatment which may help in ensuring health and well being of the locals (Horrocks, Anderson and Salisbury, 2012).

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If patients are not satisfied with the services provided by NHS to them then there have very less chances that sufficient health care standards can be maintained in the country. But keeping them satisfied is a very difficult task as large number of aspects has to be kept in mind by the authorities (Needleman and et. al, 2011). One of them is efficiency and effectiveness of nursing care. In this sense, it may not be wrong to say that performance as well as attitude and behaviour of employees at NHS have a major role in shaping patient satisfaction levels. If nursing staff is not able to carry out their tasks and duties in a proper manner then it would negatively affect the patients and also their satisfaction levels. Due to this very reason, there are chances that satisfaction level of care users would decline considerably, hampering their treatment and thus proving to be very dangerous for development as well as sustainability of the society (Daniel, 2012).

Through this research study, scholar would attempt to assess the impact made. Many past studies have shown that to satisfy customer’s performance and conduct of employees has a very crucial role. It is one of the most important components of ensuring that needs and wants of customers are fulfilled to the greatest extent possible. The same concept applies to health and social care industry as well. Present scholarly work would help in understanding how nursing care influences the satisfaction levels of patients in NHS.

Scope of the study

The present research study is important from a large number of viewpoints. Scope of the study is not just limited to understanding how the concept of nursing care influences the satisfaction levels among the patients, but it can also be seen as a starting point for a number of investigations to come in the future. This can be done by assessing factors affecting patient satisfaction levels, not just in NHS UK but also in health and social care industry in general. Through this research study, the scholar can attempt to identify as well as analyse various factors and forces that may affect satisfaction levels of the patients, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of different health and social care services in the country. This will help different health care institutions to improve their workings in such a manner that they can provide effective care services to the locals and also improve health and well being status in the country.

Research Aim and Objectives

Aim of conducting this research study is “To Assess the Impact of Nursing Care on Satisfaction Level of Patients: A Case Study of NHS”. Following are the objectives which will help in attaining aim of the investigation:

  • To determine patient's expectations from nurses about their care.
  • To evaluate patient's experience while receiving nursing care.
  • To assess the impact of nursing care on satisfaction level of patients at NHS.
  • To recommend ways to enhance patient satisfaction by improving aspect of nursing care.

Rationale of aim and objectives

UK government pays a lot of attention in providing the best possible health and social care services to its residents and ensures that proper health care standards are maintained in the country. This would enable the government as well as various kinds of regulatory bodies in the nation to develop as well as maintain proper health and well being standards in the country. This would help in effective development of the country. Main reason behind selecting this aim for the study is that, it would aid the researcher in determining impact of nursing care practices on satisfaction levels of the patients. In this regard, it may not be wrong to say that through this aim, scholar would be able to help the intended readers in understanding various concepts related to this phenomenon of health care industry in the country. Therefore, it can be said that, the aim is justified in itself. Additionally, this aim will also allow the scholar to be able to interpret the results in such a manner that they would be effective as well as helpful to the readers.

To achieve this aim, various objectives have been developed by the researcher. Fulfilling these goals would allow the researcher to effectively meet the aim of the present study and ensure that it is carried out in the most effective manner.

First objective of the study states that to better understand expectations and desires of patients from nursing care services. This objective has been selected as it will help researcher in informing the readers about demands and expectations that patients have when they receive health care and nursing services. By attaining this objective, an understanding can be obtained related to expectations of the clients and how they can be fulfilled.

Second objective of this study is to assess experiences that patients receive when they receive nursing care in a health care institution. Attaining this objective would be useful for the present study, as it would enable researcher to ensure understanding about what feelings and experiences a patient goes through when they receive treatment for illness or disease that they may be suffering from. Attaining this objective will help the researcher as well as readers to understand whether or not expectations of patients are satisfied when they receive appropriate nursing care.

On the other third, fulfilling third objective of this study would enable the scholar to identify and measure the impact of nursing care and such treatments on satisfaction levels of the patients. This is the most important objective of the study, as effectiveness and success of the whole investigation is dependent on it.

The fourth and final objective of this scholarly work states that, some kinds of recommendations must be made to management of NHS with which they can improve effectiveness of their nursing care employees and thus be able to improve patient satisfaction levels by great margins.

Rationale for the research questions

In above sections of the report, a thorough assessment has been given about reasons for selecting the research objectives. In this part, an evaluation is presented giving justifications for selection of these questions for the study. All these questions will effectively help in attaining the objectives and thus aim of the research. Each of the questions framed are based on the above stated aim and objectives so that this scholarly work can be carried out easily. Furthermore, these questions assist in enhancing the level of study as they will illustrates different aspects of the study but will ensure in achieving overall aim of the research report.

Success criteria for the project

The primary objective of investigator is to execute and accomplish entire study in successful manner. However, it is the responsibility of researcher to ensure that, study is conducted in smart and effective manner so that; all the aim and objectives are achieved. Looking at the present study, there are three main success criteria which researcher has to focus on achieving. In order to make successful study, it is the responsibility of researcher to achieve all the defined aim and objectives.

Rationale of Success Criteria for the project

Attaining the aim and objectives, it is the basic concept and the reason behind conducting a study. However, for the present study various objectives has been framed which will assist the investigator in attaining the overall aim of the study. In simple terms, in order to make successful study, it is the responsibility of researcher to achieve all the defined aim and objectives. Further, it is considered as one the most significant success factor in any research project.

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Certain expectations of the researcher regarding conducting the present study such as: it will help in enhancing knowledge about the working of NHS and determining ways through which its overall performance in terms of nursing care can be improved, so as to provide maximum satisfaction to the patients. Therefore, meeting all three of these criteria will ensure that research report is conducted in effective and in an efficient manner. As well as it has all the potential to satisfy different users of it in near future.

Research Techniques

One of the most important aspects of conducting any research investigation is the tools and techniques that are used by the researcher to carry out the study in an efficient and effective manner (Goddard and Melville, 2004). If such kinds of methods are not identified and used by scholar then desired aim, objectives cannot be attained which will hamper in the success of the study.

Research Design

For any study to be termed as effective and successful, it is crucial that a research design is selected and put to use. There are two kinds of research designs which can be considered by the researcher while conducting this research – descriptive and exploratory (Armstrong and et. al, 2005). In the present study, descriptive design has been used. Main reason behind it is that, many studies have been carried out on the topic in the past because of which researcher will not be able to determine any new facts and findings. Through descriptive design, the scholar would describe existing facts and findings and use them in the present study effectively.

Research Approach

It is the tactic through which validity and reliability of research is enhanced. There are two types of approach available: qualitative and quantitative (Wilson, 2001). For the present study qualitative approach has been adopted and the main aim behind taking this approach is to enhance attractiveness of study as well as make easier for the readers to understand the findings. Furthermore, thematic analysis will be used for the present study in which different themes will be prepared according to the collected data.

Data Collection

Another very crucial aspect of conducting a research study is that of data collection. It requires utmost attention to be paid by the researcher, as if any mistake happens in this regard then it can prove to be damaging for the study along with resulting in non-attainment of aim and objectives (Berg, Lune and Lune, 2004). There are two main ways to collect data for the present research topic – primary and secondary. Here, both the methods have been used. To collect primary data, technique of questionnaire survey is used. This will allow the scholar to contact respondents from the research universe and collect data from them at a rapid pace. Herein, 40 customers, i.e. patients of NHS have been contacted and asked to fill the questionnaire. On the other hand, secondary data is collected by reviewing various past journals, books, articles, etc. based on the topic.

Bibliography of material

Materials and information is the base of any study. However, information is the source on the basis of which researcher conduct entire course of study. In context to this, for the present study, different sources have been used through which investigator gathered wide range of information to execute the whole research report. Furthermore, bibliography of material play significant role in analysing and evaluating the thoughts and ideas of different authors and experts related to the topic so that researcher can make use of it in current study which will provide more reliability and validity to the study.

Literature Review

Nursing care

Nursing care can be define as set of actions and practices which are taken by nurses on health and social care centres for resolving health care problems of individuals. In different health care organizations they make availability of the nursing care facilities for twenty four hours. It is beneficial for improving physical and mental health of patients (Needleman and, 2011). Horrocks, Anderson and Salisbury, 2012 has concluded that “nursing care focuses on the care of service users, families and communities by which they can attain, maintain and recover optimal health and quality of life” (Horrocks, Anderson and Salisbury, 2012). Different health and social care organizations provides nursing care on the basis of needs and requirements of every patients. Along with this, every HSC organizations provides appropriate training to nurses to handle different types of patients. It helps in improving their health care practices (Armstrong and, 2005).

Effects of nursing care on patients

Nursing care has positive impacts on physical and mental health of every patient because it helps in resolving their health problems. Along with this, proper nursing care helps in maintaining satisfying their needs and requirements it will also help in completing their medical requirements also. But, satisfaction of patients can be increased due to the quality of nursing care. Poor quality and improper nursing care negatively affect the experience of patients which their satisfaction level can decline. Wilson, 2001 has concluded that “nursing care helps in maintaining patient safety and quality infomrtaion which is also one of the important attribute which help in increasing satisfaction of patinets” (Wilson, 2001). Sometimes, due to the appropriate care of nurses patients recovers their medical issues in less time which also incerse their satisfaction. But on the other hand, some times for cost cutting some HSC organizations hire untrained nurses and due to their inappropriate care patients of these organizations face different issues and medical injuries which can affect their mental and physical health in negative manner. It can harm their level of satisfaction. So, as per the above statements trained and experience nurses and their care services help in increasing the level of satisfaction of every patient (Mialliam, 2005).

Data Analysis

Research studies have shown that, one of the most important aspects of working of health care institutions is that patients, i.e. the care users must be able to understand responses given to them by the nurses. For such organizations, to be able to achieve their goals and objectives such concepts have a very crucial role to play.

During collection of primary data for the study, it was observed that majority of the 40 patients said that they were able to easily understand responses given to them by the nurses and other such nursing staff. Herein, they were of the opinion that, nurses pay attention on making sure that they use simple language and help their patients to understand different medical phenomenons and the treatment they were reverencing. They said that, this is one of the major reasons which describe their satisfaction with NHS. The main reason behind it is that, management at the health care organization pay attention to imparting appropriate and sufficient training to the employees, so that they may behave in an adequate manner with the patients and try to fulfil their every day demand to the greatest extent possible.

Patients expect that they must be treated respectfully

For a health and social care institution, it is crucial that the employees treat the patients or service users with respect. It is a very crucial element as it has a direct relation with satisfaction levels of the patients. In this regard, past studies have shown that if care users are given respect, there are better chances that they would be happy and satisfied with the organization.

Patients have no idea about their experience while reviving treatment

According to many past researchers and scholars, one of the key fronts of satisfying a patient is to provide them with a good and unique experience. This motivates them to undergo the treatment and thus be able to get rid of the disease or illness they may be facing.

Majority of 40 patients selected for this study, said that they do not know what their experience while receiving treatment at NHS were. In this context, selected respondents said since they never knew what problem they had or the treatment they were being given, they were unclear of their experience in the health care institution. Some of them also said that, they did not care about their feelings while receiving the treatment; but their priority was to get better and get rid of the illness they were suffering through.

Patients were only sometimes given explanation about the treatment they were receiving

During the primary research, it was observed that at NHS, patients are not given information about their illnesses and treatment that they are receiving for the same. Because of this reason, they usually are not very satisfied with services of the organization. In this context, they opined that sometimes they used to get such information; while sometimes they did not receive any such information from the hospital.

It is unclear whether patients are satisfied with NHS or not

While conducting primary research on the topic, it was observed that, 19 out of 40 patients do not know whether they are satisfied with NHS or not. According to them, the main reason behind it that, they do not get ample amount of information from the nurses and hospital management.

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Conclusion & Recommendation

Findings of the data analysis have reflected that nursing care has positive as well as negative impacts on satisfaction level of every patient. It can augment the level of satisfaction of every patient by providing most appropriate services to them. Along with this, nursing care helps in meeting all the basic needs and requirements of patients. It plays very important role in increasing their level of satisfaction towards the services of HSC organization. But, on the other hand some untrained nurses can negatively affect the patient’s satisfaction.

Along with this, through the above analysis, it can be concluded that patients of NHS have no idea, if they are satisfied with the organization or not as they believe since they are not provided information as to what health related issues they are facing or what treatment they are being provided. They have no idea if workings of the organization are satisfactory for them or not.

On the basis of this study, it can be recommended to management of NHS that they should focus on interacting with the patients and maintaining transparency in organizational operations, so that maximum satisfaction can be provided to care users. Including this, NHS should make arrangements for appropriate training and development program for nurses which help in improving their skills and knowledge for providing services to individuals.


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