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In today's time  there are so many issues which amends on health. The reason could be anything as changing lifestyle that reflects to diseases, like obesity, blood pressure,depression,  diabetics, cardiac arrest, etc. Some of them may cause to sudden death. In this health issue study, I am researching on the United States population, as that has most relevant health issues (Appel and et. al.,  2011). Life style is major concern in natives of the US, they are surviving with alcohol related harms like lever and kidney problems, food contamination, heart disease, nutritions that are not taken by the people as they are engaging themselves in party and fun activities.

As I intimated in the introduction that this report is conducted on the US population to better research on their health issues, these health issues are obvious in many countries but I selected it this country, so may entire research will pursue through out this only.

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Some health issues are normal in every age group like babies and old age people can have same problems like low immunity that's why they can get awful cold or cough, these are normal problems due to climate. So I am conducting by dividing in age groups, such as zero to twelve, thirteen to nineteen, twenty to thirty five,  thirty six to sixty, and sixty and above.

I understand that diversified diseases according to age factor is not make any assurance, yet some diseases impacts on age, that's why I have came across numerous people who shared their experiences with me like doctors, psychologists, medical professionals. As they said babies are only have general medical issues, like fever, cold, etc. This happened on weather cycle or if in case they have some vulnerable disease, then they might have it because of genetic effects of parents or grand parents. Kids are almost free  of disease because their active life, they spend their time in study and playing, so they   have any hazardous  problem that is almost impossible. But when kids turned to teenage they have different things in life, study, sports, and their wishes that they want to enjoy their, and they are independent to do whatever they want they can do. Due to this liberty, sometimes they lead on wrong way, their mind changes, and they loses temper and may went to depression as well, due to suffering from all the surroundings. This depression draw them to consumes pills, and that consumption can be deadly, taking so many sleeping tablets when they have lack of sleep, and these sleeping tablets can take them towards death.

In twenty to thirty five a human being is matured enough, they are concentrated on study and job, study time is good for them but they increases drinking habit, as they take it as fun, but over dose is always harmful, and if they have cross the limit, then this can also be a basis of lever and kidney problems. But after thirties there are some other health related problems generates as this is due to continuous working in corporates, they have a hectic schedule and that leads to anxiety, blood pressure, depression, and some times sudden strokes, these all problems are normal but prescribed medication is essential to take rest but it happens when a person is get attacked on medicines to get fast relief but ingest medicines more than prescribed quantity can harm on body very badly (Ayalew, Mengistie and Semahegn, 2014). After thirties bone mineral density also takes place, weak bones due to avoidance of good nutrition value, but people who are aware about their health, will not come across such problems and issues.

After forties there are nothing unique because most of people are become perpetual with their life goings. So there are no major issues, but after sixties, they met some old age problems like amnesia, pain in bones, diabetics, all the issues that have some problems and lead towards death, is concerned with old age. 

Health issues are largely impact on nervous system in old ages, when some persons losing their hope to live, or might be not interested in living a life which has a joy and fun, due to some alterations in their personal life, and it is common cause to gobble over dose of drugs in every age group.

The substance abuse is directly affect on human body and this will create many dangerous problems in their internal parts. Substance misuse includes drugs such as alcohol that have devastating effect on person for abusing substances in the external environment. According to my research, the indigenous people and substance use are refers to the empowering such communities which are given the major responsibility and control person personal health issues. For me, substance use problem are one of the main social and health issues which are faced by specific population group (Tomlinson and et. al., 2011). In all over the world, indigenous culture have useful perspective and approach which can be utilised for the treatment of people. Drugs are those substance which impact on brain and body of human being. Various type of drugs have different effects on person and I am analysed that drugs effects includes health consequences which are long lasting and even permanent. In US, there are more than 7 million people suffer from an unlawful drug condition and some other use of drugs. In fact, large number of deaths, illness and disabilities directly affect by consuming drugs and any other preventable health issues and situations (Kickbusch And et. al., 2012). Most of the people suffer from drugs and alcohol addiction are create high risk of unwilling injuries, accidents and national level violence incidents.

There are various impact of substances misuse on human body that are described as under:

Physical health: The long term abuse of drug or alcohol can lead towards large number of physical health on an individual and their immune system which weak their body. As per my investigation, drugs use impact bad on the person body. In the US, country, there are various people who addicted by this misuse substance and alcohol.

Create Mental issue: I required to understand that most of the people are suffer from addiction which present mental health that includes depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD, suicidal tendencies (Wyatt and Oswalt, 2013.). In US country, there are large number person who are addicted with harmful substance which create bad impact on them. It attract more people such as young generation who are start their college, by seeing drug addicted person they also attracted towards them. This is increasing the addiction of drugs and alcohol substance. According to me, it is clearly stated that such conditions may includes substance abuse, also they are offer as self medication.

Impact on social environment: As per my research, drugs and alcohol using affect on performance and lead to absenteeism, many other issues (Trilling and Fadel, 2012). This will directly affect on population which harm their country people and it create hostile environment. The addiction of drugs and alcohol substance can directly or indirectly affect on person immune system.

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According to the above mentioned report it can be concluded that Substance misuse includes drugs such as alcohol that have devastating effect on person for abusing substances in the external environment. Most of the people suffer from drugs and alcohol addiction are create high risk of unwilling injuries, accidents and national level violence incidents. For more visit Instant Assignment Help Australia.

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