Human Resource Department of McDonald


Human resource is a department who is dealing with program of benefits in recruiting, screening, training to job applicants etc. Their motive is to lead with an organisation in gaining competitive advantage by playing HR role. Here consider business strategies which is followed by company with new skills and gaining capacity. This report is based on McDonald which is came into force on 15th April 1955 by Ray Kroc and George Yang(Bal, P. M. and De Lange, A. H., 2015). It is world fifth largest company based on fast food. This assignment is based on hospitality services provide by company. Here describes strategies and policies in regarding with performance of staff which is to be enhance in according to the demand and supply of product and service. It is based in a manner to describe specification in context with selecting process. McDonald is leading with operations which is based on selection by providing training and development activities. 

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Job description and personal specification for McDonald

In this, McDonald is based on job description and personal specifications are describe below.

Job description


Business Associate


Degree of management and commerce in recognised university


Should have 0-1 year of experience in Marketing

Area of expertise

Should have complete knowledgable about customer services and encouraging towards product and service

Other qualities

Maintaining relations, learning ability

 Summary of the Job:

The executive care helps customers in booking, pricing, checking status of availability. They are dealing with customers and helping them for having experience.

Key responsibilities:

The responsibility of business associate in McDonald is given as under.

  • Manage calls of customers and their required food product on availability.
  • Procuring feedbacks of services.
  • Managing customers losses of baggage and other goods.
  • Information is provided to customers in McDonald.
  • Enquiring customers in regarding with their choices of food and staff in taking care for them.
  • Reporting relationships

In business department, would deal directly with the report of customer services. Important feature is to report manager.

Personal profile(Job Specification)

They must


  • Honest
  • Will to do activities
  • Respectful
  • Confident


  • Understanding person
  • Good working skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Supporting skills to make own choices.

 If would be good if they


Share with others


Relevant training including sales

Dimensions or content factors

  • potential candidate should first employee in restaurant.
  • communication mode is done by telephone.
  • Role of business associate with a part of looking after services provided to customers and staffs.

Process of development

Documents are designed by HRD in describing job. The description is made by rules and regulations by including information of regarding duties. Of performed job. Here tools and techniques are required on the basis of completing job.

Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

The main objective of selection is based on selection of suitable candidate. The techniques that are undertaken by n organisation are consider below.

Interviews: In service industry it is very common(Baum, 2016). Interviews are checked by soft and technical skills for a specific job. Their results are made by selecting candidate with making best outcomes. Interviews are of various types like stress, job related, acting the job role and technical.

Presentation: During selection candidates has to prepare presentation in a manner to a panel showcase, the skills are managed by customers with important job role in McDonald.

Tests: In technical knowledge candidate has known for specific post which is conducted by written tests(Guerci, M. and et. al., 2015). An organisation is in situation to take tests by observing behaviour of candidate as per situation in which candidate having ability to face it.

Psychometric test: Test is consider by most effective tools in present age by knowing personality of candidate. This tests are helpful for company in analysing behaviour that is he/she is fit for job or not. 




Initial screening

Hotel Marriott is figuring out in making initial screening of candidates qualification and personal specification.

McDonald is making initial screening of CV by making use for hiring process.

Completed application

Completed application is required by candidate for job.

Here required applications with not in completed form by candidates.


Employment test

Employment test is made on paper form of work.

Here tests not made. The selection based on face to face interview.

Background examination

Background check is required by HR manager in making information available of candidate. Here background verification is only important for candidate.

Here reference of past and present employee check necessary.

Permanent job offer

Final process of selection is made on the basis of candidate working ability and in this job offer is provided to adequate person who is willing.

Their permanent job offer is provided to whom who are completing job specification in company.


In this presentation is compulsory for prepared by employees.

Presentation is not necessary to prepare.

Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industry business

Training and development of activities are in context with activities by considering assets in order to improve set of skills of employees(Bolman and Deal, 2017). The activities provided by an implications in an aspect like personal development and organisational productivity. They are despite with constant directions and instructions in dealing with clients and customers. They are leading with managing emergency situations and customer grievances. Their are several aspects in dealing with providing training to employees. The contributions are made in according to training and development, their effects are defined below.

  • Personal Productivity: this productivity is enhanced by allocating job role in order to training and development . The proper training is provided to employees who are enable to manage work responsibility and personal productivity.
  • Organisational Performance: Training and development is very important for McDonald in acquiring better performance in long term and reducing wastage.
  • Profitability: Employment skills are developed by lowering costs which decreases level of wastage of resources. McDonald company is helpful in making higher profitability.
  • Organisational Culture: training and development is established by growth, diversity and value of development in organisation(Brewster, 2017). This culture is developed by training and development.
  • Team Spirit: This is pertaining by considering restaurant industry which is a most vital element. The activities are develop by having spirit in team.
  • Focus on Organisational Quality: Training and development proves to be an important in ensuring quality of work life by offering employees services to customers. They are ensuring services which to be maintained.
  • Competitive Advantage: An effective workforce is helpful in enhancing growth which provides competitive advantage by preparing proper programmes.
  • Health and Safety: Training and development is also provided in regulations which are turning in safety rules. These rules are adopted by employees in an organisation.

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This is well developed present in a weapon of competition for McDonald. It is a part of strategy which focuses on development with efficient and competitive market. Company is taking necessary care in prescribed laws relating to employee. HR department is framing structure by managing duty in an organisation. Recruitment and selection of resources are requirements that are to be fulfilled by right person who meets with needs by selecting right candidate by judging performance. The essential factor is needed for growth and productivity. Training and development is an editable performance of the work force.

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