Human resource management in Hilton Hotel


Human resource management plays an integral part in present business times, as it is responsible for the fulfilling the need of workforce and also managing them. Human resource management engages in recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing the workforce or the employees of the organisation. Workforce or employees are termed as the human capital of the organisation, so it is essential to make effective and efficient use of the employees, providing them safety, reducing risk and then maximising return on investment. In present business scenario the term HRM roles spreading by the organisation as widespread adoption by large and medium size companies and other organisations of software ton manage many HR functions.

This report defines the role of the HRM, also examine it's importance in present business organisations like HILTON hotel. Moreover, the objectives and goals of human resource management as well as how the management is beneficial in achievement of organisational goals. Besides this, the report also pertain the policies and strategies which are used to improve the organisational staff performance.

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1.1 Analysing the role and purpose of Human Resource management in Hilton Hotel

The HRM pertain the recruitment, selection, training and development of the Human capital of the organisation and it performs the roles mainly associated with the workforce and performance appraisal or analysation of the employees. HRM performs the significant role in managing the hotels like Hilton. The importance of HRM are as follows.

Recruitment and selection: The main function of HRM is the recruitment of right person at a right place and right time. The HRM is responsible for the selection of skilled person in Hilton hotel or in any other organisation. The HR manager designs the plans and strategies for hiring the right kind of people. The main task is associated with the recruitment involves formulating the obligations of an employee and scope of task assigned to them.

Performance Appraisal: HRM enhances the employees working in Hilton Hotel or any other organisation, to work with their full potential and ensuring the suggestions about their working performance in order to improve their workings. The staff members of the hotel communicates with the HR team or managers from time to time and provides all necessary information about their working performances. It is beneficial for them to to works according their working criteria it helps them in execute the goals with best possible efforts.

Maintaining working atmosphere: The integral aspect of the HRM in an organisation, the performance of any individual staff member of hotel or any other organisation, depends on the working environment or work culture that presents at workplace. The good working conditions is the main requirement of each employee of the organisation. A good working environment is one of the benefits that is the requirement of each employee and is the responsibility of the HR team.

Managing disputes: In an organisation or a hotel there are so many issues involves that may leads to disputes between employers and employees, but these conflicts are inevitable for understanding the coordination among the working teams. The Human resource team acts as mediator or consultant for the settlement of these issues. HR listens the grievances of the employees after that the HR provides the appropriate solutions to settle the issues. Therefore, the HRM is important for the sort of the issues occurs in an hotel or an organisation.

Developing the public relations: It is the another responsibility of the HRM, to build the good relations with public. In order to make good public relations for the benefit of the hotel like Hilton or for any organisation, the HR team organises business meetings, seminars and several official meetings or gatherings on behalf of the hotel or the organisation in order to build the good public relations with other business sector.

The organisational body or hotel without the proper setup may suffers from the serious issues while managing the daily business operations only because of this reason, the hotels and companies put lot of money as well as efforts for acquiring the strong and effective HRM team.

M1 Identifying the objectives of human resource management and it's contribution towards achievement of goals

HRM is the integral part of the organisation and it has some objectives for the betterment of the organisation and for the accomplishment of desired goals of the organisations or Hilton hotel. Some of its objectives are as follows.

  • Organisational objectives: HRM is crucial to gain the effectiveness and the efficiency for the betterment of the organisations. In case of Hilton hotel, the effectiveness and efficiency gained by the help of the HRM, as HRM acquires the right person for the right job at the right time in right quantity. HRM also provides appropriate training to the staff members for the perfection in workings.
  • Functional objectives: there are so many functions in an organisation or the hotel that are performed by HRM, it recognises that the priority should not the costs but the benefit rendered.
  • Personal objectives: During the present business scenario, the employees inspires from the competitive organisations or hotels to change their jobs and human resource management helps in acquiring, developing, utilizing and maintaining the employees.
  • Societal objectives: HRM also settles the legal, ethical and social environment issues as the equal opportunities, equal payments, equal workings are the legal issues and which are not to be violated. HRM helps the society by creating employment opportunities, educational facilities, women empowerment are the social responsibility issues.

D1 Strategies or policies that are essential for the improvement of hotel staff performance

The strategies or policies that are essential for the improvement of the staff performance are as follows.

  • Talent: it is the crucial assets that the business should try to maintain. The HRM must predict the staffing needs of hotel in future accordance with this, performs hiring and recruiting fresh talents.
  • Leadership: it refers to the top level authority which is responsible for the success or the failure of the organisation.
  • Planning: Planning is the most crucial element as the effective strategic plans leads to achievement of hotels desired goals.
  • Performance culture: it refers to the betterment of performance planning and attending in an appropriate manner. So that the performance of the organisation or hotel can be achieved.

1.2 Examining human resource plan for analysing demand and supply of manpower

The HRM forecasts the demand and supply of manpower or labour for the future. Predicting the supply involves the two important sources that internal and external source.

Internal supply forecasting plans: this supply forecasting plan involves the following.

  • Employees turnover rates (means inflow and outflow of employees from Hilton hotel or organisation)it determines the labour supply.
  • Talent or skill inventories, for this the HRM team prepares the Brief data of each employee which pertains the employee's education, past experience of employees, occupation interests, specific talents and skills in workings.
  • Succession planning is the process used to identify developed key individual persons so that they may assume top level authority. It is mainly developed for the succession of the management level employees to promote them at high level authority and to motivate the employees of executive level in hotel or the organisation.

External supply forecast plans includes the following aspects: as same the internal forecast plans are essential for the development of the hotel or the organisation, the external forecast plan is also crucial. This includes the following.

  • Demographic changes in the population.
  • National and regional economic.
  • Educational level of the workforce.


2.1 Assessment of current state of employment relations in hospitality sector

It is essential for the organisation or the hotel to have good relations with employees and with public. It is crucial that the managers and HR team have better relations with their employees and workers, as it is beneficial because good relations helps in solving the disputes, better motivation to employees, for better working environment in the organisation. Besides this, the good relationships among the managers and workers of the organisation helps in bargaining, culture and structure, these are described below.

Collective bargaining: In case of service industry the industry have to face the bargaining from the employees in terms and conditions of the employment which is generally raised by the Trade unions or labour unions. Under trade or labour unions the selected leader or leaders represents themselves on behalf of whole union and bargains about the salary issues, working place issues, working hours or days issues etc. In Hilton hotel, the trade or labour unions strikes for the fulfilment of their demands. Hilton hotel adapts some measures for settling the issues in order to secure their relations with the staff workers or employees.

Employee participation: It is crucial for the Hilton Hotel to maintain adequate number of employees for better quality services and for better training to new employees. The good relations is essential for the long job duration of employees in a particular organisation. Hence it is the duty of the HR team to maintain good relations with the employees as it is crucial for maintaining employees in Hilton hotel for long time. The long job duration leas to increment of participation of employees in activities of working different from their job profile.

Culture: Different companies has their own different values and culture for treatment of employees and also for continuous running of their business operations. In Hilton hotel there is the flexible culture and beneficial for the employees in order to motivating them and promoting their morale which is the indications of the better relations of worker with their leaders.

2.2 Effects of employment law on the HRM in Hilton hotel

Employment involves the employment laws that are essential and pertain the rules and regulations, in order to forming the perfect relation among workers and employees. It helps in securing the interest of the employees ensuring the better relation between trade unions and administration. Several employment laws are available and must be follow by the Hilton hotel.

Employment relation Act: this regulation provides the systematic structure for the entity bargains into corporate agreements. This regulations helps in maintaining the loyal behaviour and trusts of workers towards top level authority for the job satisfaction among their employees.

Employment rights Act: This acts helps in securing the interest of employees, by securing their legal rights such as food breaks, vacations, minimum wages or salary etc. it helps the employees in securing their interest and works according to their ability and compensation given by the hotel or organization.

Employment opportunities Act: This act also beneficial in securing the interest of the employees as it helps in avoiding the discrimination between workers on the basis of age, gender, caste , colour etc. under this act, the manager must take guarantee under the employment agreement to treat all workers equally .

Contracts for the employment and their termination: under the employment contract several terms and conditions are listed and it is mandatory for both employer and employee to follow the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions may be related to health and safety, retirements, parental rights etc. the HR manager of the Hilton hotel must follow the terms and conditions and never ignore these conditions as it is the duty imposed on him by this act and this act is helpful in collaborating the job requirement for both workers and management.


3.1 Discussion about job description and the person's specifications

Job analysis means the systematic structure of job that pertains the job requirements and description regarding the required job. The HR team of Hilton hotel must clearly specifies the relation and working of job to every members of organisation(Barlow and et. al., 2012).

JOB analysis pertain the followings.

Job description: it is the document which pertains the job description and functioning of the organisation. It is essential to provides the deep knowledge of the job profile and organisation workings.

Job specification: it is the specification regarding educational qualification which is essential for the perfection in required job.

Factors affecting the Job recruitment

There are several internal and external factors which affects the job recruitment process of the organisation.

Internal factors: these are the factors prevails within the organisational structure which affects the recruitment process such as size, and recruitment policy. Hilton hotel having a slow recruitment process for recruiting fresh employee(Habraken and et. al., 2011)

External factors: These are the factors which affects the recruitment process over which the organisation has no control such as the employment regulation acts, labour laws etc. these laws directly affects the process of recruitment.

Job Design

This is the step which should be taken after the job analysis which involves work planning for reducing the dissatisfaction among employees. 


Job title: Safety officer

Reports to: General manager

Job overview: A great opportunity for joining the world class hotel chain in order to develop and nourish the existing skills for your future career growth.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • To ensure good quality services are provided to customers
  • To monitor the security issues of customers and employees
  • To ensure the workers are following the corporate policies


  • Must be above 18 in age
  • Written and spoken English communication skills
  • Willing to work in both day and night shifts

Recruitment through advertising

Recruitment techniques are developing significantly by the use of internet over the years . Companies adapts new and latest technology to marketing their products and services such as:

  • Internal Recruitment: Hilton hotel should adapts new recruited candidates by posting the ad of job on organisation's webinars and their website(Bastian and et. al., 2013).
  • External Advertising or marketing: organisation should advertise through media platforms such as television, newspapers etc.
  • Print Advertising: Hilton hotel should use conventional recruitment advertising by the use of banners and posters.
  • Web Advertising: during the modern time the latest approach of internet is growing rapidly Hilton hotel should post their advertisements online for recruitment.
  • Social Media: Hilton hotel should advertise by using several social media platforms by creating and managing multiple accounts or pages on different channels Like Instagram, whats app, facebook etc (Ganopoulos, Argiriou and Tsaftaris, 2011).

3.2 Comparison of selection process of different services industries businesses

Selection process refers to the process of selection of employees or candidates for the several vacant job positions in the organisation.

Selection method

Selection process of candidates based on organisational requirements. The selection methods which are used by Hilton hotel for recruitment potential and fresh skilled candidates are preliminary screening, online interview, personal Interview and by group discussion(Chang, Gong, Way and Jia , 2013)

Short Listing

This process engages short listing of candidates after conducting their interviews scores, attractiveness qualifications etc. short listed candidates are forwarded to next round of interview.

Interview method

there are several interview methods uses by the HR teams for recruiting and selecting the candidates for the vacant jobs in organisation.

  • Structured interviews
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Behavioural interview
  • Technical skills interview


4.1 Assessing the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operational services industries business

Training– it is a continuous process that helps in developing special skills in an individual and group to make them able to perform a particular task. It is important part for every enterprise as in order to adopt change it is required that employees are made aware about same. There are different ways through it is done such as by giving teaching on the job or of the job.

Development– This on the other hand is a long term process which is carried out in the enterprise with a view of raising the current scale of business(Innocenti, Pilati and Peluso, 2011).

  • Both training and development holds an important role in the organisation as through this various benefits are achieved by the employees such as:
  • It raises the overall productivity of the work force.
  • It helps in better utilisation of the resources.
  • Through training the morale of employees also increases which helps in further reducing the employee’s turnover. 

Difference between training and development





It is provided to employees for increasing their efficiency and performance.

It is the continuous process of enhancing the skills and knowledge throughout the career for future growth.


It is for a short duration of time

It is a long time process which keeps on adding skills and knowledge


It is provided for increasing the efficiency of job operations.

It's focus is to develop the skills of individuals for their future growth.


Its objective is to improve performance up-to a large extent

It's objective is to prepare individual for the future growth of career.

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From the above report it has been concluded that the HRM plays the integral part in recruitment process of the employees. Moreover it is responsible for the solution of disputes and maintaining the good relation among workers and employers. Moreover the HRM adapts several methods for selection of the employees in order to place right person at right job at right time. 

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