Unit 26 Issues In Human Resource Management UKBC


Issues of Human resource management are the common problem which is faced by almost every enterprise. It helps the management in analysing changes of business and business environment. The report will outline four emerging issues of human resource management faced but manager of Tesco. Tesco is one f the leading retail organisation of UK, that details various consumer goods like, baby products, grocery, food item, home and kitchen appliances, electronics etc. Besides, it will outline critical analysis of emerging issues which ill help in developing understanding over pros and cons of emerging changes. Thus, the report will outline, appraisal method used by organisation to evaluate performance of marketing manager and it will recognise design and significance of specification and job description.

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1. a) Emerging issues in Human Resource Management

With continuous changes in business world, there are numerous issue faced by human resource management of Tesco, the leading retailer.  The increasing impact of globalisation, and advancement in technology is the major challenge because due to globalisation the company in UK are increasing which has interrupted labour supply. Apart from this, increasing technological uses has reduced the meed of manual work (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). On the other hand, changing environment and promoting cultural and diversity in retail business are the another emerging issue which has been impacting human resource functioning of company.  The emerging issue of HRM in Tesco are discussed below:

  • Globalisation: The major concept behind increasing globalisation to reduce intensity of competition.  Increasing globalisation in UK has led to diversity recruitment where the manger is focusing on recruiting people from different culture, background etc. This process is beneficial for implementing innovation in services but on the other it increases chance of conflicts, mismanagement of work etc. (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Globalisation has become HR issue for Tesco because the firm has to emphasize on training staff in order to develop formal relation to encourage work effectiveness. Cultural differences is the biggest challenge which come across human resource manger with increasing globalisation and multinational organisation.
  • Technological Advancement: Advancement in technology is another HR issue which has increase the need of training because with changes in technological tool, it is important for the retailer to make employees awe about appropriate use of technology. Apparently, the major limitation of technological advancement for Tesco is increasing distraction at work. Like use of smartphones not for office purpose and for social media accessing is the foremost issue of human resource management. Thus, another problem arise with advancement is high maintenance cost, increasing laziness among workers and impact of work place professional relationships (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014).  Nevertheless, implementing use of technology reduces working abilities of employees and also involves high cost maintenance.
  • Changing environment: Changing environment is the core issue which hinder business operations. It comes with various environmental, organisation and individual challenges in Tesco. Like the responsibility of human resource management is to ensure the company has complied with all the regulations with regards to employees. In addition, communicating workers about all the changes in policies and plans is mandatory.  Apart from this, the common issue faced by HR of Tesco is changing employees  policies as per changing regulation like, health and safety, worker compensation, equality and diversity etc.
  • Equality and diversity: Promoting equality and diversity in retail is the biggest challenge with HR. In this the person faces issue in coordinating and cooperating with employees altogether.  It is the situation which increases chance of conflicts among workers that hinder working productivity (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011).  People from diverse culture have different way of working and different languages which makes difficult of HR, in establishing communication among workers. Challenging changes in cultural difference is the issue which is complex and makes difficult for HR to manage effectiveness of professional relationship among employees.  

1. b) Critical analysis of four challenges in organisation

Emerging issues are the key challenges to HRM practices because every change in business and business environment as its pros and cons like the advancement in technology is the becoming challenging of HR of Tesco because Implementing use of technological tool assist the firm in reducing manual work and increasing working efficient but on the hand the use of tools make employees lazy due to which the individual start losing interest in work which hampers productivity (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). The manger allows employees to access their hones during working hours in order to provide them flexible working and easy contacts with family or immediate guardians but workers use phones when working and access social media which is the biggest distraction for workplace that hinders performance of employees.  Therefore, the dilemma between implementing and not implementing technology at work place is the challenging for HR of Retail. However, implementing advanced tools in organisation assist in improving communication, encouraging innovation and creativity and most importantly helps in saving time.  Apparently, changing business environment is effective for HR as it indicates future threats and anticipating growth opportunities (Chand, 2017). Changing surroundings is the issue which is challenging for Tesco as it helps in keeping a check over market trends but on other hand the changes of business environment are not completely reliable. It is challenging for HR to implement the use of strategic approach but because of changing environment, changing business strategy is risky approach and can environmental analysis is the situation which makes HR decision cautious. 

Equality and diversity at workplace is the situation which help the firm in managing innovation and creative ideas because it promotes involvement of people from different cultural backgrounds who own various idea of making innovation in services. The HR manager of Tesco aims at promoting workplace diversity despite of the fact that is challenging coordinate and cooperate efforts of employees altogether (Bratton and Gold, 2012). The firm encourages diversity as it helps the enterprise in increasing range of services and adaptability of workers in different environment with different people. Nevertheless, promoting equality and diversity in Tesco is issue with HR, as it leads to communication issue which increases chance of conflicts among workers. In addition, it also creates integration issue, increase in cost of training and increasing competition among employees working at same level. Thus, it the cause of disrespect at workplace among manpower which is the most disruptive part for manager in managing human resource.   Globalisation is the change which is effective for Tesco in improving labour productivity.  It is the factor which helps HR In promotion diversity in organisation that helps in implementing innovation in products and services.  Moreover, it helps HR, in managing labour-intensive goods and labour-intensive techniques which is the best practice that assist in improving business functions. Apparently, the increasing competition due to globalisation is becoming challenging for HR as it interrupts labour supply. Like, increasing organisation increases employment opportunities due to which it is difficult of HR to ensure adequate manpower in Tesco. Globalisation is ineffective for HR functions as in this process the firm needs to redefine job functions as per changes in economy (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). Executing recruitment according to multinational organisation is the biggest threat to Tesco because in this the management needs to focus on recruiting highly qualified staff and providing them training as per market changes and competitors plans and strategies. Similarly, globalisation is curse to HRM, because it leads to adaption to various challenging cultural differences which increases chance of conflict among employees.

2. a) Evaluation of job description, person specification and performance appraisal methods to analyse performance on Marketing manager.

Job description and person specification are the base of appropriate and analysing performance of any employee of organisation. Tesco evaluates performance of it managerial individual with the help if detailed analysis to reduced the chance of biases appraisals. Like, in case of marketing manager of Tesco the firm evaluates individual job description which comprise information about responsibilities of marketing manager which helps in setting benchmark for appraisals. The marketing manager of Tesco need to have knowledge and experience of successful marketing campaigns, strategies to develop and maintain public relation, and tactics to attract consumer towards products and services of firm (Dessler, 2016).  It is important for the manager to understand about engaging valuable and important content of company and its products in order to attract buyers through website innovation and blog writing.  In addition, it is important for the manager to have knowledge regarding website analytics, online marketing, taste and preferences of consumers for different commodity offered by Tesco. Person specification is brief about educational qualification of marketing manager. Qualification  involves knowledge and study of marketing as subject, experience of at least working in marketing team, writing and promoting products, ability of executing own innovation plan and experience of working in business to consumer environment. The job specification and description for every managerial roles are different and it is important for the organisation to recruit, select and appraisal individual and their basis of their specification as it helps in identifying their improvement. Knowledge over different marketing channels, PR techniques, commercial awareness and customer relationship management. Skills which are required for effective marketing manager of Tesco are, good communication skills, creativity in deriving marketing material, managing formal relationships and efficiency to work on deadlines (Gruman and Saks, 2011). However, there are numerous appraisals methods which are used in Tesco to evaluate performance of employees such as, rating scales where the performance is rated on numeric scale on the basis of employees initiative, dependability, consistency, attitude of working and attendance. Further, there is checklist method in which the firm keeps a check over traits of employees like, requirement of training, administration and standardization.  In addition, there is 360 degree feedback method in which the performance of employees is analysed with the views of different employees such, superiors, subordinate, peer. Generally, the firm implements the use of rating scales to rate performance of workers but it is the appraisal method which is less reliable because in this performance is appraised with the help of numbers (Guest, 2011). Moreover, it leads to substantial variance in informants which disrupts appraisal process. Thus, it can be said that rating scale appraisal is time consuming process which takes time in final execution. Hence, according to different method, retail firm can implement the use of 360 degree feedback method to analyse performance of marketing manager.  This method will help the enterprise in  managing time and making execution simpler, as in this the management just need revolve form in one specific department.

2. b) Designs and significance of job description, person specification and performance appraisal methods of organisation

There is specific job design and person specification design for every role in organisation which is framed below:

Marketing Manager Job description

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

  • Development of marketing campaigns and promotion plans.
  • Implementing marketing strategies to compete with rivalries strategies of promotion and marketing.

Job brief

The person to nee to good communication versatile in marketing practices and innovation plan in order to attract consumers toward companies products and services.


  • Knowledge and experience of successful marketing campaigns
  • Strategies to develop and maintain public relation
  • Tactics to attract consumer towards products and services of firm.
  • Experimenting knowledge of different ideas and innovation plans.
  • Strategy and ability to develop relationship with rivalries.
  • Effective engagement with valuable and important content of company
  • Skills over website innovation and blog writing.


  • Degree of marketing course
  • Knowledge regarding website analytics, online marketing, taste and preferences of consumers.
  • Information about changing market trends

Person specification of Marketing Manager



A+ level of English

Degree of marketing as core subject



Minimum one year working in marketing team

Writing and promoting products

Minimum 1 year working in business to consumer environment.

Communication Skills


Ability to present information

High stand of interaction level with diverse people

Capability to develop and execute plan on spot

Practical & intellectual


Ability of executing own innovation plan

Control over numerical figures

Computer skills over power point, excel sheets, and customer relationship management software

Ability of working over mass online marketing

Disposition & attitude


Confident to stand in pubic

Core access to social media buyers

Web analytics

Awareness about business environment

Campaign Monitoring Platforms

Physical or sensory

Keen eye over necessary information

Ability to work both indoor and outdoor op premises even after working hours.

360 – Degree Feeback Template




When is the appraisee most effective?

When is the appraisee least effective?

What do you value about the appraisee?

As per the template employees shares their view of specify person where STOP indicates working practices which are suitable for business purpose and the person need to eliminate them out of their work and behaviour. Start demonstrate practices which person need to change as per work and attitude and working ability in order to enhance performance. Continue indicates effective working strategy of ability which the person should continue for managing work. Further, in feedback form every employee shares their views over appraisal of specific content. Thus, at the end the vies and information is used by management to analyse performance keeping job description and person specification as a base (Burr and Pearne, 2013.).  Nevertheless, to evaluate performance of marketing manager the company implements the use of 360 degree feedback method which helps the firm in engaging all employees in appraisals of one person in order to reduce chance of favouritism and wrong appraisals.  For marketing manager, Tesco regulates one appraisal form among department for appraisals which comprise self appraisal of manager, appraisals is given to superior who marks performance of individual on same marking grounds, appraisals by subordinate and peers. Thus, this method help to seek views of different people on same grounds that helps in analysing individual working capabilities.  The management of Tesco implements the use of this technique as it helps in developing comprehensive view over individual's performance of employees (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014).  The gathering ideas are effective as it helps in deriving accurate view and appraisals of performance of employees. Thus, management of retail implements the use of this method seek view of people who are engaged in same work in same department.  Henceforth, implementing use of appraisals method is the best technique which is used by Tesco to analyse individual performnce.

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The report summarized about issue of Human resource management which is common problem faced by every organisation. It identified four emerging issue faced by HR manager of Tesco the leading retailer of UK.  HRM issue which were critical analysed are, globalisation, changing environment, technological advancement and equality and diversity.  Beside, the report outlined, Job description and person specification which is core of HRM recruitment and appraisal practice. it comprises all the necessary information about specific employees. Thus, it concluded with framing template for specification of marketing manager of Tesco and also used of 360 degree feedback which is appraisal method which to evaluate performance.

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