BIZ102 A Developing Manager


Travel and Tourism plays a vital role in hospitality sector. It provides many extra facility in heritage, cultural, and sports tourism. The main aim of its sector is to develop and promote tourism, improve and expand its tourist product to help in employment generation and economic growth. The entire report is based on the TUI, is a travel operator company who offer different tours to people of UK to learn and develop new skills and gain knowledge related to destination points. The report helps us to know the different management styles and present leadership characteristics of senior manager of TUI. It also evaluate communication process of a company and analyses its personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This report also helps to learn different motivation tool to achieve goal and objective. It also describes managerial decisions which help in achievement of agreed aims and recommendations for improvements. It also explains managerial and personal skills for career development.

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A. Presenting different management style and leadership characteristics of senior managers

There are many management style which is follow in management system some of the are discuss below:

Authoritarian Style: in this style, employees purely perform their activities and the directions are given by their supervisors. The major disadvantage is it depends only on individuals, risk decision are taking and lack of future management authorities (Karami and Danesh,2018). Advantages of this style are help in taking quick decision making, performance, restricted contacts with employees.

Democratic style: this style is mostly appreciated by the managers for company success. It gives better opportunities to employees and closely related to their greater motivation. The major means of this style is not having proper control on fear.

Liberal Style:it is almost similar to democratic style but the degree of employee's independence in actions and decision are take in proper place. It is most important management style where innovation help in employee's education and actions takes place in business.

Cooperative style: in this style, employee's participative, democratic and non-directive are the features of employees. It is developed in modern management of the companies and is applied with different management model such as management by Delegation and motivation.

Paternal Style: managers play dominant and important role and looking for a closer contact with his employees. They are the authority of family, exercise of domination, allowing only to subordinates.

Bureaucratic Style: in this style, main features are absent in leaders which help to grow in better place.

Autocratic Style: only one person has a right to take decision and the power of decision making and its implementation are two separate process.

Leadership characteristics (Leadership.2018) of senior managers of TUI are as follows:

Strategic planning: as a senior manager, must have strategic planning which help to overcome even in times of uncertainty. By staying well informed, able to explain and understand the best decision by team.

Employee development: a truly good and intelligent manager recognize the importance of strong team and help to know their strength, weaknesses and what would help them to perform well.

Managing change: they are quite adjustable and add the use of new technologies in their company for growth and development. This quality will also help in decision making during the time of organizational change.

Leading people: clear communication and behavior is necessary for a company. Provide feedback to the managers so that candidate can improve their skill.

Honest and clear to his vision and mission: as a senior manager, should be honest towards his work and make his clear goal and can do its best to achieve the target of the company (Camilleri, 2018). His vision is to see the growth of a company and choose its best strategic plans to take it on another level of success.

B. Communication process of TUI

TUI is the world's largest holiday company. It is working in 180 countries around the world and operates 200 brand. To engaging current and future needs of its people, the company re develop its internal communication training to make relevant. As they are working closely with HR department, they are able to redevelop their working style especially improvements in performance so that TUI can can develop improvement in communication performance Emailing is the upward communication process that create positive impact on TUI. Through this process, management is offering detail information to particular staff . Another method is meeting, this is used to get interact with all the staff for particular project .third method is written communication and it is most traditional method to share the information with staff (A Career in Travel and Tourism.2018.). This include news-letters, notice, letter heads etc. To focus more on new communication course, they understand different view point through a cultural difference in communication and these courses delivered an engaging, enlightened and educated people to make practical change in how and where to communicate with improving their results. They make good communication in all over the world as they established their small business in different state and communicate well to get all the information.

C. Organizational culture of TUI

Organizational culture includes organization's expectations, experience, philosophy and values that hold it together. It is mainly of four types that is Clan, Adhocracy, Market and Hierarchy. But TUI company follows Hierarchy culture, this are structure and controlled with a focus of improvement, stable and doing things right. The work environment of TUI is formal with strict procedures in pace of guidance.

For change in management system TUI uses Kurt Lewin model. Changes is most common thread that runs through all business with size, industry and age. The concept of 'change management' is to add new technologies for growth of a company. According to Kurt Lewin's change management model is based on 3 step process i.e. unfreeze, change, freeze. When the structure is placed automatically habits and routine settled in. unfreezing means getting people to do day to day activities, not learniong the bad habit and open up new ways of reaching their objectives. In the context of TUI, the company wants to change the habit of employees and add new technologies to work fast and in cheap rate that is why, it used Kurt Lewin method. Once the habits are change then change can start. The change process is very dynamic one end if it is to be more effective. It may be take some time to take new responsibility and involve a transition period. But when it is effective then comes as result of new change. Next step comes- Refreeze making it stable, change will occur only if its made permanent . Once all the changes are done and employees are ready to accept then to make it stick, managers should be found a way to improve the way of its operation and refreezing gives people the opportunity to stay in new company and take full advantages of change.


A. SWOT Analysis a manger

The company operates their business in more than 180 countries and as a manager have many strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of TUI, which are mention below:

Strength: it has more than 200 trusted brands in all over the world which are known as TUI, Thomson, Fritidsresor, Jetair etc. as a manager, have good academic background and good understanding for different cultures. Being a manger, have good communication skills which help to convince the staff as well as customers to promote the industry. Having good team leadership quality may help to lead the company in good and better way. Managers have good relation with their collouges and always ready to help in their problems.

Weaknesses: being a manger, I am not interested in doing job in sales and marketing field and not punctual to attend the meeting as I forget the actual time of meetings. There is lack of communication as I feel insecure when I stand in front of many peoples. As a manager,i will not change my decision if I made it. Even I get stresses when not to find any option for the problem and feels uncomfortable.

Opportunities: some opportunities such as profit margin will be increased if there is increase in```````` low cost airlines such as Air Asia, because people likes to travel in budget airline with limited budget . People wants to travel in adventures place due to this, ecotourism and medical tourism are emerging and as a manager I always keep planning of tour which help to gain more knowledge and learn extra activities so that people feel comfortable in their tours.

Threats: climate change due to global waste such as carbon emission that will affect the traveling activities. TUI is affected by fluctuation in foreign exchange and fuel prices which cause change in base cost increment. TUI have number of its rivals but I am threatening of not doing perform well in the market and can loose our position and goodwill.

B. Presenting different objectives and targets to develop potentials

As a manger, have both good and bad qualities but to overcome from all the bad qualities there are many key rule which help to become more efficient and effective managers in TUI company. I am having lack of communication to overcome this I used to go in seminars and conference and develop this skill, listening and two way feedback characterize interaction with others. I always be open to receive feedback from employees and try to change my behavior when the report is on target (Waniganayake and 2018). Always treat colleagues with dignity and respect as this help to make inter relation between staff and managers. Understand the financial aspect of the company, and set goals and objective. Paint a picture of financial status of a company in front of employees because they also wants to know that whether they are fulfilling the needs and target or not,this creates a good image of manager. Always creates a positive environment, so that employee are motivate to work hard for the success of a company. Good interaction with them helps to set a tone for the workplace everyday. For become a good manager, always leads by an example and help others to grow and develop their skills and capabilities through education and job learning, feels employees that managers do care about their career and progress. This will help them to keep stay for a long time in that business.


A. Presenting different skills to motivate a team

To lead a team as a TUI's manager must follow all the key points in mind to achieve the goals and objective because only employees are the person who give the outcome and can take company in next level. There are many ways through which manager can motivate a team such as, providing them a good and pleasant work place to make them comfortable. Always offers incentives to those employees who work perform extra in the workplace in order to motivate them in the job field. The member of a team are more valuable, when they have opportunities to learn new skills always provide good training in advance to become knowledgeable about the latest technologies and industry news.

Being a manager, I always encourages the member to fully participate by allowing their inputs and suggestions on how to do things better and always listen to their answers and if possible apply it also (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). Happy employees are enthusiastic and positive members of the team. If they make mistakes, never punish them because it will creates wrong image in their mind and instead of punishing encourage them to try again is the best thing to lead a team in right direction. Make employees free to ask about the company that what is the need and priority of a company and they are able to complete it or not because this will help to achieve the target goals and achievement. Proper communication will also help to reduce the distance between employee and managers, inspire a team for having a simple, clear and relevant vision. Giving them a right support will also help to manage the team to lead in right direction.

B. Justifying the managerial decisions are in support the achievement of agreed goals and objectives

In order to run the business in more effective way, I have make various decision. Following are the key decision that I have to make to manage the services of TUI company to achieve the goals:

Strategic Planning: to run the business in better way, it is important to develop and implement plan. As per past activities of TUI company, I analyses the issue that influencing the performances and by keeping the factors in my mind I will take decision to changes in communication and mode of services. Besides this, I will also take a feedback from the customers that the implemented decision is good or not (Waniganayake and 2018). The mode of booking procedure is completely change and no need to pay in cash because previously the payment is done only through cash payment. This type of planning will support to meet the objectives.

Relationship building: for small business, relation between staff and management plays a crucial role to maintaining the services and complete the given task in time. To improve this, I will take decision to conduct meetings and get together of team members to understand the behavior of others and value of team members. Apart from this, coordination and working together of staff members will help to gain the performance. By offering respect and support to TUI's working team will be able to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

Recommendation: to improvement in management practices and process of meeting the objectives of TUI, it is recommended that to focus on customers need by offering training to staff (Goleman, 2017). The whole working environment of the workplace is good but the management is lacking in control and commanding power of to right person which means they are not keep proper eyes on the staff and do not help others whenever there is need. To improve this, managers needs to collect feedback from the customers and staff too to determine the real issue and make a plan to solve it as soon as possible and can take suggestion from them to improve the working condition of the organization.


A. Own managerial and personal skills to support career development

For better career development, travel and tourism industry having many opportunities to gain the higher position to contribute in business. To be on top in management, managers should have their own managerial and personal skills and qualities to contribute in the system. There are some key skills that are required for managerial activities which are mention below:

Communication skills: this skill play a vital role in the field of travel and tourism. A good commanding in every language will help to attract many peoples of different state. Communication skill are the major part of personal and professional development to built the relation with people to stay same in the position (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper, 2016). That is why , I have to improve my verbal communication as to make interact with more international visitors and for that, I will learn different kinds of languages.

Leadership: to gain best and top position in management, I need leadership qualities. To sustain in the position,managers should have best leadership qualities and I have a knowledge of leading a team in right way to achieve the target for a company.

Time Management: this is basic skill which everyone should have in their personal and professional life because managing the entire work according to time is the great task and as a manager I am lack behind this skill but need to improve this for achievement of goals and objective of TUI .

Adaptability: to develop a career in travel and tourism, it is more important to develop adaptability. This skill encourage the learning which is important to build a safe career. And I need to improve my adaptability ts for more opportunities in developing it with my personality.

B. Review of career and personal development needs and development of future plan

In order to meet the personal needs, I have focus on different key performing task which help to utilization of resources and make improvement in following skills to obtain the higher position at workplace, I used to follow the proposed plan:


Action plans taken


Taking part in presentation, conferences and meeting

joining the communication class.


Observing leading people and reading online articles.

Help the employee whenever they need

Time management skills

Reviewing past activities

joining courses

Team building skills

Improve attraction with colleagues

to work in all environment.

Keep interaction with all the staff members.

Issue management skills

Learn things around a people

Free of stress

Attending meditation class

get support from the team members

This is a way, by which managers can improve the personal development and help in career plan. By follow above actions, individual can easily be rectify skills and help to became a good and effective leader to achieve the targets, aims and objective of a company.

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Travel and tourism plays an important role in every field and developing manager is a major task who control every task of the organization. From the above report, it is concluded that TUI is company who offers many programs in order to gain more knowledge related to traveling. The report helps to know the different managerial theories and techniques for better decision making. It also explains various management style and its leadership characteristics of the senior managers. It also says communication process of TUI company and how the company choose its organizational culture and it uses Kurt Lewin Chart to follow new management system. It also analysis the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of a manager and also find many ways to overcome the problem. The report also tells the managerial decision which help to achieve agreed goals, objectives and recommendations for improvement. The entire report tries to make focus on the importance of travel and tourism in our daily life.

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