Business Event Management

Business event management

Business event management is referred as the practice that incorporates business logic into labeling, communicating and handling events. It is the procedure of compiling and assigning varied events of business for resolution that is based upon event context. Business management requires cooperation between stakeholders and managers to complete the project within time scale (Business Event Management (BEM), 2015). In the present report, business event management has been discussed with respect to Acorns Children's Hospice Trust. The study entails to plan an event. Further, it effectively administer an event. In addition to this, the report includes organizing team work when managing an event. Lastly, it covers use of range of business communication systems in managing the event.

There is greater benefit in adopting the particular time scale for the event that is being organized by Acorns Children's Hospice Trust. In the initial week, the planning of event and its objectives are being determined. Further, the analysis of market will be carried in order to determine the number of children which are suffering from such disease. The benefit of determining the time scale and event directs the efforts of organization in similar direction. Further, the flaws in each stage can be determined in an effective way. With the assistance of this, organization can develop resources which are required to carry out the activities with specified duration of time. 

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List of documents required for event and its importance

Documentation is essential for the purpose of carrying out an event in appropriate manner. This needs to be planned with coordinators along with implementer under the guidance of top management (Carrick, 2011). The role documenting event is crucial. This can be carried out by recording, keeping as well as filling all the essential information. The list of documents and records that are required to be kept are as follows:

  • Event plan
  • Planning regarding site  
  • Stakeholder contacts
  • Applications for license
  • Emergency plan
  • Logo
  • Advertisement

It is essential for the event manager of Acorns Children's Hospice Trust to manage the event appropriately. Initially, the legal requirements for setting up the plan needs to be complied with by the organization. Further, proper measures for health and safety provision needs to be taken (Carter, 2013). This is important for the manager before launching any event. Acorns Children's Hospice Trust has to prepare all the documents regarding the activities that needs to be carried out. Further, it is important to include the resources as well as time scale for the plan. This is important for the purpose of carrying out the event in an appropriate way.

Resources required for event and their benefits to the project

In order to execute the event that is to feed the children, it is essential for Acorns Children's Hospice Trust to plan the resources which are required to carry out these activities. This assist the business in carrying out the project within specified budget and time. Major resource for the execution of this event is human resource. This is because they develop plan and put their skills for the successful completion of event (Goldblatt, 2010). Thus, for this, Acorns Children's Hospice Trust needs to determine the recruitment and selection plan in order to fulfill the requirement for man power. It is essential for the human resources to possess required skills so that “feed the children event” can be accomplished with pre-determined schedule. Another resource which is required is finance. In order to provide proper care to children who have suffered from Ebola in Africa, it is important for the company to possess essential medical equipment. The firm is required to take permission from local authorities so that activities of the event can be carried out successfully. This helps in meeting the needs of clients as well.

Ways of setting up project, completion date and allocation responsibilities

Establishment of the event and making essential arrangement are the actions that needs to be performed by the event manager. In order to set up the event it is essential to develop team that is skilled at offering proper care to the children. This needs to be effectively performed by the event manager. The manager will assign the roles and responsibilities in order to make sure that the event in accomplished in an effective manner (Marks, 2005). Acorns Children's Hospice Trust is required to develop sound communication flow and make essential arrangements in order accomplish the targets. Proper development of responsibility matrix needs to be carried out by the firm that includes four factors such as accountable, responsible, consulted and informed. Such ares needs to be determined in advance by the organization. Another responsibility is offered in order to carry out market research. Event will be completed on 30th July 2015. The supervisor will be assigned with the task to make sure that all the team members are performing their roles effectively.

Leadership and effective time management skills

Several leadership and time management skills are required in order to carry out the event in an effective manner. The targets needs to reflect the kind of skills as well as competencies that are possessed by individual member. The leader needs to have sound skills of delegating the task in accordance with the skills of the personnel. He needs to look forward in the direction to achieve common goal of the business. In addition to this leader needs to be honest and must have effective skills for communication (Reid, 2011). This would assist in enabling sound interaction with the members to carry out the event in an appropriate manner. Leader must have ability to motivate the workforce at  Acorns Children's Hospice Trust so that they can effectively perform the assigned duty in best manner. In addition to this there is greater requirement for time management skills in order to accomplish the event within specified duration of time. This includes scheduling of work so that activities can be carried out in pre-determined manner which in turn result in achievement of target that is of providing care to the children.

Significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy

There is greater significance of stakeholder analysis while formulating new strategy. It is very essential for the firm to consider the needs of different stakeholders such as suppliers, investors, government and etc in order to attain success. The suppliers require Acorns Children's Hospice Trust to make payment of material supplied on time. This assist in carrying out the work in smooth manner. With this the suppliers will feel delighted and they will offer superior quality of equipments that enables in attaining in the outcomes in the best manner. The customers of the company requires product as per their specification (Van der Wagen, 2010). Here the children suffering from Ebola requires proper care, support and treatment so that they can live happily. Thus while formulating the strategy the trust needs to consider the requirements of the customers so that they can provide them satisfaction. It is essential for the company to fulfill the needs of the government. This is in relation to considering the rules and regulation that have been developed in relation to health care.

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Team building and conflict management skills

The skills of team building needs to be developed within the team so as to make sure that the activities are performed in an effective manner. Event manager needs to possess skills related to communication in order to establish coordination among work teams. In addition to this the leader needs possess skills to define the roles and responsibilities of the members. It is important in order to attain the objectives in the best manner. Further it is important for the member to have conflict management skills. This is in order to reduce the anger that makes the employees free from stress (Conflict Resolution Skills, 2015). It is essential for the event manager to know the capability of the personnel and then allocate the responsibility to them. This would act as an aid in generating interest of employees to work with full zeal and enthusiasm. Team needs to be developed in accordance with the task so that outcomes can be achieved effectively.

Resource planning for achieving success

With an aim to achieve the success of the given event varied type of resources will be used. It consists of following such as human, physical and finance etc. In order to accomplish the task in the successful manner the need of human resources is being arises (Garvey, 2014 ). This is because, it is with the help of human resources only, proper arrangement at the venue can be made. In the given event, physical resources will be needed in the following form such as tent, stage and table for the seating of guest etc. These all thing will be arranged by the event management company if it possesses sufficient amount of financial resources.

Records of communication

For the event organizing organization it is very important with regard to maintain the clear record of communication that is being carried out by them with their parties. This is because, it is through such type of practices only the event planned such helping children who are affected by Ebola in Africa can be organized in a proper way (Krumeich and, 2014). In this regard, different techniques identified with the help of which proper record of communication will be maintained. Employees are being regarded as the internal part of organization. With an aim to communicate with these internal workers, event management company uses the tool like email. By creating the separate folder for the communication that is being held between the manager and its employees, the record of internal communication can be maintained. In addition to this, event company has to maintain regular contact with the suppliers of goods and services (Lin and Atkin, 2014). In this regard, it uses the communication tool like mobile phone. By creating the separate folder for all the class history, the record of external communication will be maintained. Team meetings is another important aspect of event management company. The record for whatever points being discussed in the team meetings of the enterprise will be maintained by creating separate note book with respect to same (Jones, 2014).

Use of information technology

In the today's era the aspect relating to the information technology (IT) plays very important role. This is because, by seeking assistance from the such type of technology only the work of the event management company can be carried out in a smoother way. In this respect, there are various tools and technologies relating to information technology is being identified. It consists of following such as Microsoft office software and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) etc. By using the different software of Microsoft office, appropriate record of varied data  relating to the specific event such as helping children suffered from Ebola virus in Africa can be maintained. It is through such type of practices only the event organized can be carried out in a successful way (Janiesch, Matzner and Müller, 2012). In addition to this, by seeking assistance from the information technology tool the promotion of the such type of event can be carried out in an effective  way. In this regard, event management company can place its advertisement in the various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Through this way, large number of audiences can be influenced.

Producing information clearly, regularly and on time documenting

For the event management company, it is necessary that it will produce the information regarding the specific event in a proper and regular ways. This is because, through such type of efforts only the goal of specific event can be met. In this respect, there are different type of information identified that needs to be gathered by the event management company associated with the specific event such as helping children suffered from Ebola virus in Africa. It consists of following such as statistics relating to percentage of children suffered from the given virus and information relating to the budget as well as material used in the given program etc (James,  Thomas and Jacqueline, 2014). However, these all information will be being produced or presented by the organization by using the tool like MS presentation and  office etc. From the given event, output will be gain by the company in the following manner such as successful in organizing the event relating to helping children suffered from Ebola virus in Africa in an appropriate way.

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It can be concluded from the study that event planning is required to be carried out in order to attain success from the project. It has been inferred from the study that proper time schedule of activities has to be designed so that task can accomplished within specified duration of time. The resources required for the event needs to be determined in advance so that project can flow smoothly. Proper monitoring needs to be done so that flaws can be determined and further corrective measures can be taken for attaining success.


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