Customer Experience Management


Customer experience management is very important perspective that assists to increase revenue with incremental sales from existing customers. It also helps to focus on improvement in customer loyalty with valued and memorable customer interaction (Gupta and Shri, 2018). Report based on Hilton hotel which provides several kinds of services to increase customer satisfaction at workplace. This chain was founded in 1919 and first property was bought in Cisco, Texas. In all over the world, there are several branches of the chosen hotel and their continuous development help in getting desired results. In this regard, they offer brand services in the world to deal with different types of customers. Every year, the company expands its operations and functions in different areas of the world with new concept. As a result, it increases its business performance and its total loyal customers increases every year. Global brand of full services in hotels and resort also increases several advantages in effective manner.

Therefore, report covers value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preference. Furthermore, it includes customer experience map for selected service sector organisation. At last, customer touch point throughout customer experience create several business opportunities within the chosen business.

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Why hotels carries market segmentation and customer profiling activities to determine target market

Market segmentation carries effective technique for the organisation so that in Hilton hotel it forms groups of consumers with same needs and wants into segments. Segmentation allows the organisation to focus on market efforts on specific type of consumers which is more effective for product and service to standards to fulfil customer demand. Furthermore, target market consider with using broad demographic, psycho graphic and geographic data for current customers. Hence, people can engage with broad marketing mediums to communicate and work with change of technology in order to attract people. Profitable results will be gain to undertake successful process which is known as ideal customer profiling and represent to purchase products and services (Lee, Klassen and Vinelli, 2014).

Along with this, customer profiling building assists to actively update customers needs which reflect on particular point on which data has been collected. Use of advance technology assists to know about customers in details so that in behavioural targeting it assists to find consumers based on interacting with related content. On the basis of new technologies and development of programs, depth within a customer profile can be successfully develop to reach customer better and get in personal touch with them.

Examine different ways in which customer can be profiled and how needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups can be offered by the hotel

Understanding customers needs, wants and preference of target customer groups is very important to increase awareness at workplace. In this regard, it is important to deal with emotional and social reasons which are given by Hilton hotel. Following are values and importance of understanding needs, wants and preference of target customer groups:

  • To know choice and fulfil demand of customers: In order to deal with customer needs, wants and preference of target customer groups, Hilton hotel has opportunities to know about choice and demand of buyers. As a result, they can perform accordingly. It helps to attain more effectiveness that assists to attain more creativity and outcomes. Furthermore, it can be stated that, the chosen business will able to communicate several benefits that can be ascertained according to customer choice. In this regard, in better manner people need to satisfy their customers which would be beneficial to target customers in positive consideration.
  • To compete with market competition: Furthermore, it is essential to compete with market competition. This is because, it also assists to focus on different businesses performances which would be beneficial to increase profitability and effectiveness. To target different customers, it can be stated that on market competition Hilton hotel need to look. As a result, they can easily communicate several considerations which would be beneficial to develop more significant advantages (Li, Chi and Yu, 2018). With the help of innovative and creative products and services, they can deliver several benefits in the market. Hence, it would be beneficial to compete with market competition easily. It also produces and recognise importance to identify customers needs.
  • Deal with more profitability and productivity: Hilton hotel consider target group on the basis of demographic factor in which several customers attracted to focus on goals and objectives. In this way, the chosen organisation able to accomplish targets and increase their profitability and productivity. Furthermore, it can be stated that understanding customer needs, requirements is very important perspective that helps to the business to increase their profitability and productivity. As a result, enterprise will able to communicate advantages of cross selling opportunities.
  • For social listening: Moreover, it can be stated that social listening is one of the essential consideration which assists to focus on relationship between customers and brands. Social media activities helps to engage two way dialogue with more effectiveness. Buying decisions can be successfully develop to understand customers needs and discover customers demand regarding particular products and services (Lee, Klassen and Vinelli, 2014).

Evaluate different drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within the service sector organisation

There are several factors exists that influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within the service sector organisation. They are as follows:

  • Brand name: Brand name is one of the important aspect which create impact on influence customer engagement of different target customers groups. It contains ways of the brand which impact on purchase decisions. It is also crucial tasks to launch brand or product. In Hilton hotel, several customers are attracted with brand name so that it influence customer engagement of different target customer groups.
  • Product placement: In the retail business environments, product placement is hugely important aspect that assists to see better results. When products and services are on high demand, it is essential to relate it with successful results and outcomes. In e-commerce business activities, it can be stated that product placement is looks with different aspects. It is all about getting product listing with effective positioning.
  • Packaging: Packaging is also important consideration that assists to relate with different factors. In this consideration, it can be stated that in order to access right products, considerable amount of time and efforts must be implement by Hilton hotel. Therefore, it helps to grab attention and positively influence on purchase decisions. Innovative and creative consideration also leading in different brands and product packaging. As a result, it encourages purchase with conveying unique and relevant value proposition. Brand positioning and remain authentic is also considered important role in overall stance.
  • Reputation: In order to consider social media marketing, it can be stated that word of mouth is important aspect that assists to promote more desired level of results. In order to maintain positive reputation, it can be stated that customers focusing on several elements of the business such as quality, cost, etc. of the products and services. In this regard, it can be stated that in existing competition products and services of the selected business will be successfully increases that assists to promote effective functioning.
  • Pricing: Pricing is also important aspect that assists to focus on determine appropriate value of products and services. In this regard, it can be stated that high price of products and services in Hilton hotel create negative impact on performances of the organisation. In this regard, it can be stated that success of the business is depends on appropriate setting of price so that they can influence customers of different target groups.

Reviewing the different strategies that are employed for on boarding these diverse customers

In order to welcome new member in Hilton hotel, enterprise requires more than brief orientation in effective manner. In this way, creative on boarding process can be successful implement towards larger team. Following are different strategy can be successfully applied that are employed for on boarding these diverse customers.

  • Host A small reception: In personal or virtually, new team member welcoming and edifying among several members which is beneficial. In this consideration, it is essential to expedite introduction to show team confidence towards new member. New hires also augment of each person success which is not threatened any jobs (Wild, 2017). Hence, Hilton hotel need to focus on this aspect to develop more significant advantages with host a small reception.
  • Assign new hires with long mentor: Most of the companies trying to do on boarding with new hires meet and train several other people. At particular workplace, it is essential to provide guidance to new members which contained more experience among workers as true mentors (Aman, Frincu and Prasanna, 2015). Mentors do not have immediate supervisor but one person can take proper care on new hire to all aspects of Hilton hotel. In this regard, it can be stated that meeting among several people can be successfully communicate with more experienced.
  • Get them clear on life mission, values and outcomes: Many new hires do not work truly and clearly to accomplish their mission and align with values that can matter to the business. Outcomes are also preferred to deliver others and natural role also accomplish in particular situation (Gupta and Shri, 2018). It assists to get clear in all aspects and keep all people happy. Hilton hotel need to focus on appropriate mission, values and outcomes that assists to focus on leading business and career coaches.
  • Help to align personal brand with company: Furthermore, it is essential to Hilton hotel for new employees to understand their personal brands and corporate work as well. This could be interactive and hire buzzing amongst several people. Furthermore, it is important to grab opportunities to educate importance within organisation vision, mission and core values (Naeem, Shabbir and Tushar, 2015). It serves to reinforce that made by employee for right choice to accept the position.


Customer Experience Map

In customer experience mapping, following are different steps will be undertaken:

  • Step 1: Understand customer journey: In the first step, Hilton hotel need to interact with customers and assess their demand and requirement. In this aspect, entire engagement develop with brand, services and products (Li, Chi and Yu, 2018). Actions and tasks are also process with personas, interviews, observation and surveying.
  • Step 2: Find out customers thinking and feeling: In this step, the chosen organisation must find what customers thinking and feeling. It seems with little strange and try to feel very energetic. Customers expectations and ultimate satisfaction with brand also discover among several customers (Lee, Klassen and Vinelli, 2014).
  • Step 3: Touching all the customers touchpoints: Touchpoint are any interaction and communication between potential customers and brand. As a result, it is essential to focus on digital world for particular moments in customer journey. For example, assessing offline sales and make sure that tangible things must be track with special things. Continue touching attached with an activity and tasks which is probably designed by a person or online (Ralston, Blackhurst and Crum, 2015).
  • Step 4: Setting the stage: At last stage, Hilton hotel consider setting of the stage in which most attention in development and better help processes for customers can be perform.


At Satisfactory Level

At this level, customer touch point created several business opportunities for the hotel which ascertained notice in the mail from government agency. In this way, it can be said that little anxious and time can be successfully identify to schedule start-up demands (Tian, Kouvelis and Munson, 2015).

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From the above report, it can be stated that there are several advantages with understanding customer needs and requirement. In this way, report summarised about different ways to understand importance of customer requirement. It also concluded about different activities that taken to focus on business opportunities for hotel development.


Market segmentation carries effective technique for the organisation so that in Hilton hotel it forms groups of consumers

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