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Change has now becoming an integral part of any business concern in this dynamic and complex business environment. The internal as well as external environment of the business is altering in a fast pace. One thing which is constant in this current scenario is change. There are many alterations takes place at the workplace and change management tools are significantly being used by the managers to cope up with the situation. Consequently, the managers and leaders of the firms need to be proactive in ascertaining the solutions for dealing with the changes and making improvement in the performance of the organization. For managing the workers, change process is being adopted (Blake and Mouton, 2018). The managers of the firms are required to develop their skills and their workers to remain competitive in the market. Skills of the employees will be developed only when manager or leader possess good leadership and management styles.

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Pertaining to this, the main purpose of the current research report is to gain understanding in terms of behavior management principles and gaining skills for reviewing own management potential and career development path. The research study will carry out comparison of different management styles being adopted by the organizations for meeting out the satisfaction level of the customers. In addition to this, the report will also throw light on features of leadership and will assess the process of communication for evaluating the efficacy in the operations. Moreover, the current research study will also give explanation about motivation of team and managerial decision being made for achieving the objectives of the firm. The end part of the report will develop the career development plan for personal as well as managerial skills and will significantly evaluate the future requirements by taking into consideration the current performance.


As a Junior Consultant with PKF Hotel experts, two organizations need to be selected related to hospitality or travel and tourism sector of UK and for this purpose TUI and Thomas Cook are being taken into consideration. The travel and tourism industry of UK is very vast and growing rapidly, which is positively impacting the Gross Domestic Product of the country (TUI Touristic Union International, 2018). Both the firms are related with the travels and tourism industry of UK and are offering quality products and services to the customers by developing process of managing the resources effectively. The top management of the both the companies are following varied management styles to achieve their organizational goals (Democratic Leadership, 2014).

1.1 Comparison of different management styles

According to the contingency theory of management, there is no best way for performing a particular task and leading a firm. However, it is the internal and the external factors that impacts the correct way of leading the firm. In other words, all the actions and methods being adopted by the manager or leader is based on the situation. The contingency theory is founded on the three major concepts such as leader should have competence to ascertain the best management style for the firm, there is not best way for management of the company and the leadership orientation of the manager is measured by the preferred co-worker scale (What is Organizational Culture, 2014).

Focusing towards TUI (Touristic Union International, it is the leading brand in travel and tourism sector of United Kingdom. The company is providing full services to their clients and managing the quality of the products and services by adopting consultative management style. As per this style, the manager assess the needs and requirements of the employees an offer training and motivation to their staff members by making arrangement of the required resources (Envision, 2010). For delivering best services, the management accumulates views as well as information of the employees and then design effective plans for the same. The present theory of management is helping TUI in developing two way communication and hierarchal structure in order to assign role as well as responsibility to managers and employees by evaluating their abilities and skills.

On the other hand, Thomas Cook is popularly recognized for high quality products and services in which staff and the management plays an important role. There is a need to maintain effectiveness in development and design of services. For this purpose, the top management of Thomas Cook is making use of Active management style. Under this style, the managers or the leaders of the firm focus on safety, self-actualization, physiological needs to motivate the staff members in improving their level of performance. Under this style, Thomas Cook is giving direction to the employees and accumulating feedback for improving further and planning the activities for meeting out the benchmarked standard. It is quite effective in motivating the employees for performing better so as to increase the output and revenue (Johnson, 2002).

1.2 Leadership characteristics

Articulating in relation with leadership, it is nothing but a process of providing support to an individual so as to achieve the path of success and pre-determined goals of the firm. In simple word, leaders help the employee in ascertaining the direction or path for carrying out the task effectively and efficiently.

Leadership characteristics in TUI

Leadership characteristics in Thomas Cook

  • Leaders and managers of TUI takes into consideration participative leadership style
  • Input of whole team is collected for making decisions (Van, Pol and Coetsier, 2007)
  • Leaders are quite honest towards the work and inspire others to work more
  • If changes are implemented in the firm than this type of leadership is very important, as it help in accepting the situation easily
  • Leaders follows autocratic leadership style
  • Leaders act as an automobile engine which drives people under their control and command
  • Manager or leaders have power to take decisions regarding financial, judicial and marketing
  • Autocratic leaders take fast decisions, as few people are involved in the decision making process (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2012)

1.3 Processes of Communication

Communication is being regarded as a key element for maintaining proper flow of activities according to the trends as well as requirement of each level. In simple words, communication is the basic process of having interaction amid employees and management (Biesta, 2011). Talking in references with the Thomas Cook, the firm is following various methods of communicating information at each level such as Email, written and meetings. E-mail is an upward communication process, where staff members share knowledge and details to their senior managers, which further takes necessary actions. Further, conducting meetings is a formal communication process, which is very important for getting the real time reaction of the employees for a specified task. Thomas Cook makes use of this method to interact with the supervisors and managers. On contrary to this, TUI follows top-down approach, as they have a hierarchical structure. The managers and leaders of the firm control and protect the information so adequately that every level of the company possesses required facts for performing their duties effectively. But, the main drawback of this type of communication process to TUI is there is more risk of ordering being lost in the whole process. They adopts various internal communication methods such as fax machine, mobile phones, email, meetings and report and various external communication methods websites, billboards, internet etc. for passing information (Beebe, Beebe and Redmond, 2011).

Barriers of communication to both TUI and Thomas Cook

  • Congestion of data and facts can create confusion among the managers and they get deviated from the right track easily
  • Diverse perceptions and viewpoint
  • Difference in culture and social settings
  • Vagueness in the information (Thomas Cook, 2018)
  • Differences in Language and attitude

1.4 Organizational culture and change

For achieving motivation in the employee, culture of the organization plays a significant role. It encompasses vision, norms, value, languages, habits and beliefs of the workforce. It is also related with the ways team members are interacting within the firm. Thomas Cook is a large firm, which is offering services all around the globe as per the needs and trends of that particular region. For effective management of these activities, hierarchical structure has been implemented by the firm for apportioning the resources and gathering feedback from the delegated authority. Furthermore, the culture of Thomas Cook is founded on the locations and target customer group and their staff members (Carter, 2012). They offer supportive and friendly culture at all the levels. In addition to this, healthy relationships, coordination between employees, competitive working environment are the major strengths of the company.

On the other side, TUI adopts mainly task oriented organizational culture, which focuses on the completion of a specific task. Managers or leaders of the firm are engaged in developing a structured workplace, where all the employees have clear roles and responsibilities. There are many factors such as economic and demographic, which are pressuring Thomas Cook and TUI to change their culture and on-going process. These factors directly influence the management of culture within the firm. Employees of the firm are asked to take higher responsibilities for enhancing their capabilities and management is helping in this regards by laying down appropriate culture for their staff. Values and belief of each and every employee is being utilized as a supportive to culture and developing positive working environment (De Hoog, Cameron and Visser, 2010).


As an Assistant Manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, London, which is a brand of Dalata Hotel Group, the main focus in this task is to review own potential as a probable manager and producing a reflective report. This task will evaluate own management skills and SWOT factors and will set and prioritize the objectives in order to develop own potential as a forthcoming manager.

2.1 Evaluating own management skills performance

As per Katz, for effective manager, technical and managerial skills are equivalent to life blood. In the absence of these skills, managers will not be able to fulfill the collaborative goals (Gulf, Helms and Nixon, 2010). Thus, for becoming a prospective manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, I need to possess these skills for effective functioning. Some of the skills being possessed by are defined underneath:

  • Organization and time management– With this skills I places more attention to long term management as well as organization leaving all daily details to be fixed in the morning itself. This is quite essential because short term priorities changes recurrently and leads to loss in the flexibility of the day to day activities.
  • Planning– Talking in relation with the hospitality industry, each and every activity demands high level of planning so as to lead a team confidently. With proper planning, I will be able to allocate the responsibilities and tasks to the team members properly and can set their goals as well. My planning capacity is scrupulous, which will help me in achieving my targets.
  • Decision making and problem solving– It is very crucial skill being required for selecting the solutions to the problems. Making strategic decision is my forte and this is quite demanding and stimulating in my work in Clayton Crown Hotel.
  • Delegation– Gauging the potential of team members and delegating tasks that matches to a person is quite interesting job to perform. As a leader, I enjoy this activity and constantly estimate the potential of Human resource within the firm. This is basically performed by reviewing their jobs.

2.2 Personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


  • Good written as well as spoken vocabulary which is quite useful in persuasive skills
  • Direct approach to handle the problems
  • Critical thinker for assessing the past performance
  • Good reputation


  • Opportunity to work as a forthcoming manager in Clayton Crown Hotel, where I can highlight my own strength and weaknesses
  • Hosting major events, which will help in showcasing my planning as well as capabilities related to implementation


  • Time management skills
  • I am quite poor at handling and managing stress


  • Hospitality industry is very competitive in nature
  • Delegating power down the line

2.3 Setting and prioritizing objectives

It is very much important to improve the area by setting target itself in order to avoid the problems related to execution. This can be done by SMART target setting. It stands for specific objectives, measurable results, achievable time and resources, relevant goals and time bound activity. By using this setting, number of processes related to assessing and measuring performance becomes a bit simple. As an Assistant Manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, London, I am in a need to set and prioritize my objectives in the following manner:

  • The very first is the presentation as well as communication skills, it is quite vital which expresses the outer personality of an individual. I hope to work on these facets of my personality in order to move forward in my career life i.e. achieving the leading position in the hotel.
  • Next is decision making skill, which can be enhanced only by experience and this will be created in my next 5 to 7 years of practical learning in the same field. Through this, I will be able to gain understanding about the hospitality industry.
  • Time management skills will be improved only when I will undergo in a practical situation. This will be worked on during those 5 to 7 years of practical learning in a hotel.
  • I am quite fond for continuous improve my professional education in terms of conceptual knowledge, abilities and processes in my core subject.


As per the given case, I am working for Frankie & Benny's restaurant a brand of The Restaurant Group Plc, which has decided to open a new restaurant in in Stratford, London. I have been appointed for managing the resource and planning of all the related activities and thus, it is essential on my part to motivate and lead my team towards achievement of the new goals.

3.1 Motivating and leading team for achieving goals

  • Training and development– For each and every successful organization, there is a need of effective team members who can achieve the benchmark standards. In this regards, it is essential to develop a team by offering them good training and development sessions.
  • Conducting meetings –It is also vital for motivating and leading the team towards accomplishing the desired goals. With this, I will be in a position to give direction to my team members regarding the ways to proceed and can interact with them to comprehend their views (Graves, 2013).
  • Assigning responsibilities and roles– After developing a team, it is quite significant to allocate resources and responsibilities to each and every individual. Higher responsibilities and roles will motivate the team members and will develop a sense of belongingness towards the firm. They will employ their best to achieve the pre-determine goals and objectives.
  • Understanding the needs– A good leader is one who considers the needs and requirement of his or her team members and thus, by understanding what is being demanded or needed by each team members, I can motivate them to work positively and contributing their best potential in achieving both personal and professional goals.
  • Recognizing the positive results– For getting success and growth, recognizing is the important key. Each and every team member works hard as per their will to achieve the benchmark standards and thus, if someone achieves the same or come closer to that standard than they must be appreciated and recognized by the leader. This will make them more enthusiastic and boost their morale to a different level (Dent, 2003).

3.2 Justification of managerial decisions and making recommendations for improvements

For the purpose of making operational and functional process effective, I have to make various decisions so as to achieve the goals and objectives and these are being defined below:

  • Strategic planning– For successful operation of a firm, it is essential to create and execute plan related to operational activities. For this, effective activity planning and delegation of roles and responsibilities needs to be performed by me. It is vital to evaluate the past activities of the firm in order to determine the issues which are impacting the performance. Pertaining to these factors, decision for making alteration in the communication, delivery mode of services and monitoring will be carried out. In addition to this, reviews of the customers will also be undertaken for making decision in regards with the changes in the food choices and delivery options. This approach will significantly help in achieving the objectives (Kennedy, 2007).
  • Relationship building– Relationship amid workers and management is critical for maintaining services and communication effectively. In this regards, meetings and get-together will be arranged for the team members so as to understand the behavior and value of employees. Respecting the team members and supporting to peers group will surely help in reaching the target (Robbins and Coulter, 2002).

For improvements in the new restaurant at Stratford, London, it is highly recommended to Frankie & Benny's to pay attention towards the needs and wants of the customers. For this, staff should be provided training by the firm accordingly. The environment of workplace is quite good; however the management of the company is lacking behind in terms of control and delegation of responsibilities to eligible individual. Concerning this, the manager should accumulate feedback from the customers as well as from staff and must develop plan for resolving the same.


4.1 Own managerial and personal skills

I am quite keen to develop my career in the field of hospitality, travel and tourism sector such as Thomas Cook and TUI. These firms will offer me great opportunities for higher positions through contribution on the culture, following the direction and considering the process being proposed by the management. For this, it is important for me to have managerial and personal skills so that I can also contribute and achieve recognition from the top officials. Till date I have been associated with those institutes that invest too much in personal development of their employees and resources apportioned for improvement in HR is extensive. This is quite noticeable from my career progression so far i.e. from a trainee to assistant manager. It is my opinion that my managerial as well as personal skills have contributed a lot in my career path.

My future expectations will be underlined in my career development plan and will be considered seriously by my team members. In this regards, all the necessary support whether in terms of on-the-job training, flexibility in the hours of working and institutional training will be granted. Through this, my efforts and hard work will be reflected and appreciated. Further, my personal potential level has been recognized by my organization. Furthermore, the same is being found to be value for coming future of my firm, its growth and goals (Okpata, 2004).

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4.2 Reviewing career and personal development needs

For the purpose of meeting out the personal as well as professional goals, it is quite important to pay attention on the set of skills that are vital for carrying out functions, task and effective utilization of the resources (Costen and Salazar, 2012). Further, to achieve a higher position in the organization, I have to make certain improvements and changes in various skills. For the future development as well as planning, following proposed career development plan will be undertaken. My career development plan will be related to become a CEO of a small firm in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry and the plan as follows:

What is needed to achieve the goal


  • Critical thinking
  • Effective utilization of time and resources
  • Skills related to role play
  • Analyzing the SWOT parameters of the team members
  • Performance measurement skills and ability
  • At least 2 or more areas of specialization related to the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills


Career skills and interests:


  • Familiarity of financial planning tools
  • Research study in relation with this subject or field
  • Training in regards with the work life balance
  • Training in terms of motivating the employees
  • Structured and specified training for handling complaints of the customers
  • Knowledge in relation with the legal provisions related to Human resource and working acts


Consequently, it is attributed that it is the managers who provides direction to the employees and other members of the firm for developing their own self and companies. In this competitive business environment, each and every business is striving to achieve the clouds of success and growth, which directly dependent in the workforce and the leaders being possessed by the firms. Thus, it becomes necessary on the part of managers or leaders to have competencies and skills so as to achieve a competitive edge over the other firms in the market. They should have power to influence the behavior of others at the place where they perform their work. In addition to this, there are various employees who are self-motivated and do not require any type of direction. However, some may need assistance for achieving the benchmark standards. This gap should be evaluated by the managers and must work on offering training events to those who need the same. Further, it was evaluated in the research report that a manager’s responsibility is too wide, they need to develop their team members and at the same time they need to keep themselves also updated to grow in their career path and pushing their employees as well in the same path.

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